Behind Closed Doors by Sereia

Behind Closed Doors

Author's musings: This story has been nominated for Best Alternate Universe/Reality and Best Canon Divergence in the Feudal Connection 2022 First Quarter! Thank you for your love and support (and please vote)!

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Prompt: Avoiding the mistletoe at all costs, however, everyone is trying their best to get the OTP there. AND MAKING OUT IN THE CLOAKROOM OF SOME POSH CHRISTMAS PARTY.


"The tables will be set up here. It will give us enough room to serve all the guests."

Sesshoumaru couldn't hide the grimace on his face as his mother flitted around the room, lavender silks swishing as her two handmaidens made notes.

"We will place the tree here. Was there a specific kind mentioned?"

The handmaidens looked at each other, then shook their heads in unison.

"No matter, we will confirm that later. Now—"


Inukimi paused, casting a withering look over her shoulder.

"Is there a reason as to why you have invaded my home and are now planning a celebration without my permission?"

Her lyrical laughter echoed off the walls. "Why, to impress that miko of yours, dear son."

All remaining blood drained from Sesshoumaru's face. "I have told you not to interfere."

"And I have done so. But it has been seven years since her return, and I am tired of seeing you pout."

"I do not pout."

"You do, dear son." Inukimi waved her fan at him, then dismissed her helpers, the two inuyoukai quickly exiting the room. "I have refrained from speaking to the miko directly. I am simply providing an opportunity for you to do so."

"It is unnecessary. She is—"

"She has been separated from your brother for several years, and no one has laid claim to her since. Why do you hesitate?"

The muscles along his jaw tightened before he sneered. "It is no business of yours."

In a speed not unlike his own, she was in front of him, slapping her fan harshly against the back of his head. "Do not take that tone with me, pup. You make it my business every time you leave her village with your tail between your legs and no mate on your arm."

"I will not force her."

Her fan made contact again. "Your miko would incinerate you to ash if you so much as made a derogatory comment."

"Of course she would." A smirk graced his lips before all emotion melted away once more. "And she is not mine."

"But you wish her to be."

His lips pressed in a thin line.

"Then you must act." Arms spread wide and she motioned around the room. "This will give you ample opportunity."

He gave her a dubious look, but his mother's grin only widened.

"Plus, I have it on good authority that your miko greatly enjoys this Christmas thing."


"Look, Kagome, a Christmas tree! Just like in your stories!" Rin buzzed with excitement, clasping the miko's hand tightly as she pulled her around the room.

Sesshoumaru forced himself to look away, not allowing his gaze to linger too long. Each passing moment made it harder to do so, as his mother had taken it upon herself to dress the miko for the occasion herself.

She'd included Rin in the farce as an excuse, but Sesshoumaru knew better.

Especially considering the colour palette his mother had chosen.

The deep shade of indigo was offset by the white and cerulean blossoms that decorated the areas near her wrists and ankles. Her obi was lavender, matching the decorations pinning up her hair, lifting the dark waves off her shoulders—the same decorations sporting a pair of crescent moons akin to the mark adorning his brow.

Subtle, his mother was not.

Claws dug into palms as he glanced at her again. Rin had been so proud of her new clothing. She'd twirled in front of him, her smile no longer missing teeth but lighting up the room all the same. Indigo moons and pale clouds enhance the yellow silk of her kimono.

It seemed the two females had been convinced that wearing the mark of his mother's clan was customary at events held by the current matriarch. Sesshoumaru had actually been surprised that the miko wasn't clad in the plum blossoms and hexagons of his own clan.

It hadn't prevented his mouth from dropping open when she'd set foot into the main hall, though.

The knowing smirk on his mother's face had confirmed her intent.

Curse his meddlesome family.

The miko's gaze lingered on him as he'd been forced to cover up his overt reaction, quickly agreeing with Rin's assessment of how lovely they looked, then retreated—retreated—to the other side of the room.

Like the coward he was.

"So, ya grown a pair yet?"

Was there no end to his torment?

"You could just talk to her, ya know."

"Silence your prattle. I have no need for your alleged advice."

"Clearly you do. Otherwise, you'd be over there, tellin' her how beautiful she looks."

Golden eyes found the miko again, taking in the soft lines of her face as she conversed with Rin and the kit, her scent teasing the edge of his senses. Instincts called out to her, urged his feet forward. And yet he resisted—had been resisting for years.


