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Amai (Chapter 11) - Wed 01 Feb 2023

Tear dropper indeed. 


I like the build up. I like the plot. I sense a criss cross love interest here. Kag thinks she wants inuyasha. Inuyasha wants kikyo. Kikyo wants sessh ? 


Kathy (Chapter 11) - Wed 25 Jan 2023

Ooooo they're going to have dinner together, sexy. Lol 

Love the story, i still feel they're both in an uncomfortable position for a relationship. Maybe Sesshomaru should get another job. Then it would be ok. 




Kathy (Chapter 10) - Wed 25 Jan 2023

I'm still reading this lovely story, but had to stop and ask why is sleeping with ONE hot guy all of a sudden make you a slut?? Don't you gotta be sleeping around to be considered a slut?

I think it's cause all them other girls wish they were sleeping with the hot guy. It's all jelly talk. 

Loved the "petty gossip" comment. 

Sunnie (Chapter 11) - Tue 24 Jan 2023

So glad to see Sango and the budding of a new friendship! Also, Sesshomaru alone with Kagome in a car? Definitely more rumors about to be spread, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was Kikyo spreading them around. I do wonder if Kagomes mom has noticed any changes in her demeanor and relationship with her sister? I love slow burns, but I'm also an impatient gal. My mind is running circles thinking of how things could possibly play out! I'm excited for more sexy scenes lol Please update soon!

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Mon 23 Jan 2023

Oh man yeah Kagome was going to bail on him until he figured it out why?  So what would the school do to Sesshomaru for giving a friend of the family a ride home?  Anyways, Inu Yasha is his brother and they live together so what would they do.

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Mon 23 Jan 2023

Oh poor Kagome at least she made a friend in Sango....  If Kikyo really cared about Kagome she would have gone to the classroom to check in on her instead of sending Sango so safe to assume Inu Yasha hadn't really noticed either.  Does Sesshomaru know about the rumors?  Of course he does how could he not.  Will he refrain from giving Kagome rides in the future?  Kagome now believes what Inu Yasha said about friends abandoning her.  Is he one also?  I wonder will Kikyo and Inu Yasha tell Kagome when they start dating?  Or does she have to find out for herself? 

Loved the chapter Kagome has a new friend who could care less about rumors and instead focuses on the person...  I think they'll become best friends in no time. 

Anonymous (Chapter 10) - Mon 23 Jan 2023

Yo me opongo!

Porque debería disculparse Kag?

Inu opina de ella lo mismo que los demás.

Al ver la gran diferencia entre como se comportó él  y como lo hizo Sango me hace pensar en que no vale la pena como amigo.

El tiene derecho de enamorarse de quien quiera. Tengo claro que no tiene ninguna obligación de devolverle a Kag lo que ella siente por él pero debería haberse comportado mejor ya que se llama a sí mismo su amigo.


Sunnie (Chapter 9) - Thu 12 Jan 2023

I'm loving this story so much! I wonder if Sesshomaru has heard any of these rumors and what he will do about them?? Definitely becoming one of my faves!

D (Chapter 9) - Wed 11 Jan 2023

Damn Inu.... he could be honset. I am do ready for them be on next level. This good and fully invested.

OsirisMongua (Chapter 9) - Mon 09 Jan 2023

Oh hell, she's gonna get full support from Sesshomaru, new pack of friends(Sango, Miroku and Shippo, WHERE U AT?? I need your beautiful loyalty and love for my girly girl!!!) and tons of S/K sexyness, heck yesssss~~

SmilingFool (Chapter 9) - Mon 09 Jan 2023

OUCH!!!  Poor Kagome finally found out that Inu Yasha is crushing for her sister and its the reason he's so protective of her while leaving her in the dust.  Wonder if Sesshomaru knows about the rumors?  Of course he does.  What will Kagome do now that Inu Yasha is being a jerk and less friendly.  Can't wait to find out...



SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Mon 09 Jan 2023

Wow!!!  Yeah teenage hormones are roaring....  LOL  

Kagome's mother knew right away and I wonder who she thinks Kagome gots the hots for...  Oh poor Kagome what will you do to curb this crush...  Nothing but deny it....  Poor Sesshomaru needed a cold shower after that ride...  Wonder what he will do?  Did anyone else see them drive off?  Where was Inu Yasha and Kikyo?  Loved the chapter can't wait to read more.

Kathy (Chapter 7) - Sun 01 Jan 2023

I really like this inappropriate story. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 7) - Sat 31 Dec 2022

Loved the chapter it seems Sesshomaru cared about her since she was young if I read her memory correctly.  And to this day he still does, a bit happy to know Kagome finally saw him even if it was at detention.

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Sat 05 Nov 2022

Oh man I swear this is one Teacher/student story that literally rocks all the others I've read...  This is just too good.  Poor Kagome her life may suck right now and not knowing her sister Kikyo and Inu Yasha are becoming a couple now that she is not there.  Wonder why Kagome hasn't realized this yet?  From the interaction when they were trying to steal the answers to the test would have been a dead give away on how Inu Yasha protected Kikyo's name and not her.  Sad...  But having a delious teacher your clutching too is so much better how can Kagome not fall for Sensei.....  lol loved this...  Really good.

Kathy (Chapter 6) - Tue 01 Nov 2022

I love this story. However, it's so inappropriate. Sesshomaru is the teacher! 

Yes it's only 5yrs but the position is a huge difference. 


Still gonna read and see where this goes. ????


ItoeHime (Chapter 6) - Tue 01 Nov 2022

Loved it! Looking forward to more chapters! Please?

anna1989 (Chapter 6) - Tue 01 Nov 2022

Great chapter,  please update soon!?


Salvör (Chapter 3) - Sun 30 Oct 2022

It'a an interesting plot and nice read so far :) so keep up the nice work!

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Thu 27 Oct 2022

Man that was good sorry I didn't leave a review for the other two chapters, but wanted to make this review count....  High school brings back memories.....  Can't believe the girls thought of using Inu Yasha to steal the tests....  They should have known it wasn't going to work.  Loved how fidgety Kagome was not wanting to be there but it was her and Kikyo's idea.  Oh loved the part they ducked under the desk hiding unbeknowing they were going to get caught.  Now they have to pay for it.  I truly loved how Sesshomaru called Inu Yasha's phone....  So priceless.


I could see the disappointment Sesshomaru had for finding Kagome and not Kikyo because ,he knows how much Inu Yasha likes her more than a friend while with Kagome she's not his type even if they are twins which is why he got upset when Kagome admitted it was her and Kikyo who inlisted Inu Yasha only for him to blow up at her.  I would have distanced myself from anyone that did that to me.  But Kagome keeps on going just like the Energizer bunny taking heart break one right after the other until she learns its never going to work.  Now she has every Friday to spend with Sesshomaru...  Wonder what he'll have her do?  Can't wait to read more...  The only thing is I wish each chapter was like a new day instead of the same day.  Hope that you update all the stories loved them all.

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