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He was typing away on his work computer when his phone made a soft chiming sound. The notification never ceased to excite him. His golden pupils dilated, lips parting to reveal the tips of sharp fangs as he let out an eager pant. The demonic markings beneath his glamor heated up, causing a flush to spread across his cheeks. That little notification had become his singular obsession—a siren call to unlock his phone and dive into Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTube. Any of the many platforms she favored.

Without bothering to hide his eagerness, Sesshoumaru snatched up his phone and spun 180 degrees in his swivel chair, turning his back to his office door. He couldn’t risk anyone seeing his elated face as he tapped frantically on his smartphone until he found the app he was looking for.

Opening Instagram, he saw that it wasn’t just a post this time— @MigrantMiko was doing a live stream. His heart raced as he clicked the "watch now" button so hard he nearly cracked the screen. The seconds it took to load felt like an eternity, but then her smiling face appeared.

“Good morning everyone! Today we are in Pompeii, filming for my newest series, 'Frozen in Time,'” the tanned woman informed her viewers, holding tightly to a sun hat trying to fly off her head. “As you can see, the weather isn’t ideal for filming, but I wanted to hop on and give you guys a sneak peek of what’s to come!”

Her obsidian-colored hair whipped around her as she walked down the rutted stone roads, explaining how centuries of cart traffic had worn through the paths. Her exposed, toned arms gestured animatedly as she spoke, but all Sesshoumaru could do was stare at her. Today, she wore a forest green tank top and what he assumed were khaki-colored shorts. Her sapphire eyes sparkled as brilliantly as the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri, not far from the unearthed city she is now exploring.

As much as Sesshoumaru loved history and world travel, that was not his reason for following this archeologist-turned-influencer. It was six months ago that his assistant picked up a new phone for him and set it up. If he had known Rin was going to add a bunch of seemingly useless applications to the device, he would have done it himself. When he asked her about them, his adopted daughter was more than happy to explain.

The idea that Instagram was only meant for posting and sharing photos of food and cats seemed ridiculous. Just as he was about to ask how to delete the app, his narrow eyes landed on a photo in his feed—a familiar face smiling up at him, one he hadn’t seen in centuries. Kagome.

From that day on, his curiosity about what she had been doing and posting on social media had slowly turned into an obsession. It became his own guilty pleasure, a secret indulgence that added a spark to his otherwise monotonous days.

Leaning back in his leather chair, Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome wrapped up her live video. Her voice, warm and melodic, filled his ears as she spoke to her viewers, her words flowing with the ease of someone who had found her true calling. 

"As always, thank you for joining me, everyone! I can't wait to share more of Pompeii with you in my upcoming series," she said, her eyes shining with excitement. She then reached up, her hand leaving her hat to wave to the camera. In that instant, a strong gust of wind lifted the hat from her head, sending it tumbling into the ruins. Kagome let out a carefree laugh. The sunlight caught the strands of her long raven hair, making them gleam like dark silk. With a final, charming smile, she blew a kiss to the camera and ended the stream.

Sesshoumaru's heart raced as the screen went dark. He could still see her radiant smile in his mind, and hear her infectious laughter. It was moments like these that had ensnared him, pulling him deeper into the web of her digital presence. Each post, each video, each live stream was a new piece of her world, a world he found himself increasingly drawn to, unable to resist the pull.

Turning back around and placing his phone on his desk, he found that he could no longer concentrate on his work. Deciding to call it a day, he shut down his computer, let down his black hair from its ponytail, and gathered his belongings. As he stepped out of his office, he spotted Rin working diligently at her desk just outside his door. A small grin tugged at his lips.

"We are done for the day. Do you need a ride home?" he asked softly. 

Rin looked up at her father and smiled, shaking her head. "Shippo is already waiting in the lobby." She stood, shouldering her purse, and followed the demon to the elevator. "We are going to Kouga and Inuyasha’s new restaurant tonight. Wanna come?"

