Thistle While You Work by Sereia

Chapter 1

Magical Monthly Prompts (July 2022): Larkspur (vivacity, charm), Ruby, Florist/Flower Shop


Sesshoumaru sighed as his mother puttered around the flower shop. These errands always took forever, as she was indecisive about which bloom she wanted.

"Izayoi will not care which flower you bring, Mother," he said, leaning against the counter.

"That is not the point, dear son," she replied, waving him off as she passed a bouquet of lilies, making a face at their strong scent. "The gift must be chosen with care so as to communicate vivacity and charm. Plus, her sense of smell has been heightened due to the pregnancy."

"I will never understand how you are able to get along with her so well. She is the reason Father left you."

Kimiko sighed. "I have told you; my alliance with your father was in name only, forced upon both of us for the sake of council. We were not even truly mated."

"He has chosen a human spouse."

"He fell in love, pup. Something I hope you will do someday." She tugged on his tie, then flipped it over his shoulder as she walked by. "And when you find them, they force you to loosen up."

Sesshoumaru scoffed; he was far too busy for such frivolous things. His mother continued to peruse the shop, disappearing behind a shelf as the back door opened. A lithe woman walked backwards into the shop, holding a stack of boxes, toeing the door open a little further with her foot.

The top one shifted, and she cursed, trying to catch it with her chin and missing it by an inch. Sesshoumaru stepped closer, managing to intercept it before it hit the floor.

The woman placed the boxes on the counter. "Thanks. You'd think these things would come with better stuffing." She grabbed a knife and sat on the stool behind the cash register, cutting through the packing tape. "Looking for anything specific?"

"My mother is looking for a gift for a friend," he said, hoping to leave it at that.

"That's sweet. What's the occasion?"

Biting back a groan, he checked his watch, willing his mother to make her selection quickly. "Her friend has made it into her third trimester."

"She'll probably want something with a lighter scent then." The woman finally looked up, "Oh, damn, you're kinda hot. Are you seeing anyone?"

Sesshoumaru glared at her. Was she seriously hitting on him while she was working? Inside a flower shop, no less? "No."

"Can I get your number?"

"No." His jaw clenched. It was bad enough he dealt with this at work—he'd gone through four assistants this month alone, each quitting after he rejected their courting requests.

"Aw, come on. I don't bite. Hard." She leaned forward on the counter, giving him a seductive grin. The action purposely pushed her breasts together, showing off her cleavage and the 'Kag' on her nametag.

Sesshoumaru didn't bother with his own name, not wanting to encourage her behaviour. Kimiko finally reappeared, a few stems of larkspur in her hands, no doubt chuckling at his current predicament. "You will forgive my son. It may not seem like it, but he walks around with a permanent stick up his ass."

The woman straightened, ruby eyes widening. "Holy shit! Can I have your number?"

Sesshoumaru sputtered as his mother raised an eyebrow, keen interest swirling in her eyes. "How daring." The woman rang up his mother's purchase, the two chatting—flirting—the entire time. Kimiko slid her phone across the counter, tapping it twice. The florist quickly added her details, going as far as to add a red heart to the end of her name.

Apparently 'Kag' stood for Kagura.

"You needn't pout, dear son," Kimiko said with a grin, her flowers bundled with a violet ribbon as they walked towards his car. "She has a sister."

"I do not care, Mother."

"You will have to, considering we are going on a double-date with them on Friday."

Golden eyes narrowed. "I did not agree—"

His mother opened the car door sharply, narrowly missing his groin with the handle. "You forget, dear son, that you still owe me a favour for my involvement with your dealings with the southern province."

Grinding his teeth, Sesshoumaru rolled his shoulders, then lifted his chin. "And you will consider my debt repaid if I do this?"

"Indeed." She slid gracefully into the passenger seat. "I will even allow you to leave before dessert if you find her that atrocious."

He felt like he was making a deal with the devil, though, considering it was coming from his mother, it was basically the same thing. "Fine."

"I shall expect a full apology for your lack of appreciation when you fall head over heels for her the moment you meet." Adjusting her bouquet, she settled back against the seat as he started the car, smirking in triumph when her phone lit up with Kagura's name—and her sister's picture.

Her son did not stand a chance.


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