Twists in Fate by NicoRavenPen

Prompt: Blood

    Bloodied, clawed fingers dug in and splintered the wood, finding the purchase necessary to pull the feminine body over the rim of an old, dried up well.

    Wide, dizzied eyes glanced about in frantic panic, her breaths coming in pants, her throat convulsing as she subconsciously swallowed, as if there was anymore to swallow.

    The blood that had dripped down her chin earlier was drying now, and her tongue dipped out to lap at it as she crawled over the wood to crouch on the ground, her back arched like a feline as her nose tipped upwards to test the air.

    Her eyes closed languidly as she took in the myriad of cloying scents drifting to her from the nearby village.

    A part of her remembered why she’d gone there, that she’d left in an effort to protect her family from herself. She knew those in the past would be better equipped to deal with her, to restrain her. But now that she was here…

    The blood that warred within her drew her attention once more and she convulsed with the pain, spine tightening, as an inhuman whine escaped her lips.

    The darkness was corrupting her pure soul and she both hated and loved it. It was terrible, wicked, but the bits of her that were already changing made her think of it in another way. It was freeing, emboldening, and empowering. She could do anything, be in control of everything…

    Her whine became a growl of frustration and her rust-covered fingers dug into the ebony mane of her hair.

    She needed to control it…Needed to tame it…

    Just as she felt that she was gaining a semblance of control again the hunger grew in her once more and her eyes glazed over, her blue hues turning almost silver as they reflected the light of the moon.


A/N: I know, I know, I already have a billion unfinished stories, but I couldn't resist doing this challenge, and my muse completely ran with my plunnie...Hope you all enjoy this slightly darker fic, and let me know what you think. I will be posting one more chapter tonight...


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