It was a question he asked himself every day—every second he was in her presence. It had begun as a curiosity, an abnormality. The image of defiant blue eyes blazing at him in his father's tomb had been seared into his soul.

Sesshoumaru hadn't been able to leave well enough alone after that.

He'd almost given himself away with the poison-maker. If something had happened to the miko due to his brother's negligence, Inuyasha would not be standing beside him right now. As it was, the way she'd defended his actions, the way she'd looked at him from then on had significantly differed from their initial meeting.

As close as he'd come to revealing himself, Sesshoumaru never regretted his actions on that day.

"She has no need to hear it from me."

"Course not. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it."

"She is aware of her allure on this night."

"Is she?"

Tearing his gaze away from the object of his affections, he glared at Inuyasha. "Have you accepted Mother's invitation with the sole purpose of badgering me all night?"


Another growl.

Inuyasha had the audacity to elbow him in the side. "Shut up, ya bastard. I'm tryin' to help."

"Your words say otherwise."

"Look—" Inuyasha sighed, running a hand through silver hair. "K'gome is… She understands things—people—that others don't. She gives people chances who don't deserve it."

"State your point."

"I'm tryin'! Don't interrupt!"

Sesshoumaru glared, then raised his chin, his eyes sliding to the miko again.

"My point is, you'll never know what her answer is unless you ask her."

"Why would I do something foolish like that?"

"Because if ya don't, you're gonna lose her to some other idiot who actually has the balls to do it himself."

The thought of someone else—anyone else—laying claim to the miko had red bleeding into gold, a snarl caught in the back of his throat.

Inuyasha's elbow hit him in the back this time, causing him to stagger forward and into Rin, who'd been running towards him.

"Lord Sesshoumaru! Look at this! Grandmother says it has magical powers!" Rin held up a small branch, a tangled web of oddly shaped leaves on the end.

"I sincerely doubt that."

"No, really! Watch!" Rin scampered away, placing the strange plant above the female slayer's head. A mischievous grin broke out onto the monk's face before he kissed his wife. The slayer shoved him away, blushing fiercely. Giggling wildly, Rin returned to his side.

"See? Kagome calls it 'yadorigi'. It shows up in a lot of her stories about Chriss-miss." The young teen sounded out the last word carefully, "Grandmother brought lots to the party!"

Only then did Sesshoumaru realize the strange plant hung from every doorway and arch in the hall.

"Devious wench," he muttered under his breath.

"Keh, would give you an excuse though, wouldn't it?"

It seemed he was being attacked from all sides.

"An excuse for what?"

The soft voice of the miko halted the threat he'd been about to hurl at his kin. Curious sapphire shone up at him, and Sesshoumaru cursed once again, this time at the way his heart sped up at the sight of her.

"Kagome! Does the yadorigi's magic power only work at Chriss-miss time?"

She chuckled. "I'm afraid so, Rin."

"Then Lord Sesshoumaru should have this one." His ward attempted to place the branch in his hand, but he pulled away as if he'd been burned, jaw clenching as he steeled his temper.

"Rin, I do not have time for—"

"Games, I know," she sighed, cutting him off. "But you have time to dance, right? Grandmother said you'd finished all your work, so you'd have time to do fun things tonight."

Inuyasha ruffled Rin's bangs, grinning broadly. "I heard her say that too, runt. And since you and I have somewhere to be, I guess it'll be K'gome who gets to dance with him."

Rin's eyes lit up, and she looked between the pair. "Oh, that would be wonderful!"

Sesshoumaru made a mental note to murder his brother at a later time, then schooled his features. "I am sure the miko has better things to do than—"

"I don't mind."

His blood congealed in his veins, and he slowly turned around, the woman smiling up at him, her hand extended.

She is only being friendly. I can calmly refuse without—

The colour in her cheeks faded as she pulled her hand back. "Sorry, did I overstep? You don't have to—"

Sesshoumaru found her hand clasped in his own, instincts preventing him from denying her request. The miko has seen so much strife in her battle against the spider—it had not taken long before Sesshoumaru had made a vow never to be the cause of any loss of her laughter.

Which was how he somehow found himself being led onto the dance floor, her hand still in his as the other wrapped around her waist. She smiled at him again, the scent of citrus mingling with jasmine as he spun her around.

He barely contained a whimper.

