Still Rain by Chiaztolite

Chapter 1

When lighting struck twice in the distance, Kagome knew it was time to look for shelter.

The air was humid, heavy with moisture. It even smelled wet. She had not planned to stop until she reached her destination: a village that lay on the other side of the mountain. For a moment, she contemplated continuing her journey anyway, but she knew it was still too far away. She would not make it before the torrential downpour began.

She found a cave just as fat droplets began to pour down from the sky. Brushing the beads of water off her shoulders, she watched the world outside through a curtain of rain, oblivious that the cave had already housed someone else.

She nearly squealed when she heard a long-suffering sigh from somewhere inside, alarmed to discover she was not the only one there.

Turning around, she scanned the yawning darkness until she spotted the other occupant of the cave: a male figure in armour and familiar white and crimson regalia. He was sitting in the back corner, his luxurious white pelt cushioning his head as he leaned back against the cave wall.

He regarded her with a half annoyed, half-amused expression.

“Out of all the caves on this mountain, Miko, you had to scamper into this one.”

Even though those words were said in his trademark aloof voice, they somehow managed to sound scathing.

Kagome swallowed and strived to calm the rapid beating of her heart, knowing the daiyōkai would be able to hear it.

“Sesshōmaru. I didn’t know this cave was already taken," she said defensively.

Perhaps, if the daiyōkai had bothered to put up a sign, she thought with annoyance. Besides, this cave was not his private property, was it? It was located on a public mountain, wasn’t it? What right did he have to be so prickly about her being there?

Except that… he did get there first.

“I’ll find shelter elsewhere and leave you in peace,” she conceded, slinging her bag over her shoulder and turning to leave. She would not want to get stuck in here waiting for the rain to ease up with someone as surly as…

Before she finished her thoughts, another jagged bolt of lighting struck awfully close to the cave. She jumped, releasing a little embarrassing shriek that echoed off the walls.

“Just… stay,” Sesshōmaru said, irritation bleeding into his previously calm voice. "This side of the mountain is prone to landslide, especially in this weather.”

Looking around, Kagome did not see the daiyōkai’s green sidekick, or the two-headed dragon grazing on a patch of grass outside.

“You are alone,” she stated. “Did you get separated from Jaken and Ah-Un?”


“So… you just felt like being alone?”

There was no answer for a long time. Then, just when she had given up the possibility of him giving her the courtesy of an answer, she heard his voice piercing the silence.

“I am… isolating myself.”

“Isolating?” Kagome repeated. “You mean— like in quarantine? Why? Are you sick?”

There was another beat of silence before he replied. “Not precisely.”

She wondered if this was a male thing. Not wanting to appear weak, like not wanting to ask for directions.

“Are you sure?” She prodded. “You sound… off.”

His usually rich, smooth baritone voice was a bit hoarse and gravelly. Perhaps he had come down with the yōkai-equivalence of a cold. In which case, she should have some herbs or others in her bag that she could mix to help ease the symptoms.

"Miko, this is none of your concern,” he said. “Stay if you wish, but refrain from badgering. When the weather gets better, you are to leave this cave and banish this… incidental meeting from your mind.”

She ignored his order.

“Sesshōmaru. If you’re ill, you can tell me. I won’t think anything less of you. I am a full-fledged healer, and I have quite a bit of supplies with me. Maybe I can help.”

“I am not ill.” The timbre of his voice had slipped down to a lethal level, which meant she had reached a point where it would be dangerous to needle him further.

So she decided to leave him alone.

Kagome set aside her bundle of belongings, now wrapped in cloth instead of the bright yellow canvas. She had long discarded her modern-day backpack in favour of something more in keeping with the time she trapped herself in. Even though she had her back to him, she could feel his eyes on her, observing her every move.

“I heard you cancelled your betrothal to my brother merely three weeks before the wedding day. Why?”

Kagome’s hands stopped moving, and silence returned to the cave. She was surprised he cared enough — or perhaps curious enough — to demand a reason.

“Does it really matter now?” She was careful to keep her voice light. “That was over a year ago.”

“Hnn. I suppose it matters not. It seemed quite fixed when you referred to me as 'Onii-san'.”

