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Chapter 2

The loud rhythm of his rapidly beating heart made Sesshomaru reach up and cover his chest with his hand. He could feel it thumping in his shock and confusion. This was another world entirely, so different than the one he had belonged to just a day ago.

Koga had led him to what appeared to be some kind of barracks. Cots were on the floor with bags of feathers on them. Men were asleep, snoring and drooling peacefully with their cuffs decorating their wrists. “How can they sleep so soundly?” Sesshomaru whispered harshly as Koga stepped around the cots to bring him breakfast.

“They are not suffering, Sesshomaru,” Koga suggested. “In fact, the men here are quite happy. While they are no longer dominant or leaders, they are able to relax and let the women lead. A few of them tried to rebel, but other men were the ones who stopped them. Kagome and the other women give them a relaxing life in exchange for obedience. It’s not the worst trade in the world.”

“Where is their pride?” Sesshomaru wondered, pulling the plate from Koga’s hands and staring at the pork sausage and eggs. A rather privileged meal for a servant.

“Their pride isn’t gone. It’s simply relocated itself,” Koga answered as he sat beside Sesshomaru on the dog’s cot. “They pride themselves in pleasing the woman who picked them now. That is how it is.”

“Unbelievable,” Sesshomaru murmured around a piece of food rolling around in his mouth. Koga scoffed at him. “What will you do today?” He wondered, hoping the wolf would keep him company in the foreign land. While Sesshomaru usually didn’t like company, he wanted to have someone he could get information out of. Koga seemed to be the perfect thing.

“I have to escort a woman to a different location and then I will be back,” Koga answered easily as he chewed a piece of ham. “You have plans for the day. I will take you to her chamber and then enjoy hearing you complain later.” A grin lit up the wolf’s face, and Sesshomaru tried not to wonder what was in store for him.

After breakfast, Sesshomaru was given a new fundoshi, this time in a beige cover. Koga also gave him leather boots to cover his bare feet. They reached his calf and was actually a close fit. The corridors were busy, and Sesshomaru was forced once again to walk through them with nothing on but boots and a fundoshi. Women stared shamelessly, making Sesshomaru feel uncomfortable. IT was one thing to be admired, but an entirely different feeling to feel like a food on a silver platter.

When they did not take the same turn as yesterday, Sesshomaru began to wonder where they were going. Koga led him to a spiral stair case that descended into what appeared to be a ballroom for parties. They crossed the polished floor and pushed though two large doors that stood twenty feet high.

Sesshomaru was happy to see the outside for the first time. The sun lit everything up. Trees were dancing in the morning breeze. It was peaceful and refreshing. “Koga!” Kagome exclaimed from in front of them. She wore a kimono similar to the one yesterday. This one was sky blue with a golden obi wrapped around her. She was with the same woman who Kagome sent for fruit when he had woken up.

She was familiar. he had often seen her with a monk during the quest for jewel shards. “Sango,” Sesshomaru breathed out, as if guessing her name. The woman blinked at him, her black hair was pulled into a ponytail and she was dressed in a tight, fighting suit.

“Lady Sango,” Kagome corrected, her eyes narrowing. Sesshomaru forced himself to repeat the title, making both women smile in approval. “Let’s get going,” she ordered.

The two women turned and began to depart from their spots. Sesshomaru looked to Koga for some kind of instruction, but found that the wolf was no longer there. “Your job is to follow, male,” Kagome tossed over her shoulder, casting him with a devious smirk. Sesshomaru felt his inner demon thrash against him, wanting to be freed. He couldn’t allow that though, if he had lost against this woman once, he wasn’t about to ask for a rematch.

He forced himself to follow, wanting nothing more than to go back home. He needed information before he could attempt that. Swallowing his male pride for the moment, he followed the two elegantly dressed women. They laughed and chatted together, pointing at rabbits that scurried away from them. He couldn’t believe these two women had led an army.

