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Deliciously ambiguous

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Sesshomaru forgot his heir’s origins





By: JeniNeji



Sesshomaru has always been in charge, always been intelligent and quick. Until a few years ago he had believed himself to be perfect, and frankly, there was no reason not to. That was, until a human woman had made her appearance in his life.

She was not beautiful, she was not overly smart although highly educated, but the inevitable truth was that she was undoubtedly his. Every inch of her body screamed for his attention, and every single cell in her being was marked as his.

The problem was, he has never met her before, but she was his. She had been accepted by him and recognized by his beast. Even before he had met her, and that was simply impossible.

So, there was no other explanation for this occurrence. He was imperfect. He had done something, and he had forgotten. The notion sounded sinful, but he could think of no other thing.

So, he finally relented and began his search for answers. He was sitting in front of his personal laptop, in his dark room. He was wearing comfortable clothes since he was sure this was going to take more time than he was willing to invest, and so, there was no sense in aggravating matters further by being physically unfitting.

He was glad Jaken had added a substantial amount of his old scrolls into his network’s database. It definitely made things easier, and furthermore, protected and preserved all the treaties and happenings of the past seven hundred years. Jaken deserved those vacations, plus, he will be able to work in silence. It was beckoning.

So, he began his search, and selected a few icons. Many had boring reports that he preferred to simply erase from his mind, but one, caught his attention. One he was sure he hadn’t written. It was a compliance of verse, maybe trying to make a poem, but it was a lousy one at that.


My life has been difficult.

There has been love, and rejection.

There has been life, and death.

Let’s not mention despair too much, because it only calls forth bad luck.

But there is now a light, and it’s not mine.

There is also a hope, and a smile.

For it, I will move on forwards, only for its sake.


As he continued his search, a scroll glared at him. He could recognize his brother’s writing anywhere. It was so unbefitting and of low class that it had haunted him for years. Even so, he was surprised to find one of his brother’s scrolls here. There were only two options: Inu-Yasha had placed the scroll in his library to annoy him or he had stored it there because he believed it held some importance.

Inu-Yasha had died a few decades ago, so that was a question that was going to be left unanswered, but there was no harm in reading his half-brother’s love confessions or personal secrets. Also, it could provide him the entertainment he needed after hours of fruitless search. With the right amount of curiosity, the Taiyoukai began to read.


She thought it was a dream, maybe a nightmare, that’s what she had said. But it was all real. A monster indeed came out of her Family’s well house and dragged her down the family’s heirloom. She had not only fallen, but it seems she also purified the demon’s arms and slipped away. She seemed satisfied because she had thought those powers had left her a while ago, with her mistake. I still don’t know what her so mentioned mistake was, and she wouldn’t tell either. Not even when I threatened or bribed her, she is so damn stubborn!


She said she had looked upwards a couple of times, impressed by the bright sunlight filtering down the well, but said she was frustrated because it was not in the right angle to hit her directly. She was frustrated because she couldn’t see anything, and she had confessed she had become afraid of the dark lately. She could see shadows following her, haunting her.


The reason: unknown.


 Even so, she explained there wasn’t supposed to be sunlight. Her Family’s Well was encased in a small shrine… I never understood this, how could this well, the one she fell down, be encased under a shrine in her place and not here? Was she from another world? Maybe she hit her head too hard… no, that wasn’t quite accurate, after all her clothes were very strange, and they did smell funny. She was from some far away place, because I had never smelt the scent attached to her clothes, they were way too awful.


“Don’t worry love, its going to be fine,” she whispered softly. Her reply was a soft hum.


She fumbled around the cold stone around her, trying to find anything useful for climbing up to the well’s lip, but to no avail. It was obvious; she was but a sorry human. The only helpful thing she found were a few vines, but she had only one spare hand and it was impossible for her to make the long trek upwards. That was, without even counting the weight her companion and her would exert on the vine…falling a good ten feet wasn’t funny.


Finally she decided to use her vocal cords. “Somebody! We need help!” However, she used to say that her companion complained timelessly, growling at her softly. But she also said that when she explained the growling stopped, and she was once again surprised at the level of intelligence the child possessed. They could easily communicate. This is was one of the many things that caught my attention, how could she not know? Her child was not normal, in any way. And that only meant one thing, her child’s father wasn’t either.


