Evermore by Sereia

Chapter 1

SessKag Week 2022 Day 7 (sequel to A Thousand Years)

Prompt: "Evermore" by Dan Stevens


Inuyasha was saying something, his grip firm around his arm, but Sesshoumaru heard none of it, still staring at the place where Kagome had just been.

There was nothing left, nothing to signify she'd ever existed except for the pain radiating through his heart.


No no no no no. 

They'd finished their task, had vanquished their foe. They were supposed to find peace—find happiness. She, of all people, deserved it.

And she was gone. There was a void where she'd been standing, one they all felt.

Sesshoumaru felt the reins on his youki shatter, flames forming around his feet as fangs elongated in his mouth. She was his. She was his, and now she wasn't, and he couldn't process the loss, his beast demanding blood.

But it was his own he tasted as Inuyasha's fist made contact with his face, sending him flying to the ground, the impact clearing his senses.

"Don't start that shit here!" Inuyasha growled. "You'll kill us all."

"You have no right—"

"I love her too!" Inuyasha hissed, choking back his own emotions as the two brothers glared at each other. "We all do. Don't make this about you. It's about her."

The kit tugging on his sleeve interfered with his retort—his retaliation—and Sesshoumaru looked down at the boy, emerald eyes blinking back tears. "Kagome probably went home."

Home? Had she not come from the same village as the old woman? He shot Inuyasha an accusing look.

"I'm gonna go check the well," he said, rolling his shoulders before golden eyes narrowed. "Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." He sped away, feet barely touching the ground.

Sesshoumaru sat up, licking at the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. "Kit." The boy jumped, though his hand was still gripping his sleeve. "What significance does the well play in the miko's disappearance?"

There was a shared glance between the rest of the pack, their eyes wary as the scent around them shifted from honesty to deceit. In the end, it was the slayer who stepped forward.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, Kagome is—" The monk's hand grabbed her shoulder.

"Do you think this wise, Sango? The effects could be long-lasting."

Sesshoumaru growled as he got to his feet, nerves fried from the miko's departure, but it seemed the slayer had already made up her mind, pulling her arm out of the monk's grasp.

"She would want him to know!" she said, straightening her shoulders before turning back to Sesshoumaru. "Kagome is not from this time. She uses the well to travel home—five hundred years in the future."


He'd expected to feel relief once he returned home, but as he strode through the hallways, Sesshoumaru was assaulted with all the hopes and expectations he'd had once the spider had been defeated.

They'd spoken about the plans for after, for when she'd be free of the obligation of the jewel. She'd still wanted to travel, to see the world for the simple enjoyment of doing so, but she'd also wanted to see his home.

A home he wanted to share with her.

Each room he passed sent a new wave of longing through his being. How were they supposed to create memories if she hadn't technically been born yet?

It had taken some convincing, but the fantastical tale of the miko travelling through time eventually took hold. Inuyasha had returned an hour later, squashing any residual hope that she may return with news that the well had disappeared.

Her only means of returning to them, to him, was nothing more than a pile of dirt.

Sesshoumaru had managed to get a safe distance away from the pack before giving in to his frustration, burning a large portion of the neighbouring forest to the ground. His brother focused on escorting the others back to the village, leaving Sesshoumaru to wallow before returning at dawn.

He'd yanked him to his feet but had said nothing, simply wrapping his arm around his waist and dragging him home. They'd travelled together in silence, Inuyasha biting his tongue for once instead of gloating at his brother's pain.

Though perhaps it was because it was a shared pain.

The miko had made it clear that they were nothing more than friends, the overheard conversation with Inuyasha doing much to calm the jealousy within him. Every time the scent of her tears wafted by his nose, it took all of Sesshoumaru's control not to spill his brother's innards all over the camp.

She gave so much and deserved just as much in return. Why did she allow her kindness to be taken advantage of so often? He'd asked her as much once and received only a sad smile in response.

Because she allowed them to.

Because she placed their welfare above her own.

Sesshoumaru dragged his claws across the walls, deep grooves left behind as servants scattered. When they met again—

He paused in his tirade, heart clenching painfully. If. If they met again. Inuyasha claimed to have seen the future, to have interacted with her kin, but he had no knowledge of her safety. Her existence may have been the price for everyone finally being at peace.

For surviving.

Dark youki coiled around his ankles, claws digging even deeper into the walls.

He may never see her again.


He had come to terms with her disappearance.

Several decades had passed, but he'd eventually left his home again. He supposed he had his brother to thank for that.

Inuyasha had taken up residence in the shiro, proving to be a persistent pain in the ass. All Sesshoumaru had wanted to do was curl up and sleep, spending most of his time in his true form once they'd returned.