The memory of the dirty look he shot her nearly made Kagome chuckle, but she bit her cheek to suppress any giggles.

“You’re still sour about it? Don’t worry. Now, there’s no chance I will call you that.”

She was hoping he would let go of the subject. But, just like a dog with a bone, he clung to it. Silently beckoning her to speak more.

“I just… changed my mind, that’s all,” she eventually told him.

His scoff told her he did not believe a word that came out of her mouth.

“You do not strike me as someone who is fickle, Miko,” he said. “What is the true story behind the one you fabricated?”

She nearly blushed. That particular word, coming from Sesshomaru’s lips, sounded like a compliment of the highest order.

“In a way, it is the true story. I had an epiphany, in which I realized Inuyasha and I are better as friends, not lovers or spouses. It seemed fair to let him out of the commitment so he could find that one person who can love him the way he deserves."

He did not answer, but she had a feeling he took in every word she said and gave her the full weight of his attention.

As a daiyōkai of the highest calibre, perhaps he did not need fire to keep him warm, Kagome thought as she eyed his fur pelt with envy. But the weather had taken a chilly turn, so she prepared a fire for herself, placing it somewhere between his spot and hers.

“Since I’ve told you my secret, won’t you tell me yours?” She asked after the fire blazed merrily inside the cave. “I no longer live in the village, so it’s not like I can blab my mouth and tell others about you being here.”

He was silent for a long time.

“It is not an illness,” he finally said. “Merely a condition.”

She frowned. “What kind of condition?”

“An inconvenient one.”

“Uhh… you really are fond of being cryptic, aren’t you?”

Another long-suffering sigh came from his direction.

“I am in rut.”

Oh. Immediate heat scalded Kagome's cheeks. The silence weighed heavily between them, broken only by the crackling of the firewood. Kagome stared at the daiyōkai from across the cave, jaw slightly dropped.

“Are you… sure you’re fine with me staying here? Should I… leave?”

He looked at her mildly. For the first time, she saw something in his eyes that resembled… humour. Or something very close to it.  

“You flatter yourself, Miko,” he said. “Stay if you wish. I will not touch you.”

Kagome supposed the uppity daiyōkai still felt she — a mere human miko — was so far beneath him that he would not touch her with a ten-foot pole. Not even under the influence of rut. She was unsure if she should feel relieved or offended at the insinuation.

She observed him. His regal bearing was intact. He was cool, calm, and collected, not displaying any hint of distress aside from a slightly altered voice.

“This is… a little different than how I imagine an inuyōkai lord in a rut would be,” she admitted.

He surprised her by chuckling. The sound was low and husky as it echoed in the hollowness of the cave, caressing her spine.

“You imagine me losing complete control of my sanity. Tongue lolling out of my mouth, saliva dribbling down my chin while on my knees begging a female to let me squeeze myself between her legs?”

His description made her cheeks hotter, but she maintained her outward composure, hoping to match his indifference. An exercise in futility, perhaps, but she attempted it anyway.

“Well. Maybe not begging,” she said archly. “But asking very nicely.”

He scoffed again.

“I am not a young pup, Miko,” he said, sounding rather tired. “I am always in control of myself and my beast, in rut or not.”

“Oh, okay.”

She turned around and busied herself with arranging her things and getting her area ready for bed. Was it strange that she felt… disappointed that he was still in control? Just once, she would love to see this beautiful male lose his cool. Get carried away. In disarray.

“Is that… disappointment I smell in your scent, Miko?”

She reddened. “No.”

He made no noise, but somehow she could hear his smirk.


Kagome slept curled on her side underneath a woven blanket she always carried around. Her sleep was filled with strange dreams that night. Dreams of a wild animal. A gigantic white dog. Growling. Trashing. Bucking and struggling against an invisible force.

The noises were what eventually woke her. She sat up, alarmed, thinking their cave had really been attacked by a horde of wild dogs. Or worse, wolves.

There was no pack of beast. Only her, and—


The fire burned low. Beneath the glow and the mottled shadows of the dancing flame, she found him trashing in his corner as though plagued by the most horrifying dream.