"No," he replied swiftly, his tone firm and immediate. Rin's giggle filled the hallway, lightening the atmosphere.

The wolf and the half-breed owned a number of successful restaurants. Inuyasha had developed a knack for cooking and worked in the kitchens, while Kouga used his charm to manage the front of the house and oversee the staff. Sesshoumaru typically waited until the mated couple moved on to their next venture before dining at their latest establishments. When the two worked together, it was often dinner and a show—bickering in the kitchen, food being sent back, threats exchanged, and the inevitable makeup sex in the back office.

While his daughter and son-in-law went home to get ready for their dinner outing, Sesshoumaru settled into the plush leather seat of his town car. The cityscape blurred past the tinted windows as he gazed out, lost in thought. His mind wandered to the evening ahead, already knowing it would follow the same pattern as many others before it.

As the car navigated the bustling streets, he envisioned his arrival at his penthouse. Stepping into his sanctuary, he would be greeted by the silence and the twinkling lights of the skyline through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

He would discard his suit jacket, usually on the floor for Jaken to pick up later, loosen his tie, and drop his glamor. Silver hair falling around him as his demonic markings appeared. The spacious living area, nearly empty with only the most basic of furnishings, would be his domain for the evening. 

With a glass of aged whisky in hand, he would sink into the deep cushions of his couch, the cool surface a stark contrast to the warmth of the liquor. He would scroll through Kagome’s many social media accounts, each post and video a new glimpse into her vibrant life. Her travels, her discoveries, her infectious enthusiasm…all things she had enjoyed about her time in the past she managed to integrate into her world.

The hours would slip away as he delved deeper into her digital existence. He might pour himself another glass. His gaze would return to the screen, where Kagome's latest adventures played out before him. Her laughter would echo in his mind and the empty walls of his home.

Eventually, the night would wear on, and fatigue would begin to creep in. The glass would slip from his fingers, and he would drift into a fitful sleep on the couch, Kagome's smile the last thing on his mind.

This was his routine, his escape, and his prison. Each evening was a dance between reality and obsession, a struggle to find a connection in the echoes of a life he watched from afar. As the city pulsed with life outside his window, Sesshoumaru remained ensnared by the ghost of a woman who had become his world in both the past and present. 


When the plane touched down, Kagome let out a relieved sigh. As much as she loved to travel and work abroad, there was warm comfort in returning home. The sights, sounds, and smells of her homeland always brought a sense of peace that no other place could match.

With just her backpack and computer bag in tow, she navigated through the bustling airport, her eyes scanning the crowd until they landed on a familiar face. Her brother, Souta, was waiting for her, a wide grin spreading across his face as he spotted her.

“Dang, Sis! I swear, every time you get back, you’re more tanned!” Souta called out, his voice carrying over the din of the terminal. Kagome chuckled and, with a playful glint in her eye, threw a water bottle at him. He managed to dodge it just in time, laughing as he did.

“I lost my hat and didn’t have time to do any shopping,” she grumbled good-naturedly, picking up the bottle she had thrown. The tan was a small price to pay for the adventures and discoveries she experienced on her trips.

Souta stepped forward to help her with her bags, his face falling into an exaggerated pout. “So, does that mean no souvenirs?” he asked, feigning disappointment.

Kagome rolled her eyes, snatching the car keys from his hand and nudging him aside. “Let me drive, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you your gift when we get back to the shrine,” she teased.

He laughed, shaking his head as he moved to the passenger side. “Fine, but you better not drive like you’re still on those winding European roads. Mom will kill us both if you crash her car.”

Kagome’s homecoming was as loud and eventful as ever. It didn’t matter if she had been gone for a weekend or three months, each time she returned, her family celebrated with the same exuberance. As she stepped through the front door, she was greeted by the mouthwatering scents of her favorite foods. The TV blared so loudly that she could barely make out the story her grandfather was animatedly recounting to her friends. Souta, ever the helpful sibling, slipped past her and turned off the TV, causing everyone to turn and look.

