Ever Immortal by JeniNeji


Beta-Reader: Danniella

Story Summary:

Immortals are born in pairs and they must obey but one rule.

However, is immortality so desirable in the end?



Ever immortal

By: JeniNeji



Immortality was one of the most desired wishes among their mail box, but the Destinies seldom gave it. It was a gift for but for a few. Not everyone was capable of living forever; there were some requirements.

“Are you ready son?” asked a rough voice, making the alluded demon turn golden eyes back to his target.

“This Sesshomaru is always ready,” the silver haired demon replied coldly.

“When will you learn that you are not?” asked the older man tiredly. Apparently he was getting frustrated with repeating the same thing constantly.


The words died and were replaced by the unmistakable sound of swords clashing.

Yes, they were immortal, or technically so. For as long as they protected their purpose in life they could remain to be so. Yes, Sesshomaru was going to meet ‘his purpose’ in life soon. The young demon was one of the few demons who had been born immortal. He was safe in this realm, for the moment, and the same as his father, he was gifted with the ability to move from this realm to the other and the other.

A splash of lava, followed by the explosion of pressure coming out of the fissures on the ground made both demons part ways. They landed safely, their white garments clean and their swords expelling power.

They were special demons, born from the Destinies directly. They were known for their fighting skills but also their sense of honor. Although, everyone agreed that while the both of them upheld to the Honor Code, their views were very different.

“Izayoi is dying,” the older demon, Inu no Taisho, said evenly.

However, Sesshomaru knew the implications of this statement. It was more than a simple death. “You shouldn’t have met her intimately,” Sesshomaru reprimanded half-heartedly, “It’s against the Nature’s order.”

“In so many ways,” said Inu no Taisho with a knowing and mischievous smirk, “Still, I don’t regret it. She will give me another son.”

Sesshomaru moved into an offensive stance, and asked tightly “A son who you will love?”

Inu no Taisho placed his Tetsusaiga protectively in front of him in the right moment. The older Taiyoukai managed to evade yet again another nasty wound, “For a short time, yes.”

Yes, they both knew what was going to happen when the child was born, and when Izayoi died, but none seemed inclined to discuss the inevitable. Why would they?

“Your left side is still weak,” interrupted Inu no Taisho, “How many times do I need to remind you to over-guard it?”

“Hn,” Sesshomaru replied with irritation. He was aware of that. No one knew about his left eye’s blindness more than him. Apparently, against his father, overly-guarding his left side was still not enough. He hissed loudly when a spray of poison swap from behind him and made a slash at his left cheek. It was shameful!

“You still don’t believe me son. There is much you need to learn. There is a long road ahead of you,” the older demon reminded the younger and eager one.

It was difficult for him to do so, but Sesshomaru refrained from doing anything hostile against his father, for he had proven to him once again that he was still weaker. It was a blow against his pride but, he had to admit that there was a huge time gap between them. It would be unlikely that he would be at the same level as his Great Sire.

“Let us rest Sesshomaru, you will need to be in your best shape in order to outlive what destiny has placed upon you.” said Inu no Taisho amiably as he sheathed his sword and started to walk away.

“Will it be that stressing?” asked Sesshomaru, an ounce of nervousness escaping the unyielding hold of his emotions.

“You have no idea my son,” said Inu no Taisho with a smirk and disappeared.


It was the first time Sesshomaru couldn’t easily control his emotions. Nervousness sang in his heart and his stomach tingled as if there was an ant war inside. He tried once and again to tell himself that he was prepared, there was no one stronger than him, other than his father. He had nothing to worry about. Yet, that didn’t serve him at all. He was still anxious.

“Do you know that your immortal is also a descendant of another immortal? Just like you,” Inu no Taisho broke through the tense atmosphere.

“Hn,” Sesshomaru merely reply. In truth he hadn’t know and the news were to his liking, but he was unsure of his voice, so he preferred to remain silent.