She rushed to him, kneeling by his prone form. His breathing was so laboured, it wrecked his whole body. A gentle hand on his shoulder prompted him to look up at her. He moved so slowly, which was a cause for alarm for a demon of his rank. His amber eyes appeared incredibly bright even in the dark. The pupils had deepened to black, morphing into thin slits.

“Miko,” he murmured hoarsely. “Return to your bed… stay away...”

There was no chance she would do that. Tenderly, she felt his forehead with the back of her hand. He was burning hot. If he had been human, the extreme heat would have undoubtedly caused irreversible damage.

“Sesshōmaru. You’re burning up...”

“The unspent energy sometimes manifests itself into a fever,” he panted, voice hoarse. “It is… not uncommon. It will pass.”

She glanced outside and saw it was still raining cats and dogs. She fetched a bowl from a pile of her belongings and put it out to gather the rainwater. Under the deluge, the bowl filled up within only a few seconds. Kagome rushed back inside to soak a handkerchief, squeeze the excess water out, and press the cool cloth onto his forehead.  

Fair lashes fluttered. Paired slits of bright, fevered amber stared up at her.

“Is this better?” She asked, keeping her voice as low and soft as possible. With his keen hearing, a noise louder than a whisper might cause him more pain.

She could see how much Sesshōmaru hated to admit it, but he did anyway. Begrudgingly.


When she dipped the cloth to cool it down once more and pressed it against the side of his neck, he let out a long moan that made her blush. The sound was torn from his throat as though he was helpless to stop it. She had never seen Sesshōmaru take pleasure in anything before — except perhaps defeat an enemy. Even then, he always maintained his stoic exterior. But right now, he was evidently, visibly, and audibly enjoying her ministrations.

It seemed so delightfully sinful, somehow.

Kagome shook her head, feeling somewhat guilty and ashamed that she took perverse pleasure in someone else’s distress, his moments of vulnerability. And the fact it was Sesshōmaru made this experience seem even more singular.  

She returned her focus to the task at hand. She wiped the sweat off his neck and the little bit of exposed skin between the folds of his inner garment, rinsing the cloth every so often to keep it cool.

“Should I take off your armour?” Kagome asked, keeping her voice nary more than a whisper. “It might help to make you feel more comfortable.”

Sesshōmaru stared at her from underneath a pair of hooded eyes. Once he nodded his assent, she unfastened his pauldron, untying the chest plate and taking off his armour piece by piece. When she stumbled, his trembling hands were there to assist her. Their fingers touched, working together to strip the pieces away from his body.

Underneath his armour, his clothing was soaked with sweat. He would really catch an illness if left this way. She reached for the ties that kept his garments together. He did not stop her, not even when she loosened the complicated knots and peeled the layers of fabric until his bare skin was exposed.

His broad chest was slick with a sheen of perspiration. His pale skin appeared almost bronze under the dancing light of the fire. Kagome prepared another cool cloth to wipe him down. As soon as she began to touch him, he shivered.

And it was not with distaste.

As he stared at her, she could see the want and desires tearing him up inside, as though he was starved for touch. Then, as if he realized how much he had revealed, he closed his eyes, barring her from seeing any more of his inner self.

Wordlessly, she continued to cleanse him, rinsing the cloth often in the hopes of cooling his body quicker. The cold compress seemed to help him through the worst of his fever. His breathing was less laboured now, and his body heat had also lessened.

Perhaps it was the vulnerability of the moment that drove him to capture her hand in his grasp. He held her hand — just above his beating heart while her own stuttered to a stop. When he opened his eyes, meeting her gaze, there seemed to be a thrill of something that passed between them. Unnamed and intangible, and yet she felt it down to her toes. And judging from the intensity his golden stare contained, he felt that something as well.

Cheeks hot and feeling out of sorts, Kagome broke their gaze to fetch a cup of water and brought it to his lips. She was mesmerized by the movements of his throat as he swallowed. Afterwards, she continued wiping him down, splaying her palm on his bare chest to touch the skin that felt like hot, damp satin stretched over iron muscles. The thuds of his heartbeat were strong against her hand, its rhythm oddly hypnotic.

He did not stop her from touching him. He merely watched in silence, looking like… he wanted more.

With little surprise, she realized… she wanted more too.

Carefully, she peeled strands of silver hair sticking onto his sweaty forehead and cheeks and tucked them away behind his ear. 

