The Other Side by Sereia

The Other Side

"Why aren't you more excited?"

Kagome sighed, tugging at the bottom of her skirt, trying—and failing—to cover up more of her legs. When she'd agreed to dress up for the shrine's first Halloween festival, she'd hoped to dress up as something scary.

Her friends had had a different idea.

They'd forced her into a tight nurse's uniform, claiming the whole point of dressing up was getting away with wearing skimpy outfits in public. Then they'd sliced through the front of her dress—revealing some of her stomach—and lined the pale pink fabric with red dye so she looked like she'd been in a knife fight. They'd even added some fake cuts on her legs, Eri claiming it was practice for the horror course of her makeup program but Kagome knew better.

If it had been about the costume, the gashes would have been on her face, not strategically placed between the cuts in the bottom of her already short skirt. Instead, they'd made up her face like she was going to a club with heavy eyeliner and fake eyelashes. She supposed the dark purple lipstick was fun, but she kept having to check her teeth to make sure it hadn't smudged.

Her friends were trying to get her laid.

She couldn't blame them. Not really. After everything they'd heard about Inuyasha during her travels in the feudal era—and her subsequent refusal to even go on a date until after she'd finished high school—they were determined to find her a boyfriend and figured dressing her up like a slutty Halloween Barbie was the best way to go about it.

"Because I already had a costume."

Yuka rolled her eyes. "Shrine maiden robes do not count. No guy is going to want to ask you out without getting a little peek at the goods first!"

Kagome groaned. "You sound like every typical frat boy. The good guys, the ones you are so intent on setting me up with, don't care about that."

Eri grabbed her shoulders, startling her and almost causing the miko to stumble. "Maybe not, but it won't hurt to try!"

Pursing her lips, she tugged at her skirt again, thankful that they'd forgone the white stilettoes they'd originally wanted her to wear, letting her get away with flats instead. Especially since she'd been forced into matching thigh-high stockings as well.

They were all dressed in the same outfit, but Kagome was the only one with extra holes in her dress. The rest of them were splashed with fake blood and had opted for brightly coloured wigs. Eri and Ayumi's were blonde, while Yuka's was neon pink to go with the matching garter belt around her leg and the three-inch heels on her feet.

Heads turned in their direction as they wandered between booths, Yuka going as far as to pose seductively at each one as she leaned against the counter. The Higurashi shrine had been transformed into an eerie splendour, strings of lights and candle-lit jack-o-lanterns lighting their way while spooky music played in the background.

Usually, booths were side by side, but due to the shape of the courtyard and uneven ground, there was a slight space between each one, causing shadows to dance between the stalls. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, her friends included, but movement kept catching the corner of Kagome's eye and her heart beat loudly as her head whipped around.

Something felt off.

Halloween in Japan was still fairly new, having only become popular after Tokyo Disneyland had hosted its first Halloween event back in 2000. Trick-or-treating was still a very North American tradition, though buying festive treats was growing in popularity. It was the act of dressing up and just having a good time that appealed to most people here, and Mama had decided using the shrine for a festival was something that could boost their reputation and popularity.

"Hi, are you single? My friend here is looking to play doctor."

Even Ayumi gasped at Yuka's bold question, slapping the woman on the arm and apologizing to the vendor. Kagome just shook her head.

Her friends meant well, and she loved them dearly, but there was a reason behind her avoiding every blind date they'd tried to set her up on. All of the boys—for they were boys compared to him—had never even come close. She shouldn't even be comparing them in the first place, considering the severe lack of interaction with him during her time in the past, but she couldn't help it.

Images of long silver hair and golden eyes flashed through her mind, and she felt that particular hum under her skin, heat coursing through her veins. Her reaction to him still hadn't abated, even after all this time. And they'd never even—

A hand grabbed her arm and Kagome screeched, jumping a foot in the air. Her friends stared at her for a moment before all bursting out into chorused laughter.

"You still haven't changed!" Eri grinned at her. "How are you so easy to scare?"

Because I literally ran around with real monsters for a year when I was a teenager.

Ayumi linked her arm with Kagome's and dragged her to the next booth, the vendor selling various Halloween-related trinkets. Her friend grabbed a heart-shaped charm, claiming it was for her boyfriend. Kagome started to browse as well when she swore someone grabbed her ankle, causing her to shriek before stumbling backwards.