“If you don’t like your immortal, just this once, you may reject her,” Inu no Taisho mentioned cautiously.

“That’s not possible,” Sesshomaru said with disbelief, never before had he heard of such arrangements. Immortals were born in pairs, not triplets.

“Yeah, it’s not usual, but your immortal is special,” the great demon Lord said with a smirk, “She’s able to tune to other immortals. Besides, her mother is also immortal, they can stay together. In fact, she said she would prefer it, but is willing to give you a chance.”

“Hn. Is it because of my skills?” asked Sesshomaru. The idea that the woman merely felt pity for his situation wasn’t very tasteful to his higher senses.

“No,” replied Inu no Taisho quickly, “I think she doesn’t like to break through Nature’s cycle without a valid reason, but she’s concerned.”

“Why is that? I don’t see why my immortal should face any more danger than any other,” commented Sesshomaru suspiciously.

Inu no Taisho chuckled, “Yeah, I guess not,” he said and scratched the back part of his head, “Except that your immortal was born with the Shikon Jewel.”

“Shikon Jewel?” asked Sesshomaru, the name unfamiliar to him.

“Right…why would my son know about that,” said Inu no Taisho tiredly, “The Shikon Jewel is a magical orb which grants its possessor a single wish. However, if the Jewel is shattered, each piece can make any demon ten times stronger.”

“Hn, that’s foolish. Who would want to gain strength with a lowly method such as that?”

“Oh my strong and blessed son… everyone wants the Jewel,” said Inu no Taisho while making an arc with his arms dramatically, “The only reason your immortal has been safe is because she has been living in the Miko’s Quarters since the day she was born.”

“The Mikos?” asked Sesshomaru with some distaste.

“Yes, her mother is a miko. Now you understand why you have been summoned to your immortal ahead of the scheduled time?”

“This Sesshomaru understands. The immortal is in danger.”

“I knew you were born smart,” chuckled Inu no Taisho, “but there’s more to it… what do you think is different with your immortal?”

There was silence for a moment, “She will be younger.”

“Younger? Sesshomaru I was twenty-one when I was called,” said Inu no Taisho with a knowing smile.

“Hn,” replied Sesshomaru uncomfortable.

“How old are you again Sesshomaru?” mocked Inu no Taisho, but was ignored.


“This is my son, Sesshomaru,” Inu no Taisho said with a reverent bow to a short and black-haired woman dressed in High-Rank Miko clothing. Her eyes were a kind dark brown and her short hair curled at the ends. At his side, Sesshomaru mimicked his actions.

The woman turned from Inu no Taisho to Sesshomaru with a soft smile, “I do hope she likes you,” the woman said softly.

“There is no reason to fear Miko-sama, after all, we immortals share a bond with our pair,” Inu no Taisho said evenly, hoping to ease the woman’s concern.

“You are right. It has been such a long time since I have shared my life with an immortal…”

“I am glad that you can survive,” said Inu no Taisho, but the deep wound and small fear of what was to come for him escaped him. Thankfully the woman said nothing, but understanding was clear in her eyes.

“Sesshomaru,” the woman said his name and he felt his body shake with a strange force, “I know you will be good to her, I can see it.”

“Yes, Miko-sama is a seer,” said Inu no Taisho with a soft smile.

“Then what is this Sesshomaru’s purpose here?” asked Sesshomaru, his golden eyes still looking at the grass below him, “You know what it’s going to happen.”

“Yes, that is why I know that when my daughter turns fifteen the Shikon will be expelled from her body. The world’s balance will be affected, but I can see nothing else about her. I am unable to.”

“Sesshomaru,” interrupted Inu no Taisho, “not everything someone sees is the truth. It is more complicated than that.”

“That is correct. There are many things I can’t see. Besides, I know you, and how it’s rumored that you will behave around my daughter, but there are things that always change and things that I should never try to change.” After this, it was easy to notice how the woman enveloped herself in a protective barrier, unconsciously reacting to her thoughts or memories.