“I know you had plans to ride out this delicate phase by yourself,” she told him gently. “In peace, and with dignity. And yet, here I am, ruining that peace. But, Sesshōmaru. I just want you to know… Even in this state, I still think of you as magnificent.”

She saw the moment his iron control snapped. His eyes widened. A fresh bout of shudder came over him.

“Miko—“ He panted. “Leave. Now.

Kagome stilled. He told her to leave, to practically run away, but she did not move.

The truth was, she did not want to.

Now, he was staring at her with such hunger in his eyes. Yet, he did not inspire fear inside her, only yearning.

With trembling hands, she untied the knot that fastened her priestess garb together. The white hakui slipped off her shoulders, showing off an expanse of creamy skin made golden by firelight. Her breasts were bound, so she slowly unravelled the thin strips of white cloths that suppressed the mounds. She hid her breath of relief when the tight confine was loosened. Her fingers stumbled a few times, but finally, she finished baring herself to his gaze from the waist up.

“How do you want me?” She whispered, cheeks aflame.

Sesshōmaru’s eyes widened.

One moment she was sitting up, then within the span of a breath, she was on her back, resting against the furs. He loomed above her; the scent of crushed pine needles surrounded her. His eyes flashed red as they roamed over her naked breasts, nipples quickly hardening under his hungry gaze.

Kagome whimpered when he bent his head to take a turgid peak inside his hot mouth and sucked. There was hunger in every strong pull of his suckling, but his hands were gentler than she ever thought they would be as he explored the valleys of her breasts and stomach.

He made quick work of the knots that tied her red hibakama to her waist. She shimmied her hips, assisting him in undressing her even quicker. His lips had gradually descended from her breasts to her belly, nipping at soft flesh on their way down to her hips and inner thighs.

His hands joined their explorations. Kagome’s back arched, her thighs parted wide on their own accord to let his fingers play between her legs. She gasped when he touched the heart of her, testing her wetness. She shut her eyes tight and clamped her teeth on her wrist when she felt his mouth where his fingers were. He traced the seam of her sex with his tongue, going leisurely from bottom to top. The tip teased her bud before it suckled and stroked with varying pressure.

He mouthed her as though he was starving for her taste, holding her hips still as he kept her open for his lips and tongue. Crying out, her eyes stared up at the ceiling and yet seeing nothing. And when his tongue slipped deeply inside her, she broke apart under his mouth. Her fingers tangled themselves in his hair as her hips undulated against him.  

He undressed himself with rapid speed and positioned her on her hands and knees. She was still shaking from the force of her orgasm but instinctively, she knew to keep her head lowered, submitting to the male behind her. She felt his sex rubbing along her inner thigh — long, thick, and rigid. He notched the head of his cock between her folds and held it there, as though savouring the sensation of them touching so intimately for the first time.

Lighting struck again, illuminating the cave's interior with blinding white light. Kagome threw her head back in a strangled scream when Sesshōmaru breached her. A long, heated slide that made her feel he was ripping her open. There was a pinch of pain, but it was fleeting, replaced by the pressure that was nearly unbearable, deliciously so. She hung her head down, writhing as her tunnel strained to accommodate the intrusion. He stuffed her full of his flesh, but he had not hilted yet. Impatient, he nudged her thighs apart to make more room for himself.

She was spread wide open now. Three hard, body-jolting thrusts put the remaining inches inside her. Then, he stilled.

“Miko, I can’t—“ His voice was so low it resembled an animal more than the cultured male he allowed the world to see. 

She knew he was trying to reign the beast in, but the need riding him could not be denied. She could feel the latent lust and desire strumming beneath his skin, crawling along her back.

“It’s… okay,” she panted, craning her neck to look back at him. His eyes were flashing red and still, she was not afraid. “You can move. I want you to.”

Snarling, he pulled back before he snapped his hips hard. Her broken cries rang out in the hollowness of the cave. The first thrust was so intense, he jolted her body forward. If he had not laid his fur underneath her, she would have scraped the skin off her knees. He pushed her down and clamped his jaws on her shoulder, holding her still without quite breaking skin as his hips thrust rapidly. His pelvis slapped repeatedly against the softness of her rear in a rhythm that was both punishing and rewarding.

