Lyrics of the Heart by Sereia

Secret Love Song

Summary: In which the battle has ended, and a secret love is revealed and revelled in.

Timeline: Canon, Feudal Era

Inspiration: Secret Love Song by Little Mix

Warning: Smut


Secret Love Song

It was done.

It was finally done.

Kagome gripped Inuyasha's side as they both climbed out of the Bone Eater's Well, the last of the miasma melting away, leaving a burnt wasteland behind.

Inuyasha staggered and she slowly lowered him to the ground, her heart beating wildly from being inside the meidou, the lingering chill of loneliness still biting into her flesh.


She had just enough time to turn before Shippou launched himself into her arms, his small hands clinging at her shirt. Sobs wracked his body as he buried his face into her chest. She breathed a sigh of relief as she wrapped her arms around his trembling frame.

"I'm alright, Shippou."

"Are you?" Sango came up next to her, tears glittering in her brown eyes. "You've been gone for three days."

Kagome's mouth fell open. With the spirit of the jewel whispering malicious taunts in her ears, she'd lost all sense of time. It had felt like both minutes and years. Squeezing her eyes shut, she savoured the feel of the kitsune's warm embrace before nodding.

"I'll be fine. Sorry for worrying you."

"I'm just glad Inuyasha had mastered Meidou Zangetsuha and was able to follow you, Lady Kagome." Miroku knelt beside both of them, checking Inuyasha over for any serious wounds.

"We won right?" Unsteady fingers reached out and grabbed the monk's hand, noticing how loose the prayer beads were around his wrist. "I-Is it—"

Miroku smiled and pulled the beads away, revealing clear skin. "The curse is gone. Though it took me a day or so to shake the last of the poison. Luckily I had such a beautiful and dutiful nurse by my side the entire ti—"

Hiraikotsu landed hard on the top of his head, cutting off his boisterous tale as Sango's cheeks burned the same shade of magenta as her clothes. Kagome gave a watery laugh and shook her head.

It was good to feel normal again.

Shippou gave her one last squeeze, then tugged on a lock of her hair. "We weren't the only ones who were worried…" He motioned behind him, a figure standing off in the distance. Pale silks blew in the wind and Kagome's entire body stilled as she met his intense gaze.

Four years. Four years of searching for shards, three years of training under his watch, two years of secret glances, one year of obsessive pining after discovering he felt the same way she did.

The last year had felt like a lifetime.

"We all took turns waiting at the well," Shippou's voice was low, only meant for her ears. "We knew you'd come back through it, but we needed sleep. Kaede made lots of food for us while we got better. But he never left, Mama. He's been waiting this whole time."

They'd kept it a secret, revealed only by a few longing looks, and even then, he'd forced her to withhold as much as she could. He didn't want to give Naraku or his spies anything that could be used against them.

He'd seen it firsthand with Rin.

So they'd hidden the attraction, hidden the heat that continued to grow between them with each passing day. To him, it was a battle tactic. To her, it was torture.

Not everyone had been kept in the dark, though. Children are unusually perceptive, and it hadn't taken long for both Shippou and Rin to start asking questions.

Questions they'd had to answer in order to secure their silence.

Rin had immediately accepted. She would do anything for her saviour, so keeping a secret to ensure her new friend's safety was no issue. Shippou had been a little harder to convince. He was fiercely protective of his adoptive mother and was worried about her getting hurt in some way.

Plus, he'd found her first.

But he'd seen that same determination in Sesshoumaru. The subtle ways he would intercept those who threatened her safety, placing his body in between her and any perceived danger. Like how he'd saved her from Mukatsu, and then trained her with more than just her bow.

Shippou also saw the way she looked at him.

Muffled curses sounded from beside her, Miroku slowly helping Inuyasha to his feet.

"I'm fine!" he argued, even as he leaned against the monk.

Kagome could feel his youki reaching out to her and her body sang in response. Shippou rubbed their cheeks together, then hopped onto Inuyasha's shoulder, tugging at his ear as he berated the hanyou for letting any harm come to his mother.

"I didn't do shit! I found her, didn't I?" Inuyasha tried to push the kitsune off but hissed when he raised his arm too far. Miroku clicked his tongue and took on more of his weight.