“Hey guys,” Kagome greeted softly, her gentle voice a stark contrast to the boisterous welcome she had walked into.

For a moment, silence hung in the air, but it didn’t last long. In seconds, she was surrounded by a flurry of hugs and excited chatter. Usually, her homecomings were family affairs, but seeing her old school friends there as well was a pleasant surprise.

After the initial wave of greetings and embraces subsided, Kagome looked over at her mother, who had just emerged from the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron. “As much as I love seeing everyone, why are you all here?” she asked.

Instead of answering, Mrs. Higurashi walked over to the coffee table and opened a neatly wrapped box sitting there. She carefully pulled out an object that made Kagome gasp. With trembling hands, Kagome reached out and took the item from her mother.

“It’s finally finished…” she whispered. In her hands, she held her first published book.

The cover was a work of art, depicting the silhouette of her form seated gracefully on the edge of a rugged cliff, gazing out over an endless horizon painted in hues of twilight. Her name was boldly emblazoned at the top in elegant script, with the title "Timeless Travels" just beneath it, each letter standing out with a quiet strength. The moment felt surreal, like a dream she had nurtured for so long had finally come to life.


The MigrantMiko’s accounts had been quiet for almost a week, a silence that was driving Sesshoumaru to distraction. During meetings, he would catch his foot bouncing under the table or his fingers clicking the pen in his hand. His honeyed eyes kept flickering over to his phone lying face up beside his notes. He was constantly waiting, hoping for any sort of update or new content from her.

As soon as the meeting adjourned, he snatched up the device and marched back to his office, his mind consumed by thoughts of the wayward priestess. Perhaps his infatuation had indeed turned into an outright obsession. Sitting back in his leather chair, he pulled up her personal Facebook account. It had been years since Kagome had posted anything there, but he hoped it might hold clues as to why she had disappeared.

The first thing he saw were heaps of congratulatory posts filling her timeline. They were vague, each one expressing heartfelt congratulations but none specifying the reason. Undeterred, he kept scrolling, determined to uncover the mystery. Finally, he found a post from someone named Hojo, congratulating her on her publication.

Publication? What type of publication?

Sesshoumaru was invested. He immediately set to work, his fingers flying over the keyboard. Thirty minutes of meticulous sleuthing later, he located the agency and publishing house she had been working with. It seemed his MigrantMiko had written a book.


“Is a signing event really necessary? I doubt anyone will show.” Kagome muttered to herself as her literary agent went about making sure the bookstore she was currently standing in had everything they needed for the signing. 

“Of course it is necessary! Your pre-order sales were astronomical! Now with its official release all of your fans will want a signed copy as well.” 

Kagome never enjoyed this part of her job, she much preferred being behind the screen talking rather than in person. She nervously toyed with the hem of her green blouse and smoothed out her black skirt before sitting down at the table set up for her. She began to sign books for those who ordered them but could not make it to the event. 

When it was finally time for her to make an appearance, Kagome made her way to the front of the bookstore and from behind a tall bookshelf she was surprised to see so many people already there waiting to greet her. Taking a deep breath as she tried to calm her nerves, Kagome walked out and smiled at everyone. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Higurashi, for reading that wonderful excerpt from your book! Now, we have time for a few questions before we start the signing part of the event.”

Hands shot up in the air from the audience, making Kagome blush from her place behind the podium. She scanned the eager faces and picked a small girl seated on the floor to the far right.

“I wanted to know what made you want to study archaeology?” the girl's small voice carried across the room.

Kagome smiled warmly, a touch of nostalgia in her eyes. “When I was just fifteen years old, I was introduced to a world entirely different from ours. It was filled with demons, warriors, monks, and priestesses. As I grew older, I wished to revisit that world, to find a way to reconnect with old friends from my youth. So, after studying Japanese history and mythology, I decided to go back to school for archaeology.” She leaned forward, bracing her arms on the podium, her voice softening. “Being able to uncover lost artifacts and civilizations, and bring them back to life, is like making a new friend—one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Applause followed her answer, leaving Kagome blushing once more and looking down at her hands.