Ayumi gave her a startled look. "Are you alright? What happened?"

Kagome stared at the bottom of the stall, the fabric still and motionless, and shook her head.

"Nothing. I thought… Never mind." She rubbed her foot, the feeling of claws lingering on her skin. Eri and Yuka soon joined them, noticing Kagome's pale face.

"What's wrong?"

Ayumi smirked, "Nothing, Kagome got scared again."

Kagome glared at her, then pretended to be distracted by the shiny charms and keychains. One in particular caught her eye and she picked it up to get a better look. It was the only one of its kind, sitting alone amongst the cheaper, gaudier baubles. Most of them were hand spun or typical Halloween symbols created for tourists, but this one was pure crystal.

She held it up against the light, entranced by the brilliant hue of indigo. The crescent moon spun at the end of a surprisingly long, intricate chain and light shimmered over her skin. Even the way it was shaped reminded her of—

"Sesshoumaru…" The name escaped her lips before she could stop it, magenta stripes and pale silks joining the image she'd conjured before. Kagome found herself handing over her money without thinking twice, missing the confused look on the vendor's face while he tried to discern where the charm had come from in the first place.

"That's pretty, Kagome. You should hang it in your kitchen window!" She hummed in agreement to Eri's suggestion, her eyes still glued to the crystal, only breaking her hypnotized gaze when someone in a zombie mask jumped out and scared all four of them.

Sliding the moon into the small purse she'd brought with her, she tried not to think about the youkai that had plagued her dreams since she'd first fallen down the well. Their first meeting had been interesting, considering he'd try to kill her, but he'd still made an impact.

One that still had her thinking 'What if?' five years after the Shikon no Tama had forced her back into her own time and the well had stopped working. If anyone had survived the last 500 years, it would've been him, right? She'd held out hope for Shippou as well, but she hadn't felt so much as a glimmer of youki since she'd been back.

Her shoulders slumped as she fell in step behind her friends, the other three talking animatedly. She wished she could be like them, living each day in the present and enjoying what it had to offer, but her heart longed for more. Longed for something.

Was she being selfish?

So many people would kill for the normalcy of the life she had now. She was in her last year of university with a job already lined up once she finished her last final exam and it was within walking distance of her apartment. What else did she need?

Other than a good cock to suck, according to Yuka.

Kagome made a face, following the others to yet another charm booth, biting back a gasp when something moved between the stalls. Blue eyes squinted, revealing nothing and Kagome cursed under her breath.

Had she always been this jumpy? She'd faced real beasts in the past, why were a few fake goblins putting her on edge? Shippou and Rin had made a game out of it during their travels together, using it as an excuse to ease the growing tension as the final battle loomed closer. It wasn't even limited to the nighttime hours either; they'd sneak around during the day, jumping out at her only to collapse into fits of giggles at her high-pitched shriek.

She'd even looked to Sesshoumaru for support a few times, hoping he would reprimand Rin, but all she'd found was amused gold staring back at her, as if he was getting kicks out of their game as well. At least they'd given her a break every so often, turning Jaken in their next victim.

She listened idly as Yuka flirted with the vendor again, then pulled out the charm she'd bought earlier, spinning it in front of her.

I wonder what Sesshoumaru would do if he saw me now, pining over the mere memory of him.

She couldn't stop the smirk that tugged at her lips. He'd raise his chin at her and tell her that she was not worthy of such thoughts, then walk away in a flurry of white silks.

Similar to those walking past her right now.

Kagome let out an audible gasp, immediately running after the figure dressed in a plain yukata, the paleness of the material almost glowing in the increasing darkness. She reached out and grabbed a sleeve, causing the person to turn, startled green eyes staring back at her through the holes of a Pikachu mask.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you were someone else," she stammered, biting her lip. She gave the man a short bow, then returned to her friends, her cheeks as red as the blood on their costumes.

"Where'd you go, Kagome?"

"Nowhere, I thought I saw someone I knew."

Her friends looked around, Eri frowning slightly. "Someone you knew or someone you want to know?"

"Both… Neither. Just my eyes playing tricks on me I guess."

The women started to discuss which kind of food they wanted to eat, and Kagome looked down at the pendant in her hand, stroking the curved edges.

This was why she stayed away from the shrine on Halloween. Her powers always became more sensitive around this time and even though she hadn't felt anything remotely threatening in years, it was always a painful reminder of what she'd lost.

