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Once upon a time...there was a meeting

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It was heavy… their feelings, the seed of love… the pain… that however, made it no less real… no less truthful, no less honest or worth fighting for.

Words: 50

Youkai, what humans call demons, are living, strong, magical immortal beings. Many possess human shape. Others retain their real, bestial forms.

This is a secret story, one nobody reveals. It is also a story I wrote, to keep my Master’s sanity, for I am loyal to him.

Their unusual story.

Words: 100

In Western Japan a silver inuyoukai prince was born.

In the Main Land a female, wild inuyoukai, daughter of royalty, was slaughtered. Her remains were thrown everywhere across the land.

In the West, the prince was breaking havoc, his temper too rough to handle properly.

In the Main Lands, the royal family fidgeted.

“What should we do?” they all thought.

“We must protect our youngest,” the royal family of the Main Lands decided, “She will be a token for the West.”

The West accepted her as the Prince, Sesshomaru, needed someone to scratch and bite to death.

Why not her?

Words: 200

The journey from The Main Land to Japan was refreshing for someone her age and status, but also deadly tiring. “Onii-sama,” the small dark-haired inuyoukai whined from the piece of youki-cloud she was sitting on, getting a free ride, “Are we there yet?”

The older inuyoukai rolled his eyes. His blond hair flew behind him in a high ponytail, “Not yet, Kagome,” he said with an even but mischievous voice, “Are you so happy to leave us? You won’t see us for a long time.”

The adolescent pouted prettily, making small, growing lips pluck up attractively, “Onii-sama,” she chided as only a thirteen-year old could, “We live for a very long time.”

The reminder was unnecessary, but the older inuyoukai didn’t say so. Sometimes life wasn’t kind for some…the siblings knew first hand. He just hoped his younger sister had a different, more welcoming life than her sister’s. “You need to be trained,” he said a bit forcefully instead.

Kagome looked up at him. Her blue eyes looked iced over under the moonlight. A flare of determination crossed her juvenile face and she nodded adamantly, “I will Onii-sama.”

The older inuyoukai smiled and ruffled the younger girl’s raven hair playfully.

Words: 400

“So, your name is Kagome,” stated the Western Lady from a few steps in front.

Kagome nodded nervously and hurriedly replied, “Yes, Milady.”

The woman shook her head softly, as if thinking something. “You will refer to me as Ibaki-sama,” the Western Lady said and then continued, “You don’t share their light coloring.”

Kagome felt little, and again she glanced down at her ebony hair. It reached mid waist and was strangely curly. There was no way to hide her birth. “My father is Lord of the Main Lands.”

Ibaki stopped and turned to the younger inuyoukai with a wide, devious smirk, “What about your mother?”

Kagome lowered her head, not wanting to show disrespect to Ibaki-sama, “A servant turned concubine,” was Kagome’s soft reply.

It was amazing how such a beautiful laugh could come from someone so cold…and for such a reason, too. It almost made the younger inuyoukai cry. Her birth had been ridiculed at home, but that time was long gone. She had earned her place and had forgotten that, in a new Land, she would have to start all over again.

“Well…The little monster is in here,” Ibaki-sama said as she opened a door.

Kagome frowned when the Lady called her son a monster, but after seeing the small smile upon her red lips she understood it was meant affectionately. 

The room was dark and cool. Little snores could be heard from the crib in the center of the room and so Kagome moved silently towards it. When she finally reached it her blue eyes widened at the sight of the beautiful baby. His hair was short, silky and silver, almost white. His nose was but a little plunk and Kagome couldn’t stop her giggle.

The babe instantly awoke and growled.

“You see, he’s always like that,” Ibaki-sama said with a pout, “Not even I am welcome.”

Kagome smiled softly and shushed the boy before bringing her hand closer to touch his cheek. Instantly a small, firm grip grabbed her hand and tiny fangs were clenched around her slender finger. Kagome cried out. The bite ended instantly, her hand freed. She licked her wound clean.

“I see you’ll get along just fine,” mocked Ibaki-sama before leaving the room.

Kagome pouted and when she turned to glance back at the baby she saw a sheen of red fading from his eyes.

He never growled at her again.

Words: 800

Things had gotten better with the passing of the years. Kagome’d been Sesshomaru-sama’s nanny for more than a century now and had, at last, wormed her way to a reliable and stable position at Court. She was respected by many, and that was enough for her.

The Western Prince was an incredibly skilled judge of character. The Western Lord, Inu no Taisho, oftentimes called upon his son when meeting foreigners and asked him what he thought about them. In short, many alliances had been made and broken thanks to Sesshomaru’s ‘feeling’ about the person.

Sesshomaru was revered in his homeland but hated by many outsiders. Such was his life. In her case, she was taught to fight as it was her duty as his caretaker. It was not an option and Kagome was sure her Onii-sama would have been proud. She was no rival for the seasoned generals of the Inu no Taisho’s army, but she could defend herself just fine. Furthermore, she would give her life to protect her ward without a second thought.

“Kagome,” the childish voice called, and like a flea tempted by luscious fur, she turned to the prince.

“Yes, Sesshomaru-sama?” The infant’s eyes sparkled with pride, and his chest swelled a little, making Kagome giggle. “Why do you puff your chest so?”

Golden eyes instantly narrowed, and a small scowl appeared on Sesshomaru’s childish face. “My father is pleased when Mother calls him Lord,” the inuyoukai child explained simply.

Kagome smiled and rolled her eyes, “It is different for them,” Kagome tried to explain, but didn’t linger too much. She really didn’t feeling like teaching Sesshomaru the subtle shifts and sensual details about lust and bed power. She had heard more than enough about Touga-sama’s strange sexual habits. “They are mated.”

