When the Past is the Future... by JeniNeji

Falling to the Unknown

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She was running with all her might, trying to reach the well in Inu-Yasha's forest, the complete Shikon no Tama in her bloody hands. The forest was a blur of colors as she ran,  tainting the once melodious forest night with a rasping sound that was getting to her nerves.

She turns just in time to block a serpent demon with her bow in her left hand, and as the serpent passed she stomped it and purified it.

She could hardly breathe, her injured right arm hurt like she had never remembered before, without mentioning that she had been battling demons for as long as she had been running. She was exhausted, she needed to rest, although it seems as if fate was against her tonight. She will say, she didn't mind so much that fate be against her, but, why tonight? Why not another night? Like tomorrow? NO, it had to be against her in the very same day they had engaged battle against Naraku, not the best of days.

She hated the scent of blood, her own blood, even as a human there was so much that she could smell it. The scent posting a warning in the back part of her brain, announcing bad events and bad endings, and to make things even worst, it called to weaker demons, promising an easy meal.

She should have been more careful, but she couldn't have helped it, she did as best she could in the given circumstances, she always did her best. Even the training she have been doing hadn't helped her much; well at least she was still alive. If she hadn't trained, she would probably have died by now. Now she could control her miko powers better, something she was grateful for, it gave her more confidence, but she needed to be careful, she must remember that she was using part of her soul to use her powers, it could be a double edge power.

She had to do it, like a last recurse for her friends to win the final battle. They had difficultly taken the Shikon Jewel away from Naraku, but still, the enraged half-demon had become almost mad and was attacking with such strength they tought impossible for him without the jewel. That's the reason she was entrusted to disappear the jewel. But she did not know where to? Her home in the future was the best place she could think of. But, being honest, she was worried sick for her friends, will they hold on? Will the win? Will they lose? Will they live?

At last, she was coming near the well, she could feel the magic calling to her, soothing her. She reached the edge of the well and stopped herself for a moment to regain her breath. Again, the worry began to consume her insides, she wanted to return, but, what if the battle was still on, and worst, what if Naraku managed to take the Shikon Jewel from her?

She sighed, knowing there was no use in torturing herself like that, and turned to the well once again, she looked down and her mother came to her mind. What was her mother going to think when she saw her skirts all slashed? What was her mother gonna say or do when she saw her bleeding like this? Terrible, her white right sleeve was stained with blood, she will need a good detergent, that was for sure.

She looked at the night sky, the stars were sparkling happily, unaware of the war and fate of the ones down here, it was then that she noticed that the forest was now carrying a grave silence. Worst than the rasping sound, if she was asked.  Did the battle end? Hope filled her heart and she gave some steps away from the well with her hand trying to slow the happy beatings of her heart. A smile in her face.

She then tried to feel the battle that was taking place perhaps a mile away, but she felt nothing, no indication of powers or explosions. They had won, right?

Suddenly a black flash came out of the bushes and  she, without looking turned and jumped to the well. As she did, she felt two arms around her waist taking her carefully, one of the hands came to rest over her hand which was holding the precious Shikon Jewel. She tried to turn to see who the newcomer was, but something around her changed, and she felt as heat rose trough her spine, something very awkward, but terrible none the less. Suddenly the blue light that always  surrounded her soul to protect her journey to the future turned red, a bloody red, and painful sounds of people screaming in agony invaded the magic. She gasped in surprise  as fear crept in her heart. She looked up, and saw a mess of black hair, then continued searching desperately, until her eyes found red eyes. Her own blue eyes widened as she realized what had happen; Naraku had managed to get to her before she could pass to her time.

A million of straight and confusing toughts invaded her, each one making her more nervous than the one before. Flashes of yellow and green began to pass her at highly speed, many little sparkles began to make explosions. She  began to struggle to get out of Naraku's hold hoping that that way  she would be allowed to pass and he will remain locked in time, but to no avail, his grip only got stronger,  his own nervousness showing. He was looking to his sides searching for an attack to come, shifting so lightly to prevent the rays from touching him.

Kagome focused on the lights, following them, trying to find a pattern. She tried to use her miko powers, but they wouldn't obey her, she wondered if it was because she was exhausted or because the well's magic prevented their use. Suddenly a red flash stopped. They both looked at the light suspiciously, then the light began to change shapes and moved toward them, Naraku in order to save himself moved Kagome to shield himself, Kagome's screamed in horror, she could do nothing, she couldn't move. It was then that the strange light passed trough her heart and she felt as something twisted deep within her, her heart aching in pain, taking her breathe away, freezing her brain and a surge of something anew deep inside her. She felt something shifting in her insides and she trembled with miko powers. As this ran violently in her veins, her miko powers resurfaced and  burned Naraku's arms and abdomen. Quickly, Naraku's  arms let go of her frame and they  separated. Her soft unfocused  blue eyes,  due to the strangeness shock from the light that had come in to her, stared at Naraku as he floated away, his eyes for the first time held a mix of something similar to fear...  lost... desperation.

