What's Yours is Mine by Chiaztolite

What's Yours is Mine

Kagome could see a sliver of the silver moon from the gap between the parted screens. The maple leaves had just begun to turn red, heralding the arrival of autumn, swaying gently in the breeze. The rush of brisk air entered their bedchamber to caress her body, cooling down the sweat that dampened her skin.

Bending down and pressing her forehead onto the futon, she stifled her moan of frustration. Sesshōmaru was rolling his hips carefully. Every thrust was a slow, shallow drag along her inner walls. She arched her back, rocking her hips gently, silently urging him to give her rougher motions.

His hands tightened around her hips.

“Cease your trashing, my mate,” he growled close to her ear when she was moving too much to his liking, his palm smoothing over the curve of her ass to calm her down.

Writhing uncontrollably, Kagome looked back and whispered pleadingly: “Sesshōmaru… can you please… please try to get a little deeper?”

“My mate, you do not know what you are asking for,” he gritted through clenched teeth, as though he was holding back with all his might. “I could tear you apart.”

She whined. They had been mates for six months, and gradually she tried to convince him that even though she was human, he would not break her with his passion. But her daiyōkai mate was not convinced, committing them both to a gentle lovemaking night after night.

Which was… lovely.

Really, it was.

But. Her body burned for him. All of him. And yet, he stubbornly refused to surrender to his baser instinct, showing off his remarkable self-restraint as he kept thrusting into her in that slow, shallow, steady rhythm. Yes, there was pleasure. Yes, she would reach her climax, but she yearned for the rough, brutal loving she knew he was fully capable of giving her.

Even now, she could feel the latent passion thrumming beneath his skin.

Kagome clawed at the tatami mat, wanting so much more but did not know how to achieve them. Then, he took pity on her, and gave her just a tiny bit more of his length. Her cries of frustration morphed into a low, long moan of contentment. She was getting a little more depth, a little more friction, and a little more speed, just enough to tip her into a gentle climax. She wrung it for all it was worth, trying to undulate her hips backwards even as her mate gripped her waist tightly, preventing any movement.

Kagome bore down on him as much as she could manage it, tightening her muscles around him until the motions of his hips faltered and he buried his face in the crook of her neck. She felt his gasps fanning her skin as his thrusts slightly sharpened and, with a low, guttural moan, he spilled inside her.

Afterwards, as they usually did, Kagome went to take care of her ablutions and made them tea while Sesshōmaru did his cleansing in the other room.

In the kitchen, she waited for the pot of water to boil over the brazing. Biting her lower lip, she stared at the ingredients inside the pouch Shippō’s teacher had given her.

She could not believe she was actually doing this.

When she had first heard of the potion, she entertained the notion as a bad joke that only she would understand. But, as six months came and gone with no progress in her relationship with her mate, the idea took root and refused to be abandoned.

And tonight, she held the potion in her palm.

Her hand was poised over the teapot as she hesitated just in the brink before she poured the content of the pouch into the porcelain.

What she was about to do seemed terribly wrong and unnecessary. But— as pleasant as her lovemakings with Sesshōmaru were, she knew they could have more. She wanted him to see how they could be closer as partners, lovers, to be more committed to each other as a mated pair.

In the end, she made up her mind. Upon emptying the pouch, she poured boiling water into the pot. She let the concoction of tea and medicinal herbs steep before she divided it into two cups.

When she returned to their bedchamber, she saw their futons had been made in the meticulous fashion that was his and his alone. His fastidious side never failed to put a smile on her face.

Sesshōmaru did not question her when she handed him a cup, having been accustomed to her extensive collections of teas and herbs which she served him every night for various reasons of health and vigour. Not that he needed any of it. She knew he drank them all merely because she made them for him.

Heartbeats accelerating, Kagome watched her mate drink the tea before she brought her cup to her lips and took a sip.


Some time later…

Sesshōmaru awakened to some strange, unfamiliar sensations. He felt slightly dizzy, as though his head was filled with cotton, but the off-putting sensation soon passed. There was the tingling of pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt before. This was... bizarre. This felt… strange, like he was occupying someone else’s body.

He lifted his hands and looked at them. Gone were the razor-sharp claws and the magenta stripes on his wrists. His hands, wrists, and arms were all slim, with delicate bones encased within satin-smooth creamy skin. His nails were trimmed short, neat, and utterly vulnerable.