She waited for a few minutes more, then once in a while called for help again, but it was useless. It appeared the place was sadly desolated. Once again, it made sense, no humans wandered in my forest, they feared it. “Ok love, I am going to expand my senses, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” She told the child at her side. She always worried over it, but so far, her miko powers had no effect on the little one.


Kagome, yes that is her name, took a deep breath and expanded her miko powers. It was done carelessly, for she had no real mentor to teach her, but it was undeniably strong.


He felt it.  


Her senses expanded around a hundred yard perimeter, approximately, before it forced itself inside of her body once again. The power of it made her knees go weak, always, and her instincts took over and she held the child’s head as she fell to the ground. Apparently the impact was a minimum, and she didn’t loose her balance. She would have crushed the child otherwise. Imagine the irony, the child died because she crushed him and not because she used her miko powers.


That was another thing that confused me, how could her child not be bothered by the use of her miko powers? I know for certain he’s not completely human. So, he must have demon blood in his veins. How could she be so oblivious?


“Well love, we are not in Tokyo anymore.” Who says that? It sounds so weird.


Resigned to her fate, the girl sat on the ground and finally placed the child between her legs. The child’s golden eyes swept over her school’s uniform, that’s the name of her clothes, red cloth and eagerly pulled it, like always. It seemed the child was obsessed with the color red, so at least the green part of her school uniform was safe from his little claws. I wondered if it reminded him of blood.


She said that she waited for almost an hour. She had a strange device in her wrist to measure the hours. I have never seen anything which resembles it. Not even today, years after that fateful day.


She was very protective of her child, and she had spent her time waiting down the well practicing her miko powers. She said she never used them before, so she was uncertain about their effects on her body or in her child. But she pushed on, calling them forth and making them recede peacefully back again. She was prepared to sacrifice everything, as she had promised her deceased grandpa.


I remember waking up from my slumber, the one Kikyo had forced upon me. After that, the only thing I could remember clearly was the warm feeling of her powers, calling from me. I could hear her for a while, but somehow, I was unable to move. Until I heard it.


“I’m not afraid of tainting my hands with demon blood”.


“Wench, what are you doing down there?” I asked roughly, my voice hoarse from disuse. I was confused, my head was spinning. Just how long was I sleeping? I looked down at the well, and saw her. She had long black hair and defiant blue eyes. Yup, definitely someone else.


She didn’t reply. There was no way she was going to fraternize with the enemy, which was the way of the miko. And for her, he was her kind’s enemy. Maybe it was his silver hair or maybe his puppy ears, but she didn’t seem prone to cooperate any time soon.


“You hurt?” I tried again. This time I doubled over a little inside, to get a better look, “I know you have at pup with you, is it all right?”


“What do you want?” she spat venomously, “Leave us demon.”


“Huh, no can do,” I replied and crossed my arms, “I came to check who had released me from the spell. Frankly, I thought you were Kikyo, since you’re a miko an all and your scent resembles hers by the way, but when I picked up that bastard’s scent I knew…”


“Don’t you dare say that word!” Kagome demanded heatedly and came to her feet, “I will kill you if you do.”


I effortlessly remembered that moment, and now it all made perfect sense, but no one believes me. I know I’m right, there is something interfering with our lives, but I haven’t discovered what yet. Not even one little piece of proof. I am so useless, never found a clue or anyone who believed me. But there is no much more to do. Only keep searching. I still pray I can get rid of this evil before everything is over.


I remember my ears instinctively flipped at her tone of voice, “I was referring to the pup’s father,” I said sincerely, “and why is he so far away from his pup? I can’t pick up his scent.”


“You are mistaken, it is impossible for you to know my son’s father,” Kagome explained to him warily, “I am not from here. Besides, there are no demons where I come from.”


A smirk appeared on my face. “I don’t know how bad you have been lied to, but I would know my nephew anywhere.”


I watched as her face paled considerably and she held her son closer, “Your nephew? He has no siblings…”


“None that he likes,” I replied with a bark, “I am Inu-Yasha, Sesshomaru’s younger brother.”