Sighing, she went to pocket the charm again, only to have it pulled out of her fingers. Startled, she looked around in panic before groaning.

"Buyo, give that back."

Ignoring the calls of her friends, she stalked after the Japanese bobtail, the silver chain clasped tightly in his mouth as he scampered away, ducking between the feet of various patrons in a playful game of tag. Kagome tried to follow, muttering apologies as she bumped into a few shoulders along the way. The number of masked people at the festival struck her as odd, but she shook it off, determined to get her charm back.

The feline was surprisingly agile considering his rotund appearance and Kagome found herself slightly out of breath when she finally caught up with him.

"Buyo, give that back. It's mine."

He cocked his head at her, appearing to contemplate something, then took off between two stalls. Kagome cursed before doing the same, calling down the dark alleyway.

"No treats for a week! And it'll be a year if you lose that charm!" She squinted against the darkness, coming out between another two booths, her eyes brightening when she saw the crystal laying on the dirt floor. Quickly snatching it up, she placed it around her neck, the deep colour of the moon contrasting against the paleness of her uniform.

She looked around, intent on swatting the thieving feline. "Buyo, you stupid cat, where did you—" Her words died in her throat as someone walked by her, emerald scales too real to be a costume. They glinted in the moonlight, covering the man's entire body, a tail swishing back and forth behind him as the grey kitsune on his arm pointed enthusiastically at a stall.

Kagome felt claws sink into her calf and she yelped, jumping away from her attacker, and finding a small bear demon staring up at her.

"Did I scare you?"

She didn't get the chance to respond, the small cub being swept up into the arms of a larger bear demon.

"Save that for the humans, it's no good here," his mother chastised as they walked away.

"But Mama—" the cub whined, confusion lining his face as he looked straight at Kagome. "She's—"

"No buts, let's find your father and we can go find some real people to scare."

Her head whipped around, finally noticing the strange glow emanating from the lanterns that hung from the stalls. The flames moved within their confines, leaping back and forth in a hypnotic dance and all in varying colours.

Claws and fangs adorned each vendor, their faces amorous as creatures of all shapes and sizes moved between their stalls, inspecting their merchandise. Their languages a mix of discernable words, grunts, and growls.


They still existed in her time.

Her heart beat wildly in her chest, blue eyes darting around as she tried to back up into the alley that she'd come from. Her hand gripped the wood as she tried to steady herself.

It was fine, no one knew she was here. If she could just figure out how she'd gotten here, she could get back to her friends without—

"Miss, if you're not going to buy anything, could you please—"

Kagome jerked away from the hand that touched her hand, sparks of reiki automatically bursting out of her fingertips at the perceived threat. The bird youkai stared at her, her beak dropping open at her smoking talons before meeting Kagome's gaze.

"A human?" The bird looked at her talons again before her beady eyes took on a feral gleam. "A miko? How interesting…"

Kagome didn't wait around to find out why, sprinting away from the booth as fast as she could.


Sesshoumaru tugged the mask off his face, smirking to himself as he crossed back through the barrier. The scents that had been assaulting his senses slowly eased and he breathed a sigh of relief, folding his arms into the sleeves of his kimono. Flying bats adorned his shoulders and the area near his ankles, matching the obi tied loosely around his hips.

He normally didn't participate in youkai festivals, but the concept of Halloween had popped up in the last two decades and the community had quickly realized that creating fear in humans caused short-term euphoria.

Inducing fear was not only enjoyable, it also reminded many of them how life used to be. When youkai roamed free and humans either cowered or perished. Sesshoumaru himself had often revelled at the way their frail bodies trembled at just the mention of his name. But it was how things had always been, so the high had been constant. Or at least constant enough that the lulls were never noticeable.

However, with time came evolution, and the humans had multiplied faster due to their shortened lifespans, levelling what were once roving fields and lush, endless forests like a plague. Those who were powerful enough to know better had learned to adapt in order to survive.

Who knew that fear itself was potently intoxicating?

The council had soon decreed that it could only happen once per year after a few youkai had become addicted to the sensation and threatened to expose their existence. On the last day of October, once they'd found out where the most populated celebrations were going to be, they'd set up their own festivals nearby, so the crowds were easily accessible.