He rutted the same way he did everything else: with ruthless determination. As a daiyōkai in the grip of lust, he was even more magnificent. The prowess of his thrusts jostled her bones, and she felt the vibrations through every part of her body. Her arms quivered until they finally buckled, unable to prop up her upper body under such a fierce onslaught.

Sesshōmaru followed her down, caging her body between his strong arms. His hips never stopped moving in a relentless rhythm. The soft tips of his pelt teased her nipples as he pumped into her. When she felt his hand curling around her midsection to rub against her soft belly, she raised her hips a little to give him more room to explore. His hand travelled lower. His middle finger rubbed against the swollen nub, matching the rhythm of his thrust. His thumb and index finger pinched and pulled. She bucked against him with abandon, railing against the solid, masculine body that caged her and pinned her down onto the furs below.

Reaching back, she gripped his hip and sank her blunt nails into his flesh, torn between the unbearable fullness between her legs and yet wanting more. Voice climbing to a higher pitch, she pleaded brokenly. She had never felt this acute, unbearable need to be pleasured and petted.

He crooned in her ear, an animalistic sound designed to calm his female down, but somehow it fanned the fire inside her and made her gush even more around him. She was so wet now. Each thrust produced a wet squelch that echoed lewdly inside the cave. She tightened her tunnel around him, loving his warning growl as the movements of his hips faltered momentarily before they sharpened, hammering on one particular spot that made her keen her pleasure in a high-pitched whine.

She came helplessly around him. Distantly, beneath the current of pleasure, she felt him quickening his pace. The steady rhythm of his pumping turned erratic. The warm puffs of his harsh breathing fanned her nape. She could hear his teeth grinding as he chased after his climax. Finally, with a hard snap of his hips, he buried himself deep and swelled inside her, testing the limits of her body. Kagome took pleasure in the low, strangled moan in her ear as he came. The long, copious rush of seed warmed her belly.

Her limbs felt weak, but Sesshōmaru was not done yet, far from it. He lifted her hips high and pulled out. Their combined juices dripped along her inner thighs onto the furs below. When she whimpered her frustration at the emptiness, rocking her body desperately to seek more contact, he palmed the soft flesh of her rear in a gesture that was almost reverent.

Then, he gripped her waist, fingers encircling the narrow span, and he mounted her again. She was more than ready to receive him. His entry was smooth, unimpeded. Her eyes flew open wide when he sank to the hilt.

She cried his name brokenly as he rode her hard, going so deep she felt the tip of him burrowing just under her belly button. Tears streamed down her face as she shuddered, pleading for more and mercy in the same gasping breath. He grunted in her ear, sounding more animal than she had ever heard him. Once again, he came down on all fours to fully surround her smaller body, rubbing his slick chest against her back as though he wanted her slathered in his scent.

She came undone like this, shaking beneath him like a leaf as he kept on thrusting. She tightened around him, milking him, drawing his seed until she heard him gasping and losing control. His lips were on her shoulder as he spilled inside her again, kissing and biting with the tenderness that was a contrast with the intensity of his taking.

When he maneuvered her to straddle his lap, she was helpless to resist. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself. The feeling of fullness was even more intense in this position, with gravity pushing her down until she took all of him. Impaled to the hilt.

Through the blur of tears, she realized his eyes had momentarily returned to golden. It was the moment he seemed to gaze into her soul. The movements of his hips slowed and gentled.

“Foolish… woman,” Sesshōmaru panted, pressing his forehead against hers. “I told you to leave.”

Kagome shook her head, giving him a weak grin. “It didn’t seem fair… to leave a comrade… in need.”

His next growl sounded like one born from his frustration with her, but at the same time, it was almost… affectionate. It tugged at her heartstrings and made her feel things she never thought she would feel for anyone again.

He was deep inside her, but he rubbed his nose against hers in a gesture that felt even more intimate, it made her heart clench. Her fingers caressed the hard line of his jaw, his cheeks. They sought each other's lips until they met and joined and melded together. The touch of his lips upon hers was electric. The tease of his tongue was a visceral sensation that singed her from head to toe.

