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“Half-breed,” called Sesshomaru but he was ignored. Ever since Naraku died the hanyou had been mourning. One wonders about the hanyou’s reasoning. He had wanted to get his revenge by killing the half-demon Naraku. That is understandable. The problem was he had wanted to keep the miko from the future for himself as well. It was contradictory. The miko had come to this world from her own with the purpose to kill Naraku and restore the Shikon Jewel so it was obvious she would leave, forcefully if needed, after her task was done.

“She’s gone Sesshomaru,” whispered Inuyasha dejectedly, “she left. Please, kill me.” The hanyou was sitting next to the Bone-Eaters Well. It seemed the spot had become his home. Apparently Inuyasha continued to wait. By now twelve moons had come to pass and there had been no sign of the miko’s return.

“Inuyasha, depart from this place at once,” demanded Sesshomaru. He was not going to allow Inuyasha to continue worrying Rin needlessly, “the miko will not return.”

“I know…that’s why, kill me. I don’t want to live anymore,” confessed the hanyou.

“Hn,” muttered Sesshomaru as he  turned to the village, “there is no sense and no honor in killing someone who wants to die. When this Sesshomaru defeats you and kills you it will be when you are at your best, not in this deplorable condition.”

After that, the proud Taiyoukai left the Well. He had been escaping his task of older brother, but apparently, it was his fate to bear this fate now.


To be continued...


JeniNeji's Note:

Yup, another story. The idea was born from 50 ways to Torture a Taiyoukai... but Im sure I will never be able to meet the 1000 words requierement. Still, I wanted to share it. Enjoy!


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