Certain factions of the council were in charge of erecting barriers to ensure no humans wandered into the middle of the celebration. Youkai, like humans, tended to lose their sense of reason in larger groups. During the first few Halloweens, there had been a few incidents where some humans had been scared so violently that they'd ended up in the hospital.

Sesshoumaru was sure there'd be more changes to the rules and regulations before the annual festival ran smoothly. They were always discovering loopholes or causing trouble that needed to be remedied. Or covered up.

For now, it was a time to relax and walk amongst humans without his glamour on. It was so freeing to be out in the open as himself. He ran a clawed hand through his hair, letting the silken strands linger between his fingers before flipping the rest of it over his shoulder. The upkeep was a pain, but the results were too numerous to get rid of. Or shorten.

He looked around, taking in the various booths as he walked at a leisurely pace, no particular destination in mind.

"I'm telling you, she looked right at me! She even grabbed my sleeve!"

"Oh come off it, Katsuro, humans can't see us when we're wearing these masks. That's the whole point. We get to scare them without having to sneak around."

"I know that! I was at the same orientation as you. But this woman could see me. I thought my mask had fallen off for a second, but no one else said anything."

"You're full of it."

The pair's bickering continued as they passed him, a frown tugging at his mouth. The masks were indued with kitsune magic, created by only the most powerful nine-tailed fox demons. The only reason a human would've been able to see through it was if—

A ripple of power wafted over his feet, and he turned abruptly, scenting the air.

It couldn't be…

No, he was imagining things. Humans didn't live that long. Especially those that mysteriously disappeared. His brother had never revealed what had become of the miko, no matter how many times he'd been threatened. Not that he cared; they'd barely crossed paths aside from the final moments of their fight against Naraku.

But she was an oddity. And he didn't like oddities.

The power surged again, and his memories faded as he watched the demons skitter around him. Some looked alarmed by the electricity in the air, while others followed the ripples to the centerground of the festival. Sesshoumaru smirked and headed in the opposite direction.

Whoever was manipulating this reiki was trying to throw off their scent by shooting off spurts of their power. It was almost pathetic in its simplicity, but most of the patrons were not trained in the ways of war or espionage. Sesshoumaru was no fool; he focused on the initial energy source, pinpointing the intruder's location.

Keeping to the edge of the walkway, he made his way to a small grove, the trees knitted closely together and a perfect place for a secret tryst.

Or someone to hide.

Circling to the back of the foliage, Sesshoumaru concealed his aura, intent on surprising the unwanted guest before making them sorry they'd trespassed on demon soil. They had to have some spiritual power to get past the barrier—those without it would be overcome with the sudden need to change course, avoiding that particular area for the rest of the night. And the entrance had been well hidden between a series of booths this year.

A flash of pink caught his eye and he pressed himself against the trunk of the closest tree, letting his senses become accustomed to his prey. It was a female, on the young side, but old enough to know she was in trouble. Well-trained and powerful.

Very powerful.

The scent of jasmine invaded his nostrils, and he was transported back to another time, one of rolling landscapes and moonlit walks. Of clanging swords, whizzing arrows, and…

Sapphire eyes.

The woman turned her head, fear laced with determination as she shot another streak of reiki away from her, the pearlesque light causing a few nearby demons to yelp in surprise before luring them away from her hiding spot.

The miko was alive.


And yet she stood before him, clad in a poor excuse for a nurse's uniform. Noticing the tears in her attire, his hackles rose before realizing the lack of copper in the air.

The blood was fake.

He watched her for a moment, taking in her every breath and slight twitch of her fingers as she shifted her weight from side to side. She was trying to keep everyone away, displacing their attention with the random bursts of her reiki. A smirk tugged at his lips when he realized she didn't know how to return to the human side of the festival.

Perhaps he would indulge in the act of fear tonight.

Rin and the kit had often done the same, jumping out at the miko during their travels and delighting in her squawks and squeals before scampering away. The human female seemed to scare easily, gasping at sudden shifts in the light while huddled around the campfire.

And yet her eyes burned with a fierce intensity any time one of her own was threatened.

So peculiar.

Sesshoumaru found the actual act of scaring humans for sport childish, a frivolous game better left to those with too much time on their hands or boredom on their plates. He was above such pitiful and paltry antics.

And yet…

Just this once. To show her that her parlour tricks only worked on lesser demons and not ones of real standing. Ones who were a real threat. And then he would interrogate her as to how she'd survived this long, finally ridding himself of the puzzling curiosity that had been gnawing at him for centuries.

