I Wanna Hold Your Hand by Sereia

Chapter 1

Author's musings: For Kaoru, Happy Birthday!

Inspiration: “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by Chris Colfer (Glee Version)


She'd missed it.

Kagome knew she was being petty and selfish—she herself had almost died from Magatsuhi's attack—but she couldn't help it.

Sesshoumaru had recovered his missing arm and created a brand-new sword from his own power, proving he had accomplished his goal of finally surpassing his father.

And she'd missed the entire thing.

Miroku had done his best to describe the events that had occurred while she'd been unconscious, but it just wasn't the same.

Having witnessed Sesshoumaru's various attacks before, Kagome could only imagine the magnitude of power needed to create not only a blade worthy of the daiyoukai but to regenerate his arm as well. Her lips pursed as she kicked a pebble with her shoe.

The sleeve of his kimono was still partially ripped but would likely be whole once night fell. Newly reformed muscles clenched with every step as if he was making sure it was still there.

Kagome's fingers twitched.

She knew he was interested in her; he had revealed how his curiosity had developed into something more during their time together. But even though she'd been in the feudal era on and off for close to three years now, there was still one thing they'd never done.

Hold hands.

It was a silly human tradition, but it was something that stood out every time she managed to get back to her own time and go to school. She envied her friends and classmates and their laidback relationships—how their fingers would automatically intertwine together when they were standing next to each other.

Bottom lip caught between her teeth, Kagome gazed at his arm again, her eyes sliding along his skin to the twin magenta stripes on his wrist.

It wouldn't be out of line now, would it?

She'd never even considered the notion before; their relationship had been too new, but he also needed to be ready to grab his sword at any given moment. But now he had two. He could still attack with one hand while she held the other, right?

Gold met sapphire as Sesshoumaru gave her a sideways glance, a smirk touching his lips.

Cheeks heating, Kagome broke their gaze, picking at her fingernails as she continued walking behind him.

Could she ask him? Should she ask him?

Before the thought could fully form, Kagome's hand was tugged away from her body, clawed fingers sliding in between hers as warm skin pressed against her palm. Her head whipped around, the bottom dropping out of her stomach at the smug look on Sesshoumaru's face.

"Was I that obvious?"

His thumb stroked the back of her hand. "Only to me."

Her blush deepened, but she smiled softly, tightening her fingers around his. "Can we do this more often?"

"If you wish."

Her smile widened.

"Would ya cut that out before I barf?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, thoroughly tempted to activate the beads around her best friend's neck. "Mind your own business, Inuyasha!"

"Keh! You and the bastard being all lovey-dovey is gross, okay?"

Her eyes narrowed, and she would've sent him face-first into the mountainside, but Sesshoumaru raised her hand to his mouth, kissing it softly, and Kagome lost all train of thought.

"Ignore him, Kagome. He is merely jealous that the wolf is not so open with his affection."

The entire pack burst into laughter, drowning out Inuyasha's belligerent cries. Kagome giggled, then allowed Sesshoumaru to pull her forward, revelling in the feel of his hand in hers as they continued on their trek.


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