Carolina (Chapter 10) - Tue 12 Nov 2019

I thought about this if he makes to her future will it matter? Won't the past just repeat itself? I mean he stops her from going but then they never meet or he lets her go long enough to care for him then he keeps her in the future safe but his past is changed so is he...time travel!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 10) - Tue 11 Aug 2015

Okay so i am basically crying now, tragically beautiful!

Mysticangeldust (Chapter 10) - Tue 04 Dec 2012

I enjoy all of your works, but found this one slightly confusing. If Sesshoumaru were to confront Kagome in 500 years he would then be disrupting the timeline and then creating a paradox wouldn't he? Unless the meaning behind the story is that despite what is thought by all she truly simply went back through the well to wait for a time where they would be accepted? I would not put it past Kagome to fake her death to end a war, but I do not think she would kill herself and her child to do it.

Loveyaa (Chapter 10) - Wed 24 Oct 2012

Bittersweet but love will survive. I quite enjoyed it. Thanks.

l'-'jj (Chapter 10) - Tue 23 Oct 2012

Has anyone ever told you... that you draw way better than write?

There's something about your works, that draws me to them, but while I eagerly await new drawings of Kakuuchu, I'm not fond of your writing. You just... don't have the way for words. I guess you might be Spanish, so English wouldn't be your native language and mybe that's why...

I've read through this story and while I could feel the spirit that you've put into it, I couldn't say I enjoyed it. And I didn't really get the ending. I more or less... survived. Probably because this piece was  short. Don't get me wrong, because I would like to find out what's going on in your stories... I just can't read them.

It's like looking at TV without glasses - you can clearly hear the voices, so you know the story's good, but the picture is distorted and when you get too close... your head starts to hurt.

Maybe it's just me, personally, that has a a problem with your writing (and to be truthful, I have even bigger problems with most of what is written and posted here as well as elsewhere).

But I love and adore Kakuuchu and that is, in my humble opinion, what you should concentrate on and put effort to.

sarah chau (Chapter 10) - Mon 22 Oct 2012

that was too sad!  it was written wonderfully though, as always!

MissKatt (Chapter 3) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

Poor Sesshou And Kags :( hey, I think I totally missed this while beta-ing, but this says prompt 4. Isn't this number 3? You might wanna check the other numbering since I messed up :( I'm sorry!! -wails-


MissKatt (Chapter 2) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

I really like the view you put on this pregnancy! It's a lot different than from what I read before :) great job Jeni!

MissKatt (Chapter 1) - Mon 08 Oct 2012

So sad, Jeni! But I loved it :) I'm going to have to grab the list of prompts and continue Puzzle Peices :)

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