Raising himself onto his elbows, he saw: between his legs was someone who looked exactly like him. That silver-haired male had his face between his thighs, doing the unmentionables to him.

“Kagome—“ He began to say, and choked when he heard her voice coming out of his mouth, only that… it was not his mouth. It was her mouth. Her body. Somehow, she had swapped their consciousness so they occupied each other’s body.

“Kagome.” It was strange hearing such menacing sound coming out of her lips. “What did you do?”

She flicked those golden eyes at him, and now he knew how lesser creatures felt whenever he trained his attention on them. That haughty, lordly expression. That was all him.

“Teaching you a lesson.”

“A lesson?” He repeated. “On what?”

“On how much I — your mate — can handle, even as human as I am,” she replied, looking at him with those pair of golden eyes that held not even an ounce of jest.

This is the teaching method you chose?” He questioned her. “By taking over my body?”

She smirked at him. “Hmmm? What happened to all those promises of what’s yours is mine?”

“You are taking an awfully liberal interpretation of the saying,” he hissed. “How did you even achieve this… trickery?”

“One of Shippō’s teachers gave me a potion.” She grinned wickedly at him. “Now, enough talking. She told me the effect will only last for an hour, which means I don’t have much time.”

“An hour— Ughhh!

He lost all ability for speech when her tongue darted out to trace the seam of his bare sex, two long fingers sluicing through delicate folds. This body, this mouth kept insisting on letting out such lewd noises, which were incredibly titillating when coming from his mate. But, when he was the one doing it…


Sesshōmaru  bit the back of his hand when Kagome did something clever with that rough, raspy tongue of his. She swirled the tip lightly around the swollen bud and paired it with a firm brush of the tongue, repeating the varying strokes over and over until he writhed on the futon. He could feel himself getting more and more wet. This was different from the sensations he experienced in a male body. This female body felt hollow, and it wept continuously, aching to be filled.

He thrashed on their bed. He could not take this. The sensations were exquisite to the point of pain.

She hovered over him, grazing his cheek with the back of her hand.

“Sesshōmaru,” she said. “Should I stop? I have the antidote.”

She was looking at him earnestly. He knew that if he had asked her to, she would switch them back. But, as he stared back at her, he knew she wouldn’t have taken such drastic action had she not felt strongly about it.

“Proceed,” he finally said. “Show me what you want me to understand.”

He could not believe he was doing this. It would be exceedingly interesting, to say the least.

Smiling, Kagome lowered her head to capture his lips. Silky strands of silver hair caressed his skin as her mouth glided over his in a deep, thorough kiss. He raised his head to respond, arms clinging around her neck, hungry for that familiar, delightful taste of her juices. Her hands roamed, grazing over the pair of beautiful breasts he had spent so much time worshipping over the last six months. He jerked when her fingers brushed over the taut nipple, not quite expecting the jolt of pleasure that zapped through him at the slight contact.

As her mate, he knew there were certain spots on her body that were sensitive. Her breasts, for example. Her nipples. The inside of her elbow. The tender spot behind her ears. He just did not know how much. Now, he had only been inside her body for several minutes, experiencing these sensations as she would them, and already he was learning so much.

Her low, husky chuckle teased his ears, and she reached up to tweak one of his nipples. He gasped, arching into her touch, practically tightening around those intrusive fingers playing inside the tunnel between his legs.

It was a strange sensation to be invaded, to be filled. Just two of those fingers made him feel so full.

He supported his upper body on his elbows, staring at her with panting breaths.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“You will pay for this, my mate,” Sesshōmaru said. If it was meant to be a threat, he failed so miserably. The heat in his gaze and in the timbre of his voice caused pleasurable heat to course through her. It sounded like a promise for more, for retaliation that was bound to be rough in its nature.

Kagome simply chuckled. The low baritone of his husky voice echoed in the stillness of their chamber.

Sesshōmaru was a master with the tongue, and he had given her countless of pleasures with his face buried between her thighs, but it did not mean she had no new tricks to teach her mate.