When they began trailing through the forest, Sesshomaru’s mind began to drift to more dangerous things. He couldn’t smell or hear anyone other than the servants back at the castle. His surroundings were thick with brush and easy to hide in. For a moment, he wondered why Kagome would take him - some one she shouldn’t trust - here.

His golden eyes casually looked to her before glancing back to the forest. He began asking himself questions, wondering how long he could run and survive. Was it worth the risk? He stared down at the linked cuffs around his wrists. Something had to be off about this.

Kagome was still chattering with Sango about a meeting coming up when he decided to make his move. He stopped walking and turned a hard right. He jumped over a bush and began to sprint through the trees. A moment later, the cuffs around his wrists illuminated with energy. He cringed when it felt as if they were squeezing down on him, before they slammed into the ground, bringing him to all fours in the dirt.

“Awe, Sesshomaru,” Kagome cooed behind him. He didn’t have to see her to know she wore a smirk. “Whatever would I do if my puppy ran away from me?” She asked, staring at him from the road. Sesshomaru growled, not liking the possessive tone in her voice. This went against every natural instinct he had. His beast didn’t want to be trapped, treated like a dog.

“Now, I will not be nearly as mean if you come back on your own.” Her voice was filled with warning, and Sesshomaru didn’t remember ever hearing the woman sound so angry and sexy at the same time. “However, if you make me come after you, your wonderful body might become scarred. It’s your choice.”

He clenched his fingers, grabbing fistfuls of dirt as he did so. Pushing himself up, he turned around to glare at the woman. “Oh, Kagome, such bite in his eyes,” Sango noted. He saw a hint of worry in her eyes, and finally felt a small inkling of respect for that woman. At least she knew not to play with fire, unlike Kagome.

“Yes,” Kagome bit out with a new tone that confused him. It was pure acid. She turned on her heel and walked away, but not before Sango and he heard her last remark. “It leads to ugly things,” she whispered in disgust. Sesshomaru felt as if it were no longer directed at him.

Sango waited for him to leave the brush, walking a mere few steps in front of him. He thought about taking her hostage, but once more figured the cuffs would just drag him to the ground again. “Is your monk still alive? Have you turned him, too, into a slave, Lady Sango?” He teased, hoping to gain at least some kind of fear. Maybe, he can pull her to his side and work in his favor. He needed another ally. Koga would not be enough in this land where males hold no control.

“Miroku is free to do as he pleases,” Sango explained, emotionally unresponsive to his antics. “A woman can permit her male to do whatever she wants, so I permit my husband freedom.”

Sesshomaru nodded in return as he followed closely behind. So, the monk was a husband with freedom, not a servant. Sesshomaru had figured the males were all slaves to these women. It was comforting to know that some still had the dignity to walk around without cuffs and scantily-clad forms.

“What were his thoughts on the matter?” He inquired. Sango did not answer though.

Kagome whipped around to glare at him, seething with her anger. “You speak only when spoken to, male,” she growled out. “And you address her as Lady Sango.”

He clenched his hands into white-knuckled fists. He growled, teeth grinding in his frustration. Her sapphire eyes seemed to sparkle with the challenge in her eyes. So far, she had not punished him. Even now, Sesshomaru couldn’t imagine the innocent and naive priestess he knew harming him. She was too kind.

“Or what?” He pressed with a knowing smirk, having caught her bluff. Sango glanced at Kagome nervously. Kagome didn’t react to her glance. Her own stare was focused on Sesshomaru’s. His fiery golden orbs held the challenge.

A smirk suddenly broke across her lips. “Sango,” she mused, her tone light and amused. “I believe I will have to retire early. Please send Rin my regards.”

The challenge in his orbs died instantly. Rin was here as well, in this parallel universe. “Rin?” He practically choked out, suddenly worried for his adoptive daughter’s safety. “Take me to her!” He shouted.

“Well, I was,” Kagome returned calmly, picking a flower and toying with its petals. She nodded to Sango, who continued down the path, leaving them alone. “I figured you would enjoy seeing her, your most trusted companion. Now, however, I don’t think I will. Come along.”

