Rely On Me by Sereia

Rely On Me


"Sesshoumaru-sama, what a pleasant surprise."

Golden eyes narrowed. "I do not have time for your petty lies."

Miroku gave him a sheepish grin, pouring more water over Hisui's back, the toddler splashing happily in his bathing tub.

"I have need of your assistance."

Astonishment widened his features. The Western Lord needed his help? What could he possibly need from—Miroku's grip on his son tightened as a singular thought crossed his mind.

"Is Kagome-sama alright?"

The muscles in Sesshoumaru's jaw clenched, and Miroku couldn't help the feeling of foreboding that settled around his shoulders. They'd been mated for several years, but Kagome had only recently given birth to their first child. According to Kaede and Sango, there hadn't been any complications, but the tension in Sesshoumaru's shoulders stated otherwise.

"What are your duties—" Sesshoumaru asked, "—as a new father?"

Not the question he was expecting.

"My duties, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

Hisui splashed again, wet hands reaching for the Western Lord's pelt. Miroku moved to intercept his son but was surprised once again when Sesshoumaru knelt down, putting himself at eye-level with the toddler.

'My mate has often spoken of how well you and the slayer work together in raising your children. I wish to help her in the same way, but she claims I am doing enough already."

Miroku watched in wonder as Sesshoumaru allowed his son to not only pat his face but pull on his hair. "I'm sure Kagome-sama knows best."

"I do not deny that."

Hesitancy and tension rose, youki swirling around Sesshoumaru's feet as Hisui found the stripes on his wrist, innocent laughter bubbling up as he traced the marks.


Golden eyes cut up to the monk. "I wish to do more."

Understanding dawned. "If I may speak frankly, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"It is why I am here."

"My lovely Sango will be the first to deny it, but she greatly enjoyed being able to relax when we were alone."

Sesshoumaru rose to his full height, glaring down at him. "There has scarcely been enough time since the birth of our pup to consider that."

Miroku waved his hands in front of him, then pulled the bath rag out of his son's mouth. "For once, I am not speaking of the act of creating offspring, my lord."


"Massages. Baths. Hair washing. Small things that bring Kagome-sama pleasure, but she may not think to indulge in due to all of her duties as a mother. Our delicate females are too concerned with the children to remember themselves."

Sesshoumaru snorted. "You are as ignorant as my brother if you think their strength is less than ours."

A knowing smile touched the monk's lips. "Of course, my lord."

Hisui giggled again, caught between splashing and reaching for Sesshoumaru's fur, and the daiyoukai gave the toddler one last glance before a cloud of youki appeared at his feet.

"Perhaps it would not be so bad," he ventured, rising into the air, "If your son turned out like you." He was gone before Miroku could respond, disbelief making his mouth drop open.

Had Sesshoumaru just complimented him?


When he returned, his mate was lying in their bed, their infant daughter dozing beside her. Kagome greeted him with a smile, the expression tired and worn.

"Did you have a good trip?"

"Hnn." Brushing a kiss against her temple, Sesshoumaru pulled her close, breathing in her scent and allowing it to wash over him. The strain from being away from her leaked out of him, and he let out a relieved sigh.

"Have you eaten?"

"I had an apple before she fell asleep."

His lips thinned. "You require more."

"I know. I just don't want to leave her alone. And the servants are busy—"

"They are there to serve you—to aid you in your recovery."

"It feels weird though," she argued. "Shouldn't I be able to handle this all myself?"

As if sensing her mother's distress, Mizuki began to stir, her tiny face scrunching up as her limbs gave way to jerky movements. Kagome reached for her, but Sesshoumaru's arms tightened, scooping them both up before exiting the room.

Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck, Mizuki tucked in his other arm, not even bothering to argue. "Where are we going?"

"To relax."


"The monk suggested it."

He sensed her surprise as they entered their private bathing quarters. Setting her down, he deftly removed her yukata, then ushered her into the hot spring.

"You talked to Miroku? Why?"

He gave her a curt nod, easily removing his own clothing without disturbing his daughter, then joined his mate. Leading her to the side of the spring, he pulled her down into his lap, kissing the back of her head before running his claws through her hair.

Kagome hummed in pleasure, eyes fluttering closed as she leaned back into the touch.

"I wish to be more useful to you. Our pup is healthy and content, all because of you. I do not want her to experience the same childhood that I did. You asked for a partner. I wish to perform my role to its fullest."

I will not repeat my father's mistakes.

He reached for some soap, but her hand stilled his movements. Craning her head back, Kagome kissed the underside of his jaw, her lips lingering against his skin.

"I love you."

His brow furrowed. "I have not done anything yet."

Soft laughter echoed around them, the first he'd heard since she'd given birth. Mizuki cooed in her sleep, curling contently against his chest. He was caught between enjoying the sound and his confusion at her words.

Kagome turned in his lap, nestling herself against his other shoulder so she could see both him and their pup.

"You being here is enough."

"I disagree."


He took in the dark circles under her eyes. "You are tired."

"New parents usually are."

"You refuse the help of the servants."

"Mizuki is our child. I don't want someone else raising her."

"Allowing one of the nursemaids to watch her while you sleep is not the same."

The spark returned to her eyes, but he cut off her response, dipping his head and claiming her lips in a soft kiss. The pout relaxed as she kissed him back, and he revelled in the feel of her naked flesh against his own. All too soon, she was pulling back, the smile on her lips reaching her eyes.

"That's cheating."

"As you have said before." He ran his fingers through her hair, tips of his claws gently dragging against her scalp. "You may request anything of me, mate. You have just as many needs as our pup."

She hummed softly, leaning into his touch, and he felt some of the tension leave her body. "I don't want to be a bother."

"Says the woman who yelled at me during our first meeting and shot me with an arrow at a later one."

One shoulder shrugged. "You were being an ass."

Chuckling, he lathered up her hair, continuing to massage her scalp before she slowly opened her eyes, it seeming to be a struggle to do so.

"You can give me Mizuki. I'll hold her so you can use both hands."

"As considerate as the notion is, I will remind you how long I had to go with only one arm."

The pout returned.

"Do not argue, mate. I am seeing to your needs, and you will allow me to do so as you not only require it, but it pleases me to do so."

Blue eyes considered him for a moment, and Sesshoumaru could see the gears moving in her head.

"You will not find an argument to sway me on this. And if you try, I will silence you again." He was rewarded with more laughter, his body relaxing as she finally relented.

"You should do that anyway."

Her head tilted back as he claimed her mouth again, tenderly dominating as their tongues tangled together. Her taste and scent surrounded him, seeping into his senses and calming his own disquiet. Slim arms snaked around his waist, nipping at his lip before pulling back.

"I missed you."

"I will not leave you again."

The rest of the stiffness in her muscles washed away, and Sesshoumaru cursed his carelessness. Of course it would be something as simple as that.

"Good. Mizuki is a good snuggler, but she's got nothing on you."


Quickly rinsing her off, he wrapped her in a plush towel, carrying both her and their daughter back to their bed. Kagome's eyes were already closed, her arms never leaving his neck as they lay down together.

Sesshoumaru tucked Mizuki between them. "Sleep, mate. I will wake you when she requires a feeding."

She hummed against his neck, breathing out words of gratitude against his skin. She was asleep within moments. Sesshoumaru would not require sleep that night, content to watch over the two females as they rested and recharged.

Nothing was more important than the two in his arms.


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