Suprise! by Kekee06


He stroked her cheek lovingly as she sobbed to his shirt- covered chest.

   "What am I going to?" she asked him,

   "Why did your mother disown you, koi?" he asked calmly. She backed away from him while he looked confused sitting on the park bench.

   "I am so sorry, Sess, I know how much you didn't want this and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." she said sorrowfully,

   "What is it, koi?... Kagome baby you have to tell me,"

   "I'm -I'm pregnant," Kagome said hanging her head down and her jet black hair with a blueish tint hid her face.

   "Do you not want the child?" Sesshomaru asked,

   "I do but you said you didn't want anymore children," Kgome said still crying. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around Kagome's waist,

   "What ever makes you happy baby," he murmured to her softly.

   "Sess, what am I going to do I have no where to go." Kagome sniffled her cries mellowing down.

   "You can come stay with me, my parents love you and if they say no I have enough money for us to live comfortably," Kagome nodded and gathered her things that were by the bench.

   Sesshomaru took her suitcase and put it in the trunk of his black Scion. He helped Kagome into the car and then he got in and drove to the home he shared with his parents.



hey I know this is short but i am working on it and this might actually be the first fic i put up and keep updating. I am going to try but i am not sure. Please review i will put up the second chapter soon!


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