"Shippou, there will be time for that later. Right now, it's best if we get everyone back to the village." He cast a meaningful look at Sango, and she nodded, calling for Kirara so Inuyasha didn't have to walk any further. "Lady Kagome, do you also wish to—"

Kagome was already moving.

Her torn shoes crunched against gravel and brittle grass as she sprinted away from her friends. Her eyes were glued to the stoic youkai, the erratic rhythm of her heartbeat drowning out the startled cries behind her.

It was over. It was over. They could finally—

She launched herself towards him, arms outstretched, hands grasping at white silk. Any other being would've staggered at the ferocity of their collision, but he stood fast, his boots braced against the ground.

She wrapped her arms tightly around him, burying her face in his chest. Her own heaved under the sudden rush of emotions, her legs shaking as she struggled to stay upright.

His arm circled around her and pulled her closer.

"At last."

A harsh sob tore from her throat and her grip only tightened, blunt nails digging into his back. His chest plate was digging into her skin, and she didn't care. She wanted him close—closer than she'd ever wanted anyone—and there was finally time.

His aura wafted over her, calming the tremors wracking her body as she continued to cling to him. She refused to let go, refused to give up hope that she was still inside the jewel and was drowning in another hallucination.

"This is real right? You're here and we won and we're done right?"

"Yes, miko."

She finally smiled, the corners of her mouth slowly pulling up. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Your concern is appreciated but unnecessary." His arm tightened around her as he lowered his head, his cheek brushing against hers before he buried his nose in her hair. "I worried for your safety."

Her heart swelled, emotions choking her as she slid her arms up around his neck, revelling in everything that was him.

"Is someone going to explain what the hell is going on?!" Inuyasha's outrage echoed behind her, and Kagome almost laughed, the sound yanking her back to reality. Sesshoumaru sighed, air brushing past her ear and making her shiver. He tried to raise his head and she whined in protest.

Chuckling against her temple, he whispered words of reassurance before straightening to his full height, her body still held firmly against his. He levelled a glare at his brother, golden eyes narrowing.

"Inuyasha, I will be borrowing the miko."

"The fuck you will!"

Shippou patted the hanyou's head, flashing his mother a gleeful smile. "Come on Baka-Yasha, you can complain after we've eaten."

Miroku and Sango looked at Kagome with concern and confusion, both startled by the kitsune's nonchalance.

Sango spoke up first, "Kagome, are you sure—"

"I'm fine. I promise."

"Slayer." Sango looked like she was going to argue, but jumped at Sesshoumaru's commanding tone, straightening up like a soldier being inspected by her general.

"There is no safer place for the miko than with me, be sure of that." His voice was unwavering, but Sango must've seen something in his eyes, as she relaxed slightly.

"Good to know."

Sesshoumaru nodded, youki curling around their feet. "Kit, inform Rin that all is well, and I will return to her later."

"Sure thing, Lord Sesshoumaru! Can I tell her why?"

A slow smirk teased his features. "Do as you please."

Shippou let out a cheer and jumped off Inuyasha's shoulder, darting towards the village and already yelling.

"Rin! Rin! We can talk about it now! Everybody knows!"

Kagome let out an exhausted giggle, unable to stop herself from joining in on the kitsune's relief. She turned her face up to the youkai beside her, happiness emanating around her and shining through her aura.

"They did really well, considering how long it's been."


"How long what's been? What the fuck is going on K'gome?!"

She opened her mouth to respond but Miroku was already dragging the hanyou away. Inuyasha was struggling but the monk forced him onto Kirara, the injuries he'd sustained were making it easier for Miroku to overpower him.

"Thank you for your assistance, Lord Sesshoumaru. We will make sure Rin is well fed and rested by the time you return." His indigo gaze slid to Kagome, and he winked before focusing solely on Inuyasha, both he and Sango, quieting him down as they headed towards the village.

A blush stained her cheeks before she buried her face against white silk again.

"I'm going to have to explain everything to him at some point, aren't I?"

"Indeed." The cloud of youki fully formed and they were lifted into the air, the wind whipping her hair around as they moved swiftly over the treetops.

"Do you think he'll understand?"

His arm wrapped around her in a seemingly comforting way and Kagome wondered just how much he'd learned about human behaviour from Rin.

"You have always had a way with words, miko. If not now, then he will eventually."