Sesshomaru merely raised his eyebrow. What was this farfetched story about his mother’s heir? This was wrong, this never happened. His heir’s mother died at childbirth, it was impossible for her to have been found inside an old well carrying her child. What had happened to Inu-Yasha? Had he lost his mind half-way? Maybe, he was a half-demon after all, and Alzheimer was very common in elderly people nowadays.

Sesshomaru’s hands came to rub his eyes. The so needed distraction he wanted had just been flushed down. This was not relaxing at all! Why were these papers here? What was Jaken thinking?

A tired sigh left Sesshomaru’s lips and he molded into the chair he was sitting on. After a few minutes, he was fast asleep.

Unknowingly to him, dreamland took over his consciousness.


‘The Lord of the West had a migraine’ that was most denigrating. He was supposed to be an exceptional leader, well behaved, deadly and healthy.  Why his subjects pondered about how his health did was totally absurd. He was Lord Sesshomaru, Taiyoukai from the West, and he was totally healthy.

And totally childless.

Apparently that was the problem. Someone, probably ambitious and envious of his position had begun to confuse his court about his “problem”. Soon enough, between the tons of issues he had to solve, a single glaring scroll “informed” him about the need to produce an heir.

As if he needed one. He was Lord Sesshomaru, and he would never die nor will he disappear. Furthermore, his sexual life was no public concern. He bedded how many females he pleased and he would pup the female of his choice. He wasn’t about to let anyone interfere with his personal life.

A soft, shy knock on his door alerted his keen senses of his servant’s presence, “You may come in Jaken.”

The shogi door was opened swiftly and silently, and closed in the same way. A short and green demon squirreled over to him, bowing his head repeatedly, “You, you have a visitor Sesshomaru-sama.”

“Who?” asked Sesshomaru, used and at the same time unused to his servant’s jumpiness.

Wide and round yellow eyes turned to the wooden floor nervously, “It’s it’s, it is Master Inu-Yasha.” A soft growl erupted from the Taiyoukai’s throat and Jaken threw himself to the floor, “Forgive this unworthy one… I will dispatch the lowly half-breed immediately.”

However, before he could race down the hall, “Jaken,” Sesshomaru called and the once green toad demon turned white, “Why is the half-breed here?”

The shorter demon moved to turn to the Taiyoukai, but its movements were slow and difficult, as if he was a wooden puppet, “He, he said, he he found your pup?” the last word was said in a very finite voice, almost a whispered croak.

There was no sound, only a frown marred the Taiyoukai’s face, “Explain.”

Now was not only Jaken paper white, but he was getting weak knees and he was falling to the floor. His breathing was labored, “He he, said he, he found the, the, human miko and your your…heir in the East.”

“Human miko?” asked Sesshomaru as if that was the most disgusting being in the face of all adjacent territories, “this Sesshomaru doesn’t consort with her kind.”

“This, this lowly servant is aware… but, but the rumor has spread all around…” a gasp escaped the toad demon a second before a kick threw him through the shogi door and in the pond outside. His hand immediately came to his chest and his eyes landed on his Lord’s red eyes; who was barely restraining his beast in check.

“Jaken,” the semi-humanoid voice of the Taiyoukai broke through the silence, “Be sure to manage the West until my return. I have a miko and a presumed bastard to kill.”


Sesshomaru awoke with a start. The anger he had felt in that moment pushing his blood higher and faster than its normal rate. What was that? Why did it feel so real?

The proud Taiyoukai stood from the chair and began to pace around the room, reflecting upon those flurry images. He could remember that moment, when the court was pushing him to find a mate. But once again, he didn’t. He found a woman and impregnated her, thus having his heir. And, she died while giving birth. He was sure! After all, he was Sesshomaru, and he was never mistaken.

He had never mated. He had never taken a son from a human woman. It was preposterous; it was confusing, it was impossible! To prove it, he did something he thought he was never going to do.

He called Jaken.

After a few rings, his servant picked up. His excellent hearing knowing the exact moment, “The mother of my heir died in childbirth.”

A silence, then, “Yes, Sesshomaru-sama.”

“Are you certain?” asked the Taiyoukai, his words pronounced carefully.

