Reviews for Illegítima by JeniNeji

CandyEars (Chapter 11) - Fri 01 Jul 2011

I love your other stories - but I don't get this at all! The story seems so disconnected, and it doesn't make any sense!   It's like a bunch of random scenes, but the only connection are the names of the characters - there is no flow.  Just wanted you to know they at least I'm not following it at all... 

Jackie (Chapter 8) - Sun 26 Jun 2011

Please update soon i cant wait to read more!

Miss.Undo (Chapter 7) - Thu 23 Jun 2011
I like it even though Im a bit confussed.

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 6) - Wed 22 Jun 2011

What is the huge chunk of spanish after the story?  It kind of looks like an advertisment?

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 6) - Wed 22 Jun 2011

what the heck?

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 6) - Wed 22 Jun 2011

I was wondering if she could turn others or is she gonna kill him or make him suffer her half-life?

totally impressed and happy that she kicked his it's annoying his inner beast something awful...either that or impressing it.

how old is she anyway? I mean is she older then Sesshomaru?


definitely good update!



BlueBear (Chapter 5) - Wed 22 Jun 2011

So dark, yet so awesome. Awesome not in the 21st century way but in the awesomly amazing way. This is intreging and I will be back for the next chapter, hopefully, soon.

AmoraLynn (Chapter 3) - Sun 19 Jun 2011

Hmm, interesting. I look forward to seeing what will develop.

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