Confusion flashed through Sesshomaru’s eyes, “So? You call me by my station. I should feel proud, and you’re mine.”

Kagome resisted the urge to scowl. Leave it to her to tend to Sesshomaru’s eccentricities, “It is not bad to feel proud, but remember: I am not yours. I am your caretaker, yet I belong to the West itself.”

It was impressive to see the seven-year old cross his arms in an intimidating gesture he learned from his father, “I am the West,” he stated petulantly, “as are my parents. Since my mother is my father’s, you cannot be my father’s. Therefore, you are mine.”

Kagome huffed indignantly. The nerve…and he was only a child! He would be insufferable as an adult if he kept acting like this…unless he was as handsome as Touga-sama. Perhaps being Touga-sama’s fling could have its benefits… Surprised by her blunt and direct appraisal of her Lord a sheen of red appeared on her cheeks. Before she could even will it away a pair of tiny hands grabbed her face.

Kagome gasped in alarm when Sesshomaru’s face appeared a mere few inches from her own. There was a deep concentration on his young gaze and a frown graced his lips, “Why are your cheeks so?”

“Eh?” asked Kagome, too stunned and confounded to answer clearly. “I’m embarrassed,” she tried to explain, settling her hands over his and attempting to make him let go. He was having none of that.


Kagome frowned and anger began to build on her, “Something I thought.”

Delicately, Sesshomaru sniffed the air, he finding an odd, yet almost imperceptible scent. “What were you thinking?” he asked in a growl, a product of his frustration at his ignorance of what was happening.

“It does not concern you,” Kagome replied dangerously, she was having none of that. She looked thirteen years older than him—two decades older in reality—and prince or not, she didn’t bow to him. She was royalty, too.

“You were thinking about a man,” accused Sesshomaru with a snarl as he freed her and gave a step back. “It is the same as the bitches that linger with my mother at court!”

Kagome rolled her eyes and was slightly affronted at the comparison but ate her anger. He was only a child after all. There was much about politics he needed to learn, “Something like that,” she said simply with a wave of her hand. She came to her feet, but before she could walk away a hand snatched hers.

“Who?!” cried Sesshomaru as he pulled on her arm, “Who were you thinking of?!” Once again she remained silent. His eyes flashed in anger and was about to fling an insult when a hand slapped him.

Wide golden eyes stared up at Kagome, fearful and surprised. “Do not even think about it. No one insults me.”

Golden eyes, full of regret, welled up with tears and he hugged her with the loving reverence only a child could.

Sighing, Kagome hugged him back reassuringly.

Words: 1600



Kagome was sitting in the private lunchroom of Inu-no-Taisho. He was hardly around the West and Ibaki-sama was never one to stray much from her own extravagant rooms. The wars were taking much time and slowly things, thoughts were being changed and influenced by logic, and careful studies. The Western Lady had taken the duty to care for the Western Palace and had, until now, shown great intelligence as a leader. It had leveled her up almost to the same stature of Inu-no-Taisho and managed to make a few of the council members nervous. They feared what the Lady, now the leading member of the Palace, could do in Inu-no-Taisho’s absence.

Sadly, the western Prince was too young to take on such duties. At his age of two centuries, and looks of a fourteen-year-old, he only served as an image. If he were to lead, his mother would make the decisions, so that would be the same as his mother ruling like she was doing now.

Lately many had pressured the western heir. He had grown to be quieter and cold towards the Council and even his own mother. While he seemingly loved his father, Touga-sama’s long absences were opening a rift between them. Sesshomaru’s discontent was growing slowly, and Kagome knew it could one day lead father and son to battle against each other.

Still, there was little she could do to help rectify these matters. She was having problems lately with her own person and this rumor thread just happened at the worst moment.

“Mother says you are barren,” Sesshomaru said simply from where he carelessly lay on a mountain of scattered cushions. His arms were open wide, his silver hair fanning out all around him. Golden eyes were on the sky.

“Maybe there are too many Inuyoukai, and the Fates decided to rectify matters,” Kagome said simply with a shrug of her shoulders as she poured tea in two beautifully decorated cups.

Sesshomaru inhaled audibly, “Is it true?” he asked after a moment, still sky gazing.

Kagome placed the teakettle over the table silently, “Who knows?” She hadn’t the slightest idea. Most females had their first heat before their third century and she was well into her third with no signs of it. She never thought much about it…. Well, she had dreamed of a family once, but her duties to the Western Prince had her busy; She knew she wouldn’t be able to take a role like that for a few centuries more.

Ibaki-sama had grown to accept her with time, surely because she provided the occupied lady with extra time. Kagome was sure she would love anyone who managed to quench Sesshomaru’s anger and his curious personality. The sad truth was that Ibaki-sama wasn’t much of a mother, providing food and protection and toys, even a reliable caretaker, but not tender care and love. Sesshomaru had grown to accept it, for he had no other choice. 

“I want to have pups,” Sesshomaru finally confessed. “Many pups,” he corrected, a shine taking to his eyes.

Kagome chuckled as she sipped her tea, “It’s a nice trait in a ruler. My father is the same,” she said with a tired yet happy smile. Her father had… fathered his due of pups already, and he was still a young adult. “Your tea is going to get cold.”

Sesshomaru mumbled something, but sat anyways and reached for his tea. They sipped in silence for a few moments until he finally broke it, “Maybe it will come later,” he supplied.

The black inuyoukai rolled her eyes, “Sesshomaru-sama,” she started with a tone that bordered on a reprimand, “I hardly believe my heat is of any concern to you. Do not trouble yourself with such unimportant things.”