“Yes, Sesshomaru-sama.”

“Understood,” Sesshomaru said and then added, “You will need to go over this new database, it has unreliable information.”

There was a moments pause, “Yes, Sesshomaru-sama.”

“Jaken,” the Tayoukai once again interrupted, “are you certain you only added the files in my personal library?”

“Yes, Sesshomaru-sama,” was the quick reply, and by Jaken’s voice and prompt answer, he knew it was the truth.

“Good.” And then, he hung up.

He was disturbed, no one but him entered that room. How could these strange scrolls be there if he hadn’t placed them? Why didn’t he remember them?

Once again, the Taiyoukai began to pace the room, his golden eyes passing carelessly around, until a lone package of scrolls, with an unknown scent demanded his attention. He stalked the scrolls, as if they were his prey. His eyes glazed over as he searched his mind for the image and the name that accompanied the smell, but he couldn’t find it. He knew the scrolls were in the waiting place, still unprocessed by Jaken, but he was Lord of the House, so he could do whatever he wanted.

He took the scrolls and sat on the rug and extended his long legs. He carefully broke the cord holding the scrolls together and instantly the pile fell in front of him. His eyes studied the handwriting, and it amazed him. It was a little messy, but the characters on it were recent, or at least, the kanji’s were of the present time. He felt a memory nagging at his brain, but he couldn’t actually pick anything. He took the scrolls in his hands and put them closer to his nose and inhaled their scent.




He furrowed his eyebrows. Why was the scent familiar? Whose? After a few seconds, he decided to go the easy way. If he read it, he could probably have a better idea.


.:Third day of madness:.


We have spent the last two days in a humble village. The leader is an old miko that goes by the name of Kaede. The woman is very kind, but there is hardness behind her dark eyes that makes me wary of her. Maybe it’s just me.


Still, I can’t stop hating the dirty glances the villager’s keep throwing my way. I have good enough eardrums to hear their muttered profanities against my son, such nonsense. My son is no demon, he is my son, and I am pretty much human.


It still hard for me to believe my current reality... It’s so unreal! Demons!


Somehow, I’ve been transported to a world were demons exist, apparently. It is so strange, and I can’t help but feel like a cornered rabbit. There is no way I am going to escape this half-protected village to wander aimlessly around in search of the well that brought me to this place. However, with each passing day, the glares directed at my baby son are becoming uglier. It’s starting to freak me out, these people are simply crazy, and who knew what awful things they could come up with. I know these people are scared of my son’s white –silvery hair, but back in Japan, there are people with hair so fair that it seems white. It’s not uncommon, but this fanatical people aren’t aware of that, they are too simplistic, human hair was black, all others were of demonic inheritance. Ignorant mass!


Today I decided to stay by the river and as far away as I could from the villagers. My son is crawling around, his arms and legs aren’t strong enough yet. Still, they are stronger than a normal six months-old. I am so proud of him. Somewhere deep inside, I know he’s not normal, I know, but I just can’t accept it. He’s mine and only mine. He has no father, only a mother.


It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be seduced by that man. But, I couldn’t stop it, he was so exotic, so different and I so young and naïve. I was destined to fall down at his feet, and he had been aware of that. He had played his cards all too well, but maybe he had forgotten a small detail. They hadn’t used protection. And so, after he disappeared, I got the news. It had been everything but easy, to face all my family by myself, at age thirteen and pregnant.


My mother had tried so hard. She never broke down. Instead, she was a hard-working mother who took care of me those nine months. I could so often see the tiredness in my mother sometimes, and her disappointment, but she never judged me, and I was thankful. Things would have been so different if my mother had acted otherwise. It was simple and plain, I had been terrified. Terrified when I consumed the sexual act, horrified when I discovered I was pregnant and fearful of my family’s rejection. At least, the last one never happened. Though grandpa never looked at me the same, he was so sad.


My son’s growling brought me back from my musings. It never stopped surprising me to hear my son growling, he seemed like an animal when he did. I imagine he is trying to speak, but all he got were these strange sounds.


I raised my blue eyes to the skies, but there was nothing. Then again, turned back to my son, and his golden-hazel eyes remained fixed on the sky, his growling uninterrupted. Trusting my son more than I probably ought, I turned to the skies once again, but this time, I saw nothing but black.


