Underneath the Christmas Lights by Sereia

Chapter 1

The scenery remained the same. The colours shifted every decade or so, the invention of electricity bringing the most drastic change. Still, the reflection of twinkling lights against the newly fallen snow provided a warm, welcoming feeling despite the drop in temperature.

Particularly with his current company.

Kagome sighed in contentment, snuggling closer, mokomoko cocooned around their shoulders. Steam rose from the mug clasped tightly in her hands, the sweet scent of chocolate mixed with a splash of cinnamon.

"Why do you insist on making this beverage every year? You never finish it."

She took a sip just to spite him. "Because it's tradition."

"Then make a single cup for yourself instead of enough to feed the entire neighbourhood."

Fangs snapped playfully when she stuck her tongue out at him. "I've tried that before! It doesn't taste the same." Taking another sip, she rested her head back against his chest; his arms wrapped loosely around her waist.

The tiles of their roof bit into the back of his thighs, but the height was needed in order to secure a better view of the surrounding houses. There were those who were more ambitious, turning on their displays as soon as they could get away with it, but December first was when the entire neighbourhood began to glow.

And as it had been on that first night she'd invited him to gaze at the village of Edo from atop a neighbouring hill, they had climbed up onto the roof of their current abode to enjoy the festive change.

As she'd said, it was tradition.

Soft lips brushed the underside of his jaw. "Thank you for always doing this with me."

"You are the one who insists on doing it on a yearly basis."

Laughter turned cloudy in the night air. "Yeah, but you could always say no."

"When have I ever been able to say no to you?"

She flashed him a smile, shifting in his lap so she could look up at him. "Can I get that in writing?"

Sesshoumaru was tempted to reveal that she could have anything she wanted, if she would only continue to look upon him with such love and adoration but decided to save that for another time. Instead, he lowered his head, tasting the remnants of melted chocolate on her lips as his arms tightened around her.

Soft words were whispered against her skin, resulting in her pulling him closer, returning the kiss fervently.

"I love you too," she said, rubbing their cold noses together before turning her attention back to the flickering lights.

Kagome would soon grow restless. The chill would become too much even with the aid of his pelt, and they would retire to the warmth of their bedroom, but for now, she was content to sit in silence while the mug in her hands was once again forgotten.

It was his favourite time of the year.


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