Kagome was not a stranger to kisses. But none of them had been like this. This was a kiss that left a handprint on her heart, reaching all the way to sear her soul. She parted her lips and he plundered. His hands tilted her face to position her mouth for his taking. Shyly, she responded, gently tugging at his lower lip as he coaxed her to open up more so they could deepen their kiss.

“Are you able to move?” He whispered against her lips.

She shook her head frantically. Her legs felt like jelly, she could not even keep herself up on her knees. He was supporting her with his hands on the curve of her hips.

Friction. She was dying for friction, and she whimpered her frustration against his shoulder. He crooned in her ear again, as though he sensed her distress. And because she could not find the strength to move, he moved them both, lifting and lowering her hips the same time he rolled his upwards to meet her core in a satisfying smack.

Kagome cried out when she finally got that deep friction she craved for. Fleetingly, she thought: she was supposed to be taking care of him since he was the one in rut, but it seemed the role had been reversed. He was caring for her now.

“I feel… strange,” she moaned against his neck. She felt so needy. Burning up, like there was an unquenchable fire inside her. “Is your rut contagious?”

“It’s not the rut.” He kissed her breasts.

She was panting. “What is it, then?”

“Us. Together.”

His answer made her clench tightly around him, drawing a breathless gasp from his throat. She might be sitting on his lap, but she would be a fool if she thought she was in control. His large hands cupped the rounded curve of her ass, parting her cheeks wide as he bounced her up and down his length. He wrenched her along his cock; the ridges of his organ felt so good scraping along the soft tissues of her tunnel. The veined length pulsed hotly inside her as he steadily spilled more seed into her womb, each spurt felt like a physical thrust that hurtled her into another climax.

Sesshōmaru held her tight as the waves of her peak wrecked her body, his grip surprisingly tender. She tightened helplessly around him, shuddering, and he anchored her during that vulnerable moment when nothing else existed for her other than him and his arms that cradled her close. An appreciative rumble emanated from deep within his chest, a spine-tingling sound that made her think he was extremely pleased with her. Something inside her relished that sound, reaching out for more.

More. More…

Kagome was sore all over, but she did not want to stop. And neither did he, from the look and feel of it. He maneuvered her to lay on her back on top of his furs. His hands clasped her knees as he spread her legs wide. Cheeks hot, she tried to clamp her thighs together to hide that very private part of herself, but he pried them open for his eyes to examine.

“Show me,” he said, his vibrant golden gaze caressing her body before settling between her legs.

Her thighs quivered; half embarrassed, half thrilled. She had never been so exposed to anyone’s gaze before. The sight was beyond obscene, but it seemed to please him greatly, if the deep rumble from his chest was anything to judge by.

When his seed trickled down onto the furs, his brows furrowed into a thunderous frown. It was as though the sight of his seed escaping her body had offended him. With his index finger, he pushed the creamy droplets back inside her.

Thighs wide open and her knees pressed against her chest, he came into her again, plugging her core with his considerable girth. She was so wet, he rooted inside her in one smooth slide, drawing a long, shaky moan from her. This position had the head of his cock hitting all the right places. When her cries rose in pitch, he pushed her legs upwards even further until the back of her knees rested on his shoulders. Her eyes flew open wide when she felt the blunt head of his cock butting her cervix. He watched her intently, his hips rolling in a repeated motion that made her eyes roll back.

“You like this?” He whispered against her lips.

“Yes.” She nodded frantically. “Oh, yes.”

Eyes wide open, she watched him watching her, gauging her reaction every time he changed the angle just a touch. And when he found the one she liked best, he pursued it relentlessly. Pounding the spot over and over again until she panted. Sobbed. Begged.

“Sesshōmaru—“ She cried against his shoulder, her fingertips digging into the muscles of his arms. “It feels so good. Nggh…”

That last thrust was hard, punching the air out of her lungs. He did it again, rattling her bones. Again. Again. And she was close. So close.

His lips trailed along the side of her neck, finding her sensitive spots before it settled on the juncture of her shoulder in an open-mouthed kiss. When he bit her flesh gently, that hint of pain pushed her over the edge. She took flight, and her orgasm was different this time. Like rolling waves, it swept over her, rocking her, as though she was nothing but a buoy in an ocean of pleasure. It went on and on, and he kept her suspended in that blissful place, riding wave after wave until she was shaking and writhing underneath him, moaning unintelligible things in his ear.

