Untainted by JeniNeji







He couldn’t help but stare at her naked and motionless form underneath him. She was so different, so broken. It caused him to get goosebumps.

And her elongated neck incited mixed feelings on him. The strange markings which once adorned it were no longer visible, not a trace left behind by merciless centuries.

Her jet black hair was shorter and her eyes were now coated by a sick black that blocked the illusion of blue eyes.

This had been a mistake.

“At last,” she finally said, her black eyes looking at the roof longingly, “My soul is finally damned.”

“Hn, not yet."



To be continued...



JeniNeji's Note: Thanks Teana for beta-reading this small chapter.

This story will be written for Drawble/Drabble Nights, and some Dokuga_Challenge prompts.

Will be short chapters from 100-400 words.


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