If she was a little taller—and they weren't in the middle of flying—she'd have kissed him for that.

The thought of kissing him in general didn't seem so farfetched anymore and her blood suddenly felt thick and warm in her veins. Sucking in a deep breath to steady her rapid heartbeat, she tried to focus on the landscape in below them, instead of the way his body felt against hers.

"Where are we going?"

"A place where you can relax and rest from your ordeal."

The cold chill of disappointment washed over her, and she nodded stiffly. "I could've done that in the village though."

He made a noise that sounded dangerously close to a snort. "You require immediate and immaculate care. The kind that This One alone can provide for you." He gave her a sideways glance. "Would you deny me this right after tempting me for so long?"

And suddenly the heat in her veins was back, her throat going dry as she managed to give a slight shake of her head.

She could never deny him anything.

It wasn't long before they touched down in front of a small cave, the cloud dissipating under their feet. He swept her up into his arms in a fluid motion, barely pausing outside the entrance before taking her inside. She felt his youki flare and lanterns burst to life around them, forcing her to blink rapidly so her eyes could adjust.

It was as if he'd built them a home. A shallow rock served as a table, a basket of fruit and vegetables sitting on top. She wondered how often he'd replenished the basket, considering neither of them had known how long the final battle would take. Her heart clenched at his consideration and the urge to kiss him burned under her skin.

A large pile of furs lay in one corner, softly illuminated by the lanterns hanging from the stone walls. Kagome blushed at the images running through her head, but it soon turned to confusion as he walked right by them, bringing them deeper into the cave.

"Where are we going? I thought—"

"You are a fan of hot springs, correct? There is one further inside. I assume you wish to bathe."

Unable to stop the compulsion, she shifted in his arms, throwing her own around his neck and kissing the underside of his jaw. The action caused him to stumble slightly, his grip on her tightening before he continued on and Kagome swore she saw colour tint his cheeks.

"Thank you, that sounds wonderful."

A few more turns and the narrow tunnel opened into another cavern, the ceiling low enough that Sesshoumaru had to duck slightly before setting her down. Tendrils of steam rose from the ground-level spring, teasing her skin and urging her forward. She kicked off her shoes and was working on her socks before she felt him turn around.

"I will hunt. There is game nearby that will suffice."

Frozen in the middle of pulling at the bottom of her shirt, she blinked owlishly at him, his words taking a moment to sink in.

"What? O-Oh… I thought…"

A slender eyebrow rose as her bottom lip got stuck between her teeth. Her gaze flickered between the spring and him as a blush crept out of her collar and up the back of her neck. Her hands trembled slightly before she steeled her resolve and pulled her shirt over her head.

"Aren't… Aren't you going to join me?" She felt the blush climb higher but forced herself to keep going, knowing that if she stopped for any reason, her brain would catch up and she'd collapse in a puddle of embarrassed goo.

He still hadn't moved but she pressed forward, hooking her fingers into the top of her jeans and pushing them over her hips, stepping out of them once they pooled around her feet. Clad in only her underwear now, she reached behind her, fumbling with the clasp of her bra.

"I mean… I thought the whole point was that we'd get some alone time and here you are, trying to run off." She finally got the hooks undone and pulled her arms out of the straps, hesitating only a moment before she let that drop to the floor as well.

She didn't hear him move but suddenly felt him behind her, his ominous youki curling around them as his armour pressed into her back.

"I was trying to preserve your modesty." Even as the excuse left his lips, his hand was on her skin, burning a path from her stomach to her ribs. The back of his knuckles brushed against the underside of her breasts and she swallowed thickly, her thighs pressing together. She covered his hand with her own, her lungs expanding in shallow spurts.

"Why steal me away if you're not going to take advantage of me?"

A low chuckle rumbled through his chest, the vibrations teasing her flesh and making her nipples harden. She was just about to move his hand up when he pulled it away and she bit back a frustrated moan. She felt his hands on her shoulders as he pushed her towards the spring.

"I will join you, but only if you take care of your health first."

She pursed her lips together, then defiantly raised her chin. "No promises."

He leaned down, his breath wafting over her skin as he slid his tongue up the backside of her ear. "You will make promises, miko, or I will be forced to take drastic measures on your recovery."