"Thank you for inviting me."

Keeping his eyes on the wall behind her, lest he become lost in her gaze, Sesshoumaru nodded stiffly. "My mother is the cause behind the celebration."

"You make it seem like it's a virus as opposed to a party."

"Sometimes I wonder."

Each note of her laughter cut into his heart, and he couldn't stop himself from staring, taking in every crease of her face, happiness shining off her like a beacon.

She felt like home.

"It's nice to see you out of your armour once in and while too." Her smile was different this time. Softer.

"It is a necessity."

"I know, but we wouldn't be able to dance if you had it on."

Sesshoumaru's chest swelled until he found it difficult to breathe. The hand on her waist clenched, pulling her closer as his feet stilled, the music falling away.


She pinched his arm playfully. "Shouldn't you be using my name by now?"

His tongue felt thick as he tried to form the words. Youki churned, his muscles tight with unease. And anticipation.

"Kagome, would you—"

"My my, what an interesting place you have chosen."

Sesshoumaru bristled, whirling to face his mother as he pulled Kagome protectively to his side.

Golden eyes glistened with amusement, not even bothering to hide the way her ruby lips tilted upwards with her fan.

"I am glad you are making use of the decorations, dear one."

An embarrassed giggle cut off his retort, and he found Kagome's cheeks slightly flushed.

Inukimi's fan made contact with the back of his head. "You would be such a poor host if you denied the humans their traditions."

"Mother, what are you on about now—" he trailed off as Kagome pointed above them. Somehow, amid their twirls and side steps, they'd ended up in one of the archways.

Right under a sprig of yadorigi.

The eyes of a warrior settled on his mother, claws lengthening. He'd had enough. He would not have his hand forced by anyone—

A tug on his hair was his only warning.

Soft lips made contact with the stripes on his cheek.



And then she was pulling away, cheeks still flushed as she gave him a guilty smile. "Christmas magic, remember?"

He heard his mother's fan click open as she tried to stifle her laughter. "Dear miko, you are such an entertaining creature."

Her cheeks darkened, but she shrugged it off. "Everyone's been following me around with it all night. I figured I'd get it over with. Besides, I'm sure Sesshoumaru doesn't mind."

His stripes burned, though he couldn't be sure if it was due to the kiss or the blood rushing to his face. The masked cracked, then shattered as she looked up at him, pain and horror and hope shining down at her.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock.

Sesshoumaru did the only appropriate thing he could in that moment.

He ran.


"W-Wait!" Kagome's hand reached out to grab his sleeve, but the pale silk slipped through her fingers. Sesshoumaru quickly disappeared from the room, and Kagome was left staring at the empty she'd he'd just been standing in.

"What did I do?"

"Best to ask him that, dear."

Her head whipped around. "It wasn't some demon custom, was it? I asked Shippou and Inuyasha about it before we came because I didn't want to—"

Inukimi chuckled, then pushed her in the same direction Sesshoumaru had gone. "Not in the slightest, dear. Once my son explains himself, you are welcome to berate him for his cowardice."

"But I still don't—"

"Listen to the old woman on this one, K'gome."

Kagome jerked as Inuyasha stood next to Inukimi, a look of smug satisfaction on his face.

"You're the only one who's going to get anything out of the bastard, and he deserves everythin' that's comin' to him."

She opened her mouth to question them again, but turbulent youki brushed against her senses. It was laced with anger, shame, and—


Her feet were already moving, the other two youkai forgotten as she followed the trail of Sesshoumaru's aura. Geta clacked against the stone floor, echoing in the uninhabited hallway as she twisted and turned down corridors.

The stoic western lord had never lost control; even in his true form, his youki was controlled and full of purpose. It wasn't like this.

Never like this.

Rounding another corner, she finally caught up with him. His aura was oppressive—a lesser being wouldn't have been able to even get close to him—but Kagome wasn't afraid and stepped closer.

He stiffened, as if suddenly realizing she was there, and the pressure was gone, the air stagnant as he reigned in his youki.

Kagome was moving once again, grabbing onto his face and forcing him to look at her. "Don't—don't hold back. You're allowed to feel things too. Please—I don't know what I did, and I'm sorry, but don't push this away."

Don't push me away.

The words lay unsaid, brushing like butterfly wings against her mind. She couldn't say them aloud, but it didn't make them less true.

