A life for a life by JeniNeji

Cold Lake

Inuyasha©Rumiko Takahashi

Beta Reader: MissKatt

Summary: Sometimes… life doesn’t go the way we expect. Sometimes…love arrives at the wrong moment.


October’s DDN: Episode 3: Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again

Prompt 1: Cold Lake

A Life for a Life

Chapter 1

Cold ran through Kagome’s spine as she watched the Western citizens from the Palace’s balcony. Only five years had come to pass since she arrived here; since Sesshomaru had taken her as his mate.

Her hand rubbed her stomach self-consciously.

A small bulge was now noticeable on her belly…but it did not bring the desired reaction…for everyone. Sesshomaru had been content with the idea of an heir. She was practically glowing in her happiness. She had already pictured the many ways and coloring her son or daughter could have.

All was well…except…the West’s youkai did not accept this pup.


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