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Orchidaceae (Chapter 9) - Sun 13 Jun 2021

Please update soon. Thanks!!!

Kae (Chapter 9) - Thu 18 Feb 2021

EEEEEE!!! Hello Sango! I was wondering how she'd get by with tattoos at school, but that's cool!  I'm sorry you haven't felt like finishing this lately, but I want you to know I enjoyed re-reading what there is!  Thanks for sharing!

Kae (Chapter 8) - Thu 18 Feb 2021

Part of me loves the way Kagome is just going along with it. She's had a few weeks to get used to everyone, and to come to grips with it, but mostly she's just "well, I guess that's what I signed up for!" and I love it! 

Kae (Chapter 7) - Thu 18 Feb 2021

I love your descriptions! So vibrant and exciting! Just enough to really give us a sense of the scene without dragging on!

Kae (Chapter 6) - Thu 18 Feb 2021

Hi! I felt the undeniable urge to read this again! THough this may be a filler chpatr, it fills me with such DELIGHT

.. (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 Jan 2021

This reminds me so much of Twilight I love it except Bella aka Kagome is alot cooler lol I wish it wasnt abandoned I think theres another pack story much more intimate than this called strongey by ceades  or something like that this is a nice fluffy version of it please don't abandon it.

hanna (Chapter 9) - Sun 20 Sep 2020

Plz i need more chapters to read. Lol awsome story.

Emu (Chapter 9) - Mon 19 Aug 2019

So glad your back in the game, disappointing to see such good stories go to waste. Can't wait for the next chapter, don't stress about posting if life gets in the way.


Loved the new chapter, though, I did have to reread the whole thing cause I didn't remember the last chapter. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 9) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

I really enjoyed these last few chapters as she is becoming more comfortable with them. Interesting take with the tattoos. I like how you brought in Sango. She’s gonna scare the heck out of Miroku. LOLOLOL 

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

Oh nice. I was wondering if she was still going to school. I really like how your this is progressing. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

Surprise Kagome! Rin is adorable as always. This story is moving along very nicely. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

Moving right along! Very nice. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

Ah...most of the gang are here. Just a few missing at the moment. Looking forward to reading this story. 

Valasaurus (Chapter 9) - Tue 30 Jul 2019

I’m so happy to see this story continued!!


im also extremely happy to see some progression in sess /kag relationship!! And even the introduction of Sango, which has me wondering if she knows about youkai too

Lauren (Chapter 9) - Sat 20 Jul 2019

Interesting introduction to Sango. Too bad Ayumi and the girls freaked out the way they did at the tattoos. I thought they would at least be open to an explanation, if not a little curious. 


Looking forward to more backstory and to see what's going on with the other Higurashi family members.

Lauren (Chapter 4) - Tue 16 Jul 2019

Interesting. So they're all siblings? Is there a reason why they all live together? Would've thought that Rin would at least be dating Shippo... I'm wondering who forged those paper and, more importantly, who made the concealment objects for them. 

Lauren (Chapter 2) - Tue 16 Jul 2019

I'll admit it. The premise gave me pause, but you're proving me wrong.

Koree (Chapter 9) - Tue 16 Jul 2019

Amazing story so far 

Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 9) - Sun 14 Jul 2019

YES! Welcome back you have been missed a lot. Had to reread your story since it’s been awhile and my love for your fic grows every time I read it. love the introduction of Sango and how she basically told Kagome-sama friends that just cause you have a tattoo  doesn’t mean she’s apart of the Yakuza.   Can’t wait to read more when it comes :)

bookgirl813 (Chapter 9) - Sat 13 Jul 2019

I love the way you managed to keep the flow of the story and writing style.  Some writers style changes when they have been away for a long time, but you kept the continuity really well!

I really like this story and am looking foward to seeing what transpires.  I like the mystery of Sango and the other youkai who are trying to capture the Shikon Miko for themselves.  Who will attack next?  Is Sango friend or foe?

Something that I noticed:  Where is the pack's home in relation to the school as well as the Shrine?  It seemed like the pack home was some distance from the shrine, and in a wooded area but yet they walk to school from each location?  Just curious.

I look forward to seeing whatever else you decide to update.  I love all of your fics :)

And thank you.  


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