Unsure as to whether she wanted to find out exactly what that entailed, she nodded her head, quickly pulling off her underwear and wading into the spring. She sighed in relief as the tepid waters lapped against her skin, the subtle waves washing away stress and burden as she sunk lower into the pool.

Dunking her head under the surface, she ran her fingers through her dark locks, trying to pull out as many tangles as she could. She winced as they got caught in a larger knot and she came up for air. Normally she loved the waves she'd inherited from her father's side of the family, but sometimes it was a pain in the ass.

Especially when the one she was sexually attracted to had probably never woken up with bedhead in his entire existence.

She continued to tug on her hair before clawed hands replaced her own, drawing her back against the chiselled planes of his chest before sitting them both down on the side of the spring. She reached under the water, grazing her fingers along the outside of his bare thighs and hummed in approval.

"See? Isn't this better than you leaving me here and running off to kill something?"

"Killing something would provide you with more sustenance than the previously procured produce."

She laughed at his version of a tongue twister and leaned her head against one of his shoulders, relaxing into his touch as his claws brushed against her scalp. He slowly combed out the tangles in her hair then continued to knead the flesh at the base of her neck, causing her to moan softly.

The last year had been hard on everyone. There were so many times when their frustrations had boiled over, giving way to helplessness and hopelessness. All she'd wanted to do was curl up in his arms and have him tell her it was going to be alright. That everything they'd done—everything they were doing—would be worth it in the end.

But she'd been denied that comfort.

Her eyes slowly opened and she reached out, sliding her fingers through the silver strands floating on the top of the water beside them.

"Does this mean I get to play with your hair too?"

His fingers paused halfway down her shoulders and a frown puckered her brow. She hadn't insulted him, had she? All these years around youkai and she still wasn't fluent in all the various nuances of their species. She knew their hair was a touchy subject, but she'd thought that—

"If you wish it."

She turned her head to look at him and was startled by the hooded look in his eyes. She sucked in a breath, heat shooting down to her core as she suddenly became very aware that she was sitting in his lap. Naked.

"Did I… Did I say something wrong?" Had her voice always been that breathy?


"Are you—"

"Grooming is common practice between mates."

"Oh." Her eyes widened as her brain processed that information. "Oh!" She should've blushed, should've been embarrassed at the thought of crossing that line this soon, but all she could think of was how every cell of her body had been calling out to him in the last year and now he was here.


"Can I kiss you?"

He cocked his head at the request. It had never appealed to him; the simple pressing of mouths was a human tradition. For youkai, mouths were used as weapons, both through fangs and knowledge.

"Do as you please."

Her eyes lit up and he felt his expression soften. The miko was so expressive—it had been quite worrisome during their time against Naraku. He had never felt fear before in his life, but the thought of this tiny human giving the vile spider cause to harm her just to get back at him had been gnawing at his insides for months.

The woman turned in his lap, bracing herself against his shoulders as she straddled him. He willed himself not to respond but the feel of her skin sliding against his had him biting back a groan. His hands slid up her thighs to her hips, the pads of his thumbs stroking her flesh.

He watched as she tentatively cupped his face, pulling him down as she brushed her lips against his, then settled their mouths together.

Why did humans spend so much time doing this?

She slanted her mouth, her tongue sliding along his lower lip. What was she trying to—


Her tongue had slipped into his mouth, and he could taste her. His claws dug into her hips as his eyes fluttered closed, senses overrun by the feel of her tongue teasing his. The scent of her arousal sweetened with each swirl, and she buried her hands in his hair, her body arcing against his.

She tried to pull away, but he didn't let her escape, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep in place. Moaning against the sudden onslaught, her hips ground against him, his obvious arousal pressed against her inner thigh.

The spring made her pliant, her skin flush as steam rose around them. He wasn't sure if it was from the pool or the places their bodies touched, but it made him light-headed to the point of being giddy. And now that he knew what kissing entailed, he was quick to take over. He sucked on her tongue for a moment, catching it between his teeth and letting it slide over his fangs.

She finally pulled back, her chest heaving as she stared at him with those beautiful blue eyes. They had been the first thing that had bewitched him—other than her sinful mouth. The irate fire that usually burned within the cerulean orbs had dwindled, now replaced with a different kind of heat, one that burned lower. Hotter.