She watched as a myriad of emotions crossed his face, any response she had dying in her throat when he slumped, laying his head on her shoulder.

"Only you would apologize for something that is not your fault."

She wanted to comfort him but refrained, not sure what was appropriate for the current state of their relationship. It had taken Inuyasha a long time to accept her help, and he'd grown up with humans.

The thought of Sesshoumaru rejecting her made her stomach twist into knots.

He heaved a sigh, then rose to his full height. "I apologize for my behaviour. I am not myself tonight."


Another pained emotion passed over his face before the mask settled back into place. "It is not important."

She was suddenly incensed, blue eyes narrowing. "Clearly it is important, or you wouldn't have run away."

"Contrary to my mother's opinion, I did not run away."

"Then why did you leave?"

"To stop myself from doing something foolish."

"What, like kissing me back?" She'd meant it as a joke, a way to lighten the mood, but the tension only rose as his mask slipped, the anguish she'd felt before coming back full force. Heart hammering in her chest, she stepped closer to him.

"Would you have kissed me back?" The question came out as a whisper.

His youki teased her senses, swirling around her ankles like a whirlpool. There was something feral in his gaze, and Kagome wanted to scream at him, to demand the answer to her question, but he remained silent. A crash of glass, followed by mingled laughter, reminded Kagome they weren't alone.

But that didn't deter her.

Flaring her aura to cover both their scents, she grabbed his hand, dragging him down another hallway and then into a random room, realizing at the last moment that it was nothing more than a closet.

At least it's not full of brooms or something.

"Miko, what—"

"Answer the question."

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, the only light filtering in through the space under the door. His eyes glowed, and Kagome was reminded of the predator inside him.

"Why must you—"

"Answer. The. Question."

Kagome found herself pinned against the wall, Sesshoumaru's voice low in her ear.

"It would not have stopped at a kiss."

Fangs dragged against skin, and she gasped, the silk of his collar bunching between her fingers as electricity shot through her.

"There would be no inch of your body left unexplored by my touch." He bore down, his hands on the wall behind her, trapping her within his embrace. "And once I knew of your weaknesses, I would exploit each one until I bound you to me for eternity."

Kagome couldn't tell which of them was breathing harder. All she knew was that there was a heat building between her legs with each uttered word, and she wanted more.

And yet she still pushed.


Claws scraped against stone as he pulled back, the predator retreating. The mask intact.

"Because I have an overactive imagination and often lose myself to daydreams."


The insult had the intended reaction, fangs snapping within an inch of her face. Kagome raised her chin defiantly.

"I have never—"

"You're doing it right now! If not to me, then at least to yourself!"

She felt the conflict within him, his aura washing over her in tentative waves, only for it to withdraw completely when she responded in kind.

"You do not know what it is you ask for. I cannot give you the answer you seek."

"Then show me."

It seemed she could still surprise him, golden eyes widening in shock. Her hands tightened around his collar, and she pulled him down, the next plea said against his mouth.

His tongue met hers as she swallowed a whimper, unable to tell which one of them it had come from. The initial anguish waned but didn't disappear completely, making Kagome's heart clench as she pressed herself against him.

Sesshoumaru attempted to pull back, but she chased his mouth, hands now buried in silver hair. A feral growl escaped his lips before clawed fingers wrapped around her neck, forcing her back against cool stone.

Their ragged breathing drowned out all other noise.

Kagome tugged at his arm, but his grip was like iron around her throat, not constricting but keeping her pinned all the same.

"Why are you stopping?"

He closed his eyes for a moment, pure gold staring back at her when they finally opened again.

"I will not rut in a closet like some immature pup."

Kagome shoved at his arm again, dragging nails and reiki down his skin, writhing in her attempt to fuel the fire he had created within her. "Then take me somewhere else!"

Crimson bled into his gaze, claws pricking her skin. She wanted to yell, to curse, to something, but she knew it wouldn't help. Sesshoumaru was struggling so hard for control that his shoulders were shaking.

She forced herself to take a calming breath; this wasn't the place to get into an actual fight. Managing to grab the front of his obi, she pulled him close enough to cup his face, thumbs stroking the jagged stripes on his cheeks.

"Please. Take me somewhere else."

Time seemed to slow as he stared at her, and Kagome began to wonder if she'd have to resort to begging. But then his claws retracted, and suddenly she was in his arms, pressed tightly against his chest as the closet door was nearly yanked off its hinges.

Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck, nuzzling his jaw before flicking her tongue out. Sesshoumaru's grip on her tightened.


She pouted but didn't pull back. "Why?"

"You are distracting. I am trying to remember where my chambers are."

Kagome grinned and pulled him closer, replacing her tongue with teeth. "But that's the best kind of distraction."

His only response was a grunt.

Biting her lip to stifle her laughter, she tried to shift her position, but he refused to give her any more leeway, so she settled with sliding her hand into the collar of his kimono.

Her confidence grew when he stumbled.

"Temptress." The word was barely more than a growl.

"You're the one taking forever! What happened to your super-speed?"

Growling again, he gave in, air whipping by her face before she was thrown onto a lush bed. She should've been insulted, but it just made her laugh harder.

"That's more like it—" her words were swallowed by his lips, the pressure from his body making her moan and forget what she'd been planning on saying next. Arching under him, she reached for his obi, fumbling with the ties before his hands covered hers, pushing them away.

Confusion bled into her scent, overpowering the arousal when he pulled away. Again.

"I would see you first."

She wanted to touch him, her fingers twitching with how deep the need went, but she nodded, trying to lay still beneath him.

His eyes were still ringed with crimson as he unwrapped her, each layer coming off slowly as she stared up at him. When he finally revealed her, the blush Kagome had been holding back coloured her entire body, thighs rubbing together.

People had seen her naked—more than she wanted to count—but none had looked at her the way Sesshoumaru was looking at her now. It made her feel wanton. Female.

A rough tongue slid up her stomach, then found her breasts, rasping against her nipples and making her gasp. Unable to stop herself, she grabbed onto his head, nails digging into his scalp as she pushed more of the plump flesh into his mouth.

After giving the other breast the same treatment, his mouth slid to her shoulder, finding her pulse point and sucking gently. Kagome squirmed, her hands once again reaching for the ties in his clothing. Sesshoumaru allowed it this time, and she threw each layer away, not caring if it ended up wrinkled or wrecked.

He wasn't as hard as she'd initially thought. Lithe muscle rippled under his skin, but there was still room to dig her fingers into. Her hands explored, teased, and she felt her own pulse quicken.

Sucking in a breath, she found her voice. "Are you going to mark me the first time?"

Kagome felt him stiffen, the air around them seeming to drop a few degrees before he pulled back, giving her an incredulous look.

The precipice she'd been sitting on gave way as Kagome realized he hadn't planned on it at all.

She lay naked, completely willing in his arms—in his bed—and he was still holding back. For her benefit.

How had he ever been viewed as uncaring? Unfeeling?

Pulling her arms free of her sleeves, she grabbed his face, pouring all of her desperation into the kiss. It took a moment for him to respond, her teeth pulling at his bottom lip, and then he was dominating her one more. Claws dug into her hips as he ground against her.

Kagome almost saw stars.

Moaning into his mouth, her hips raised off the bed, seeking to release the coil of pressure that had been building up inside her. His stomach became slick with her arousal as she ground back against him, her whimpers turning into pleas.

And then he was pulling away. Again.

Kagome nearly growled in frustration, stopping short when the anguish she'd thought she'd distinguished brushed the edge of her senses. Looking up, she noticed the mask was gone, emotion pinching his features—a stark contrast to the red in his gaze.

"Tell me you want this." His voice shook. "I cannot—I will not continue if you tell me to stop. But tell me now, while there is still—"

"How long have you wanted this?" The heat remained, simmering under the surface, but she sought to quell his fears first.

The darkening of his cheeks made her smile.

"A long time."

"I can tell." Fingers stroked the rough outlines of his facial stripes. "I think I have too. Maybe not as long as you, but nothing about this feels wrong."

"I would have you forever."

There was no hesitation. "Then claim me."

Kagome knew the moment her words sunk in, his face twisting into something untamed. Silver hair lifted as youki crackled, and her reiki rose to meet it, warping their auras into something tangible.

The simmering heat boiled over.

She cried out as he took her in a single, powerful thrust. She'd thought that the initial contact might slow things down, distract him, but he continued to pound into her, and all Kagome could do was hold on.

Sesshoumaru leaned back on his heels, lifting her hips off the bed, his speed seeming to increase. Blunt nails did little damage as she grasped at the bedsheets, each moan escaping her lips egging him on.