… …

It was not the miko’s time to be bred but she was receptive. Her innocent enthusiasm was the perfect foil to his own fevered desires. He had not planned to touch her. He did not think he would. But, when she was undressing him and wiping the perspiration off his body, there had been a definite moment when his resolution shattered, leaving him with the gnawing hunger only she could assuage.  

Sesshōmaru lay fully on top of her; soft breasts pressing against his chest. This was not a position he had ever done with his previous partners. Intimacy was not something he craved during his sexual encounters. But somehow, the thought of kissing the miko as he moved inside her was titillating.

Moving languidly inside her, he focused on that highly sensitive spot that had her eyes widening and her slim fingers grappling at his arms. Jaw slack, her lips parted to allow a low moan of pleasure to emerge from her throat every time he found that spot. She was clawing at his back again. Her blunt nails were incapable of hurting him, but they did a wonderful job of spurring him on, quickening his pace until he pounded her ferociously.

He had never expected her to be such a delight. Outwardly, she was so demure and pious in her priestess garb. He was pleased to discover that underneath it all, she possessed the fire and passion that mirrored his own.

Sesshōmaru suckled on her lower lip as he ground himself tight against her core. His hips lifting only infinitesimally as he continued to stimulate the deepest parts of her. The tip of his cock nudged the tight entrance to her womb, pushing against that spongy wall. She cried out against his lips, coming again from the intense penetration, her tunnel clenching and fluttering around his length.

He was tempted to follow her, to lose himself in her passion and pleasure, but he wanted to prolong this. He had climaxed so many times. By all means, the beast should have been sated by now, but he found himself wanting more.

Coaxing her to shift onto her side, he spooned tight behind her, lifting her right leg to hook over his hip.

“Sesshōmaru?” Her soft voice was a little uncertain when she looked back at him.

With his lips pressed against her temple, he murmured: “Trust me.”

She relaxed against him, letting their bodies meld, fitting together like two pieces of intricate puzzles. This was another new position for him. But, he quickly realized he could stimulate both her breasts and pearl while he thrust into her. His hips moved unhurriedly against her bottom, now that his initial lust had been satisfied. Almost right away, she quaked against him, tightening around him, so sensitive now that a light touch and a few thrusts were enough to bring her to peak.

He was usually silent during his sexual encounters. But with her, he wanted to whisper filthy things in her ears. Naughty words. Encouraging words that urged her to move with him, against him. And when he did whisper all those things, she ignited even more.

She reached back to caress his cheek and wordlessly asked for a kiss, and he could not deny her. He captured her mouth, tugging at her lower lip, never ceasing the languid movements of his hips. She traced the seam of his lips with the tip of her tongue, timid and uncertain at first. He caressed her breasts, moaning with approval when her tongue gradually grew bolder and the shy swipes became thorough exploration.

He found himself thirsty for her taste. This position sated his need — and the beast’s need — to be close to her, even if it limited his thrusts to deep-seated nudges. He held her securely in his arms as she arched against him, her hips rocking back as she met him thrust for thrust.

And he watched her once more, glorious in the pinnacle of her passion.

… …

Sometime close to dawn, the rutting urges finally subsided. Exhausted, the miko had fallen asleep straightaway following her last release.

He stared at her as she slept, recalling the tender way she had nursed him during the worst of his fever last night. The gentleness of her hand as it pressed cold cloth onto his forehead. Her thoughtfulness as she brought a cup of water to his parched lips and peeled away his soiled clothing.

No one had ever cared for him during his rut beyond anything sexual.

His claw-tipped fingers combed through her raven locks as he continued watching her sleeping so soundly.

Is it wrong… to want to keep her?

After all, she was travelling alone. Even though she still had friends in the village, her previous alliance had split up; its members leading their own lives now. Perhaps he could interest her in travelling… together. She had referred to him as a comrade last night. Would it be too far of a stretch for her to think of him as a companion? A pack member?

She stirred in his arms. Tightening his embrace around her, he willed her to rest some more. She quieted, settling deeper into the nook he created with his body. He brought his nose to her neck and inhaled, pleased to find she was carrying his scent.

