Teacher's Favorite by ButtButtDoodle

Chapter Two

Universe: Inuyasha (Modern AU)

Pairing: SessKag if you squint. (VERY OOC AND AU)

Genre: AU, Fluff, Slice of Life, Adventure.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters do not belong to me (sadly). They are the intellectual property of one Rumiko Takahashi.

Author's Notes: This is a continuation of sorts, but this time from Kagome's POV. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Two

Student's Favorite


Out of her entire curriculum, Psychology 101 was the one class Kagome looked forward to each week; in her dreary student life, it was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Truth be told, Kagome wasn't a psychology major. The only way she got into the class in the first place was because her best friend Sango, who worked part-time at the department registry, owed her a favor; Kagome had set her up with one of the monks she knew back when she was undertaking training as a priestess, and the two had hit it off.

Sango was a straight-laced kind of gal; even this simple rule-breaking of sneaking her friend into a class roster had upset her greatly and so at first she had promptly refused.

Kagome was quick to remind the somber brunette that thanks to her, Sango was now making wedding plans with that very same perverted monk, and couldn't she help out a gal, pretty please? Sango dejectedly agreed, if only to get the persistent but lovable raven off her back, her moral qualms be damned.

Kagome leaned back into her seat, sighing as she mulled the questions on the quiz before her. If she was being fully honest, she had to admit that she herself did not understand what possibly possessed her to undertake this rather difficult course – especially when it wasn't a requisite - or why it was her favorite.

Her blue eyes shifted up from the worksheet, and she started when she met golden-yellow eyes looking steadily back. She quickly lowered her eyes again, automatically blushing at the gaffe of being caught sneaking a glance. Even with her eyes averted, she could still feel that heavy gaze burning into her.

Composed, confident and aloof, Sesshoumaru Taisho was one of the university's most handsome and accomplished professors. Despite his seemingly young age - truly, he could be no older than thirty - he had more degrees than half of the staff combined, had traveled the world since his early youth, and as such his worldliness was oft very intimidating to his peers and students. The man was impressive as he was unapproachable, and his class was regarded as one of the most challenging to pass. All of this should have dissuaded one Kagome Higurashi from enrolling, but she could see past all of the titles and rumours to the real man underneath.

He was patient, if a bit condescending, and she never saw him give out a grade that the student did not deserve or earn, so he was fair too. Whenever Kagome would lag behind when class was finished to ask a few questions, he humored her opinions by engaging her in (often entertaining) arguments regarding the subjects given in class. For such an enigmatic and proud man, Sesshoumaru was an uncharacteristically kind professor, and Kagome desperately tried to impress him by doing her very best in class.

"Higurashi." He called as the students filed out of the classroom. Kagome turned to find him putting away his things, not even glancing at the young woman. She had thought she had imagined him calling her, since he was doing his best to pointedly ignore her presence, until he spoke again. "You did moderately well on the quiz." His voice held no inflection, careful and distant.

"Umm…thank you?" Kagome replied, although it ended up sounding more like a question. Sesshoumaru made a non-committal sound, and as he brushed past her said, "I expect your project for next week will be of the same elevated quality you have accustomed me to. Good day."

Kagome watched him go, dumbfounded, then her face visibly brightened as she belatedly realized the meaning behind his words. Sesshoumaru was praising her. She smiled so widely her dimples showed.

"I'll do my best, Taisho-sensei!" she called out to his retreating back. He waved lazily over his shoulder, never faltering in his steps.

Yes, she was definitely looking forward to Psychology 101 and more good days to come.


Today wasn't a good day. Not even attending her favorite class was enough to keep at bay the growing apprehension. She was on edge, jumping over every little sound. Anxiety scraped the back of her skull, making it impossible to concentrate on the lecture regarding cognitive science, and her chest felt so tight she thought it might burst open. Wouldn't that be an awful sight? She grabbed the side of her waist, and pressed against the dull pain coming from beneath bloody bandages.

And to make matters worse, Taisho-sensei was upset with her.

Kagome risked a peek from lowered lashes to the man standing a few seats down the lecture hall. Angry lines marred his usually blank face, multiplying his already intimidating aura ten-fold, and scaring the entire classroom into quiet submission. She gasped softly, looking away, and closed her eyes tightly. Shame burned her face.

She had missed the previous two classes and had consequently not handed her project in time. Kagome fully understood if he was upset about her irresponsible behavior, but she mentally prayed he would forgive her this time.


Kagome's eyes shot open and her neck whipped to the side, looking out the window, pupils dilated. The sun was out and bright, but despite the cheerful weather, Kagome could feel panic screaming shrilly in her head.

There was something outside.

She couldn't explain how she knew it. An oppressive dark force pushed against her heart, its fingers coiling around the frenzied organ until she felt like she was choking.

Almost immediately a shadow passed the window, and her breath caught. Nobody else saw it; it was too fast for their eyes or maybe they simply couldn't feel it. But she did.

They had followed her. And they were teasing her.

On instinct, Kagome gripped her backpack, where underneath she could feel the soft pulse of the very thing that had changed her life irreversibly. She tried to keep her attention to the herethe now, but her only thoughts were of escape.

As soon as the bell rang, she ran out of the classroom, and she didn't stop running.



Kagome missed a step on the stairs and almost tripped the rest of the way down, but luckily only managed to bump into the person in front of her. She muttered a quiet apology and looked up into the bright, yellow eyes of her psychology professor. She gulped.

