Collection of Nonsense by Itsumademo

Prompts: S.P.A.H.

ATTENTION: If you are new to this series, i hope you keep in mind that these were written beginning in 2010 and skip a few years as the different prompt series go past. The quality gets better as you go--or i certainly would like to think it does, and that i have gotten better over all this time. Anways... ^-^ (5/5/17)


Combined prompts: Stealth, Poison, Anonymity, and Hidden

9/29/10 IDDU--Ninja Themed

Unafraid of creeping dangers, Kagome—Ninja Warrior, made a stealthy leap across the rooftops to perch carefully upon the palace edge. Quiet, winds hardly existent, her black clad feet swiftly crept until reaching her destination. Nimbly, delicate fingers grasped tight upon the roof lip allowing her to swing down in agile grace, soundlessly landing on well trained feet.

Flickers of soft candle light reflected unmoving shadows against thin shoji screens. Confrontation was not a welcome option.

In a flash of swift action, she had managed to break into the most impenetrable fortress around, the Western Palace and home of powerful and deadly Lord Sesshoumaru.

The corner she occupied hid well enough, but the chance of notice still too imminent were she to stay in place. Though brightened marginally, the large ornate room was nearly impossible to survey.  Stepping as if her ground were to shatter, the petite ninja weaved to yet another screen leaving not one object brushed by the assaulted air.

While shifting the door out of place, a bright and sudden whip of burning poison tore apart the rice paper just narrowly avoiding Kagome’s fabric shielded nose. Twisting awkwardly from the attacker, she skillfully created a well concealed distance. Back to wardrobe, breaths leaked evenly from her lungs while ears reached for a chance to detect noise.

Sharp and forceful, a large hand wrapping itself about her slender neck, so hastily pinned the wood pieces dug into her fragile skin.

“Who are you?” Dark, attractive baritone rang sensually in her head.

Raspy yet firm she whispered back to her shadowed captor. “Can one not cower behind their anonymity when against a challenger so fearsome?” A shaky smirk tugged at hidden lips.

“Hn.” That familiar response, so loaded yet so bland.

A firm heavy chest was soon against her own, warm air curling beside her face stirring a blush of nervous butterfly within her existence.

“Perhaps one should be wiser to not disrupt private dwellings at all, lest they be caught and forced to pay the price.”

A cool wind flushed her body, gone was the man and free she became once more. Not frightened however wary of her position the ninja warrior took leave of the great western home. All the while knowing, Lord Sesshoumaru watched her retreating figure hidden within shadowed walls.


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