“We have time for one more question,” her agent stated.

Kagome looked back up and  around the crowded room, her wide blue eyes scanning the sea of faces until they landed on someone standing alone in the back. He was tall, towering over everyone else. His black hair fell to his shoulders, framing an angelic face. Narrow honey-gold eyes stared back at her with an intensity that made her heart skip a beat. When the man gave her the tiniest of smirks, she quickly tore her gaze away, her cheeks flushing a deeper shade of red.

Taking the hint that Kagome no longer wanted to continue the Q&A, the agent announced, “The reading and Q&A portion of the day is completed. The signing will begin in thirty minutes.”

As the crowd began to disperse, Kagome’s eyes tried to find the mysterious man once more, but he was gone. There was something familiar about him, something that stirred old memories. She shook her head slightly, trying to focus on the upcoming book signing. A few more hours of this and she could finally go home! 


Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Sesshoumaru took a deep breath, trying to calm an emotion that until now was foreign to him, he was nervous. She was here. Kagome was really here. The realization sent a jolt through him, a buildup of excitement and anxiety that he struggled to contain.

He scrutinized his reflection, his dulled golden eyes narrowing in displeasure. The tie around his neck felt like a noose. With a frustrated growl, he ripped it off and threw it aside. Why was he wearing a tie? Why was he so on edge? It wasn’t as if he’d never met this woman before. He unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt, letting out a sigh of relief as he ran a hand through his black hair. The glamor he wore to blend into the human world was another source of irritation, a constant reminder of the power he had to hide. In a world dominated by humans, he, like so many other demons, had no choice but to conceal his true self.

Placing both hands on the counter, he glanced down at the bouquet of roses. Just like the tie, he had no idea what had driven him to buy them. Was he trying to impress her? Now, standing mere rooms away from the former priestess, he realized he had no clue what he was doing or why he had become so fascinated with her over the past few months.

Maybe it was because she reminded him of a time when he was free. Free to roam wherever he wished and to display his power for all to see. A time when he was a lord, a warrior, and a prince. He thought back to the answer she had given the little girl earlier, about her desire to reconnect with the past through archaeology. It resonated with him deeply. Perhaps they weren’t so different after all. She had chosen a career that allowed her to relive her adventures in the past. He followed her accounts to do the same.

Taking another deep breath, Sesshoumaru straightened himself, tucking the ruined tie into his jacket pocket. He picked up the roses with a determined grip and left the bathroom. He had come this far, and he was going to see this through. As he walked towards the signing room, his mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, but one thing was clear: he had to see her, had to speak with her, and maybe, just maybe, find a connection that spanned centuries.


Kagome’s hand was beginning to cramp, each autograph taking a toll on the overused muscles. Her cheeks burned from the forced smile she maintained for each person in line. Despite her genuine gratitude for those who came out to see her and made all of this possible, the constant interaction was wearing her down.

Sensing her rapidly depleting energy, her agent leaned in and whispered, “Just a few more people left.” Kagome nodded, mustering another bright smile as the next person approached her table.

Finally, the end was in sight. The knowledge that there was only one person left gave Kagome a small surge of energy. She reached for the last book on the table and looked up, but the smile she had been wearing faltered when she saw who it was. The tall man from earlier, the one who had caught her eye with his intense gaze, was now standing before her.

Realizing she must look rude, she quickly forced the smile back onto her face and greeted him, her overly cheerful voice sounding too loud to her own ears. “Hello! Who should I make this out to?”

Instead of answering, the man silently extended an arrangement of roses toward her.

“Oh!” Kagome exclaimed, staring at the beautiful bouquet for a moment before slowly reaching out to take them. “T-thank you so much.”

An awkward silence hung between them as she waited for him to speak. She glanced at her agent, who was standing off to the side, before looking back at the man. “Um… your name?” she prompted gently.

He hesitated, his eyes darting between her and the book. Finally, he swallowed and replied, “Sesshoumaru.”


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