She brushed past him in the opposite direction of Sango. Sesshomaru’s teeth clenched in anger and frustration. Who was she to tell him what to do? What right did she have? Angrily, he stalked off in the direction Sango had gone in.

A burning sensation, originating from his cuffs, sent him to his knees in the dirt below thought. “You are quite the naughty puppy today,” Kagome’s sultry voice teased from behind him, as he whimpered on the ground, curling into himself.

The feeling of her fingers running through his silver hair was distant as he continued to bear the pain of the cuffs. “Such a pretty color,” Kagome muttered absently, snapping herself out of her trance. She pulled her powers back, which were linked to the cuffs fastened around Sesshomaru’s wrist. “Stand up,” she ordered. “Don’t lie there like a child.”

He gasped for air as the pain stopped, not knowing he had held his breath. “Go to hell,” he returned icily. Rolling over onto his back, he stared up at her. She looked amused, and he hated her more than ever in that moment.

Yet, with his insult, she suddenly looked as if she were leagues away. “I have already been there,” she whispered, eyes glossing over with what appeared to be memories. Sesshomaru hated how he was suddenly curious about the woman. A moment later, she was glaring at him. “Now, come on.”

He pushed himself to his feet, continuing to glare at her with a new-found hatred. “You can’t honestly think the males will continue to be so domestic,” Sesshomaru seethed. The fortress came into sight again, and he knew he had lost his chances at seeing Rin, a punishment in itself.

“You are new and foolish,” she grumbled from in front of them as they entered the hall, making their way up the steps. “Do not talk to me anymore.”

“Why not?” Sesshomaru growled, hoping he was annoying her - irritating her. He wanted nothing more than to make this woman suffer for causing his pride and dignity such pain. “Have you grown tired of me already? Perhaps you should hand me off to another woman.”

She never replied along their walk back to her wing. Silently, she led him there until the door clicked shut behind him. The cuffs began to born again, but this time it seemed to be a warning. “Get on the bed.”

His brow arched in question, as if disbelieving it what she said. Kagome wasn’t facing him. In fact, she wasn’t even in the same room as she went into her office. “Do it!” She exclaimed. He heard the clapping of her hands before the cuffs seemed to pull him int he direction of the padded and raised futon.

He dug his heels into the ground, grabbed hold of the corner of a desk, but minutes later found himself to be in a humiliating and degrading position. The cuffs pulled him forward. His knees hit the fur and he gave a low grunt in shock as his wrists were met with what felt like bear furs.

“Cease this at once, miko,” Sesshomaru snarled angrily, looking over his shoulder. Kagome was humming a melody to herself while ruffling through something, looking to be a storage closet. When she appeared back in his chamber, a seductive gleam sparkled her sapphire orbs that Sesshomaru wanted to put out.

“Oh, puppy, I don’t think you’re in the position to be barking,” she cooed as she sat beside him on the furs. Sesshomaru practically jumped when he felt the soft touch of her fingertips as she ran them over his exposed torso. “Nice...” She whispered in admiration, lust in her eyes.


“Shut up,” Kagome hissed. A fire in her eyes made the sapphire orbs practically sparkle, and for a moment, Sesshomaru found himself actually listening. “You, puppy, seemed to forget that I’m in charge. You are my male. I tried being nice to you, and you rudely rejected my attempts.”

“You told me nothing of what you planned!” Sesshomaru argued, defending himself desperately as her hand withdrew from his skin. He didn’t like this fear he felt over what could possibly happen. He didn’t like this feeling of being dominated. It went against his nature and was horrifying.

A startled yelp left him when a hand swatted his behind. His head dropped forward. Sesshomaru sucked in a quick breath and slammed his eyes shut. This couldn’t possibly be happening. There could never be a world where he, Sesshomaru, would be spanked.

“I think you know what happens if you continue talking?” Kagome asked from beside him. Sesshomaru flushed in embarrassment as he gave a jerky nod - anything to stop her from spanking him again.

