Shikon Ecchi High by ButtButtDoodle

Chapter One

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Modern Highschool AU

Pairing: Eventual SessKag, Onesided KagInu

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, susceptible to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about it.


The sun was beginning to set over the horizon, casting long, dark shadows over the empty classroom floor.

On the far end of the room, his back facing the clean whiteboard, Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair with a tired sigh. Yellow eyes, dull from hours of staring at papers, gazed unfocusedly at the ceiling. Perhaps, he mulled in his mind sluggishly, that had been enough grading for the day. He would continue with the rest during the weekend and hand the graded essays next Monday. Besides, his students would be much too worried about the midterm test he had scheduled for the next day to even think about their grades on that week's homework.

Getting up from his chair stiffly, the man stretched his long limbs, opening his mouth in a large yawn. Had any students been around, they would have been alarmed to see their usually composed teacher acting rather inelegantly. For his part, the young educator was far too tired to care. Sesshoumaru grabbed the freshly printed tests and knelt next to the metal file cabinet alongside his desk. Fiddling with his keychain for a few moments, he let out a soft grunt of victory as he found the right key and, with deft fingers, unlocked the drawer. The tests were unceremoniously stuffed into a file holder without a second thought and he closed the drawer, locking it once more. He checked the lock was set and, once satisfied, rose to his feet and began to put away his laptop and papers inside his messenger bag.

Many on the staff had accused him of being overly paranoid in his methods, going as far as locking every single drawer in his classroom. But he had hung around enough teenagers (and had even raised a rowdy teenage brother all by himself) to know the desperate lengths to which students were willing to go to get a good grade on his tests.

Admittedly, they would not be half so desperate if he didn't make the tests so bloody difficult.  Sesshoumaru paused in his clean-up, pondered his poor student's predicament for a second, then shrugged to himself. It wasn't his problem if they didn't pay attention in class.

A noise from outside caught his attention. His eyes, deep amber in the red light of the sun, shot up and scanned the windows. His classroom was on a first floor, strange for high school teacher, but he wasn't one to complain. It meant he was closer to the exit in case of an emergency, and would be more available to help out in any situation. But it also meant that it was a prime target for vandalism.

He couldn't see the shadows of any hooligans from where he stood. Had that window in the corner opened slightly? Terse seconds passed, and he hesitated, wondering if he should walk up to the windows and see if there was someone-

His pocket buzzed loudly. Suddenly drawn from the situation, the man looked down and reached into his pants, pulling out his cellphone. Pale white eyebrows furrowed, as he recognized the newest text message as coming from his brother. Strange, since the boy rarely texted him…

'U coming home yet? Starving'

The man lifted one elegant eyebrow, unimpressed. Of course his useless sibling would text him for food. Sesshoumaru shook his head, bangs moving side to side. The boy was like a dog sometimes.

Done with his duties for the day and ready to head home, the young teacher crossed the classroom in long, light strides but stopped at the doorway. He gave one last suspicious stare at the window.

Perhaps…he wondered suspiciously.

He closed his eyes and shaking his head once more scoffed, before crossing the threshold into the school hallway and locking the door behind him with a final click. The soft clack of his designer shoes echoed down the hall and disappeared, and the classroom was completely silent. The wind rustled outside, as the room was bathed in deep reds and golds, casting the desks in soft light. Seconds ticked by like this until…

"I think he's gone." A rough voice whispered.

The window on the far end of the classroom opened soundlessly. It used to squeak noisily, but they had made sure to grease it beforehand.

Two figures eased their way inside the room through the open sill. The first moved with practiced stealth, the alert movements of a body well used to sneaking around. The second was less graceful, clumsily inching through the small opening with terrified wariness, clearly hoping not to stumble or make any noise. This small window of opportunity – both literal and metaphorical - as the teachers left for the day and the campus security started their shift was the only chance they had. If the teacher somehow heard them, they would be discovered before they could finish their mission. Stealth was the operative word, and they moved like shadows against the setting sun.

One of the figures, a tall male, skulked over to the teacher's desk. Wide yellow eyes scanned the clean surface, looking for something, and squinting gleefully when they landed on a paperclip. Grabbing it, the boy carefully rearranged its shape with practiced fingers and shuffled around the desk to squat next to the large grey cabinet. The smaller figure, a girl, watched hesitantly from the windowsill. On slightly trembling legs, she edged towards the crouching boy picking the cabinet lock.

"Inuyasha?" she whispered, and her breath was uneven. Inuyasha didn't answer, concentrated on the paperclip moving the gears of the lock.

She wrung her hands uneasily, throwing nervous glances toward the locked door that led to the school hallway. Was she imagining a silhouette peeking inside? Looking back at her accomplice with anxious blue eyes, sweat accumulating under her bangs, she tried to catch his attention again.

"Inuyasha, maybe I should stand guard by the door. You know, in case someone comes back?"

Inuyasha didn't bother looking up. "Kagome, will you relax? No one's coming back."

