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Jealous? You can get your own at the Dokuga Marble Guild! ^.*


I'm never really sure what to write in the 'about you' section...

I love making friends! I do, really. Please don't hesitate to message me (I don't bite); I can usually be found in chat as well.

I like music and writing.

I like history a lot, and can speak three languages (two fluently, the third not so much at all).

I like flowers :)


I love Dokuga.


Currently, I have two fics going (with some rarely updated chapter stories):


**ON HIATUS UNTIL 2012!!!** Ascension is updated every other day, unless some unforeseeable event occurs and I am unable to. This is a more serious fiction, one that I put serious thought into and try to develop my skills with.

Nominated for Best Drama 3rd Quarter 2011, Best AU/Alternate Reality 4th Quarter 2011

Completion: 60% (ish)


Contact will be updated every other if I can get to it. It's an experimental style, so I'll see how it goes and adjust according to my thoughts and constructive criticism given. This is downright humor and fluff with an occasional taste of angst.

Nominated for Best Serial 3rd Quarter 2011--won Third Best Serial

Completion: 50%