Kagome alternated between suckling the clitoris, licking with varying pressures, and swirling her tongue. Two fingers returned to the play. When she moved her fingers in the come-hither motions, rubbing roughly against the front wall of the vagina, he rewarded her with a fresh gush of come. Sesshōmaru thrashed under the assault of her lips and tongue. He turned his face to the side; raven hair spilled to obscure his face as he bit the corner of a pillow

“Let it all out, my mate,” she ordered him, pulling the pillow away from his mouth. “I wish to hear your pleasure.”

He blushed so prettily, and she grinned at him before she continued to tend to his pussy. And this time, he did let it all out. His screams of pleasure rending the silence of the night.

The taste of her slick was different on his palate. It tasted… sweet. Like the nectar of a flower. She lapped it all, the beast howling inside her, revelling in the taste of its mate. That in itself was a singular experience: to feel the beast inside her, to be so united with it.

When her tongue snaked inside the tunnel to scoop up more of the honey, Sesshōmaru could no longer contain his moans, or the undulations of his hips. He broke apart under the ministrations of her tongue, crying out, supple thighs fell open in a gesture of surrender.

Kagome waited until he came down from his high, patiently kissing his inner thighs, peppering little bites on the expanse of soft flesh.

Then, she laid back.  

“Show me how you like it,” she ordered him.

Sesshōmaru stared at her uncertainly. A fierce blush colouring his cheekbones. But then, gingerly, he went on his hands and knees and crawled towards her with his fawn eyes half-dazed, still shaking from the reminiscent of his orgasm.

Kagome leaned back to observe her mate prowling towards her with heavy-lidded gaze. He looked so sultry and desirable, which meant she looked sultry and desirable.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Mouth suddenly dry, Sesshōmaru swallowed.

He had never seen his shaft up close like this before. It was certainly an instrument of great power, which he had wielded with abandon during the years of his youth. Then, as he grew older, his age and maturity, along other ambitions, tempered such recklessness. He stopped completely when he was courting his miko, dedicating all his attention, affection, and loyalty to his chosen female as any honourable male would.

His much smaller hand curled around the considerable girth, marvelling at the thickness and the heat. He licked the shaft tentatively, tasting the salt and the musk, and spurred on when he heard her hissing in pleasure.

Sesshōmaru gained new appreciation for his mate’s skills with her tongue and the way she always managed to prevent her teeth from scraping him. After a few minutes of suckling, his jaw was sore already, and his throat burned. But, as he flicked his eyes to watch her expression, which was essentially his face, he saw her obvious enjoyment. She was breathing heavily, lips parted to occasionally let out a deep groan of pleasure. Her fangs lengthened, gleaming in the dimness of the moonlit night.

Thus, he doubled his efforts. His hands stroke the expanse of flesh he could not fit into his mouth.

“Harder,” she ordered.

He arched a brow at her commanding tone, and at the command itself. Kagome was usually exceedingly gentle and careful when handling his delicate part — even though looking at its current state, there was nothing delicate about it at all. It was thick and swollen, the precum leaking continuously from the slit at the top. The protruding veins pulsed hotly under the velvet brush of his tongue.

Kagome repeated her command, inserting a little more urgency into the tone, but the movements of her hips were pleading and needy.

Hnn. Perhaps his mate was learning a thing or two herself.

He suckled more powerfully. One of her hands shot out to press the back of his head down, hips undulating as she gently fucked his mouth. He let her take control for a while, not bobbing his head up and down, but he continuously swirled his tongue around the head of the cock inside his mouth.

“Sesshōmaru.” Clawed fingers caressed his cheek gently. “I’m close.”

He started moving again, applying more pressure, hollowing his cheeks as he suckled strongly at the tip. He used his small, slim hands to massage the thick base that would not fit inside his mouth.

She let out a harsh shout as she lifted her hips, shooting come straight into his throat. Reflectively, he swallowed. Spurt after spurt filled his mouth, and he drank it all, letting her copious seed soothe the burn in his throat.

While she was coming down from her orgasm, he realized he was wet again. That sensitive spot between his legs throbbed, begging to be petted and attended to. Whimpering with needs, his fingers rubbed the nub, sluicing through the inner folds, desperate to find a relief from the itching pressure. No matter what he did, the sensations were nowhere enough. His female body yearned for something thicker and longer to fill its deepest parts.

He made pleading noises he never thought he would make. But they came out as her voice, and he could not stop them from further arousing his male soul.