A pain in my neck took away all of my thoughts and I felt cold all around when I felt myself being raised by the hold in my neck and twirled around forcefully. It all happened so fast that I was unable to scream. I never though it be possible, to be so scared…


This time, memories took over. He no longer saw words... but images... as if he remembered. But it was impossible! This never happened!


“Who are you? This Sesshomaru had never seen you before,” stated the silver-haired Taiyoukai as he held the tiny human woman by her neck. His golden eyes glared at her common black hair and smelly skin. He couldn’t help the frown that overcame his lips in distaste as his eyes fell on her clothes, she was wearing miko robes and they were simply disgusting.


His attention was robbed as the soft growling of Kagome’s child reached his sensitive ears. His canine senses quickly examined the child and he felt his hand loose their grip. Golden eyes mirrored his, and the scent of the child was undoubtedly familiar. Maybe Inu-Yasha’s? He was left in the dark for a few second, for the child had no doggy ears, instead, they were pointy, like his.


The uncertainty shocked him, and he turned to the frail woman in front of him. She was trying to claw at him, so he would release her, but she should know better, her blunt nails were a pathetic weapon. “Miko, this is not my son.”


“He’s not!” yelled the woman, her face red with exertion. The air was quickly being extinguished within her, “My son has no father!”


Sesshomaru released her neck and he could see the red mark his stronger hand had imprinted in her neck. “Explain, why does Inu-Yasha entitles him as my heir.”


“That demon is mad, I told him he was mistaken,” Kagome said and hurried to her child’s side and held him protectively, “He has no uncle.”


“Half-demon,” the demon corrected, “This Sesshomaru had never met you before,” the Taiyoukai once again stated, but he was also assuring himself.


“We have never met,” the woman reassured, “I am sorry for this misunderstanding.”


But…Sesshomaru was no liar. This child was flesh of his flesh. It was power born of him. How could it be? If they have never met before…


“I am sorry, I will take my leave now.”


“You will come with this Sesshomaru, there is much we need to discuss.”




It felt as if a cold bucket of water fell over him. This was so real, and it called to some primitive part of him that it made his skin crawl. Why did he react to these lies? She had died, in childbirth…

He needed to escape this place, this forgotten scroll and his house. Never before had he felt so ashamed to commit such an act. The almighty Lord of the Western Lands is escaping a pile of scrolls.

There was something he needed to do. The once great Taiyoukai, now wearing ordinary normal clothes in the twentieth century, walked towards the window and opened it carelessly. The night air hurried to come inside the warm room. However, Sesshomaru paid the fact no mind and jumped down the window. Instantly a swirl of demonic energy appeared below his feet and a strange cloud-like mist formed. He flew through the dimly lit new moon night, to the West.

He was moving quite fast, trying to escape, but he still couldn’t. The memories and images continued to follow him. What was happening?


His golden eyes swept over the feminine shoulder appreciatively. The glow of the pale skin and the contrast against the dark blood around his bite looked perfect. A familiar feeling enveloped him, and he knew for certain his eyes were red. It was the animalistic drive that had taken over him. However, he would never deny the craving his throat demanded, her blood. So once again, ignoring the almost inanimate female in front of him, he bit into her skin again.


He was going mad, no, no, no! That’s not him! He had been bewitched, cursed somehow. That was it, it all made sense, someone had put a spell on him, that’s why these strange memories were hunting him. They weren’t real. They weren’t real. Still, his golden eyes glazed over again.

He watched the black haired woman sitting at the pond’s side. She was silent, and monotonous.


She was his heir’s mother. He could recognize her anywhere. The scent she was carrying was enchanting, hers mixed with his. He was proud of the fact. Sadly, she was not. There was no happiness in her, no smile. She didn’t even speak. She was all dead and hollow.


He watched as a servant neared his heir’s mother and he watched the exchange with interest. The servant sat at his woman’s side and extended his sleeping heir to its mother. Clear blue eyes turned to her son, but there was no recognition, nothing. A minute later, the blue eyed woman once again turned to the horizon, again lost in the endless landscape.


