Resolution by Sereia

Chapter 1

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Sesshoumaru never considered himself a teacher. He knew what he wanted and simply did everything he could to acquire it—regardless of anyone he had to push out of his way to get there.

The miko had convinced herself that his altercations with his brother had been meant as lessons, and while his intention had been for Inuyasha not to take the gifts from their sire for granted, he hadn't planned on him being so adaptable, honing his skills as a means of protecting his pack.

Sesshoumaru found they were more alike than he'd originally thought—than he'd originally wanted—and it took him some time to realize the warmth in his chest from watching his brother evolve was pride.

He was chagrined to admit the accuracy of the miko's observations.

However, his jaw still tingled from their last interaction, and Sesshoumaru couldn't help but wish he'd thought to have more aspirations about inducting her into youkai culture.

She'd been at the shiro for over a year, helping the younglings as peace settled over Japan. With Naraku gone, people felt safer with creating families, no longer fearing for their lives, and Sesshoumaru soon found his home overrun with flocks of children.

And with peace treaties in the works, the lines between youkai and humans continued to blur, leading to a torrent of mixed offspring whose sole purpose was to make friends, regardless of their lineage.

The miko had fit right in.

She'd only meant to stay a few weeks, a month at most, just to replenish her supplies and share her knowledge of human politics. He'd been at a loss when it came to providing tradable goods for human villages, and she'd been more than willing to help.

But the weeks had stretched into months, offers of training together quickly taking up their mornings, and before he knew it, she'd started to call the shiro home.

And the more time he spent with her, the more he wanted it to be true.


But he'd let his guard down, assuming she'd picked up on the intricacies of youkai courting rituals—or at least what was acceptable between unmated pairs—from her travels, or even his brother. Though perhaps Inuyasha's knowledge was limited considering how little time he'd spent with full youkai.

Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair, muscles clenching at how she'd left him floundering when soft lips had brushed against the underside of his jaw. She'd simply wished to thank him, saying as much beforehand, but to youkai, inuyoukai especially, it was a blatant invitation for more.

More he wanted to give.

And he'd spent the whole night preparing as much, only to have her acting as if nothing had happened the next day. Her touches remained light, sharing her smile with everyone around her, and he'd slunk back to his room, cursing himself for thinking himself special.

Daiyoukai were solitary by design; lifespans were longer, powers were greater, so many considered the act of mating for life a frivolous waste of time. Why limit oneself when potential mates were numerous, many of them never living for more than a century? Even thoroughbreds, whose numbers were already dwindling, were only seeking temporary partners, intent on engaging in carnal pleasures for only short periods.

Sesshoumaru pursed his lips. He'd never thought of taking a mate before, so there had never been anyone else to consider, but the thought of allowing the miko to grow old just for the sake of the possibility of finding another had his hackles raising.

He wanted no other than her.

And he'd been dismissed.


He'd reached his limit.

The dojo had served him for several days but did nothing to deter the resentment consuming him from his core. He'd trained until he'd bled, denying the miko's company until she'd stopped asking, not even coming across her in the areas between rooms.

He needed to hit something. Something more tangible than wooden targets.

Something that would hit back.

He strode through the hallway with purpose, youki crackling as poison dripped from his fingertips. He found Inuyasha in the eastern garden, lounging under a tree. The image was so aggravating that Sesshoumaru swiped at him without preamble, his brother barely dodging before spouting off a string of curses.

"What the hell, asshole?"

Sesshoumaru could only growl, claws elongating as he went after him again. Inuyasha quickly realized the seriousness of the situation, spinning out of the way before using Sesshoumaru's shoulders as leverage to get to higher ground, shoving him into the dirt in the process.

"Dishonourable bastard," he groused, glaring down at him from his treetop perch. "What happened to the bowing and shit before the claws come out?" Sesshoumaru's light whip shot toward him, slicing off several branches in the process, and his brother cursed again. "I'm not above stabbin' ya with a stick!"

Eyes already tinged red, the daiyoukai zipped through the falling leaves, grabbing Inuyasha's collar and throwing him to the ground. Inuyasha grunted as he slid through grass and flowers, barely having enough time to catch his breath before Sesshoumaru landed a punch to his stomach, sending him flying again.

The hanyou managed to grab onto a passing branch, using it to right himself. "Goddamit. Just because you fucked it up with K'gome, don't mean ya get to take it out on me!"


His words had Sesshoumaru hesitating, faltering, the rage-filled haze receding from his eyes. "What?"

