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Lingering Frost

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Word Count: 876

Summary: How to save who doesn’t want to be saved? 



“I said no, dammit!” strained Inu-Yasha, but somehow, his voice sounded weak and in pain. 

“But you are dying!” whined young Shippo as he valiantly tried to dry the overflowing tears. 

“And I already killed Naraku, hell…let me die” he said dispirited, his voice becoming a whisper as it neared the end, as if ashamed but still determined to do it.

“But, but…what about Kagome!” wailed Shippo, and the sobs of the miko a few steps away increased. 

No one said anything for some moments, only the sound of tears expressed the despair of habitants the room. It had been a hard battle, one on where both sides lost substantially. Sango had been out for almost day now, but not only because of her wounds, her heart had also been injured by Kohaku’s death.

“Kagome” Inu-Yasha’s voice softly called and he raised his hand, as if trying to reach the sky above. 

Kagome bit the sob that threatened to escape her mouth and stood with more strength than she had believed to possess. She walked and dropped next to half-demon and grabbed his hand “I’m here” she said with a teary voice.

“I know,” Inu-Yasha said with a small smile “I can’t see you…but…your scent…I always liked it” he said and turned to the origin of the pleasing smell.

Kagome cried harder and settled against him, uncaring of the red stains that were tainting her clothes “What am I going to do without you?” she sobbed.

Inu-Yasha’s eyes hardened, even when the fogginess in them did not disappeared, “You must return to your time Kagome,” he said with conviction “Let Miroku finish the hunt, you must return home, where you are safe,” he said and squeezed her arm desperately “Shippo, you must make her” he ordered the small young fox that was weeping on a corner. 

“Inu-Yasha, please!” begged Kagome as she hugged him tighter.

“No,” he said, with a voice that left no room for arguments “Kagome, we talked about this… you knew what I wanted…please, don’t make me change my mind” he begged back.

Kagome continued to cry, but refrained from saying anything else, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t. The feudal tale was ending, the prince was dying and the fairy tale had become a tragedy. Why? This wasn’t supposed to end like this!

“Thank you, Kagome…and I did also love you” and with that, his last breath escaped. 

Kagome’s heart stopped beating, but when she glanced at his serene face, she couldn’t stop the bloodcurdling scream that was expelled from her or the sudden need of her legs to escape the suffocating hut. 

She ignored the biting cold of the winter night, Shippo’s wails, and even when he gave chase after her, she didn’t stop. She raced up and down the familiar hills of Kaede’s village, ran past Inu-Yasha’s forest and even crossed the small river that serpented the village. 

When she came out of the river, her breath escaped her, her throat clenched unpleasantly and something foul made its way from down her stomach. She fell down to the freezing snow and threw out everything that was left on her system. Her hands shook; also her lips, her eyes cried and she couldn’t control her body. If his cold wasn’t burning her skin so badly, she would have believed she had also died, but she knew better than to dream. 

Without much strength left, she permitted her flaccid limbs their claimed rest and lay down. As more snow accumulated, her blue eyes softened. Somehow she found comfort on the running waters. The river seemed so peaceful, so strong, so perpetual, so young and so alive, that she felt her heart clench with envy. Once again, tears prickled her eyes, but this time, they were silent, yet the most painful she had ever shed. 

Today, Inu-Yasha died…and with his death the missing part of her soul would return soon, but somehow, she discarded the idea. By taking Inu-Yasha from the living, Kikyo had stolen her entire soul. 


Sesshomaru stopped, the extinguishing life of his half-brother had finally ceased. He narrowed his eyes in thought, debating his next course of action about this sudden inconvenience. Why had his pack allowed him to die? He didn’t sense Inu-Yasha's wounds earlier to fatal. He shook his head and turned to the direction where the hanyou’s presence had been mere moments ago. 

Minutes passed in deep thought before a scent became discernible to him, Inu-Yasha’s miko. Much time have passed since he had any trail of her, and it made him wary, so he changed direction and followed the feminine scent instead.

It took him a minute to find her, and it was because she was half buried under snow. He stopped in front of the human woman for long minutes before taking her on his arms. She was too cold, he noticed, colder than what was humanly healthy. 

With a slight annoyance he pressed the woman further against him and hid her under his warm fur. It would do him no good if she were to die now; she was an important asset that he would require soon. 

After making up his mind, he steadily walked back to the village, and to the corpse of his half-brother. 


 To be continued


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