The Taiyoukai’s golden eyes met the frightened stare of the servant and he motioned with his head for her to depart, and she did so. Then again, his eyes fell on the soulless woman. Something was amiss.


An impact made Sesshomaru awake from his memory induced hypnosis, and he grabbed hold of his slumbered sense and managed to control his youki enough to gain altitude. His hand instinctively came to his face. He growled in pain and when his eyes fell on his hand, there was blood, a lot of blood.  Narrowed eyes glared at the building with which he had just collided and the thought of breaking a few of its windows crossed his mind before her dismissed it. It was no use; it was after all, an inanimate object.

As his woman had been, centuries ago.

He shook his head, fully intending to escape any form of remembrance. He turned to the West again and measured the distance. Deeming it too far, he surrounded himself in his orb and launched at lighting speed.

 A few minutes later he arrived at a manor. It was painted in grey, blue and white, but it seemed majestic. As it should, since it now housed the new Lord of the West. Without any notice of his arrival, since he needed none, he dropped in the roof and walked down the highest floor. Servant silently bowed their heads in respect, but he ignored them. He had no time for such useless formalities.

He finally found the Master’s room and entered without knocking. Every single living being in the Manor knew of his presence. When he stepped inside, he was welcomed by dim candle light, a formality more than a real need. His heir, his son, was reclined against the window wearing a dark yukata. Unlike him, his son had very short spiky hair, but like him, had always preferred traditional clothing.

“Your mother died at childbirth,” Sesshomaru stated. His voice hard and confident, there was no trace of the inner turmoil he had been feeling these last hours.

That Taiyoukai was awarded with a frown. Scents weren’t as easy to hide. “My mother is alive,” his son stated, with equal amount of confidence.

“Your mother was human,” Sesshomaru once again stated. It came with she can’t be alive after 500 years.

“She was,” stated the half-demon heir, “but she’s alive now.”

Sesshomaru growled lowly, was he being played on? By his own son? It was unforgivable. However, before he could do anything else, memories overtook him.


“Are you really my son’s father?” asked the miko, her eyes convening her disbelief.


“This Sesshomaru is.”


“But I have never met you before,” stated the miko, her arms crossed over her chest.


“This Sesshomaru is not certain of the details either.”


“Hmm, if you are his father… do you know why he doesn’t respond to the name I gave him?”


A lone eyebrow rose elegantly, “Because a human cannot name a half-demon.”


“How’s so?” asked the black haired female, frustration evident.


“The name of a demon is engraved in its aura, you cannot see it, only the father can.”


A black eyebrow mimicked his previous action, “Then what is his name?” she challenged.


The Taiyoukai turned to the heir, playing with a wooden toy one foot away and narrowed his eyes for a moment. After that, he turned to the miko again, “His name is Mahoubo-o-rouki.”


Strangely, the child growled and the miko watched in amazement as the small white haired boy stared at the Taiyoukai unblinking. Impossible!


He felt the world tilt around him, but the firm arms of his son grabbed him. “Sire,” his pup questioned but after receiving no reply proceeded to place him on the bed. His mind continued to twirl.


Miko flares exploded everywhere. The foul smell of purified demon flesh hit him and he cringed in disgust. Shouts resounded everywhere, but they were strained and tense. A lone soldier came out of nowhere and knelt at his side, “Sire.”




“Is your heir’s mother, she has gone mad.”


Cold sweat washed over him, “I will deal with this, fall back.”




Sesshomaru looked at his halls and emptied his heart. He needed not useless feelings or desires, he needed logic. Vested in his rationality he moved forward until he reached her. She was a beast. And he had never wanted her as bad as he wanted her in that moment. The usual flinch of purity had abandoned her and she called to his beast like any demoness would, she was bathed in darkness and blood.


She turned to him, and her eyes were dead. But it was completely different, there was a maniacal madness that had never been there before. His beast dug into itself for a moment, surprised at the terrible truth that had infected it. Their woman had gone mad!


He only watched, still unprepared to move forward and face her in battle. He had never feared her miko powers since she had been hardly trained, but right now, she was displaying dominance on her powers that he had never seen before. He couldn’t take her lightly.