Kagome wasn't reassured in the slightest by his gruff reply. Leave it to headstrong Inuyasha to not feel any fear in the face of expulsion. After all, if they were caught stealing the answers for the tests tomorrow, it would be both of their academic careers on the line.

Kagome tried again, kneeling ever so slightly down to look at what he was doing.

"I still think I should go check. We could get in a lot of trouble."

"We'll be fine. I got this"

"But what if Taisho-sensei comes back for something-"

Inuyasha slammed his fist against the metal drawer, startling her. "For fuck's sake, Kagome! Do you see anything worth coming back for in here?" he snapped in a low hiss. Kagome shook her head, eyes wide. She wasn't used to the young man raising his voice at her. Inuyasha scoffed and went back to trying to pick the lock. "Now shut your trap, dummy. I can't concentrate with you yapping in my ear."

Kagome bit her lips, both out of obedience and to stop the barrage of insults from spilling out of her mouth. Inuyasha had the knack to always hurt her with the simplest combination of words. But now was not the time to berate him; they had to move quickly. As loathe as she was to admit it, the raven-haired girl needed Inuyasha's help to pull this off.

Correction, she and Kikyo, her twin sister, both needed him.

After all, this was their idea to begin with. Happy as Inuyasha was to continue flunking this particular class, Kikyo and Kagome had reputations to uphold as straight-A students.

Although leave it to Kikyo to conveniently have archery practice on the day we planned on stealing the tests, Kagome mentally grumbled, unkindly. Her sister, Kikyo, was the mastermind behind all of this, and had even roped their childhood friend Inuyasha into their little scheme. Most recognized Kikyo as the older and most responsible of the two Higurashi twins, but Kagome knew the mild-mannered girl could be a conniving little thing when she wanted to.

Kagome watched anxiously as the white-haired youth struggled with the paper clip, pushing and twisting mercilessly, but the cabinet remained stubbornly shut.

"Goddammit!" Inuyasha hissed under his breath.

This was taking too long. Precious seconds ticked away and any moment now they would be discovered.

"Inuyasha-" Kagome whispered hurriedly.

"Just give me a sec, Kagome. I almost got it! I just-"

"Inuyasha." she tried again more forcibly, putting a halting hand on his shoulder and catching his frustrated eyes. "Maybe this is a sign."

Inuyasha shrugged off her hand, looking down at the bent clip with contempt. "Don't be dense. This always works. Its's just this stupid paperclip…" he trailed off, bending and twisting the tortured piece of metal.

It was Kagome's turn to scoff and shake her head at him. "Just because it works in movies, doesn't mean it'll work in real life, you dumbass!"

Inuyasha's head whipped up at that, eyebrows raised at the profanity coming out of Kagome's mouth.

Kagome forged on, the words leaving her in a rush. "I just don't think…I'm not sure if I'm this desperate to get a good grade. We could both get in serious trouble, Yasha." She finished, falling into the casual pet-name she always used when they were younger, more innocent. It felt like so long ago.

Inuyasha's eyes softened, probably remembering the same carefree days of their childhood, and remained quiet for a moment.

And then Kagome heard soft chuckling and looked up to find Inuyasha smiling at her, shaking his head.

"You've always been such a crybaby, Kagome." the white-haired boy teased, although there was no malice in his tone. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her close until Kagome's forehead rested in the protective nook of his neck. Kagome squeaked at the sudden proximity, but Inuyasha was still talking. "The test is practically in our hands, I'm not backing out now. If I did, it would mean failing you and Kikyo, and I couldn't live with that.

Blood rushed to her cheeks with burning intensity, and Kagome shut her eyes tightly. Shy fingers wrapped around the front of his school uniform, not wanting to let this moment pass. Inuyasha…

But all too soon, Inuyasha pulled away, looking at her with that famous intense determination he always had.

"I promise that if this drawer doesn't open in the next three minutes, we'll leave. But please give me a chance to help you guys." He breathed, his eyebrows drawn down, his face resolute. Realization fell upon her as Kagome considered him, knowing that she would not be able to convince him to drop the matter, not that she felt inclined to.

Actually, at the moment all thoughts of tests and grades and thievery had abandoned her. Instead they were replaced with all of those girlish fantasies she had harbored since early youth, and they were all crowding into this moment because-

-Inuyasha was unbearably close to her. His face was mere inches apart, and if Kagome only tilted her head, even just a bit…

Her face became even hotter. Leave it to her brain to think of inappropriate things when there were more important matters at hand. They were in the midst of criminal activity, and all Kagome could think of was kissing her best friend, the boy she had secretly loved for the past god-knows-how-many years. Out of all the scenarios she had imagined confessing in, engaging in theft was certainly not one of them. But Kagome didn't know if she would ever have such an intimate moment with the boy again. It was now or never.

"Inuyasha…?" she faltered, voice wavering.

The boy looked up questioningly, his eyes beautiful, like melted gold. He was so handsome, and fierce and annoying and wonderful, and a million other things that she loved.

Kagome opened her mouth-

-And never knew what she would've said after, because suddenly the handle to the classroom door started twisting.


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