“Good boy,” Kagome taunted. Sesshomaru felt his beast claw at his skin. A burn to kill this women stronger than any other one he’d ever faced. He wanted to kill her more than he had wanted to kill Naraku.

Unfortunately, the strongly sealed cuffs bound his beast, leaving the thoughts to be nothing more than a fantasy. Her hand trailed back over his reddened cheek, continuing along his cleft before cupping his balls. Sesshomaru entire body tensed, jaw clenched. His lip bled as his fang penetrated it. His mouth opened, but the sudden reminder of what she had done humiliated him and embarrassed him. So, like a defeated and abused servant, he closed his mouth and bowed his head in resignation.

The hand retreated then, as if noticing his complete surrender. His golden eyes sought out her, hoping to see what she would do next. Kagome was sitting back on the floor. Her legs were tucked to the side beneath her. One of her hands braced herself against the floor. Her head was tilted to the side as she smirked at him, playfully.

“Have you eaten?” She asked. Sesshomaru watched as she unfolded a small hand fan and began to wave it against her. She made it look effortless though, as if she were merely a goddess. “No?”

Sesshomaru shook his head, unable to tear his eyes away from her. Why was this Kagome so  different? What had happened in this universe that caused such a drastic turn of events?

The sudden feeling of wood and paper slapping against his rear made him gasp. He hissed when a burn followed the pain of the initial impact. Snarling, he tried to take a deep breath, but it came out in a hiss. Her giggle would haunt him. It was like a soft chime, but he knew it was at his expense.

“I asked you a question,” Kagome reminded him, tapping the curve of his butt with the fan. Leaning her head back, she let out a sigh that almost sounded as if she were bored. Sesshomaru’s mind raced. Humiliation, embarrassment, and desperation pounded through him. He just wanted out of this.

“No,” he whispered below his breath, dropping his head down to the furs. Taking a deep breath, he tried to relax his body. It would hurt more if he were tense, if she did it again.

“Are you hungry?” Kagome asked, her voice a lot gentler than before. It was almost caring. Sesshomaru wouldn’t fall for it thought. Slowly, he shook his head. “It’s been hours since you’ve eaten though. Are you sure?” She wondered, beginning to fan herself with the paper instrument.

To be honest, Sesshomaru was hungry. The tiny bit Koga had fed him this morning was nothing compared to the meals he normally ate. Even though he was a demon, and as such his metabolism didn’t require a frequent intake, he still felt starved after being here for two days now.

“You’re a horrible liar,” Kagome cooed, her eyes narrowed on his. His entire body jerked when he felt the cold wood of the fan move along his hip, running up the length of his torso. “I wasn’t talking about food though,” she pouted.

When the wooden fan lifted off his skin, he found his golden eyes curiously watching it. He was unsure of what she were talking about until she lifted her legs in front of her. The obi was already lose, and the sides of the kimono fell between her inner thighs. Sesshomaru’s brain came to a screeching halt as the realization of what her hunger and his hunger meant infiltrated him.

“No.” His answer was firm, voice cold and unmoving. Dignity, or what was left of it, dictated his thoughts. Kagome could use that fan as much as she wanted on him, but he would never sink to be some sort of pleasure puppet for a woman.

“Oh, no fun,” Kagome pouted, tucking her legs beneath her and leaning forward. She closed the fan in one of her hands, the other hand carressing the length of his abdomen. Sesshomaru hated his body’s reaction to the feather-like touch of her finger tips. His enhanced hearing picked up her shaky breath, which caused confusion. For someone so confident, she seemed almost scared to touch him.

The stray thought disappeared when fingers dipped into the fundoshi and wrapped around his testicles, rolling them in the palm of her head. Eyes wide, he growled at her, moving his arm. The cuffs burned again, pulling him back forward. Her blasted fan landed another blow to his rear. His golden eyes closed tightly, jaw clenched. “It feels good though.” Kagome stated.

