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Natsu (Chapter 4) - Mon 17 Jan 2022

That was hilarious. I can't believe he fell for it. Hahaha

Carolina (Chapter 100) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

Loved it!

Carolina (Chapter 43) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

She's a responsible individual. But yes in one she is indeed doing her duty in keeping the shards she has safe.

Carolina (Chapter 34) - Mon 11 Nov 2019

This made me cry, a betrayal on so many levels. Inuyasha should have told her the truth. He uses her like a tool, disgraceful.


MythMagykFae (Chapter 100) - Tue 11 Aug 2015

Oh My Lord this is amazing! Its 420 am because i couldnt find a good place to STOP READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very good!

GoldenGryphon (Chapter 8) - Fri 18 Apr 2014

I have to admit, I love the way you imcorporated that great little joke into your story. I love Fruits Basket - the anime kept me going through some truly hideous times in my life - and I am enjoying Kagome teaching Sesshoumaru about science. I am a Wildlife and Fisheries, Natural History specialist with a minor in teaching - I am technically qualified to teach biology, chemistry and physics to up to high school age students, though I prefer the younger kids - and I have never gotten my certification for reasons too numerous to go into...

Needless to say, this story line is keeping me giggling.

Thank you.


Nicole (Chapter 100) - Sat 04 Jan 2014

:) A very nice ending.

Nicole (Chapter 76) - Sat 04 Jan 2014

And a new Naraku is born...

Nicole (Chapter 75) - Sat 04 Jan 2014

Well, if he hoped she would warm up to him voluntarily, he basically killed it with that statement :P

Nicole (Chapter 67) - Sat 04 Jan 2014

Lol, figures. All scientific development over the last five centuries is due to Kagome's tutorials and Sesshomaru's travels. :)

Nicole (Chapter 35) - Sat 04 Jan 2014

Surprisingly, this scenario actually occurred to me much earlier in the story.

I love how you've written Jaken in the last couple of chapters.

Himura Asami (Chapter 4) - Tue 11 Jun 2013


He got played.

Serena (Chapter 16) - Sun 21 Apr 2013

"“We have to kill more humans then, or else the barrier will collapse,” he stated with a frown."

LMAOOOO i died when i read that. Such a Sesshomaru thing to say x)

Knight of Disorder (Chapter 100) - Wed 16 May 2012

My dear, you need to mark this as complete... since it's still marked as incomplete. Just a note. Since I was looking. I have a question though. Do you have some... like weird sadistic thing going on. Because for some reason, you seem to love to put your characters through hell. While that does make for an interesting story. You need a break from it, at least everyone once in a while. I think I might be missing it though.

Knight of Disorder (Chapter 8) - Wed 16 May 2012

I'm gonna say you've watched Fruits Basket haven't you?

hikari hime (Chapter 100) - Thu 10 May 2012

That was a grand job!!! Bravo ^^

Ah but you know how we, readers, are. We always want more. And this 100th chapter leaves us wanting for answers about their future.

I say, this calls for a sequel :p

Anyway, very good job.

Dewa mata

MissKatt (Chapter 100) - Wed 09 May 2012

Awwww great job, Jeni!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 100) - Wed 09 May 2012

i am rather amused at kagome being the slight perv in the relationship :3 this was excited! and i'm glad i got to read it!

Lillian (Chapter 100) - Wed 09 May 2012

EEEEEEE!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on being finished! This story was amazing, sib, and I am blessed to have been with you for most of the journey.

KEdakumi (Chapter 100) - Wed 09 May 2012

Such a good story.  Love how you gave such a twist, giving Kagome something only she can do to aid others.

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