Suddenly, the light of the sun entered and broke all the strange lights of the well, and she felt a gust of wind. She could breathe again and she rejoiced at this fact.  Until she notice what was happening.

She was falling, she was falling from the sky. She could see her black hair all around her, and if she looked up to see the clouds, she could see the tips of her hair  madly moving from one side to another. She closed her eyes, still feeling a little shut down from the flash, unable to think much, letting the feeling of the wind relax her. All her toughs going away.. with the wind..

Suddenly her eyes snapped open, where was the Shikon no Tama???

Her eyes scanned the area around her desperately, but to no avail, she could not see nor feel the Jewel calling to her. She looked down to see that she was still a few good meters away from the ground, as she looked to the green scenery below her, tress, fields, no houses, no buildings, she was not in her era, wherever the well had taken her, she was not in any known place.

But she saw something else, instant death as well, her body would not survive the fall, not at the speed she was falling. She trained her eyes a little farther and she managed to distinguish Naraku in the air, floating, saving himself from the fall. But she didn't feel the Jewel with him either.

The Shikon no Tama had been lost in the well's magic, she had failed to protect it and help her friends. She had failed in her duty as a miko. Tears left her eyes as guilt began to overtake her. She looked down, to the ending fate that was awaiting for her. She could feel now the land beneath her, smell the leaves of the trees. She was going to die, and Naraku was going to enjoy her fate. No, she wasn't going to allow it, she needed to find the jewel, and prevent him from making more damage to this lands, and to all the people and demons alike. But what? How?

She searched every possible way, but she could not help but become more frightened, she closed her eyes, trying to focus in her miko powers in hope that they will save her as they always did at the last minute. She concentrated in her inner self, in the strangeness she had felt earlier. Where was it? That thing that froze her, that frightened her? That made her feel a brutal strength.

There it was. She opened her eyes, set in determination. Her eyes became red and fierce, and fire enveloped her, holding her out, lowering her speed. She felt her blood burning, and the end of her fingers in flames, she could hardly breath as the fire took on the oxygen to maintain itself alive. Her heart was beating wildly, she knew that this power, this fire was trying to save her, but she couldn't control her instincts, and they were begging her to run, to escape, to save herself, they were sending her a message that this power was evil, was tainted. But there was nothing she could do.

After some moments, where her toughs were battling each other, and where many memories and feeling had been mixed together until they were a mess of things, no longer anything; memories of Sango's voice, of demons howls and grunts, of a priestess name.. Midoriko. When she finally opened her eye, the flames had disappeared and a feeling of loneliness surfaced in her. Although she could not understand why.

She could breath again. She expanded her senses to check where she was. She was standing in a green steep hill, mountains adorned the horizon, everything was green. Lowering her gaze down she could see  a castle, the only thing different. The castle was on fire, and a tought surge in her, was she the one to make it burn? She did not remember. She could see anxious movement of people in the castle. There were also demons flying near, a lot of them. What could be happening there?

She looked up, just in time to see  great rage in Naraku's eyes, as was to be expected since she survived to the fall. His eyes had turned completely red, and she could feel his aura full of hatred and blood lust, although she wondered how was it possible for her to see them so clearly  even when he was so far up in the clouds. In an instant, she had decided, she needed to get away, she was still wounded, and she couldn't possibly battle Naraku alone. She turned to run, only to come face to face with the one she was trying to escape from. The few seconds she spent dealing with her situation were enough for Naraku to reach her, and make an attack. He had thrown a blast of energy, an attack that her unconscious mind had protect her from, rising a barrier. He growled in anger and ran past her and attacked again, the same barrier appearing again.

She opened her eyes, more trusty now. He was shaking in ire, and she felt herself shrink from his gaze. He ran toward her, to attack with his fists instead of his magic. She walked in a hurry some paces backwards dodging his attacks, of which some of course slashed  her soft skin leaving gashes;  and she  felt the urge to jump away to escape, even when she knew that it was a very dangerous fall, but with the eminent danger she was in this very second, she decided to trust her instincts. As she did it, she instantly regret it, something deep within her soul protested, wronging her.