“Hn,” Sesshomaru simply turned his head a little away, understanding the woman’s words, but not really feeling comfortable in any way.

“Why don’t you go and meet her?” asked Inu no Taisho once again dispelling the stress in the air.

“Please do, she’s on the Shrine at the end of the Sakura Trees, there is no protective barrier. It shouldn’t be so hard to find.”

Sesshomaru simply nodded his head, but his legs didn’t move. It was about a minute later that he began to walk to the mentioned place. Sesshomaru was no coward.

“He will do fine Miko-sama,” said Inu no Taisho with a proud smile, “He’s my pride.”

“I know he will,” replied the mature miko, “and please, call me, Moriko.”


The scent of tears clung heavy to the surroundings of the Shrine, and it instantly made his heart beat faster. What was happening?

His booted feet moved faster, adrenaline was steadily jerking his muscles, helping him prepare for battle. There was so much distress!

Sesshomaru’s clawed hand dug into the shoji door’s handle and pulled it open abruptly. His golden eyes racked the hallway cautiously while his aura surveyed the vicinity for enemies. He saw nothing. He moved forward silently, trying to find the presence of the sole person in the Shrine. It was her, he was sure.

He couldn’t help but wonder what would her appearance be like? Would she be similar to him? Was she human or miko? How old?

“Who is there?”

A small child-like voice interrupted his train of thought and his heart stopped beating. A strong sensation overcame his senses and he felt the voice broke through his skin and settle on his heart. It was high pitched but it also held waves of magic as pure as diamonds. There was no way a voice like that existed!

He remained unmoving as silent footsteps approached from down the hall. He trained his golden eyes into the shadows, slowly inspecting the female in front of him.

“You are like me, but different” the child’s voice declared, and his mouth dropped open. He couldn’t help but be amazed by the clarity and certainty of her words. How could she know by just a furtive glance?

He remained still as the girl slowly made her way into the light. Intelligent blue eyes gazed confusedly at his taller form. He saw them linger in his long silver hair and then his golden eyes, but he knew the reason, he was very different from her and from everyone she had known. She was but a child, and in contrast to him, she had the blackest hair he had seen. It even rivaled Izayoi’s.

“I have seen you before, in my bad dreams,” the miko girl said with a frown, and fisted her hands. “You should go away,” her almost cold voice said.

“No,” was his reply, “This Sesshomaru has come to be your guardian.”

“We have guardians,” the little girl said adamantly, “you are evil.”

Sesshomaru couldn’t help but feel hurt. She didn’t even know him and she was judging him as evil already. He was born a demon, that was the root of evil in itself, the opposite from her a descendant of the Heavens, but he withheld to the Honor Code. An evil being would not do such a thing.

“Where is Pancake?” his future-charge asked him, distracting him.

“This Sesshomaru does not know who are you are referring to,” was his tight reply.

“I want Pancake…I want Mommy,” the small girl’s blue eyes began to water.

Sesshomaru watched in horror as small tears began to slip down the girl’s eyes and a surge of panic hit him. He had been trained, intensively, in the art of war and battles… but never in this. Taking care of pups was just not his field.

“This Sesshomaru will take you to your Mother--”

“No!” screamed the girl and her hands began to glow a dangerous pink, “You are like them… like the mean monsters in my dreams!”

Sesshomaru was starting to tire of this, he has never been a patient individual, and he tried… not for long, he will admit, but he wasn’t sure there would be any progress with his first tactic. He watched with hardened eyes as the miko girl continued to threaten him, debating his next course of action. “You will do well to follow this Sesshomaru’s orders.”

“My Momma said not to walk with strangers,” the girl shot back stubbornly.

“This is the fourth time this Sesshomaru has introduced himself.”

The small girl narrowed her eyes dubiously, her hands still glaring pink.

“This Sesshomaru is no longer a stranger,” Sesshomaru reasoned, “you, however, are still a stranger and my Father also told me not to mingle with strangers, especially females.”