The way his eyes flashed with anger caught her unguarded and her tea cup almost slipped from her hands. They stared at one another for a moment before Kagome bluntly asked, “What’s wrong Sesshomaru-sama?”

The way he turned his gaze away made her feel exposed and nervous. The furrow between his brows only heightened her belief that something was amiss. He hardly showed emotions at all, even with her, whom he felt relaxed with. “There are rumors…whispers.”

Kagome narrowed her electric blue eyes and placed the cup on the low, wooden table, “I am listening.”

The young Lord took a deep breath before sharing, “They say the Lord of the Main Lands sent his bad daughter to the West. The daughter he wanted to get rid of... Some say…some say that you are not pure inuyoukai, and that’s why you are barren.”

In anger, Kagome’s aura expanded and tinted red like her eyes. Her hands fisted at her side and a growl, at first low then gradually raising left her tightly sealed lips. “Bad daughter?” she growled unable to believe such a farfetched story, “half-blooded?” There was no limit to how deep this offense and anger went into her being. It was the lowliest thing one could conjure against a youkai, and a female.

Not was only she tardy on her heat, but also possibly barren. This was a deep wound on any female, much more so in one of royal lineage. The mockery and humor of the other bitches was enough to last for a lifetime. However, to be thought impure, blood mixed with something other, was impossibly offensive. It would come in between her and everything else in life. The rumors of such a thing could hamper future occupations and mating.

“Kagome,” Sesshomaru’s firm and commanding voice interrupted her inner tirade. Her eyes remained a bloody red, though. “Control yourself.”

The snarl in Kagome didn’t lessen: she didn’t want it to.

“Obey,” the young Lord ordered, a small snarl forming on his lips as well.

It was a mistake.

Kagome, driven by instincts, beast and youkai blood, pounced on the young Lord like a rabid animal. The Western Prince, surprised at such open display of imprudence and thoughtlessness from his caretaker hardly had the time to dodge the long claws. He maneuvered himself, using his smaller size, until he settled up behind her and locked his arm around her neck in an attempt to subdue her. “Relent!”

He was well aware that it was useless. Kagome was a fighter as well.

The dark colored inuyoukai stood to her full height making Sesshomaru float in the air since he was a feet shorter and quickly used the momentum to push him against the closest wall. The silver haired inuyoukai grunted in pain but quickly snaked his legs around her waist and hips.

Kagome wasn’t deterred and she pushed him against the wall with all the strength she had while trying to pry his arm away from her neck.

Sesshomaru grunted against the force but kept his hold on her neck firm and straddled her firmly. He had been training a lot in the last decades and he would be damned if it didn’t help him survive this encounter. His ego swelled when he heard her whine a moment at the force he imposed, but soon enough he started to worry again.

She wasn’t giving in.

A shrill cry escaped Sesshomaru’s lips when he felt sharp, elongated fangs dig into his arm. He tried to free his arm but only got it hurt even more. Instinctively his own beast surged and his eyes reddened as well.

He wouldn’t lose.

He bit down, hard, against her shoulder. She whined when he sank the fangs into her flesh; he felt it in the hold she had over his arm, and it pleased him to know it had hurt her, too. His earlier cry had been shameful.

He growled at her dangerously, ordering her to relent, but she growled back at him defiantly. He had little experience in these types of fight. He fought, killed with a sword. Easy. However, these fights, the ones where he didn’t want to kill his attacker, were new to him… how did one…?

A sudden flash, white, invaded the periphery, but it was quick. A moment later Kagome’s teeth had left his arms and she was crying out. His legs released their hold and Kagome fell down to the floor, clutching her stomach with both hands.

Sesshomaru watched his caretaker for a moment, confused until a new growl filled the place. Wide golden eyes turned just in time to see his mother pounce at Kagome. The younger female cried out and tried in vain to get away from the enraged mother but to no avail. Ibaki-sama’s longer limbs and rage gave her an absolute advantage.

“Mother!” cried Sesshomaru as he tried to grab at her too, but she merely growled at him and flung him away.

“You worthless piece of flesh! How dare you draw blood from my son!” the Western Lady yelled as her claws pierced through Kagome’s flesh once again.

The black inuyoukai was covering her face and head and much as she could as she lay in a fetal position, sobs wracking her smaller frame.

Moved by anger, one unlike any other, Sesshomaru ran and pushed his mother away from Kagome, making the Western Lady roll in a very un-lady like manner. Ibaki-sama turned to him, her hair tousled and dirty, and growled dangerously.

“Cease this Mother!” ordered Sesshomaru.

Ibaki-sama’s eyes remained a healthy golden color.

“Kagome is the Western Lord’s,” Sesshomaru stated calmly, “He will be the one to extract his payment and her sentence.”

Lady Ibaki’s eyes darkened with fury, but after glancing at the bloody heap she had made of Kagome, she let it be.

Words: 2400

Two days later found the pair walking to the northeast. The Lord of the West was in battle against the northern dragons. They were on the border between the West, East, and North, making /it a dangerous battle. They had to be careful not to enter Eastern Territories for the wolves could turn against them. The dragons were smart enough to not stir trouble with the wolves, thus earning their gratitude. The dragons wouldn’t hurt wolves and could give them a reason to invade the West and attack the inu. All for free.

“We will arrive at Father’s camp this afternoon,” shared Sesshomaru calmly, trying to ease the tense atmosphere.

Kagome merely reply with a soft, “hmn”.