She had jumped from the hill. Her horrified eyes locked in Naraku's confused and pleased ones, but on an instant his eyes flashed again to anger. She wondered the reason for the change, that was, until she lost the ability to breathe, then she understood that the fire had surrounded her once again. But, this time, the fire didn't make her float, this time the fire took her at high speed to the castle. It was strange, but she found that the fire had a will of his own, and that she felt at ease with that will, she felt safe, protected and content.

A sensation of heat in her heart told her that the fire had passed, that it was time to move again. She was standing in a road made of many stones, she saw that she was still wearing her brown shoes, the ones she used for school. She was near a fountain, that seemed to be the back part of a house. It was quite peaceful, the Sakura tree was in full bloom, and the wind whispered words of encouragement and hope. A high deviation of the surroundings seeing that half the castle was on fire.

There were a lot of demons roaming the place as if they owned it. She was left agape as she witnessed the brutally of the attack. The demons were eating the people, they were destroying everything. She looked from one side to the other and there was nothing else, nothing more, just total destruction, bloodlust and monsters. She no longer worried about the scent of blood she carried, seeming that this entire castle, this entire town was bathed in it. Wasn't there someone to prevent this? Was nobody planning to stop this demon attack?

She fell face down to the ground with a loud thud. She looked back at her legs irritated, just to stop the next second in fear as many demons approached her. She began to furiously kick the demon at her legs until she became free of his grip, standing up quickly she began to walk backwards, trying to escape the demon, but not trusting him one bit and giving her back to him. It was a  boar youkai, and he walked towards her, his face putting on a grin, showing his disgusting bloody tooth at her. She stuck out her tongue unconsciously in distaste.

The boars eyes flashed red and it charged against her. The demons near him watched with interested the scene. Kagome let out a shriek and put her left arm in front of her trying to protect herself, the next thing she found out as she adverted her gaze toward the demons was the remaining of smoke as it finished to purify the boar demon. The others looked at her with hatred, they had just found another one of his enemies. A snake demon spit to Kagome, and she barely managed to avoid it, the spit making a hole near her and freeing some terrible odor that she could only describe as putrid. 

Kagome's instincts were demanding for her to run, her senses becoming wild due to all the evil in the area as her soul tried to purify the entire place. The demons lunged at her and she purify them, one after another, attacking them with her bow. She had been forced to attack with just the bow; an attack in the battle against Naraku had injured her right arm and she was unable to shoot arrows since then, her right sleeve was spotted with blood, and she felt a throb in her arm. She tried to press on her right shoulder to stop the bleeding and continue walking.

She hated the smell of the smoke, she knew now that it carried the scent of burning flesh, and she hated it for it, how disgusting could this be? She wanted to return home, or to the Feudal Era with Inu-Yasha. Instantly she stopped her pace, and her finger found the way to her lips. Her finger feeling her lips, from one side to the other.

"Inu-Yasha" she whispered absently

A growl woke her up from her toughts, she turned back to see a wolf. His lips were taken back, showing his sharp tooth. Kagome froze, this was no demon, she wouldn't be able to purify him. She was unable to use her right arm, she just had her left hand, and her strong legs and her will to run, that was very high, just in case.

She decided to do what she needed to, she ran...

She ran wildly around town, mattering not the turns she took or the things she passed. Her mind had set in just one task, to save herself. She continued to run, yet she couldn't make up a plan to stop this assault nor she saw anyone who could help her, in fact, she saw no one.  As she ran, more wolves integrated in her chase, something that she didn't find appealing. Her legs were burning in exhaustion, she was no longer able to breath and her heart was beating a thousand times per minute.

She took another turn and found herself in front of a pond, and she jumped in it, desperately trying to reach the little shrine in the center of the pond. The wolves  behind her were catching up, her legs couldn't keep as she wanted them to. Her whole body ached, she had never felt so close to death. She knew that Inu-Yasha nor anyone else will show up to save her, but, she knew that there was much more for her to do in her life, she couldn't just die like this. Tears of rage and hopelessness fell from her eyes, even as she kept struggling to reach her destination. One of the wolves caught the green ribbon of her shirt and began to pull her, she turned and punched the wolf, freeing herself. She took the last steps and reach the shrine. She was glad to be able to count with her legs once again, she felt safer than to be struggling and jumping in the water.

Suddenly a figure appeared next to her, she turned and instantly  found herself dangling as someone took her by he neck. Her hands dug in the attacker's lower arms, trying to make him let go, but to no avail. A sick laughter echoed trough her ears, that were losing their ability due to the lack of oxygen.