Kagome rose to take him in hand and adjust his position. He could do nothing but obey. She pushed his shoulders gently until he lay completely on his back, parted his thighs and bent his legs at the knees, completely open.

She settled between his quivering legs, and he moaned happily at the weight that came down on top of him.

“You’re feeling it now, huh?” She teased him, biting the tip of his ear as he bucked and whined beneath her. “Don’t worry. I won’t make you suffer too much longer.”

Kagome notched the head of her cock at the mouth of his opening and began to push. Sesshōmaru groaned at the feel of the tremendous pressure. He knew he was a larger male, but now he was learning of his enormity from his mate’s point of view. The shaft felt much longer and thicker than the two fingers she had inserted earlier, and this body strained to accommodate the intrusion. He felt split apart. Impaled. Skewered. Tears streamed down his face from the intensity of their joining. He had thought this body would break, but in fact, it wept and hungered for more length to satisfy a deeper need. The breach felt so satisfying, he raised his hips to take more. 

Chuckling deeply, as though she knew exactly how he felt, she pushed one of his legs up, opening him up a little further.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Sesshōmaru cried out from the barrage of sensations that wrecked him as his channel convulsed and fluttered around her shaft for the first time. Kagome kept still, forcing herself to be patient as she let him come down from his high.

Her mate had never hilted inside her, not even once. He had always been careful to keep at least half of his length outside of her, worried that he might harm her otherwise. And now, Kagome found out why: it was impossible. She had hit the very back of him, and still, several inches of her length had yet to feel the tight caress of his pussy.

His eyes were limpid and glazed when she stuffed him to the brim, nails scratching futilely at her arms. And when she thrust, those eyes widened with such wonder. They stared at each other; their connection whole and undeniable despite the switch. Her own eyes widened with the same sense of awe. The pleasure she felt being in this male body was so different.  

He was tight around her, fisting her. Caressing her, sucking at her. She could not stop moving her hips, could not stop coring him open. His body was a delight to wield, and she commandeered it with expertise. Kagome had never experienced such power, such agility, such stamina, and she used them well to pleasure her mate. She rolled her hips gently, slowly, knowing it was the first time her female body ever experienced such depth. She had no desire to hurt her mate, only to show him the joy and satisfaction that could come from a union free from hesitation and restraints.

Gods. Again?” Sesshōmaru gasped, trembling all over. He was clinging to her now. Arms and legs wrapped around her neck and waist. His eyes rolled back as another wave of climax washed over him.

Kagome could not hold back her chuckle as she held herself inside him, focusing on grinding deep, relishing the way his tunnel clasped her so tightly as he came.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Coming down from his orgasm, Sesshōmaru pulled away only to assume the pose he loved most whenever he coupled with his mate: on all fours, rump tilted high, showing off rosy, pink lips ready to receive her.

Kagome was in position behind him, though she did not move to take him. When a few seconds passed and still she did not join their bodies together, he looked back at her over his shoulder.

“Kagome. Put it in again,” he said.

Arching a brow, she waited. Every second that glorious male body was not put to use, Sesshōmaru suffered, aching to be filled. He bit his lower lip, feeling a blush cresting his cheek.

Please,” he said.

Thankfully, she did not let him wait much longer before she entered him. Once again, his temporary body was straining to accommodate the thick shaft that she stuffed inside him. It felt different in this position: thicker, deeper, and its ridges rubbed some spots inside him that he did not even know existed.


His instinct was telling him to move, and so he did, swirling his hips and screwing himself deeper on her, fisting her shaft with his inner muscles.

Impatiently, Kagome pushed him down and covered his smaller frame, and began a series of hard, deep thrusts unlike anything he had ever given her before. The ones she kept pleading for over and over and he kept refusing. And– Gods. Oh Gods. This female body sang and wept for more. In the throes of pleasure, he finally realized: her body was much stronger than he ever gave it credit for.

He reached back to grapple at her pistoning hips, wordlessly telling her that he could take more. That she could take more. The joy was apparent in her laugh as she rolled her hips sharply, pelvis meeting buttocks with a loud slap that jolted him forward. He would have skidded across the futon from the force of the thrust if she had not grabbed onto his arms.

This was what he had been depriving her all this time? He should be whipped for being such a stubborn, ignorant fool.