When he opened his eyes to glare at her, his lips parting to make way for a response, he realized her eyes held a challenge in them. The feeling of the wood of the fan’s handle sliding against his buttocks offered the warning. She had spoken a statement, and did not want his response. Sighing, he dropped his head in surrender, not liking any of this. It made him and his beast sick to feel so submissive, to be in such a position.

“Why don’t you like it, Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked. Her fingers moved to grasp his cock, hardening against his wishes. “Doesn’t it feel good?” She pressed on.

Sesshomaru growled, but knew what she was playing at. “I do not want this,” he answered thought a thick and heady voice, both filled with desperation and sudden want. He felt to weak, not in control.

“I like it though.” Her voice was teasing, and he realized again what she was doing. Kagome was taunting him, hoping he would push the line so she could discipline him again. Sesshomaru didn’t fall for it, closing his eyes and beginning to plot her demise once more.

Suddenly, her hands left his body. The cuffs’ power dissipated. Quickly, he sat back on his haunches and glared at her. Kagome’s fan lay forgotten on the floor as she stared back at him. Her sapphire eyes held an emotion he couldn’t place. It could have been loss, melancholy, or guilt, yet it was quickly disguised with a teasing gleam.

She pushed herself off the ground. A sudden flare of her power made him expect his cuffs to burn again, but they did not. Instead, the familiar presence of the wolf arrived at her door. She had summoned him. “Take Sesshomaru to the kitchen for something to eat,” she ordered as Koga entered.

“Is that all?” Koga asked, bowing his head to her and examining Sesshomaru. The dog was flushed and glaring as if he wanted to decapitate her.

“No, the puppy deserves a reward for learning his lesson.” Her voice was light and joking, yet Sesshomaru still bristled with anger and humiliation. Standing up, he glared at her one last time and walked past Koga.

He heard the door click close behind him and knew that Koga was following close behind. “She’s a demon,” Sesshomaru hissed over his shoulder. “You have no idea what she has done with me! Back in my lands, I would kill her instantly.”

“I have an idea,” Koga mused absently, scratching the back of his neck. “That fan leaves marks, always has.”

Panic seared through Sesshomaru. He turned to his side, trying desperately to catch a glimpse of where she had struck him more than once. Red lines were swollen and easily noticeable. “Don’t worry, it’s dinner time so most people are eating in the rooms. The halls will be mostly empty, and I can serve you in the barracks so no one will notice.”

“This has happened before?” Sesshomaru asked. “Wolf, you said she didn’t do such things to her servants.” The words tasted like bile on the way up. It was inhumane, unthinkable, what she did to him.

“Well, yes,” Koga answered simply as he stepped in front of Sesshomaru and guided him through the halls. The conversation dimming down to an awkward silence. Sesshomaru was happy that the halls were empty. He was already embarrassed to walk through them in nothing more than a fundoshi, but to add marks from being spanked to the mix may cause him to die of humiliation.

“Why doesn’t she eat with others?” Sesshomaru asked suddenly, not understanding why he was interested in understanding the same woman who had caused such injury to his pride. Yet, the Kagome he knew from his travels seemed to thrive around her group, around being able to socialize with others.

“She prefers to be alone since the war began. She leads, gets things done, and goes on her way. Sango and Rin know the most about her. Did you see Rin today?” Koga asked as he opened the door to their barracks.

“No, things got... complicated,” Sesshomaru grumbled, retreating to sit down on his cot. Koga’s brow raised, but the wolf said no more. “Is Rin okay?” Sesshomaru asked, somewhat worried about how this new universe worked.

“Rin? She’s probably one of the happiest women here. I’m sure you’ll see her soon since... Kagome’s lessons... got in your way today,” Koga got out, unable to keep the chortle from escaping. “Now, do I need to worry about you running away and being caught at the gates, which will happen, while I get food?”

Sesshomaru sighed, but shook his head, laying on the cot and wanting nothing more than to disappear from this world. “No,” he answered, but Koga had already left.


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