Their silence continued uninterrupted until mid-day arrived. A small sound coming from the nearby bushes made the pair stop uncertainly. Both inuyoukai sniffed delicately before turning to each other.  A smirk adorned Sesshomaru’s face and then he was gone.

Kagome remained in place but tilted her head a little in confusion. Too tired and depress for deep thinking she settled to wait for the young lord. Still, she kept her senses in alert in case danger approached. She didn’t want to fail him again.

A moment later Sesshomaru returned with a dead rabbit in hand. Kagome watched from her place in the ground as he neared, but she made no move.

She was hugging her body weakly, and her eyes held a faraway look. Sesshomaru hated that desolate face she carried. It was so different from the shiny, spicy and mischievous one she always had. So, with a sedate gait he moved closer to her, and when he reached her, he placed the rabbit in front of her with a small incline of his head.

Kagome’s eyes widened as she gazed at the offering with a shy tilt of her head. After that she nodded almost imperceptibly at him in a sign of gratitude.

Sesshomaru’s aura sparked contently, but as minutes passed by he realized that she was still hiding from him. She wasn’t his Kagome…yet.


Sesshomaru and Kagome made it to camp when the sun was about to set. Kagome walked a step behind the Prince for two reasons: One, so he would ‘learn’ to take on the leadership he would one day assume, and second, in way of apology.

As soon as they reached the hills bordering Inu no Taisho’s encampment the aura of the fighters immediately surged. It went from oppressive to curious to awe…and it was most uncomfortable.

They weren’t repelled, though, and kept their pace. Their faces fell, however, when the first crude comments began to slip past the guards lips. They incensed Sesshomaru beyond anything else. Never had someone been so disrespectful towards Kagome before. Did they know not who he was?

Kagome paid the vulgar males no heed. She knew how things were in places like this. Unmated, mated, and parents were often part of an army. Half of them missed their mates and a good rut with them, while the other half ardently wanted a good pair of legs to satiate their usual lust. However, she was not a ‘fully matured’ female, so she hoped she didn’t get too much attention. Furthermore, with her royal status and her fighting skills, she was sure she could hold some at bay for a few minutes. They needed to find Inu-no-Taisho soon before things got out of hand.

“Silence, fools!” growled Sesshomaru with blazing eyes.

Thankfully, Inu-no-Taisho appeared before anyone could do anything. His presence was like a huge builder and an angry fire, but his face was cheerful and his stance was relaxed, “Sesshomaru!” he barked happily. “What brings you here?”

The young Lord simply bowed his head and stood straight. He was about to explain when Kagome interrupted with a prompt bow of her head and a soft, “If I may, milord.”

Inu-no-Taisho’s eyes moved from his son to Kagome in a quick motion and his golden eyes darkened in confusion for a moment. He saw how his son tried to interrupt but a low growl from the Great General immediately quieted the younger inu. He then nodded his head towards the black inuyoukai and nodded his head in approval.

Kagome blinked her eyes and bowed her head again. Her steely blue eyes caught with his and after taking a deep breath she began, “I have drawn blood from the Western Prince,” she said evenly and with a guarded expression.

Inu-no-Taisho’s face remained neutral but his aura shone with confusion. His eyes never left hers as he studied the array of reasons she could have had to draw Western blood. Truly, there was none, but he had been so surprised…

“Mother already punished her,” Sesshomaru quickly interjected and drew the Western Lord’s attention. Suddenly, under his father’s stern gaze, the young Lord fidgeted. “It happened two days ago… she’s recovering still.”

She felt the golden gaze of her lord weight the words again, and it made her silent determination give way to growing nervousness. “What happened?” the Lord finally asked. All the males around left them to their privacy after the Western Lord motioned for them to give the trio space.

Kagome bowed again, “I lost control of myself.”


This time Kagome did fidget, shamed by how foolish the reasons were. “Court rumors, milord.”

An elegant eyebrow rose as he watched her.

She quickly continued, “I am three and a half centuries old, milord. I passed the age of my first heat. The court spread rumors about how my father sent his bad, filthy Halfling daughter to serve the Western Court.”

Inu-no-Taisho sighed and the tension that has started to build in his shoulder began to ease. “You are no Halfling,” he told her softly, “and you have been of great help to the West. Why do you worry yourself with such trivial rumors?” he asked with a soft edge to his voice.

Instantly tears flooded Kagome’s eyes and she let herself fall to the ground. Ashamed of her ridiculous behavior and current weakness, she covered her face with her hands and sobbed softly. Small hands and slender fingers found their way into her hair, making her sob even harder, but she pressed herself against the hands in apology and relief.

Inu no Taisho watched warmly, and a little concerned, as his son nuzzled his caretaker affectionately. This behavior was unbefitting of people of their station, yet he couldn’t stop their behavior. They had grown around each other and sometimes it made inu, pack beings, act like this. He shrugged his concerns away and with a soft growl ushered them into his tent.


Later that night, father and son drank tea while the dark-haired, exhausted inu slept in a corner. After a warm bath, Kagome had slumped down over the furs and had gone to the world of dreams. Touga watched the female carefully, still feeling slightly nervous about her being able to draw Sesshomaru’s blood, but knowing that she indeed cared greatly for her young ward.

“Why do you look at her so?” questioned Sesshomaru.

Touga frowned and turned to look at his son. He had been away for quite some time so he had never been witness to this kind of possessiveness and dimly wondered if his mate, Ibaki, had any awareness of it. “How was the fight? Did you do well?”

Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed and he turned away from his father. “It was hard,” he confessed, “I didn’t want to hurt her, but she wouldn’t relent, either.”

His father nodded as if in understanding, “Females are difficult sometimes,” Touga agreed in a whisper, “and she was trained for decades. She needed to be strong in case the need to protect you arose.”