His face was thunderous.

Class had passed by in a blur of words and terminology Kagome could no longer make heads or tails of. She didn't know why she had even bothered to show up to the university at all, what with all of the madness of the past two weeks. She faced her professor, trepidation growing.

"I require your presence at this moment. I have some things I wish to discuss with you."

Kagome cringed at his cold tone. Sesshoumaru, while reserved and indifferent, seldom got upset with his students. She had really done it now. Resigned to the oncoming rebuff, she trudged toward the stoic man, both depressed and relieved. Even being in this classroom, reprimanded by the man she admired most, was better than the hell that awaited her outside these hallowed walls.

The creatures were waiting for her.

She could feel them, and the knowledge made her shoulders hunch as she unconsciously tried to hide within herself. The only reason she was so calm right now was because, even though the monsters followed her everywhere, they had yet to invade the university. Something inside the old school building frightened them, more than the shrine where Kagome lived in, and they dared not enter the campus hallways freely. Kagome could take comfort in the fact that, at least on the days she took her favorite class, she could find peace for a few hours. She blanched at the thought of Sesshoumaru not allowing her to enter the one place where she was not haunted. Kagome had to make things right with him.

As the last student exited, Kagome let out a shaky breath and took the plunge. "Forgive me, Taisho-sensei. I'm aware I missed two of your classes, and I did not hand in the last project. I swear it won't happen again." Her voice was earnest, begging him to believe the sincerity of that statement. "You know, I…" His yellows eyes looked impassively at her, and suddenly, she felt embarrassed, but the words were already leaving her mouth before she could stop them as she averted her eyes. "I really enjoy Taisho-sensei's classes. I look forward to them each week. I promise not to slack off."

Kagome's voice wavered to a stop, and she braced herself for his reply.

"While I must admit I am pleased to hear you say so, that is not what I called you here for."

Disoriented, she looked up to see that he was no longer frowning, and instead his face had taken a rather pensive expression. One could almost describe it as concerned.

"Tell me what is troubling you, Higurashi." He said, his usually sharp voice soft and gentle.


"You seem preoccupied in class, distracted. You are the most brilliant and applied student I have had in the past three years." Kagome blushed at the unexpected compliment, but Sesshoumaru was still talking.

"I do not say this often to my students but if…"he hesitated, then shook his head slightly, as if resolved. "If I can somehow be of support to you, even as a friendly ear, I would be happy to comply."

That was so completely left-field from what Kagome was expecting, she could only gape in awe at the man.

So he had not been angry at her but…worried? She was touched, very much so, that he would go out of his way to offer such a friendly gesture to a mere student. Kagome opened her mouth, very tempted to confide in him, then stopped. Would he believe her?

Hey, so two weeks ago I fell into a well and ended up in the past. Nuts, right?! But that's not all! A centipede demon fucking ripped my stomach open and a pretty pink marble fell out and now demons are following me everywhere I go demanding I give them this stupid jewel. So about last week's assignment, any chance I can hand it in late?

Kagome sighed, running her hand across her hair in a nervous habit she had developed since childhood. "You wouldn't believe me." She murmured to herself, and she almost felt like weeping. The raven jumped when she felt his large, masculine hand press against the top of her shoulder. Sesshoumaru was looking at her intently, yellow eyes laser-focused on her.

"Try me." He insisted.

Kagome laughed, near hysteria. "It's a long story." It's an impossible story. "I'm sure you have other important things to attend to, Taisho-sensei." Like students who aren't bat-shit crazy. "I don't want to take your time." You can't help me, oh god, I wish I could tell you but- "I don't…"

I don't want you to hate me.

Kagome felt small and lost and afraid. Even if she told Sesshoumaru and he by some miraculous chance believed her, what then? Could she truly be so selfish as to put this kind man in danger?

There was the slightest of pressures on her waist, and Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru as he gently steered her out of the classroom. Confused, she parted her lips, but he simply shook his head.

"Let's go talk somewhere private."


Kagome found herself in Sesshoumaru's office, sitting stiffly in his plush couch. The petite woman had never been there before, the room opulent yet warm and inviting.

Trembling, Kagome let out a sigh she had been holding for weeks, the pressure in her chest easing significantly, and she closed her eyes in pleasure. Inside this room with this quiet man, she couldn't feel the other demons at all. For the first time in days, Kagome felt safe. How?

She opened her eyes to find Sesshoumaru had already made himself comfortable on his desk, and he was looking at her expectantly. His yellow eyes, sage and patient, brooked no argument, and Kagome would only do a disservice to his kindness if she lied. He had been so considerate of her, and had never given Kagome reason to think he would turn against her. But did that mean that she could trust him with such a terrible secret?

Kagome could feel the cursed jewel inside her yellow backpack, so small yet so heavy, weighing her down. She couldn't to do this alone anymore. She didn't want to. Kagome looked up, eyes determined and resolute, belying the fear that lived in her heart.

She would trust Sesshoumaru.

"I'm being haunted."

As she gauged her professor's reaction, she saw no judgement, no ridicule or bafflement. He nodded encouragingly, urging her on, and Kagome brightened.

She could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Author's notes: I've been struggling with finding a convincing voice for Kagome in my fics, so this was an exercise of sorts. I really do try to keep these drabbles short, but they have a way of taking a mind of their own and just going on, and on, and on… To my credit, this was only 2,100 words long.

Stay tuned for more.


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