His lips pulled back into a feral smile, and he hunched over, stalking his prey as he slunk around each tree. Closer and closer, not even the ground shifting under his feet as stood on the opposite side of the tree she was taking shelter behind. A hand reached out, claws lengthening before yanking her back against him as he waited for her scream to pierce the night air.

The silence around them was deafening.

Untamed instincts were swallowed by sheer disbelief, his hand frozen against her stomach. The only indication she had even acknowledged his presence was the sudden acceleration of her heartbeat. She hadn't even jumped, her scent suddenly clear and calm.

Why wasn't she afraid?


She was almost free.

Kagome had managed to find a small group of trees after the vendor had realized who—what—she was, and was currently using her reiki to distract random demons into thinking she was somewhere else.

They didn't seem dangerous; their intent seemed lighter, almost like a game. But she wasn't about to let them catch her to find out what the rules were. All she needed was a little bit of time to figure out how to get back to the shrine.

She let out another burst of reiki, then tried to focus on where the shift in locations had been. It didn't feel like she'd been transported anywhere. Maybe a barrier of some kind? Usually, she felt those, a slight pressure pushing down on her shoulders when she got close to it, depending on the power of the demon that had cast it.

But she hadn't felt any of that.

Wrapping a hand around the moon-shaped crystal, she steadied herself, then wondered where Buyo had gone, hoping he'd found a safe place to hide. Maybe he'd even backtracked and found his way back to the house.

She swallowed the sharp pang of fear, her eyes hardening into determined steel as she gazed out between the trees. She needed to move quickly, no telling how long she'd be safe—

A hand grabbed her from behind and she was jerked backwards, her back slamming against lithe muscle. Her eyes widened as the scent and aura of her attacker washed over her, quelling the scream lodged in her throat.


The sound of his name on her lips was breathy, the lilt in her voice betraying something deeper. Forbidden. Kagome cursed the way her body betrayed her, how her skin tingled where they touched. How her friends had talked her into cutting holes in her costume and how his hand seemed to be lingering on her bare skin.

"You did not scream."

She managed to shake her head, not trusting her voice again. His aura whirled with confusion and curiosity.

"Why? You were not aware of my presence before now."

She sucked in a breath, trying to pull away from him but his grip was ironclad, muscles rippling against her back.

He wasn't wearing his armour.

Biting back a groan, fighting desperately not to push herself back against him, she clenched her eyes shut.

"I recognized you as soon as you touched me. And—" She shook her head again, not letting herself continue.

His fingers flexed against her stomach, almost stroking her as he leaned in, his words low as they drifted by her ear.

"And what, miko?"

She squirmed, both hands latching onto his as she tried to escape, the tips of his claws breaking skin as he tightened his grip. A growl rumbled through his chest before sharp fangs bit into her ear, stilling her movements. Something close to a moan slipped through her lips and a blush stained her cheeks.

His aura shifted as he increased the pressure on her ear, his tongue soon following to soothe the abused flesh. Her thighs rubbed together as heat pooled between them, his tongue making one more pass before he repeated his question, the predator whispering in her ear.

"And what, miko?"

His voice was hypnotizing. Seductive. And she found she couldn't resist the siren's call.

"You still smell the same."

She felt him still behind her and her embarrassment gave way to a bubble of hope that he might be so insulted that he'd let her go. His fingers teased the tear on her dress before delving inside, causing the fever between her thighs to increase.

The bubble burst as he nudged her hair aside, his mouth now on the back of her neck.

"And how would you know what This One smelled like, miko?" Her breath hitched as his claws grazed her skin. "Perhaps the monk's lecherous tendencies were not the only ones your pack should have been worried about."

"That's not—" Elegant claws wrapped in dark locks and her head was yanked back, forcing her body to arc against him. Heat scorched the back of her knees as the flaps of his kimono brushed against her bare skin.

"Lies are quite unbecoming of someone of your stature. And current position." Flustered, she looked up into amused golden eyes, his tone almost teasing as he pulled her deeper into the grove, the sounds of the youkai festival muted by the rustling leaves and her own heartbeat.

"I wasn't going to lie. I never peeped on you like Miroku used to do with me and Sango."

"But you wished to."