Sesshomaru nodded and sipped some of his tea while his eyes remained on the sleeping female, unblinking.

“She will get mated, even if her heat never comes,” Touga said evenly as he finished his tea. “She’s fine looking and of royal descent.”

“Titles,” mumbled Sesshomaru, “she cares not for those.”

Touga smiled, “Of course not. She has them, but her family may need her for a future match someday,” reminded the older Lord.

Sesshomaru gasped and gripped the teacup stiffly, “She’s the West’s.”

Touga frowned and tilted his head a little, “She is, but I will not keep her here forever. She has already assisted us so much, and we cannot take her from her family.”

Sesshomaru pressed his lips together, “Her family gave her to us,” reminded back Sesshomaru with an angry frown, “She cannot go back.”

Touga ignored the possessiveness on his son’s voice, and didn’t even inquire about the depth of his feeling for the dark inu, instead opting for a new curiosity. “You know…her smell doesn’t smell like a bitch in heat, but it’s certainly pleasing. Abnormally pleasing, even.”

Sesshomaru suddenly tensed and sniffed the air, “That’s natural. She always smells like that. Sometimes it smells sweeter.” The young prince shrugged his shoulders as if uninterested, but how could he be? He was young and inexperienced.

Touga furrowed his brows, his eyes still on Kagome. “That’s not normal…” The Western Lord once again sniffed a little, trying to memorize the scent.

“I couldn’t make her submit,” Sesshomaru, shyly and somewhat frustrated, confessed as he stared down into his tea cup.

Distracted by the severity of the topic his son was bringing up Touga momentarily forgot about the female and turned to his only son. “It is not easy; in fact, most veterans have trouble submitting females,” explained the Inu-no-Taisho with a soft smile. “In some case, like yours, it’s impossible. There are things needed, hormonal things, that you lack at your age. It was meant to happen… never did I think this before, but you two are not suited to be near one another with your ages. She’s near her heat and you are still too young to deal with her.”

Dismay clouded Sesshomaru’s eyes, “We’ve been fine all this time,” he commented unsurely, “This was a mere mistake, never to happen again.”

Touga nodded, “More in our part than anything…we should have chosen a mated female, experienced with pups.”

Sesshomaru growled out in frustration, “I like Kagome.”

Touga rolled his eyes and sighed, “I’m sure you do. She’s young and playful still, a perfect companion and friend… however, when her heat comes… she will mate and will have to care for her own pup.”

Sesshomaru blanched, “She can’t leave me,” stuttered the young prince. “She wouldn’t.”

Thinking about this in such an adult manner…Touga wasn’t so happy that Sesshomaru had come to that. This was a rather difficult situation, this conversation… Why was Sesshomaru so complicated? “Well… I have never met a female that hasn’t mated during her first heat. I’ve heard it is possible but have yet to see it. It’s a rather trying moment in the female’s life.” Sesshomaru furrowed his brows but Touga decided it was for the best to interrupt him so Sesshomaru couldn’t conjure those strange ideas of his, “Out of curiosity, Sesshomaru, why did you come here?”

Sesshomaru’s thought slipped by him and he turned to his father with wide-golden eyes, “Well… I really hoped you would be kind to her,” Sesshomaru explained unsurely, “Mother was furious…”

Inu no Taishi chuckled softly, “I am honored to have your trust. I thought you would be upset that I’ve been away for so long.”

Sesshomaru’s lips parted in awe and he shook his head resolutely, “No, I understand.  Besides, Kagome has been with me all this time, so I wasn’t lonely.”

There was simply no way to get around the topic anymore. “You like her,” stated Touga watching his son for any reaction carefully. Sesshomaru gave none. He merely nodded his head, and it somehow made him feel strange. Though his son was too young, unable to mate a female or react to one as a mature male could, the way his eyes shone with intelligence and his body responded with clear intent was definitely worrisome.

Sesshomaru turned away from his father and his eyes fell on Kagome again, “Kagome is mine,” he said softly, “It was frustrating when she wouldn’t relent to me.  Maybe… maybe…”

“Do not say it,” growled Inu-no-Taisho, making Kagome twitch on her fur-futon in the corner, “It’s not that you are doing it wrong. You don’t have what it’s needed. We, mature inu, produce a toxin that spreads in the air and warns bitches to submit. You are simply too young to have it.”

Sesshomaru looked at his sire dubiously, until he heard the rustles from Kagome. The young lord watched as his caretaker sat on the furs and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. A small smile formed on his lips when he saw a little of normalcy in her behavior, but before he could even comment on it, his father pounced on Kagome.

Kagome shirked and kicked madly, but his father was fast and strong. He maneuvered her easily and pressed her, face down, against the floor with him looming over her, “Submit,” he growled, eyes reddening.

Kagome whimpered pitifully underneath the massive body of muscles and youki above her, but was only rewarded by a fiercer growl and a forceful push of his body, pressing hers against the furs uncomfortably.

“Father?” Sesshomaru questioned.

After another growl from Touga, Kagome finally relented and presented her pale throat for the Western Lord’s appraisal. The red eyes began to fade into soft gold and he moved closer to her neck. Touga sniffed it as if it were a delicacy, a dessert, and the finest blossom all at the same time. His lean body closed in and he rested it over hers, marveling at the soft curves hidden by the kimono and enjoying them. Slowly, his tongue darted out and sensuously licked the curve of her neck with torturous slowness.

Again, a whimper escaped Kagome. This one was different, and before anyone could prepare for it, the sweetest scent wafted through them.

