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Tecolote (Chapter 4) - Wed 14 Sep 2022

So Sesshomaru got himself a job so soon? His confidence really speaks for itself. And I think it suits him, being a chef. Better than an office job would ever be. 

I really like the small interactions between the newlyweds, they are open and interested and attracted but Kagome is pretty shy. I can understand it. But Sesshomaru is in the best hands possible, Kagome will take very good care of his heart. 

It's very sweet how Sesshomaru just arrived and is driven to take care of his wife in every way possible. I can see how this program helps so much, not only do they introduce an adult to the country's workforce but they come high wired to reproduce fast. I would worry about the morality of all this but I guess if they're programmed to like this and they're happy it's okay.

I didn't expect her not to tell her family about getting married with the program at all though, kind of important to mention in many ways. 

Tecolote (Chapter 2) - Wed 14 Sep 2022

This is perfect, Sesshomaru being so instinct driven is amazing and I bet even the cientists didn't know that adding the already placed urge to procreate with beast characteristics would make one hell of a sex demon. 

Tecolote (Chapter 1) - Wed 14 Sep 2022

I can't stop grinning, I'm in love with this concept. O can't wait to read more. 

Lauren (Chapter 4) - Sat 10 Sep 2022

That's so cute, Sesshomaru being a chef at their parents' restaurant. And he was off to a good start before Kagome's mother got there. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 4) - Sun 04 Sep 2022

Oh yeah, I'm gonna need more of this story because it is just perfection! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Fri 02 Sep 2022

I am loving the way you are bringing the characters together in this dystopia you have created.

Are the people of Japan aware of youkai and are they living amongst them or is Sesshomaru going to be just an anomaly?

Will K/S's children have his looks and abilities also?

I can only the imagine the look of surprise on her mothers face.  Why would Kagome not tell her mother how she was getting a husband?

I am so looking forward to future updates...keep up the great work.

Cheers :)



KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Sun 28 Aug 2022

Wow! Wonderful chapter. Thank you so much. I really love this story. You are doing a fantastic job of timing it out. I can't wait to find out more. I like that Toga and Izayoi have taken to him and he will be working at their restaurant. 

Young Kagome (Chapter 3) - Wed 20 Jul 2022

This is cute. Please update soon! 

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 2) - Fri 15 Jul 2022

He said it, he said it!!

The important reason for his existence!! *Blush*

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Mon 11 Jul 2022

That was an awesome update. Thinking about having a husband and the actuality are two different things. Of course, cuddling that sweet dog should help. Love how you introduced other characters. He is a natural. 

witty (Chapter 3) - Sun 10 Jul 2022

Now neat! It's rare to come across a story where inuyasha and sesshomaru aren't related... or are they? lol I never know with you.

Kagome is adorable and I can tell this will be one spicy story based on that small morning snippet ;P!

Thanks for sharing! 

docsgirl4 (Chapter 3) - Sun 10 Jul 2022

This story is so fun. Their first night together was super cute! You can't go wrong with that type of cuddle buddy. Now I can't help but wonder if Sesshomaru can be the big version of his dog form too...? Also, I wonder if the chapter ending means he found a potential job option. Thanks for the update.

neelixo (Chapter 3) - Sun 10 Jul 2022

The tie in with InuYasha was great!  His character is pretty endearing even with the short bit that it was.  I look forward to the development of the new dynamic and Sesshoumaru making a life for himself.

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Sat 09 Jul 2022

Oh this was a great chapter I loved it...  So I take it he met Toga and Izayoi and now he knows Inu Yasha's name as well.  Bet they will hire him and he's not far from home either.  Wonder what Kagome will say.  Can't wait to read more.

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Fri 08 Jul 2022

OMG! I love this! That last line was just delicious! The entire chapter was amazing. I loved Miroku, so typical of him. 

Madam_CocoNut (Chapter 2) - Fri 08 Jul 2022

Bravo, another chapter well done! I can't wait to see what else is to come.

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Jul 2022

Interesting but very fitting role for Miroku to be in.


Poor Kagome, she's so flustered. But she did sign a contract. No take backs and get to the baby making post haste! LOL Do they send someone to check up on them in like five or six months?


I feel like he's going to figure out he was made that way by accident sooner rather than later, but either way, it'll be interesting what Sesshomaru 's other interets shape up to be. And I wonder if he'll help boost her book sales at all? 


A very fun story so far. Looking forward to other characters being featured. 

Anonymous (Chapter 2) - Mon 04 Jul 2022

I squeal I just let out was inhumane!! I can't wait for the next chapter

Lilmisspanda (Chapter 2) - Mon 04 Jul 2022

This amazing I need more please. I like how there was a process of making sure everything is good before him meeting her. Such as getting to know her. Making sure he knows the basics. I also enjoyed that he was impatient and anticipated seeing her. I really enjoyed the first interaction between the two after he woke up. I really like your story so for its just great and I'm all ready addicted to it! Keep up the hard work! You got this!

Kreve (Chapter 2) - Mon 04 Jul 2022

Loves it! I haven't found a story I was this excited about in a bit. Thank you for writing!

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