He quite liked this, he thought with a measure of surprise. It felt more natural than he ever thought it could be. So much that the idea, which had started as a seedling, took root inside him and refused to leave.

Hours later, when she was rejuvenated enough to open her eyes and lift her head, her gaze found his.

Staring into her fawn depths, he waited for regret, shame, or derision to assail him and ravage him from within. After all, he had rutted with a human. A miko. His brother’s former intended, no less. And yet, with no small amount of surprise he realized: he felt none of those things he had expected to feel.

Instead, there was bliss. There was contentment. There was curiosity and also a thirst for more. If he sought deeper, he would find a thrill of excitement. And, with even more amazement, he realized: there were peace and tranquillity unlike anything he had ever known. Could it be that with her touch and the free, generous way she gave herself, she managed to placate the hunger for that unnamed something that gnawed at his soul as of late?

“Was last night your first time?” Sesshōmaru asked. There was no scent or sight of blood when he breached her the first time, but he knew it was not a proof of her experience. He was aware the female barrier might rupture due to strenuous physical activities. Traipsing around the western lands hunting demons certainly fit the bill.

When she blushed and nodded, a lump of guilt sat in his chest. Under the haze of rut and blinded with overwhelming lust, he had been rough with her, especially during their first coupling. The gentle moments had not come until long after.

“Don’t be sorry,” she told him. A moment later, with cheeks reddening even further, she admitted: “It was… very enjoyable.”

His inner beast rumbled, nearly preening, pleased that they had pleasured their female. Even now, after his rut had passed, he felt the stirrings of desire again. With vague amazement, he realized: he wanted to be inside her again. And witness her reach her climax again. Over and over.

He nearly smiled. The next few days would prove to be very interesting. Perhaps months, if he could persuade her, or however long she chose to stay.

… …

Kagome saw it was already morning. The weather was reasonable for them to be on their way. The rainstorm had stopped, leaving only very light drizzle behind on the beginning of what looked like a sunny day. Not a single cloud was in the sky.

His rut had passed. She had a village to go to. He must have somewhere to be as well, if only to rendezvous with his vassals. There was really nothing in their plans that should keep them together.

And yet she loathed leaving this place. Leaving him.

Last night had been… Merely thinking about it made her cheeks aflame and that soft, tender place between her legs tingled again. They had started the night with her offering aid to ease his need, and it ended with her being the one pleasured over and over again. He had been a most thorough and attentive lover. Fierce yet gentle. Demanding yet generous.

And… for her, it had been more than sex. More than the taking and receiving of pleasure and the sharing of their bodies. There were some incredibly tender moments that would remain with her, be a part of her for long after she left this cave, if not forever.

Did she dare hope he felt the same way?

She watched him. Even knowing there was nothing that tied them to each other, he made no move to rise, dress, or leave. He remained on the furs beside her, lax and replete, staring at the roof of the cave in a perfect picture of male indolence.

She ventured a timid question: “What will you do now?”

He glanced outside with disinterest.

“It is still raining,” he said dismissively before the tail-end of his fur nudged her down and pressed her head against his chest, willing her to settle back in his arms.

She blushed, but her lips curled into a smile against his skin.

And so it is.


One Year Later

They reached the cave just as it began to rain.

Coming back to the same cave had been his idea. They were still travelling together under the guise of being companions, but they both knew it was more than just that. Jaken had long given up the hope she would only be a temporary and inconvenient addition to their little group. Nowadays, when the imp gathered supplies to last them through winter, he made sure he had enough for her as well.

It had been one year filled with adventures, and plenty of learning curves as they navigated their relationship. She cherished every moment of it. Now, back in the cave where it had all begun, they would spend some leisurely time together while they waited for his rut to arrive.

As she stood at the mouth of the cave, watching the rain just as she had done a year ago, a pair of strong arms reached from behind and wrapped themselves around her midsection. Claw-tipped hands rested gently on her stomach.

“It is not necessary to wait for the rut before we start,” he growled in her ear. His lips kissed a long, unhurried trail down her neck.

Kagome laughed and let Sesshōmaru pull her inside.

The End 


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