His brother would have none of it.

He was constantly kicking in his door, demanding his time, and resorting to shoving him out into the gardens when he wouldn't comply. When Sesshoumaru had lunged at him, fangs bared, he'd threatened to cut his arm off again.

He would get around to thanking him eventually.

Inuyasha was still living at the shiro, but he spent most of his time travelling with the wolf prince, his need for pack and companionship more than what Sesshoumaru could offer. He always returned during the winter, though, content to sit on the opposite side of Sesshoumaru's room and reminisce about the miko.

His visits took the chill out of the air and the loneliness out of his heart.

He'd also convinced Sesshoumaru that he would see the miko again. The descriptions of buildings made of steel touching the clouds were those of fantasy or the deranged, but there was no deceit in Inuyasha's musings, pulling the distraught lord in with each story he told.

The decades bled into centuries, the humans advancing in numbers and technology to the point where youkai began to hide their existence in order to continue it, relying on safe houses and kitsune magic to conceal their heritage from those who would pursue them.

There were very few places left where youkai could roam free, where they could shed their glamours and allow their beasts to take control. Sesshoumaru had held onto as much of the west as he could, but it was a fraction of the size it had once been.

The shiro was long gone, having been pilfered and plundered several times. All the items of real value had been stored in various safe deposit boxes, only his brother and the kit aware of their location and true value. There had been a few he kept with him, unable to part with them even as they'd become obsolete.

The miko's bow being one of them.

It had begun as a means to feel connected to her, and slowly turned into an obsession. He found he enjoyed the sport, the way he had to focus on his breathing before clenching and unclenching specific muscles in order for the arrow to hit its target. He'd even won a few tournaments, though he didn't allow himself too much time in the spotlight, as he knew it would cause problems if people started noticing he didn't age.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his fingers together, roughened calluses catching on each other. Even after all these years, he still wasn't used to his hands being anything less than pristine. But he enjoyed it. The longing in his heart still lingered, but there was a warmth to it that allowed the miko's image to appear without tearing him apart.

It had only taken three centuries, leaving him a little less haggard for the next two.

Sighing, he raked his claws through his hair. Bokuseno had been requesting an audience for ages, becoming abnormally insistent over the last few days, and even though he resided on Sesshoumaru's land, it had still taken the daiyoukai time to put his affairs in order before he'd been able to step away.

The bottom of his feet grazed the tops of the grass, not even bothering with shoes as he neared the edge of the glade. He'd offered to plant more trees, but Bokuseno preferred the solitude, stating his roots ran deep enough to communicate when necessary.

A frown tugged at the corners of his mouth when he heard soft murmurs. The wards at the edge of the forest should have been enough to deter anyone from entering. It wasn't against the realm of possibilities that someone might stumble upon the clearing, but it sounded like Bokuseno was conversing with someone.

Sesshoumaru stepped through the trees, a twig snapping under his foot as his eyes focused on the creature—the human—that stood at the base of the ancient tree youkai.

"Kagome?" The name slipped out before he could catch himself, the word instantly drying out his throat. There was no way it was her; this woman was simply a passerby—perhaps someone with slight spiritual power who—

Her head whipped around, and Sesshoumaru's heart stopped. Those same soulful eyes that had plagued his dreams stared back at him, wide with shock.

How was it possible? He'd searched, searched, for a sign of her, for a sign of her reiki, and had come back empty every time, convinced the jewel had spirited her away instead of sending her home. And yet, even now, he could feel her, power pulsing through the earth and the roots of the neighbouring trees.

He took another step forward, her name once again spilling from his lips, his mind unable to process the sight of her. Was it a hallucination? Had Bokuseno added in an extra layer of protection since his last visit?

The woman let out a choked sob, her bag forgotten on the ground as she took off running, Bokuseno's knowing laughter echoing behind her. Sesshoumaru's heart sped up as she got closer, but he was unable to move, feet frozen to the forest floor. It wasn't until she'd tackled him to the ground that he regained the use of his lungs, greedily drinking in her scent as her hands slid over his arms and chest.

"It's really you, right? I'm not—" Her voice cracked as fingers ran along his shoulders and the stipes on his face. "I can't be dreaming right now, that would be so—"

He cupped her face, pulling her close before his mouth descended on hers, unable to stop himself. Each sense was overloaded with her presence, but her taste—it was then that he realized he'd been nowhere close to coping, desperation and despair rolling off him in waves.

If this was a cruel joke, he'd kill whoever was responsible, consequences be damned.

But it was her soft sighs that calmed him, the saltiness of her tears mingled with her kiss that gave him hope it was real. That she was real. Her arms wound around his neck, pulling him closer as she slanted her head.