"You lost you way home little one?" his voice taunted

"Naraku" Kagome spit venomously

"I love how that name sounds coming from your sweet mouth little miko, it brings back a part of me that was long gone" he said breathless with a hint of desire.

Kagome shuddered at the implications behind his sick words. Kagome began to struggle to get free of his hold, but just let out a shriek of pain as he pinned her to the shrine and attacked her. He was pressing hard in her already wounded shoulder. He smirked at her distorted face in pain and lowered his head in the juncture of Kagome's neck. She could feel as he smiled in her neck and felt disgusted.

"Who's going to save you now Ka-go-me?" he asked mockingly, laughing slowly, making fun of the way she always used to say her name in syllables to those who refused to call her by it.

Kagome tried to attack him using her miko powers but only got him to whine in pain, until he once again tortured her shoulder. She let out a strangle scream. Blood flowing once again from her right arm and she felt herself getting dizzy.

He saw as she tried to rise her arms to take him away from her but couldn't. He wasn't surprised, the battle against him had begun at least seven hours ago, and he had made sure that most of his demons delay Kagome to her destination. He was surprised that she had even survived, she had truly showed him that she had been paying attention to her training, but even so, he had to admit that her powers were large, seeing that it took her so long to run out of energy. Naraku smirked and took her in his arms and flung her to his shoulder, her butt next to his face and the upper part of her body dangled in his back. He had forgotten how pleasant this feeling was: triumph. So many things he could do now, but which ones will he do? A rest was appealing to him in this moment, but then again, if he rested, the miko will rest too, and he will have to fight her again to tire her, he needed to find a way to take her powers away...

He began to walk and stopped as he reached the water. An invisible wave left Naraku, and he resumed his walking, walking over the water. Kagome was exhausted, she couldn't even think straight anymore, she could no longer feel her powers. When Naraku reached the town  grounds once again, he found himself surrounded by a pack of wolves, they growled in hatred at him, every single one of them a safe distance away, like some eight feet. He hardly pay them any heed, for he was  sure he was stronger, but soon enough, wolf youkais began to appear as well. He stopped in his tracks and glared at them, hatred also pouring from him.

A lone figure appeared from the woods. He was a wolf demon. He had long brown hair gathered in a ponytail, his eyes were black, yet those eyes showed a fiery determination and strength, yet the lines below his eyes marked him as wise. Below his left eyes, he carried two little scars. He wasn't very broad muscled, he seemed light and fast, a great warrior  indeed. The wolves at his arrival stopped their growling and let him space to walk. He stopped a few paces away from Naraku, and looked at him and his "cargo".

"Hand her over" the wolf ordered fiercely, extending his left arm awaiting for him to trow her his way. "No miko is allowed to live in our reign"

Naraku narrowed his eyes in defiance and then smirked at him "Not  a chance..." Naraku answered him confidently " ...and if you value your life, step aside, I am  in no mood for this games" he finished taking a few intimidating steps toward the wolf demon.

"Do you dare disobey me? Have you any idea of who am I?" the wolf demanded offended, stepping between Naraku and his way out.

Naraku took Kagome in his arms and sat her on the floor, her back finding support to not fall down in Naraku's legs. She did not move, her head was low and her hair was hiding her face. "Wait here a moment miko, it will only take a minute" Naraku whispered, knowing all too well that the wolves could hear him as well. Naraku rose his red eyes to the wolf's pitch black with a smirk."Well then, shall we begin?"

The wolf demon charged in fury at Naraku. Naraku kept his eyes fixated in the wolf's, but didn't move. As the wolf got  close, Naraku rose one of his barriers and the wolf collided in it and fell back abruptly. Naraku laughed "Is that all you got? How boring"

Kagome could hardly hear the commotion around her. This was an opportunity for her to arrange her thoughts. She desperately tried to find a way to escape Naraku, but how? Her mind had almost cease its functioning, the blood lost was making her weak and dizzy, her powers had gone out, the fire she had felt earlier was now subdue and hidden, if she could only regain her powers, recover her energy....


Some fighters passing by felt a wave of energy, a big one at that, in the middle of the lost town. They looked at the town in wonder. What was it? A suicidal explosion? Who had posses such powers? Was it an ally, a foe?

A young woman of long black hair gasped in understanding and ran toward the town. The others in the group looked at her retreating form as she ran to the town below. Deciding the next course of action with a sole look in each others eyes, they followed the young woman, killing the demons that crossed their path.  A blood path marking their passage to the unknown.

And yet, they were all aware of the activities in their surroundings. Things were not looking good, seemed like the demons were on the move, a lot of them. What could be attracting them to this lone town?


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