“I am not a stranger;” the girl replied heatedly, “everyone here knows my name… except you.”

“What is your name?”

“You are not supposed to give your name to strangers,” once again repeated the tiny miko, “it gives people power over your soul.”

“No one can control this Sesshomaru’s soul,” the young and yet inexperienced Daiyoukai declared confidently.

“My mom can,” shot back the miko.

“Can you?”

“…not yet,” the girl’s shoulders fell as she confessed her weakness, “but I will someday.”

“Do you think this Sesshomaru is stronger than your Mother?” asked the Daiyoukai.


“Do you think this Sesshomaru is stronger than you, who cannot control souls?”


“Do you think this Sesshomaru, a demon, has the same powers as your mother, a miko?”


“So, there is no way this Sesshomaru may steal your soul.”

“I don’t know,” the girl answered, misery and confusion clear in her eyes.

“You are seven-years old,” declared Sesshomaru.

Blue eyes widened and stared back at him as if he had caught her doing something forbidden, “How do you know?”

“This Sesshomaru also has seven-years.”

The miko’s eyes narrowed, “You are too old to be seven.”

“Demons grow quicker.”

“I didn’t know that,” mumbled the miko.

“There are many things you do not know about demons. Again, tell me your name.” This time the glare that was directed at him was less intense and he internally smirked.

“Kagome,” the girl whispered so slowly that he almost missed it. She was still showing a tiny bit of rebellion at having to tell.

“Very well Kagome, we are now going back to your Mother,” and the girl’s wide surprised eyes surprised him taking his speech ability for a moment, “and find this…Pancake.”

“Really? Are you going to help me find Pancake?”

“Hn,” replied Sesshomaru and turned to walk away. Somehow, after hearing tiny footsteps following, a tiny smile came up to his lips.


“They are coming,” the soft voice of Moriko broke through the silence.

“Who?” asked Inu no Taisho who was resting one arm on one leg. His golden eyes were looking at the horizon nostalgically.

“Everyone,” was the dreaded reply, “Our children and the demons.”

“Demons?” the older Daiyoukai asked carefully, somehow he knew what was coming. He had seen the bad omen, had smelt it, for a while.

“They will be responsible for my daughter’s destiny,” Moriko said with conviction, “that is why I was so adamant in his training.”

“I understand,” Inu no Taisho replied softly. “So, what are we doing?”

“I,” the woman emphasized, “will enclose them into a protective barrier.”

“Hn, for how long?”

The black haired woman smiled, “That depends on you.”

Inu no Taisho turned now, his aura spinning with hesitancy, “What do you mean?”

“It is nothing,” said the woman as she stood up. She eyed the Demon Lord in front of her and smiled. “Here,” she said and extended a stuffed animal to the Daiyoukai, “It is my daughter’s favorite toy. I infused it with uncountable protection spells…for your child. It’s Lady Bug Pancake.”

“It is a Lady Bug,” muttered Inu no Taisho disapprovingly. The toy was too girly for his son.

“Break it… and make some cloth article,” suggested Moriko, her chocolate-eyes with a faraway look, “you will make a haori… I can see it.”

“A haori…with the red fur of the fire rat, it will be perfect for my child.”

“Do you want to know your future?” asked Moriko.

“I want to know only one thing,” whispered Inu no Taisho, “Will my unborn son live happily?”

“He will,” replied the Miko with a cheerless smile.

“Thank you,” said Inu no Taisho and for the first time in this day his smile finally reached his eyes, “in that case, I will help you… only for a short time, until my unborn child comes to this world.”

“I needed no more,” said Moriko, but the relief in her voice was easily noticed, “Thank you, my Lord.”

Inu no Taisho carefully tied the stuffed animal to his back and moved at the Miko’s side, “After all, I should help protect my first son before leaving him alone to take care of the second.”