The heat in her stomach was only matched by the heat in her cheeks and she didn't answer, refusing to give so much away. But her silence seemed to speak volumes, his pupils dilating as he lowered his head, burying his face in her hair.

"Your arousal gives you away, Kagome."

If he hadn't been holding her, she would've fallen to the ground, her legs shaking as her entire stomach clenched. She dug her nails into the back of his hand and finally gave in, grinding back against him, moaning at the discovery that he was just as affected as she was.

The thin material of his kimono left nothing to the imagination, the ridge of his cock pushing hard against her ass as she arced against him further. He smiled against her neck, but it was more teeth than anything else.

"Will you continue to deny yourself tonight? Or will you embrace that which you have been yearning for—craving for—since we crossed paths in my father's tomb?"

"It wasn't that long—" Her denial was cut off by his tongue, his mouth devouring hers as he pushed her up against the nearest tree. He ground against her, the motion causing her skirt to bunch up around her hips, goosebumps roughening her flesh in the chilled night air.

She should feel embarrassed, horrified even, but all she could feel was his body pressed against hers and how she ached for more. Had ached for years.

His tongue curled around hers and she was pulled out of her musings, forced to focus on how every place he was touching her burned. She reached up and wrapped an arm around his neck, returning the kiss with her own intensity, dragging her tongue along his fangs and revelling in how his grip on her hair tightened when the taste of copper slid between their tongues.

Her arousal began to coat her underwear and she whimpered, breaking the kiss to brace herself against the tree.

"Sesshoumaru… P-Please—" He wouldn't make her beg, would he? She didn't think she could be more obvious, but he could be cruel on his best days. She met his eyes over her shoulder, and she shivered, heat spreading like wildfire at the feral expression on his face. Was it possible that she wasn't alone in this insane fantasy?

He licked her blood from his lips, his reddening gaze travelling along the length of her back before settling on her ass, her thong having ridden up between her cheeks. He traced the delicate material, then yanked it up, lace rubbing against her swollen clit before the fabric gave way, tearing under the strain of his claws.

Her arousal dripped freely down her legs and she squirmed before a finger slipped into the exposed flesh, curling inside her. A second one soon joined it. He pumped them into her, his other hand snaking up to fondle a breast, massaging her roughly through her uniform. Her gasp turned into a moan, and she buried her face against her arm, trying to stifle the sound.

"Why do you continuously feel the need to repress your instincts? Is it a human trait?" His voice was beside her ear, his breathing shallow as he scissored his fingers inside her. She cried out against her arm, her walls clenching at the harsh movements.

"N-No… But—we're o-outside… Someone could hear—" Blunt nails dug into bark, her hips pushing back against his hand, desperate for more.

"You chose a suitable place to take cover," he purred, fangs dragging down the column of her neck. "No one will bother us here." He pushed his fingers deeper and she bucked, the vibrations of his voice sending shivers down her spine and setting her nerves on fire. She let out a choked whimper, muscles squeezing his fingers as she shuddered around him.

She wasn't given a chance to recover, fuchsia silks brushing the backs of her knees again before he filled her completely, shoving the entire length of his cock inside her. Another orgasm tore through her, her scream getting caught in her throat as her walls rippled around him. She scratched at the tree, each thrust of his hips causing the rough bark to rasp against sensitive but still covered flesh.

Heat coiled low in her stomach as she pushed back against him, trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts. His name rolled off her tongue, each one causing his claws to dig deeper into her skin. She was up on her toes now, grasping at the trunk to keep herself from falling over.

One hand slid down her thigh, hooking his arm under her knee before pulling one leg off the ground. The new angle had her seeing stars. Biting down on her lip hard enough to taste blood, she tried to hold on, her sanity beginning to splinter.

Kagome clenched her inner walls as hard as she could, determined to bring him with her. He grunted, his movements becoming erratic as his hips slapped against her ass. Youki snaked and swirled, mixing with her reiki and sizzling between them.

"You denied me a scream before, Kagome," a low growl sounded in her ear. "I demand it now."

The ringing in her ears stopped as time seemed to stand still. The upper half of her body was roughly shoved up against the tree, his claws pulling her hips back against his as he surged forward. She felt him swell inside her and she shattered, the sound of her release echoing around them.

