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What is she?

The AI hologram that was the spitting imagine of Lord Sesshomaru walked over to the large window seat and sat down to watch the sun rise slowly. Kagome came down with her notebook and paused, she stared at the back of the AI’s head.

“You know, I don’t understand why the jewel’s energy empowered my body to stop aging if in the end I was supposed to come back here? It makes no sense.” Kagome explained as she finally sat down beside him taking in his appearance.

“Perhaps you did what you were supposed to do and because this is the time you were born in. There was a balance that had to be maintained.” Sesshomaru explained as he turned his head to look at her.

“What was it that I was supposed to do? It was that centipede’s fault I was dragged there to begin with.” Kagome shrugged.

“It isn’t like I changed anything. Demons still are just myth, I haven’t even felt the slightest one since I have returned.” Kagome explained.

“Perhaps they evolved and grew with the changes of the world. They may have found ways of protecting themselves from those who still are afraid of what they do not understand.” Sesshomaru explained.

“Hm, I just don’t understand why I will have to watch everyone I have left grow old and die while I stay stuck like this. What is the point? What lessons am I supposed to learn? And what lessons was I supposed to learn by going back to 500 years in the past?” Kagome’s voice holding some irritation in it. Sesshomaru was quiet as he watched her lean back against the wall off the window seat and her eyes drifted close. He shut his eyes and then opened them,

“Sleep well Kagome.” Sesshomaru whispered as he leaned back against the other wall of the window seat and seem to think. It was now noon when Kagome roused awake from her nap and looked over to where Sesshomaru had been, he wasn’t there anymore so she decided to call her mother.

“Hey mom, I decided to come over tonight but can you keep gramps and Sota from talking about the well adventures?” Kagome asked.

“Sure how about I cook your favorite, hm?” her mother sounding excited that her daughter had called and was actually coming over.

“Yeah, that sounds great mom. I will see you then.” Kagome hanging up. She started back up with her project idea,

~I should really go and see how the building is coming.~ Kagome sighed. She walked up to her room and saw Sesshomaru looking over the plans.

“It seems to be all laid out.” Sesshomaru explained,

“It does seem that way, I need a break because every time I look at my notes it seems like everything is one big blob. I’ll be back later. I need to check on how things are progressing on the building.” Kagome changing her clothes in front of him. Sesshomaru, even being an AI hologram, turned his back to be respectful of her.

“I assume you will be going to your mother’s house from the building?” Sesshomaru asked,

“Probably, god, I hope they don’t bring up the well. Alright, I’m heading out.” Kagome grabbing her notebook and leaving on foot since it wasn’t but a couple of blocks away. Meanwhile…

“And in other news, it seems like there will be a brand new restaurant opening soon. Ms. Higurashi has branched off from her late father’s corporation to take the AI system to a whole other universe. What can you tell us about your restaurant?” a newscaster asked.

“I cannot enclose too much information thought the restaurant will have private themed rooms that will be a hologram design, so lifelike that you will be able to smell the fresh field of wildflowers and Japanese cherry blossoms that you and your family will be picnicking in. Plus, a highly rated chef team.” Kagome giving the viewers a bright smile. Gold eyes stared at the broadcast,

~It could not be the same girl, could it?~ he asked himself.

“Echo, call the kit.” a deep-toned voice ordered,

“Calling Shippo.” Echo replied,

“Let me guess, you wanna know if its my mom? It is, it seems mom has been busy since she has been back.” Shippo commented,

“There is something off about her. She does not appear to have aged since she left.” Sesshomaru mumbled, and he knew exactly why she had been so busy, she had confided in him one night when the battle against Naraku was near.

Kagome sat near the fire just staring at the flames,

“You should be resting. The battle against this hanyou will be long.” Sesshomaru explained.

“Oh, um, yeah, it seems I can’t get my mind to turn off. Usually its on numbers, its like my brain is on a rat wheel and it just keeps running but there is no end in sight because a rat wheel is just stationary.” Kagome explained as she glanced up at him. He raised a brow,

“Nevermind…it’s just, I don’t want to leave them behind.” Kagome looking over at her pack that had become her family. Sesshomaru almost snorted at the sentimental crap that was coming from her mouth, but lately he knew where she was coming from. He just about went crazy when he lost Rin, it had happened a few months ago, he imagined the miko would fall to depression since she talked about leaving them behind.

“I do not understand. If they have become so close with you, why would you leave them behind?” Sesshomaru curiously asked. Kagome sighed, leaning her head back against the hard bark of a tree to look up at the stars,

“I probably won’t have a choice in the matter. I am sure you have noticed my outfit and even the bag I’m always carrying. I am not from your era. I am from 500 years in the future. The well lets me move through time. In my era, there are no demons unless they have found a way to conceal themselves.” Kagome explained. She pulled out a school history book,

“This explained what is to come. Naraku will not hold a candle to the wars coming. I wish to gift this to you, maybe it can prepare you for what is going to come. Please, Lord Sesshomaru don’t fall with your lands. Don’t let your pride be your downfall, or your honor. It’s not honorable to die fighting when you will still have someone who would care very much to see you in the future.” Kagome glancing up at him, and then to her sleeping kit.

“He will think I have abandon him and he already has been through enough and I know he isn’t like a human boy, that he can take care of himself…” Kagome being interrupted,

“I will make sure he gets the training he needs.” Sesshomaru explained as he looked down at the history book in her lap. He plucked it from the miko’s lap as if it was a valuable gift. Kagome was in awe that he had accepted her gift, she stared dumbstruck up at him.

“Your gift of knowledge is appreciated.” Sesshomaru closing his eyes and giving a slight nod. Kagome couldn’t help but jump up and wrap her arms around his waist. Sesshomaru’s eyes flew open wide, he looked down his nose at the black head of hair pressed lightly against his armor.

His body stiffened until she let go, he responded by patting her head and walked to a nearby tree to glance through the book, he did not need to excite himself with worrying over events that had not happened yet since the battle of their current foe was so near. Kagome gave a small smile, somehow knowing that the lord enjoyed learning.

“Hey, Sesshomaru…are you there?” Shippo shouted,

“Yes, I am still here.” Sesshomaru grumbled as he shook his head to clear old memories. It was because of her they were able to survive the human destructions.

“What did you mean that mom hasn’t aged? If she were demon, then we would have known about it.” Shippo explained.

“No, she is something else entirely. I am positive she does not age any longer.” Sesshomaru explained in a quiet voice.

“Then what? I don’t care, she is my mother and no matter what she is I still love her that way!” Shippo shouted as he hung up. Sesshomaru’s thoughts were on the miko again.

“How could she have survived my poison in father’s tomb? Was it the sword she pulled from the platform of bone? And how was it she was the only one who could remove the sword?” Sesshomaru thought out loud to an empty house.


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