“I can only offer you one thing,” said Moriko with a kind smile, “After your immortal is dead…come, and I will bind us together. If that is what you wish, of course.”

A painful smile settled in the Daiyoukai’s lips, “Thanks for the offer… Miko-sama.”


Sesshomaru froze in front of the shoji door after a strange energy buzzed the tips of his fingers. He moved his head to the side a little in thought, and after a moment he reached for the door once again but this time infusing his fingertips with his poison gas. Still, he couldn’t break through.

“Can’t you open the door?” asked Kagome with a frown, “here, let me.”

“Stop,” ordered Sesshomaru, “there is a strange energy surrounding the door.”

“It’s my mom’s,” explained Kagome with a small smile “It is all right, I can open it.” After receiving an approving nod from Sesshomaru the young miko reached forward to the shoji door and pulled it. However, before the shoji could open a blinding light attacked her and threw her to the floor. A screech left her wide open mouth.

Sesshomaru knelt down next to Kagome immediately and circled his arms protectively around her and a feral growl escaped his parted lips. Slowly his eyes began to tint bloody red and his senses were enhanced to find the source of Kagome’s ailment.

“Mom!” cried Kagome as unstoppable tears slipped down her cheeks, and a soft whine escaped her “It hurts,” she said as she press down over her chest with her tiny hands.

“You will be all right,” said Sesshomaru, panic overwhelming him, “this Sesshomaru will not allow anything to happen to you.”

“Sesshomaru, it hurts!” continued to cry Kagome.

Sesshomaru’s red tinted eyes roamed over her small frame and his senses found a magical pressure building over her heart, “Does this place hurt?” he asked as he placed his hand in top of hers.

Kagome nodded her affirmative, unable to maintain her sobs to herself.

“It is the Shikon Jewel,” Sesshomaru whispered with dread, “the item is forming.”

“It hurts,” sobbed Kagome and kicked aimlessly, trying to find something to distract her from the pain.

“I will keep you safe Kagome,” promised Sesshomaru as he tucked her into his protective embrace and held her tightly, “you will live.”

“Make the pain go away…”

“I will remain by your side… until you feel better again. I promise.”


“Four years… four years have finally passed,” whispered the weakened voice of Moriko. Her chocolate eyes had long lost their brightness, leaving behind a painful and empty loneliness. The woman turned to her side, only to find it empty, “Inu no Taisho didn’t return…he died…with Izayoi.”

Roars and howls exploded all around the woman as the demon came against her barrier again and again. Each time her energy was stolen from her and placed into the barrier to compensate for the loss. She was immortal, or had always been, but having sustained the barrier for so long slowly killed her. There was no much more she could do, her life energy have been spent.

“Kagome, I wish you can find your happiness,” the older Miko said with a hopeful smile… and her body began to disintegrate. Her soul began to break down in pieces, but the pieces didn’t fall to the ground, instead, they began to torpedo against the demons, and a single touch was enough to purify them.

This war continued for a few more minutes until only a few demons remain standing. The few demons glanced at each other confusedly, half in disbelief and half confused. They had finally destroyed their enemy. They had finally reached the Shikon Jewel.

After the seconds became minutes the euphoria of their moment invaded them and they all hurried to the Shrine where the Shikon Jewel had been hidden. As they ran they hit each other, trying to be the first to get the so desired Jewel, but when the first demon pulled the shoji door open a green whip appeared out of nowhere and beheaded him. The rest of the demons remained frozen but that sole mistake also cost them their lives.

After a second a tall man, with dirty silver hair emerged from the depths of the house. His eyes were red with hunger and bloodlust, and also, the magenta stripes at his cheeks were scarred and elongated showing how close he was to his transformation. A small quantity of lesser demons that were still roaming the place fled immediately after glimpsing the massive aura of the now free Daiyoukai.

That demon, once called Sesshomaru, howled his dominance over the place. Animalistic instincts made him roam the perimeter of the area, checking for any danger to his charge. After making sure there was none, he finally release his dead grip over the tiny human girl in his arms.