He managed one more thrust before joining her, his howl harmonizing with her scream as he emptied himself inside her. Writhing, Kagome struggled to stay on her feet, the edge of her vision blurring as her voice broke. She vaguely felt an arm wrap around her middle and then she was upright, resting against a heaving chest.

Her eyes fluttered and she managed to kiss the underside of his jaw before everything went black.


Sesshoumaru knew the instant the woman in his arms had succumbed to slumber, her slight body overloaded by the force of their coupling. He immediately cursed himself and his lack of forethought and consideration for the miko.

Keeping her close, he shifted their position, lowering himself onto the ground at the base of the tree he'd just had her pinned against. He was still inside her, the pressure bordering on the sweet tightrope between pain and pleasure, and would be for a little while longer. He supposed he could have pulled out, but the feel of her writhing around his cock had overridden his senses and he'd wanted nothing more than to climax inside her.

Her head lolled against his chest, and he nuzzled the top of her hair, the place where she'd kissed him still burning. She'd said he still smelled the same. He could say the same thing about her, though her scent was now that of a woman. Mature. Ripe.

Perhaps it had been more than a curiosity on his part.

Never had his instincts overwhelmed him so quickly, even when he'd been in heat. Her arousal had been intoxicating, made even more potent when mixed with the sound of his name on her lips.

They could've been in the middle of the courtyard, and he would've taken her with just as much intensity.

She shifted in his lap, a frown puckering her brow as she tried to get comfortable. The movement of her hips caused a hiss to escape through his teeth, his knot still firmly locked inside her. He tightened his arm around her waist, then gingerly maneuvered her so she was curled up on her side.

This seemed to satisfy her as she wrapped an arm around his neck and snuggled into his chest. The expression on her face was one of peace, even as a wayward breeze caused goosebumps to appear on her flesh. Summoning mokomoko, he wrapped his pelt around her, covering her almost naked form from the chill of the night.

A gleam of light caught his eye and he jerked at the sight of his ancestral mark around her neck. He'd agreed to place a hidden charm amongst the human trinkets being sold on the other side as a sign of good faith for a recent business merger. A celebration of sorts. It was meant as a lark, something to lure humans to him to obtain a lengthy scream—and a better high.

Was that what had lured the miko here? Had she felt the call of his youki even in the small crystal? Perhaps he had underestimated the growth of her power since they'd last crossed paths. He brushed his fingers along the curved edge of the pendant, endowing it with more of his aura.

The crystal took on an ethereal quality, the tips of the moon glowing white. His youki slid along her skin, enveloping her, and mixing with her own. Now other youkai would know to whom she belonged.

He was not one to share.

He would just have to convince her of that when she awoke.

A soft sigh escaped her lips and she turned her face up into his neck, her arm tightening around him and pulling him closer. Chuckling softly, he brushed his lips against her temple, stroking the curve of her ass under his pelt. The peaceful look on her face did strange things to his chest.

He could not remember the last time he'd allowed a bedmate to actually sleep with him.

The leaves rustled above him and his eyes narrowed, the tips of his fingers dripping with poison as he slowly raised his head, his voice low and menacing.

"You had better have a good reason for invading a private space."

The leaves rustled again before the creature jumped down from the branch she'd been lounging on, her paws not making a sound when she landed beside him. His expression immediately softened and he retracted his claws, reaching out to scratch one of her ears.

"Hello, little one. Is it you that I have to thank for this bounty tonight?"

Kirara mewed and pushed at his hand with her head, allowing him to scratch at her chin. Her bright orange eyes closed in pleasure as his claws moved down her back.

"You've been playing tricks again."

She stretched her hind legs before giving him an innocent look, her twin tails swishing back and forth behind her.

He'd thought it amusing that the nekomata would don the guise of a house cat and lounge around the human shrine. She'd even learned to change her appearance, losing all her demon traits to gain access to a comfortable bed and stomach rubs.

He looked at the pendant again, the scent of her aura still lingering on the chain around the miko's neck. The fact that the woman had walked through the barrier without issue still intrigued him, though he supposed he shouldn't be surprised, with her innate ability to attract trouble.

Kirara mewed again, then climbed up his body, creeping behind the curtain of his hair before curling up on his shoulder, her face nestled against the side of his neck.

His youki embraced the three of them, warding off any intruders that may disturb the tranquillity of the night. Looking down at the woman in his arms, he decided that the nekomata was deserving of a very large helping of tuna for her services.


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