"I missed you," she said, barely more than a whimper against his mouth. Words would not form, and his arms tightened around her, anchoring her—anchoring them both. They rolled, and she pulled him down, hands sliding into his collar, leaving trails of fire in their wake.

He gasped, unsure if it was in surprise or protest, Kagome taking it as the latter. "Please. Please! I need to know you're real." And he found that even in 500 years, he could deny her nothing.

Her hands travelled lower, easily untying his obi, the front of his yukata spilling open. Sesshoumaru hadn't bothered with anything else, having planned on spending most of his time in his true form.

She moaned his name, nails dragging before she claimed his mouth again, squirming as she tried to press their bodies together. Her ankles locked at the small of his back as soon as he'd rid her of her shorts, naked flesh hidden between the open folds of his yukata.

He'd pictured this moment a thousand times, of a den lined with furs or a room lined with silk. But as he gazed down at her, blue eyes darkening to indigo, her arousal fueling his own, he knew nothing else mattered but her.

Sesshoumaru buried his face in her hair, fangs dragging as their hips moved in erratic harmony. She clung to him, passion building quickly as the grass swayed around them. There was no pretense, no foreplay, just him sinking into her, both of them shuddering at the feel of fulfillment—of time stolen away.

Her name was whispered against her skin, tongue delving into creases as he sought to get closer, to take all she had to give. And she knew; knew what he wanted, what they both wanted, holding his face in the crook of her neck.

Reiki danced along his back, encouraging him to let go, to claim, and she didn't pull back as his fangs elongated. "I don't want to lose you again," she pleaded, muscles clenching around him, pulling him deeper as she tilted her hips up.

His youki answered the siren's call, blanketing them as he bit down, the sudden connection of their auras sending them both over the edge. It was more potent than he'd anticipated, likely due to their prolonged separation, waves turning to flames as their pleasure engulfed them.

Kagome's cry rang in his ears as she hugged him tighter, refusing to let go even as her blood stained his lips. The loneliness plaguing him since her disappearance finally dissipated, and he collapsed on top of her, relief turning his bones to mush.

He'd found her.

And now she was his.

He finally released her shoulder, tongue sliding over her abused flesh, shivers wracking her body. "Mine." Her shivers turned to shudders, and he chased the tears that overflowed, nuzzling her jaw before placing a chaste kiss on her forehead.

"I thought you didn't want me," she whispered, tears continuing to fall.

"Never," he growled, kissing her soundly to prove his point. "I would've claimed you the moment you came back through the well had I been given the chance." He brushed her hair away from her face, breathing a little easier when she leaned into the touch.

"I looked for you."

"And I you."

"My house is by the well! Inuyasha should've known—"

Sesshoumaru shook his head. "Wars ravaged the village. There was nothing left. We lost track of where it was."

"I stopped using reiki," she blurted. "It was too hard—there were too many memories. If I'd only kept going—"

He kissed her again, the touch gentle and reassuring. "It is not your fault, mate. No one would blame you for shutting yourself off."

She opened her mouth to argue, then blushed fiercely, biting her lip. "I like the sound of that." Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow, her cheeks only darkening. "You calling me 'mate'."

A growl rumbled through his chest, pupils dilating as he leaned over her. "I have wished to call you that for a very long time." The scent of her arousal had never left, only lessened, but now it returned full force, delicate fingers tracing the stripes on his hips.

"It's still new, though. Maybe you should do it some more so I get used to it."

Fangs flashed before his tongue dragged across the fresh mark on her shoulder. "I will endeavour to please you, mate." He reached under her, adjusting her body, then their movements began anew as they attempted to make up for lost time.


"I still do not understand how you are here." Kagome was curled up in his lap, mokomoko draped around her to stave off the evening chill.

"Bokuseno found me," she said, her head tucked under his chin. "He was able to talk to me through a tree in the park by my apartment."

Golden eyes narrowed, and he gazed up at the tree he was currently leaning against, a soft chuckle vibrating through the branches as the old youkai's face appeared.

"You failed to inform me as to the reason behind your summons."

Another chuckle. "Perhaps you will be more inclined to listen the next time it happens, then."

His eyes bled crimson, and he brandished his claws, but Kagome placed her hand on top of his. "I almost didn't believe he was real—I'd have ignored him completely if he'd said anything about you."

He pursed his lips but relaxed back against Bokuseno's trunk. "It is likely I would have thought you were being facetious."

"You still have much to learn, young pup."

Kagome's kiss cut off his growl, easily and instantly distracting him. Considering Bokuseno's actions had reunited him with his mate, Sesshoumaru was inclined to forgive him.

This time.


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