A peaceful sleeping face welcomed him more than he had expected. It was a relief to see the relax features of the girl who had known nothing but pain in the last four years. Now, she had grown almost two feet and her ebony hair reached her knees. She still possessed the soft, pale and frail skin which seemed to be so common in human women and it made him feel assured.

She was fine, she had survived. He had to admit too many a times he had thought he had lost her, but thankfully he had been mistaken. Thankfully! He didn’t train for centuries to end his life trapped in a miko barrier. He had trained to keep his immortal alive and with that, to maintain his own immortality. She will not die for he was not ready to die yet. She would only die when he had tired of living, and that was a maybe even.

“Sesshomaru?” asked Kagome dubiously, her blue eyes reddened by tears.

“Kagome,” he welcomed her back to the world with her given name.

“I am alive,” the young woman of now eleven commented with disbelief and then her eyes rose to meet golden ones, “like you promised.”

“The barrier is down,” announced Sesshomaru, he knew why.

“Because Mother is dead,” replied Kagome softly. Her blue eyes then moved to her surroundings, but she knew it would be impossible for her to find her Mother’s body in between this mountain of corpses. “Can you find her?”

A moment passed while the demon Lord inspected the area with eyes, ears and nose, “I don’t think I can find her,” he confessed, “We should go.”

Kagome numbly nodded and clasped her hands together, “May your soul rest in peace Miko-sama.”

“Can you walk?” asked the Daiyoukai and he slowly placed her on the ground.

Kagome nodded but held tight to him anyways until she was certain her legs could carry her, “Thank you.” However, she never let go of his hand, and they began to walk away holding hands.

Sesshomaru didn’t seem to mind though, but a nagging thought kept him from enjoying freedom fully.

“Yes, that is why I know that when my daughter turns fifteen the Shikon will be expelled from her body. The world’s balance will be affected, but I can see nothing else about her. I am unable to.”


The single prophecy left by Kagome’s mother made his skin crawl. Why at age fifteen? What will happen in four years? Will he be there for her? As this question appeared in his conscious mind his heart skipped a beat. Of course he will be with her, she was his, his immortal and the only woman he will cherish and protect.


You can’t mate your immortal. That was the rule that governed their lives, but he was not like his father. He will not mate his immortal against the laws, he knew better, if he did she will die in childbirth, and so would he and it would leave his hanyou child alone in the world. He would never.

“Sesshomaru?” interrupted Kagome.

He turned with a non-committal, “Hn.”

“What are we?” asked Kagome, biting the side of her lower lip in confusion.

“Partners,” announced Sesshomaru.

“What are partners?”

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, “People who have a similar goal and help each other to obtain it.”

“You too want a family?” asked Kagome with wide happy eyes.

“Is this what you wish for?” asked Sesshomaru, somewhat disgusted by the girlish dream.

Kagome nodded her head vigorously, “You will be the Father.”

Sesshomaru gasped and his golden eyes widened considerably. However, his inner self was not as disgusted by the idea and it made him even more uncertain about everything, “Ka-Kagome,” he began, but his voice was unsure and lacked his usual strength, “I can’t be the father,” he tried to reason; “it’s against the laws.”

“Why?!” whined Kagome, “You are the only one I know. I don’t want another Father, I think… I feel you should be the one.”

They were enveloped by an uncomfortable silence, at least, for him it was. He could easily pick up Kagome’s sadness and disappointment. After a few minutes, he could also smell her tears.

“Why?” escaped her small pink lips in a broken whispered and the strength to walk left her.

Sesshomaru, still uncertain about this whole situation, decided to pick her up. Her tiny arms circled his neck and she began to sob harder. He had never been good with children, but instinct demanded he comforted her in some way. He squeezed her small frame and nuzzled her neck. It served to help her, but it also served to dig his own grave.

Maybe… just maybe, he had a tiny idea of what will happen in four years.

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