She turned her back on him and walked inside the castle. Curiously and a little bit wary, he followed her. She seemed not to mind his presence at all. A silent few steps later he found himself in his room. She was silent, and her powers had subsided. He hoped this situation had passed so he could deal with this properly. He had not expected this, and so had been unprepared to handle it as he should have, as any worthy leader would have.


She made a small chuckling sound, the very first one she had made in months, and he turned to her. His heart stopped beating when he saw her grabbing his heir by the neck, her hands flaring in miko energy.


Everything happened too fast. He moved, and he dug his poisoned claws in her back and out her chest. She gagged and let go of his heir, who fell down to his cradle. Wide blue eyes turned to him, but they remained clouded and dead.


“No one hurts what is this Sesshomaru’s” and with that he extracted his appendage. A shower of blood exploded from the miko’s back and her lifeless body fell to the floor. For the first time, his heir whined, but it was an atrophied sound. Unlike him, Sesshomaru reached for his son and took him in his embrace and sat in the far corner. After what felt like hours, the pup calmed down.


His mind was still foggy with the recent happenings. He had killed his heir’s mother, he had killed his woman. This was so unprecedented, so unexpected. His attention shifted to the green toad, his servant, as he came to the room. “Jaken, where is Tensega?”


The toad demon shifted uncomfortably, “The sword is in Totosai’s possession.”


“Hn, I shall retrieve it then,” stated the Taiyoukai.


“Sesshomaru-sama,” interrupted Jaken when the Lord of the West stood, “Inu-Yasha is here.”


“I am busy,” declared Sesshomaru as he handed the teary pup to Jaken.




“Keh, you need to hear me out. The miko she is…” but the hanyou’s words died at the sight of the blood. He paled when his eyes found the broken body of the miko he had encountered months ago in the dept of the well, “What… what happened?”


“The miko was unbalanced,” Sesshomaru said tightly, securing his armor, “She tried to kill my heir.”


“She…she what?” asked Inu-Yasha with disbelief, “She wouldn’t.”


“You call this Sesshomaru a liar?”


“No… but she, she’s the Guardian of the Sacred Jewel! She has the purest heart!”


“Hn, an hour ago she had nothing pure left in her aura, it was completely dark,” stated the Taiyoukai.


“Black? But Kaede said that the Jewel is purified by her heart,” complained Inu-Yasha, still feeling his stomach knot uncomfortably.


“Hn, maybe she darkened the Jewel,” suggested Sesshomaru.


“You did this!” accused Inu-Yasha, “You know nothing! She’s Kagome, Kikyo’s reincarnation! My woman’s reincarnation!”


“The miko is my woman,” stated Sesshomaru, “and not even my woman is allowed to kill my son. I do as I see fit.”


“Was! Was your woman!” yelled Inu-Yasha, rage mixed with hurt staining his words, “You killed her!”


“I will retrieve Tensega and revive her,” explained Sesshomaru, “and if you keep this foolish claim, you will not be able to set foot in my castle.”


“You are crazy if you think—“


“Sesshomaru-sama!” squeaked Jaken.


Both dog demons turned to the toad demon, and their eyes were re-directed to the miko’s body. Her body was shinning, and sparkles were being carelessly dispersed with the air. Little by little, she began to fade.


“What’s happening?” whined Inu-Yasha, his heart beating erratically and tears threatening to fall.


No one said anything. No one knew what was happening. The miko simply disappeared. There was now no body to revive, and no mother to raise the heir.





“Father!” growled the pup again, his voice impatient.

Sesshomaru finally awoke, and he blinked his eyes a few times, making sure he was out of the dream realm. He turned lost eyes to his heir, “I dreamt of your mother.” He stated, and his son smartly ignored the strange first person way in which he referred to himself.

“My mother is alive,” stated the heir, Mahoubo-o-rouki, again, “I saw her.”

“But how?” asked Sesshomaru, sitting on the bed.

“It’s magic, my mother’s magic.”

“My son, life born out of magic, I should have known,” commented the Taiyoukai weakly before falling back into bed, exhausted, “I would have never bedded and unworthy or boring female.”








This one-shot is an introduction to my next story, called Menú, and goes with the Impossible Heir fanart.

Hope you liked it :)




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