She lifted his upper half off the floor, which inevitably arched the female body like a bow strung tight and pushed the shaft deeper into him. At one point, she was so deep inside him, it felt as though she was rearranging his insides. He let out a harsh gasp, but the gush of slick running down his thighs and the way he clenched around the invasion were more than proof of his enjoyment.

Kagome,” he groaned. This position rubbed the swollen head of the cock against the tender lining of his stomach.

“Too much now?” She asked.

Sesshōmaru shook his head again. As proof, he parted his legs even more and realized that the wider stance allowed the shaft to enter just a tiny bit deeper. He could feel the very tip of the cock kissing the tight mouth of the womb. His eyes nearly crossed when she experimentally pressed in, nearly prying the hole open. And when she curled that striped arm around his torso to pinch the swollen clit, the bolt of pleasure coursing through him was so sharp that he jolted, nearly dislodging her.

His mate was showing him how she would like to be touched, petted, fucked.

He better paid attention, committed all these sensitive spots to memory. Because things could be this good between them.

He did not protest when Kagome pushed him down, eclipsing his smaller frame. She clamped her jaws on the imprint of teeth on his nape, fangs sinking deep to renew their mating mark. The link between them resonated, made even more fierce by the thrum of a budding climax. Pleasure – more than anything he had ever known – sparked up his spine and he howled with ecstasy, coming helplessly around the cock that skewered him. Vaguely, he felt her pumping feverishly before she plunged deep and lost herself to passion, spilling inside him.

Kagome’s mind-blowing orgasm jolted her back into her own body. She did not know if an hour had passed, or their explosive mutual pleasures had switched them back into where they naturally belonged.

Or perhaps, a potion — no matter how potent — could only have so much effect on someone as powerful as Sesshōmaru.

As she panted and regained her bearings, almost immediately, she experienced a new feeling she had never tasted before: that deep, delicious soreness just under her bellybutton. She shifted her hips, and her eyes rolled back, nearly swooning from the alien sensation of having been so thoroughly plundered.

Now, she envied him. She had succeeded in showing how she would like to be taken: hard and thorough, but she had not exactly experienced it with her own body.

But he had.

As she stared at him, quite uncertain of what to say or do, Sesshōmaru did not speak. Not even the slightest sound passed between those lips.

He simply moved to straddle her, glossed his cock in her copious juices, and penetrated deep with a single brutal thrust. Their bodies collided with a loud smack. Kagome threw her head back and keened out her pleasure to the ceiling, climaxing straightaway from the first feel of him prying her open, burrowing so deep inside. Her channel gripped him in a tight vise even as he began to passionately pump into her.

“Is this what you have been hungry for, my mate?” He panted in her ear as her peak went on and on. “Is this what you need from me?”

The head of his heavy cock battered the mouth of her womb with every thrust. Her toes curled as she lost all ability to speak, to answer other than with a few frantic, uncontrollable nods.

“Don’t stop, Sesshōmaru… please… please… Oh Gods…”

And he did not.

The way he moved his hips was not something she could have replicated, and he was hell-bent on proving only he could make her feel this way. Her demon lord was glorious when unleashed. With the need riding him, and his caution thrown to the wind, he ravaged between her thighs. Kagome practically came again from watching him move so sinuously above her, snapping his hips in powerful, unapologetic thrusts. He punctuated each of those thrusts with a deep, possessive grunt.

A delight to watch in action, those beautiful rows of muscles on his stomach rippled as he worked himself tirelessly for her pleasure. She sank her blunt nails in his arms and urged him, spurring him on with her mewls and broken whimpers.

And he gave her everything she wanted and needed, and more.

Oh Gods, finally. 

But it was never enough. He grabbed the back of her thighs and pinned her knees to her ears, holding her down with his body weight and angling her pelvis perfectly to suit both of their needs. The fresh bout of slick lubricated her passage for a deeper entry. The way he positioned her and pinned her down left her with no choice but to take his savage thrusts. Take him.

All the while, bent nearly in half, she stared at him, cupping his face as he cored her open, hollowed her out. With her eyes she encouraged him, spurred him on. His harsh grunts mingled with her high-pitched moans as he relentlessly plunged into her.