Inu-no-Taisho bolted away from her like a wounded animal and cleaned his tongue with the back part of his hand. “This… this… is not possible.”

Sesshomaru, angry, jealous, and scowling, came to his feet, “What?”

“She’s… she’s in heat, but this is as if she had been in heat the entire time.” muttered Touga in his confusion, “Her heat is…inconspicuous.”

Words: 3200 


Night found the three of them on Touga’s tent with Kagome’s wrist tied to a pole and her kimono wet with sake. The males in the room stood before her with tense shoulders and worried eyes. Kagome, on the other hand, was struggling against the ties.

“Why are you doing this?” asked Sesshomaru.

“This is bad,” muttered Touga with troubled eyes, “She shouldn’t be here.” The way his eyes shifted from one side to the other made Sesshomaru feel uncertain. “There are too many males here…this is dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” asked Sesshomaru, not quite understanding.

Touga sighed, “A female mates a male, right? The male usually fights and earns her, but here…this could turn out badly with so many competitors.” Finally he shook his head and poured some more sake over an annoyed Kagome. “Hopefully this will make her scent less noticeable.”

Sesshomaru titled his head, “Wouldn’t it be better if she took a bath?”

“Yes; however, she can’t get out of here…” Touga trailed off. “Some of the men will respect the privacy of my tent, but many others won’t. We can’t have her walking around.”

Sesshomaru frowned and nodded his head, “I will find the water and bathe her.”

Inu no Taisho’s eyebrows rose as he stared as Sesshmomaru moved closer to the tent’s entrance, “Wait,” he called, feeling uncomfortable letting him go to fetch water alone due to the recent circumstances, “You care for her: I’ll get the water.” He turned to Kagome, who had pink eyes, and shuddered, “Don’t get too close to her… just in case.”

Sesshomaru nodded and was about to sit at Kagome’s side at a prudent distance when she growled at him threateningly. He stopped, and after careful consideration, sat on the furs she had slept in a while ago. He knew she couldn’t free herself and cause him harm, but he didn’t want to cause her discomfort.

Minutes passed by and Kagome’s growls died, replaced by soft, sing-song whines. The young prince listened uninterestedly, but it was only when a sudden presence, strong and torrential, barged in the tent that Sesshomaru’s gut froze.

A dark inu, much like Kagome with sky, blue eyes stood at the entrance of the tent. He was wearing dark clothes with black, wolf furs covering the shoulders. The newcomer didn’t even glance at his direction, his sole focus the whimpering female fighting the ties. Kagome too paid the newcomer little interest.

The male smirked as he watched her struggle, his eyes darkening with something foreign, before walking closer to Kagome. He knelt down in one knee at her side, “What are these?” he asked cordially as he studied the ties holding Kagome where she was, “They treat you so disrespectfully,” he commented and after giving the ties a tug, and failing in freeing her, the blue eyes strayed to her slim, kimono clad body.

Sesshomaru watched, torn between interfering and keeping silent, as the man took Kagome’s foot. Long, clawed fingers traced the curves of the limb with slow curiosity, earning a few begging whimpers from her. The smirk widened and the man raised his eyes to hers, “You are in need of some caring,” he began and moved closer to Kagome. To Sesshomaru’s surprise, she didn’t deny the man; instead, her scent was welcoming, and it unsettled him. Kagome wasn’t like that, “My name is Yutaro, and I am Lord of a small territory. Mate me, and I’ll make you a lady. What do you say?”

Anger rolled off Sesshomaru in waves and unable to remain quiet and hidden under the furs no longer he abandoned their safety and jumped over into the heat of the stares the two black inu were giving each other. “Kagome is a Western Lady,” the young Lord hissed, “Keep your hands away from what belongs to this Sesshomaru.”

Bestial red eyes turned to Sesshomaru, “Does this female belong to you?”

Sesshomaru, feeling uncertain about his options but very much stubborn in nature, nodded his head, “Kagome is mine.”

It was so fast that not even Sesshomaru’s taiyoukai-born abilities could to keep up. A strong right punch cracked a pair of ribs while a steel-like elbow drove him to the floor remorselessly. The young inu cried out, but before he could even feel the rebounding pain from the hits, a set of five claws dug into his lower back. The cry Sesshomaru let out echoed around the tent, and possibly, in the vicinity. A few more surprised cries escaped Sesshomaru’s lips as the pain and the smell of his blood finally registered on his mind.

“This was easy,” laughed the black inu above him, “She’s mine now. Ka-go-me, I like that name.”

Sesshomaru waited with baited breath for the final hit, his back too hurt to be able to move, but a sudden purr got his attention. His golden eyes went to Kagome who was now standing up with her hands tied together and rumbling in a calling manner. He was confused, but a sudden answering purr from Yutaro got his attention, “Good bitch,” Yutaro praised and left the prince on the floor without a second glance.

Sesshomaru watched dumbfounded as Kagome incited the inuyoukai closer, her body moving like never before. It had the same grace, control as if she were fighting but the way her eyes were set and their reddish taint said it was something very different. It sent shivers down his back. Kagome walked backwards, ushering Yutaro closer with a strange, seductive movement of her hands and an exaggerated sway of hips. “Kagome?” he whispered unsurely. He wasn’t sure if he was worried about her… or perhaps envious that she was doing those things to an unknown inuyoukai of lower status.

But no one paid his voice any heed. The male inu, in a swift lightning-speed moment pounced on Kagome. In the next second twisted one hand in her incredibly long ebony hair and the other inside the folds of her flowery, orange kimono. Sesshomaru’s heart froze when he saw Yutaro sit in between Kagome’s legs and capture her lips with a demanding, impatient growl and heard Kagome groan in pleasure. It was like having a knife stabbed on his heart. Tears prickled at his eyes when Kagome moaned, and for the first time ever, he felt mortified. It was as if he was watching something very private and intimate. This was not supposed to be happening, much less here and with him.