She was drowning.

She was flying.

She was screaming.

Back arching, body seizing, Kagome was hurtled over the edge, his harsh movements giving her no reprieve. And yet, even as she struggled to breathe, she was reaching for him, begging him for more.

It was the predator that responded.

She was turned over; face pressed into the bed as the festive decorations were torn from her hair. She was barely given time to adjust before he was thrusting again, his tongue sliding up her spine. Dark locks were pushed out of the way as his mouth settled on the junction of her shoulder and neck.

Kagome's body thrummed with anticipation.

She tried to find the right words, but they wouldn't form, her eyes widening as he swelled within her.

"Mine." The word was guttural, vibrating through her entire body.

"Yours," she whispered, pushing her hips back.

Whether it was the word or the movement that sent him over the edge, Kagome never knew, but his teeth sank into her flesh, and this time she did see stars.

Reiki welcomed youki. Weaving. Engulfing.

Kagome had never felt as powerful as she did in that moment.

Her arms shook as she struggled to move but froze when his jaw clamped down. "I just—I just want to see you."

This seemed to pacify him, as Sesshoumaru's fangs retracted, a hiss turning to a whimper as his tongue lapped at the wound on her shoulder. Tears pricked her eyes at the tenderness of it.

Sesshoumaru lay down on the bed, one arm snaking around her waist to pull her against his chest. Wincing, Kagome managed to turn in his arms, gasping as she felt his swollen head twist inside her.

"You should not move."

"I told you, I want to see you." Finally finding a comfortable position, she curled against him, her own arm snaking around his neck.

His mouth found the mark again, soft vibrations tingling her skin as he lapped up any remaining blood. Kagome hummed softly, running her fingers through his hair.

His breathing eventually slowed, crimson receding, but his face remained buried against her neck.

"You will not be returning with your pack."

Kagome chuckled. "I figured as much."

The arms around her clenched, and she flicked the back of his ear.

"If you start apologizing again, I will smack you."

He jerked in response, meeting her gaze. "You are unprepared for the move, I must—"

One hand cupped his jaw before she kissed the moon on her head. "I have you. That's enough for now."

The mark on her neck tingled, spreading warmth throughout her body before settling deep in her heart. Curious, Kagome outlined the crescent with her tongue.

The warmth settled low in her stomach this time.

Moaning softly, she pressed herself against him. "So, did you figure out all of my weaknesses?"

Pupils dilated, the golden parts of his eyes almost disappearing. "No."

"Guess you'll have to try again."

"Is that an order, mate?"

"Most definitely."

He growled, thighs clenching as he went to roll them, but Kagome pushed first, her expression hooded as she looked down at him from her place atop his lap.

"But I get to learn about your weakness too."


"How long until he figures out you had everything planned out from the beginnin'?"

Inukimi smirked behind her fan, inspecting her nails. "Oh, he will have no complaints."

"Keh, guess that means it worked out then."

"Was there ever any doubt?"

Inuyasha shrugged a shoulder. "He's a stubborn bastard."

"The miko is a perfect match then."

"Been tryin' to tell him that for years."

"Sometimes it needs a mother's touch." Her smirk remained as her fan clicked shut. "Now, it is your turn."

Inuyasha blinked in confusion, then crossed his arms. "Don't even think about it. I don't need ya interferin' with my life too."

Ruby lips descended into a pout. "But I am so good at it."

He rolled his eyes as they headed towards the feast on the other side of the room. "Besides, unlike K'gome, there ain't no one here givin' me the googly eyes behind my back."

"Oh no?"

Inuyasha didn't have time to contemplate her words before her elbow hit his ribs. He yelped as he crashed into someone, both of them landing on the floor in a tangle of curses and limbs.

Growling, his head whipped around, intent on laying into the female inuyoukai, but all thoughts of berating the matriarch left him at the startled look on Kouga's face.

Followed by the darkening of his cheeks.

Then Kouga was shoving him off, fangs flashing. "Watch where you're going, mutt-face!" The wolf quickly got to his feet, the colour on his face remaining as he made a hasty exit.

"O-Oi!" Inuyasha gaped then looked up at Inukimi in shock.

She gave him a pointed look, then shrugged and continued to the feast.

Inuyasha sat on the floor for a full five minutes before cursing under his breath and scrambling after Kouga.


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