The shards in her veins exploded into a million pieces as the most intense orgasm of her life swallowed her whole. He fucked her through her orgasm, never slowing his pace, never gentling, knowing full well his mate wished to know his strength.

When he flipped her on all fours and caged her with his larger frame, she knew what was coming.

“You tightened around me all of a sudden,” he panted in her ear. “You are sensitive here, I remember.” He punctuated those words with sharp snaps of his hips, battering the exact spot that made her cry out each time. His fingers cleverly found the spot where his cockhead burrowed deep and pressed there.

Kagome looked back at him, eyes heavily lidded, and swirled her hips in the way that she now understood would give him pleasure. Earlier, when he swirled those hips, probably not even realizing how tantalizing he looked, she had gasped. The way he moved made her feel as though he was fisting her shaft. His tunnel had felt incredibly tight and slick around her.

Now, as she returned the favour, the effect was immediate. He lunged at her, snapping his jaws close to her neck. She grinned, relishing the knowledge of how close she brought him to the breaking point. Her cool, composed demon lord, brought to his knees by her, a human woman.

“You can take more of me, can’t you, Kagome?” He growled in her ear, mouthing her earlobe, biting gently. Silver hair spilled over her shoulders to tease her sensitized skin. “Let me give you more. Would you like more?”

Yes, oh yes. She would be sore for days. Perhaps she would not walk for a little while, but she could not care about anything beyond this night. She nodded wildly and clawed the ground again, though for completely different reason this time. In impatience and anticipation for the physical culmination of their commitment to each other.

Sesshōmaru had staved back the swelling of his knot during their mating ritual, and during the six months since, worried how her body would handle such protrusion.

She reached between her legs to massage the base of his cock that had started to thicken. He groaned, nearly whimpering. There was about four inches of his length she had yet to take. The thickest part. He snarled against her nape but leaned more into her touch. She kept stimulating that ring of flesh that was swelling just for his mate. For her.  

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

He began to cram himself more into her body.

Gods, Sesshōmaru,” she whimpered when she felt him breaching her deepest parts, wedging the head of his cock into the door to her womb.

He kissed the apple of her shoulder and ceased all movements. There was no pain or fear in her scent but he would hear it from her lips. “Painful?”

She shook her head, shivering all over. He held her tight against his body, anchoring her as she struggled to adjust to the added depth. “Ahh… no. Not pain. Just… a lot of pressure.”

He clenched his jaws and continued, staving that bestial part of him that wanted to ram as far as he could and shove his expanding knot into her. Deep inside, he could feel the tight mouth that guarded her womb hindering the progress of his cock. He smeared the seed that dribbled out steadily from the slitted crown across her walls. Sesshōmaru rubbed the head of his swollen cock against very back of her channel. Pressing gently, grinding cautiously, he further stimulated her insides.

When she was mewling his name, still hungry for him, he began to bear down, lending his body weight to his efforts. He could feel the tight fingers of her cervix moving slightly against the head of his cock, drawing him into the guarded chamber of her womb.

It took a great amount of trust on both sides. She trusted him to never hurt her, just as much as he trusted her to tell him when her body had reached its limit.

But Kagome was coming again underneath him from the immensely deep penetration, dousing him in the warm wetness of her release. He pulled back slightly before he pushed in a little more. The extra lubrication helped ease his way inside.

“Open for me, Kagome,” he whispered in her ear.

With a soft, nearly inaudible whimper, Kagome’s womb opened up; her body surrendering to his full possession. He groaned when the tight ring that was the gate to her womb began to loosen around the tip of his shaft, sucking him inside. He bored down even more, probing the hole until the rest of his shaft began to slowly slide into his mate. The head of his cock entered the chamber above her cervix as the base of his shaft continued to thicken. Firmly, he pushed the entirety of his mating fist inside her before it grew too large to fit past the opening. And there, within the tight clasp of her body, as she clenched and unclenched around him, he hilted and swelled until his knot was fully formed and they were locked together, conjoined.

He had never knotted inside a female before, and his human miko took him beautifully. She was perfect to take the entirety of him. How could he ever thought otherwise?