Kagome wasn’t supposed to be in heat. This was all his fault. He had wanted to come here, to protect the one he adored from his mother’s wrath, but what did he accomplish? To bring her here to all these males. He had destroyed her. Sesshomaru hid his face with his arms, guilt and grief burning inside him. This wasn’t supposed to happen!

A harsh growl and a yelp of pain brought Sesshomaru’s tearful face up and he cried out when he smelled Kagome’s blood. Yutaro had dug his claws on her sides and was growling and yelping. Sesshomaru stood, legs shaky, and was about to intervene to protect Kagome when another scent hit him. When he studied the scene carefully he saw how Kagome’s long fangs had dug into the dark inuyoukai’s neck. Blood poured from the wounds freely and to his surprise and disgust, the skin of Yutaro’s neck was broken and hanging limply.

Kagome had torn his neck…

Frozen on the spot, he watched as Yutaro slowly fell unconscious. Kagome positioned his body on the floor with a smirk lighting her face. After a quick glance his way, she once again neared Yutaro and began to lick the blood that poured from his neck.


An hour later found them still in Touga’s tent, this time with a bucket of water, a strong scent of blood, a tied Kagome with a troubled Inu-no-Taisho holding her, and Sesshomaru taking off her clothes in order to bathe her.

“This is very uncomfortable,” murmured Touga with a frown, “and very unethical, too.”

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes, “I didn’t ask for your help,” he reminded his father as he finally untied the dark obi from his caretaker’s waist, “Mother will be furious.”

Touga cringed. “It’s not like you could do it by yourself,” he grumbled, and as if on cue Kagome trashed again, trying in vain to escape the stronger taiyoukai’s hold. “This one is definitely a wildcat.”

Sesshomaru sighed as he opened Kagome’s kimono. His hands instantly froze and his jaw hung while a dark and hot blush appeared on his cheeks, “Ah…Ka…Kagome…ah, I…”

“Just do it,” growled Touga irritably, “This was your idea.” snapped Touga as he turned his gaze, and slightly pink cheeks, away.

Nervous, but determined to do his job, Sesshomaru soaked the piece of cloth into the bucket of water and stalked the few inches that separated him from Kagome. He ignored the warning growl Kagome sent his way, knowing she was unable to physically harm him, and placed the cold cloth on her belly. She hissed at the sensation but he ignored her and began to rub the cloth against the healing wounds on her side. He tried to be careful, but even so a whine would escape her from time to time.

“Heal her wounds,” prompted Inu no Taisho with an unreadable look, “She assaulted Yutaro to protect you. Hell, she almost killed him… is the least you could do.”

Numbly Sesshomaru nodded his head and brought his small tongue to the wounds and began to lick them clean. Kagome squirmed and whined at the feeling of his rough tongue on her side and began to move her legs in a futile attempt to trap Sesshomaru between them.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand, was lost to sensations. The feeling and taste of her blood sent his other side reeling in pleasure. It was different from that last time in the battle. This time her blood was sweeter and seemed to plaster on his tongue and mouth the way saccharine did. Pleased, and with a tiny grin, he leveled his eyes towards his father, “I think she likes it,” he said proudly.

Touga held his laugh, “I’m sure she does,” he said with a slump of his shoulders, “A well-used tongue can conquer even the wildest, most stubborn of females.” he said with a lopsided smirk, but then scrunched his nose, “I shouldn’t be telling you this.”

Sesshomaru frowned, “Why?” he asked and quickly after set to work on Kagome’s unhealed side.

Touga raised an elegant eyebrow, but another well-placed squirm from Kagome made her rub against his body in a very inappropriate manner, “Maybe you should hurry Sesshomaru.”

After a few extra licks, Sesshomaru grabbed the cloth and washed it in the bucket, “Why?” he asked, not understanding his father’s discomfort.

Touga groaned in consternation, “I am a male in case you forgot,” he growled, but his hands unconsciously pressed Kagome tighter against him.

Sesshomaru, confused but slightly alarmed, began to work quicker. “But you are mated,” reminded Sesshomaru, “You are Mother’s.”

Touga rolled his eyes, “I am,” he conceded, “And you have no idea how much I miss my mate. However, that does not mean Kagome’s heat affects me any less. It is my bond with your mother that has prevented me from doing anything, but that can only hold so long.”

Sesshomaru suddenly stopped and turned to his father, “You want to…”

“Yes,” hissed Touga in a strangled whine.

“You wouldn’t!” cried Sesshomaru placing his body atop Kagome’s in a vain attempt to hide her nude body from his father.

“I wouldn’t trust myself. I do not want to, but,” Touga’s eyes began to flicker, his want and lust fighting his logic.

“Father!” yelled Sesshomaru, but a sudden kick from Kagome sent him rolling back. Sesshomaru sat immediately, product of his training, “Father!” he yelled, but once again he felt his heart squeeze painfully inside his chest.

His father… no, the demon, wasn’t looking at him. His hair hid most of his face, but Sesshomaru could see clearly how his face was dug against Kagome’s chest. Her back was arched and she was pressing her upper body against his father. Her legs moved brazenly, trying to get leverage. Sesshomaru was uncertain of what was happening until a groan escaped past his father’s lips and he saw how his father bit her breast. Kagome let out a strangled cry as his father sucked her bosom with wild abandon. She was a noisy mess of indecent sounds and even more indecent begging: begging his father for help, for pleasure, and for an unforgettable rut. The way his father growled and moved against her told him exactly how willing his father was.