Inuyasha brushed himself off, wincing as he tried to stand up straight. "Fuck, I think ya broke something." He gingerly touched his ribs, hissing in pain before glaring at Sesshoumaru. "You should be takin' this time to figure out how to make things up to her instead of pickin' fights with me."


Groaning, Inuyasha raked a hand through his hair. "Why? Ya gonna explain why you used me to redecorate the garden?"

Sesshoumaru pursed his lips, knowing he owed his brother an apology but unable to form the words in that moment. "The miko has always been inquisitive. It is your fault she spent all those years fighting the spider with you and did not pick up on the intricacies of youkai culture. You should have taught her better."

Inuyasha frowned. "What're ya talkin' about?"

He closed his eyes, forcing his ire down—he only had himself to blame. His brother did not deserve the punishment he had doled out. "She kissed me."

Inuyasha leaned forward as if waiting for a punchline. "And? Did she do it wrong?" Sesshoumaru's head shot up, eyebrows disappearing under his bangs, and Inuyasha groaned again. "Ah shit, you did something stupid like play it off as a human thing, didn't you?"

"She never said—"

"She was waitin' for you to make the next move, ya prick!" Inuyasha found a rock, lobbing it off his shoulder. "And then you started avoiding her."

"I assumed—" Another rock hit his head.

"She knew exactly what she was doing." He rolled his neck, trying to sort out the knots Sesshoumaru had created by throwing him around. "Now go apologize before I have a reason to kick yer ass for real."

Sesshoumaru's resolve grew to fierce determination, and he turned on his heel as he sought out the miko, hopeful that her forgiving nature was still intact.


He found her on the other side of the shiro, in the makeshift classroom she'd commandeered for teaching the younglings, tearing parchment into smaller pieces. It was most likely for the children to draw on, but the force at which she ripped them apart gave him reason to believe it was cathartic in nature. She mumbled to herself, trying to keep the pieces in a neat pile.


She jumped, scattering the parchment onto the floor as she whirled around. "Sesshoumaru! You startled me. I didn't—" She swallowed as she averted her gaze, bending over to retrieve the paper. "I wasn't expecting to see you today." Her hands trembled as she righted her supplies.

"I apologize for not announcing myself sooner," he said, stepping into the room. The smile she gave him was soft but forced.

"That's alright. I was lost in my own world, I suppose." With nothing left to distract her, she straightened her shoulders and finally faced him. "Was there something you needed? The children have gone home for the day, and—" She choked on her words as his fingers brushed against the side of her face, cupping her cheek.

He had to be sure.

She stared up at him, the usual fire diminished under the weight of her vulnerability and unease, and Sesshoumaru cursed himself for being the cause of it. He said nothing, waiting for her reaction, waiting to see if what his brother had said was true, and his heart lurched when she tilted her head, leaning into his touch.

His hand slid to the back of her neck as he claimed her mouth, heat coursing through his veins when she sank against him. She gripped at the folds of his haori, and he was thankful he'd chosen to forgo his armour, enjoying the feel of her lush curves pressed against him, drinking in her scent, it that much sweeter when drenched in desire.

She eventually pulled back, though only enough to draw in a breath, the tips of their noses still touching. "Did I do it wrong before?" she asked, eyes shining with unshed tears. "I know not all youkai are the same, but I thought—"

"Forgive me," he whispered, stealing another kiss before nuzzling her temple. "There was no change in your demeanour the next day. I thought it merely a sign of gratitude."

Nervous laughter bubbled out of her mouth, and she shook her head. "I was so worried you didn't see me that way. You've been so sweet, so I'd hoped, but then you started ignoring me and—"

"You are the only one I act that way toward," he said with a sniff.

"Well, I would hope so." She went up on tiptoe and kissed his jaw again. Now that he knew she understood the implications, he relished the feel of her mouth against his skin, his grip on her tightening as his ire from earlier simmered into something more potent.

Forever was within reach, and with every kiss she gifted him, Sesshoumaru allowed himself to wallow in the greed the title of 'the Killing Perfection' allotted him, leaving them both breathless, though not sated.

Never sated.

He knew he could spend a lifetime taking everything she had to offer, and it would still not be enough. The sweet, seductive smile that touched her lips came close, the scent of her on his clothes more so, but it would be a while before he'd have his fill of her.

And each year spawned a new resolution in making sure she knew how deep of an effect she had on him, though the way her face always brightened in his presence was reassuring.

As well as the constant tingling of her kiss upon his jaw.


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