Reviews for The Other Side by Sereia

Nanyin (Chapter 1) - Wed 27 Apr 2022

This was perfect

Sesshy's Hime (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Feb 2022

I have read this one a few times and hope that at some point it might be continued. Or maybe turned into a series.

Addiesmoon (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 Nov 2021

I know this is done but I need more. Like what happens next after she wakes up? Is Shippo the 9 tails? Where is she working at? So many more questions. This was such a great read. If we can have more it can be an other story or more one shots. 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 Oct 2021

This was incredibly delicious!!! Thank you so much for posting it here! I loved the build up & the sudden climax (no pun intended, lol). Sooooo well done!



Mel A (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 Oct 2021

This was a great one shot that could honestly be turned into a two or three shot. Amazing story! 

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