It made him sick to see his father, his blood, sire, and leader latched onto and pleasuring another female who was not his mother. Sesshomaru went down on all fours, digging his poisonous claws into the dirt beneath them, and roared in anger and frustration. His father turned to glance at him, but he was trapped by his beast.

It probably was a very bad idea, but the young prince swooped against the massive youkai who was his father. He was met with a strong hit. In his anger Sesshomaru felt nothing, and he clawed at his sire angrily, carelessly biting anywhere his shorter fangs reached. Inu-no-Taisho howled in pain and after a few tries, managed to grab the smaller body. Unthinkingly, he rammed Sesshomaru’s body against the ground without care and was about to take said boy’s head when a high pitched cry stopped him.

Instantly Touga’s eyes faded back to gold and he found himself on top of his ruffled, crying son. He released him slowly, his eyes on the young inu as if unbelieving what he had just done. He almost killed his heir. “Sesshomaru?” he called softly, fearfully.

Sesshomaru turned his head away from his father and took on a fetal position, hiding his tears.

Touga stared at his son and turned to Kagome who was oddly silent, considering the dark red and lustful eyes. Concerned more about his son, he took Sesshomaru’s booted foot and brought him closer to his body; then grabbed the young boy into a strong embrace. Sesshomaru’s body rocked with his sobs, and Inu no Taisho nuzzled his son in apology.

He couldn’t believe what he had done. He had attacked his own blood and all because of a female. He would never forgive himself. He was a wretched and disgraceful father.


“Do something or I’ll kill her, perhaps feed her to my army,” hissed Touga as he paced his tent. He had his long, silver mane free of its usual ponytail and was anxiously running his hand through it.

“You can’t do that,” snapped Sesshomaru as he once again sat on the furs in the corner, stiff with all the pain he was suffering. He had received several wounds on this night and, while they were healing at a fast rate, the pain underneath remained, “This is not her fault.”

Touga growled, “I don’t care whose fault this is! I almost killed my son and all because a worthless female in heat!”

Sesshomaru came to his feet, “She’s not worthless!” he yelled back irritably, “Why are you always so—”

“Shut your mouth!” demanded Touga as he walked in a domineering manner towards him, “I am your alpha, your father, and you will do as I say!”

“I will not let you kill her!” repeated Sesshomaru, fisting his hands and lashing out his youki angrily. Inu-no-Taisho responded equally and quickly overpowered Sesshomaru’s. “I will never forgive you if you do.”

Touga growled again and turned away to pace some more, “Then do something. That scent and those sounds are killing me,” he snapped and then turned to Sesshomaru. “If she doesn’t quiet down I will fuck her and you better not interfere,” warned the taiyoukai.

Sesshomaru’s lips rose in a snarl, but he turned to Kagome to hide it from his father, “What…what do I do?” the prince asked dubiously.

Touga groaned uneasily, “This talk wasn’t supposed to happen now,” grumbled the taiyoukai apprehensively, “I don’t know. Touch her, lick her, suck her…kami this is so awkward.”

Sesshomaru tilted his head nervously, but when his father sighed impatiently, he moved closer to Kagome. His feet felt heavy and his senses numbed in his nervousness. He dropped into a sitting position next to her, and unlike prior occasions, she didn’t growl at him. He moved his fingers against her skin with a shaky hand, but when he finally touched her and she whined and pushed her body against his hand, he felt bold.

Slowly, and shakily, he moved his shorter body against hers, crawling up on top. After a shy glance to her chest and round nipples, he finally trapped one with his mouth as his father had done. She cried out, and scared that he had hurt her, he prodded at her with his green youki. Immediately she replied, her own bluish youki mingling with his. To the surprise of both, the heat, the care, and wandering feather-light touches broke through the barrier of their selves. Two beasts, confused and inexperienced, met, mingled, battled, and pleasured the other.

It was a battle, a song of delighted cries, mangled limbs, frenetic bites, and claws. He bit her; she crushed him forcefully with her incredibly strong thighs. He dugs his small claws on her hips; she pressed her womanhood against his gi with a startled cry.

The smell… the sounds…

Confused, unknowing, but driven by instincts, Sesshomaru’s mouth went down to where her scent was the strongest. Without thinking, he confidently closed his mouth against that place where the happiest scents amalgamated.

Her cries were like prayers, her back arched in what was, certainly a very painful angle, but it opened the scents and the flavors. Sesshomaru was left to fend for himself, to fend against the smells, the honey, and the instincts driving him. He wanted to do something…what, he didn’t know, but it was there, lurking, ready to eat at him.

She cried, and cried. “More!” He didn’t know what she needed. He would give her anything, but what did she need?

Suddenly he was thrown to the side and his red eyes found his father taking his place in between Kagome’s legs. Alarmed at the intensity of her wails, Sesshomaru’s red eyes watched with mounting dread as his father inserted and drew his fingers in between Kagome’s legs. Confused and astonished when the loudest and joyful cry left Kagome, he moved closer to them just in time to see Kagome’s eyes flash back to her natural steel-blue. Like a dead weight she fell against the futon, all energy leaving her. Dimly aware of her nudity and Touga’s position in between her legs, she let out a distressed whine that Touga quickly settled down when he dipped to nuzzle her neck.

Relaxed, and spent, she finally succumbed to her sleep.

Sesshomaru waited with hitched breath for any explanations, but he only received a pat on his head and a proud, “You were first-class son. Congratulations.”



To be continued…perhaps?



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