With his mating fist in place, he could not thrust without tugging at her sensitive flesh and causing her pain. He moved in deep-seated nudges. The tight ring of her muscles rubbed the underside of the sensitive crown. She was so warm and soft inside. He felt as though she was melting all around him, sucking him into her depths.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The movements of his hips were gentle but they were by no means less intense. Gradually, he worked her into frenzy, pushing her past pleasure and nearly into delirium. Eventually, he coaxed her to shift onto her side, him spooning tightly behind her. Kagome had never felt so full. She felt like she was in the cusp of breaking, and yet the sensations were exquisite. And the pleasure continued on and on. One full-body orgasms after the other that he continued to feed with kisses and caresses on her breasts, with tweaks on her clit to take her mind off the extreme pressure between her legs. It went on for hours, and the male knotting her continued to spill, splashing the walls of her womb with batch after batch of semen.

With every peak, he encouraged her to reach for another. He had always been a silent lover. Yet, tonight, he was exceedingly talkative. He whispered filthy things in her ear about how well she took his knot. His pure, prim human priestess was stuffed full of demon cock. How beautiful she looked with her pussy stretched tight around his mating fist, and how from now on he would knot her every month, over and over and over until she was well-pupped and swollen with his child.

And it was that thought, the thought that he would be knotting her repeatedly, mating her, breeding her that hurtled her into helpless climax. Kagome shuddered with the anticipation of it all, knowing tonight was merely the first of the many nights he would join himself with her like this.   

All the while, he kept rocking into her, against her, coming so copiously that if he had not plugged her securely, his semen would have dribbled out of her in thick drippings. His hand reached over to rub against the abdomen that was now so full of him and his seed. Her belly was a gentle curve against his palm, it was as though she was already pregnant.

Kagome knew the mental image titillated him so, because soon after, he adjusted her position and pressed her front flush against the futon. She could not contain a shuddering moan. He felt so much deeper in this position, if such a thing was even possible.

Sesshōmaru fucked her into their bed. Now that her body had fully adjusted to his expanded size, he was allowed more range of motions. His heavy sacs slapped against her pussy lips as he continued to pump into her, the knot still locking them tightly together. The thick, heavy mass he stuffed inside her straining passage pressed on her special spots, stimulating nerve endings so sensitive from repeated peaks, she could hardly distinguish when one orgasm ended before the next one began.

The position gave him unimpeded access to the mating mark on her nape. The moment he brushed his lips against it, licking at it, the pleasure reverberated and was amplified. She arched her spine, bucking against the masculine body that held her down. He pressed his hands against hers, lacing their fingers together as his fangs sank into her flesh to redefine the mark he had put there.

Kagome screamed. She would have thrown her head back had he not clamped his jaws around her nape, anchoring her as he hurtled her into a climax that wrenched her, body and soul.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Kagome thought she must have passed out at one point, because when she awakened, she found Sesshōmaru had laid her back on their bed. His knot had shrank, allowing him to detach himself from her. Now, he was between her legs, soothing her abused flesh with long, gentle laps of his tongue.

“And here I thought yōkai are selfish creatures,” she told him teasingly, unbelievably exhausted and yet in a state of complete bliss. Her fingers lovingly brushed away the damp strands of silver hair that were matted to his cheeks and forehead.

“All yōkai are selfish beasts, except when it came to the well-being of our mates,” he said, briefly glancing at her with those golden eyes.

Kagome laid back and let him take care of her. With a damp cloth, he cleansed the excess seed that continuously dripped between her thighs, rubbed ointment that would help minimize pain and soreness, and gently massaged the hips that would surely feel the effects of their intense coupling come morning.

Afterwards, he settled behind her, wrapping around her in a heap of satiated limbs and muscles, and soft luxurious pelt.

“That was most edifying,” he admitted, hand idly tracing the curve of one hip. “Did I meet your expectations this time, mate?” His flaxen eyebrows arched in a haughty query.

“Above and beyond,” Kagome sighed as she rested her head on his chest.

“I should have known you understand your limitations best,” he said. Then, after a few silent moments of him rubbing the apple of her with the back of a hand, he added: “I am sorry for not having more faith in you.”

“You worried for my safety,” she replied. “I can never fault you for that. But I also knew how stubborn you could be. You wouldn’t just take my word for it. You need to see for yourself how you could never break me with your passion.” She blushed a little. “But yeah… From now on, give me all you’ve got.”

“It is as you said,” he told her, giving her an affectionate bite on her neck. “What’s mine is yours.”


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