His hunger unsated, he grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her head back and exposing her throat. He nipped at her ear before dragging his fangs down the length of her neck, his tongue swirling over her skin before resting at the junction of her shoulder.

Her arms snaked around his neck, holding him close. "I like touching you."

"The feeling is mutual." The words were muffled against her skin, vibrating through her body, and he felt goosebumps break out onto her skin. He followed a drop of water, chasing it with his tongue along her clavicle before it disappeared between her breasts. Saliva pooled in his mouth, and he started his descent, hungry for more of her flesh.

"Would it be weird to say I missed you? We haven't really been apart, but—"

"Three days can feel like an eternity, given the right circumstances." He straightened, his hand slowly releasing her hair, combing out the new tangles he'd created. A delightful blush dusted her cheeks, and he kissed her again.

She hummed against his mouth, squirming in his lap. "Then I missed you. A lot."

"The feeling is once again mutual."

She giggled, placing kisses along his jaw, her lips brushing against the stripes on his cheeks before being replaced with her hands. She leaned their foreheads together, continuing to stroke his face.

"Is your plan to keep me in here until I'm all pruny?"

He chuckled, causing the water to ripple around them. "You are the one who places so much emphasis on bathing. You are welcome to get out whenever you wish."

Her hands fell to his shoulders, then slipped under the water, tracing the lines of his chest. "A by-product of being born 500 years in the future and indoor plumbing I suppose." She laughed at the confusion on his face, her fingers delving lower before he stopped her.

He pulled her hand out of the water, placing a kiss on her wrist that was more teeth than lips. "You have no obligations tonight, miko, I simply wish to hold you."

"I know. I want that too. All of it." Her heartbeat sped up as her free hand resumed its partner's descent, her gaze not breaking from his as she wrapped her fingers around him, squeezing softly. A shudder wracked his body, his pupils dilating as he felt her thumb skim over the tip.

"Miko, you—"

Her lips crashed against his, stealing his words as her hand moved up and down, pumping him gently. She knew the mechanics of it—her friends in her era were more than willing to share their sexual exploits when they were together—but the way his eyes had darkened when she first touched him had made heat coil in the bottom of her stomach.

He was always so passive, his expressionless mask always in place. She wanted it off, wanted to see how many things he actually felt. How many things she could make him feel. The way he made her feel.

She loved the way he arced when her hand got closer to his thighs, the way his claws dug into her wrist when she got closer to the tip. Everything was new and wonderful, and she wanted to devour him.

She went to adjust her grip, but he was once against pulling her hand out of the water. She groaned in protest but then he was standing, his hands gripping her ass and forcing her legs to wrap around his waist. The sudden movement caused delicious friction between them, her core rubbing against his stomach as he stepped out of the pool.

Biting her lip, she looked up at him, trying not to pout. "Why did you stop me? I was having fun."

"I am aware." He didn't bother with their clothing, moving back into the main cavern. The light of the lanterns licked at his porcelain skin, making her mindful of her own nudity and she had to stop herself from crossing her arms over her chest.

He must've seen the unease in her expression as one hand cupped her cheek. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on."

Her blush went all the way to her breasts as she tried to wave him off. "Besides you, you mean?"

He put her on her feet, then knelt down in front of her and grabbed one of the furs, using it to catch any remaining moisture on her skin. His hair brushed against her flesh, and she bit back a moan, rubbing her thighs together and hoping she wasn't as obvious as she felt.

His muscles rippled under his skin, his stripes almost glowing in the dim light. She'd seen the ones on his face and even his wrist from time to time, but he also had ones on his shoulders, hips, thighs, and ankles. And she couldn't be sure, but she could've sworn there was at least one on his—

"Do you like what you see, miko?"

She started, suddenly realizing that he was staring up at her, an amused look on his face. Her blush deepened but she couldn't look away, nodding stiffly.

"Good. Something else we have in common."

Her mouth opened to demand details, but the sound died in her throat. His hands were on the back of her knees, his tongue delving into the crease between her thigh and her hip. With nothing else to grab onto, she buried her hands into his hair, gasping as his mouth moved closer and closer to where she wanted it—needed it—most.

One hand moved between her thighs and nudged them open, the other keeping her upright. He dragged in a ragged breath, his claws close to piercing her skin. "If you wish me to stop, you must tell me now."

Her reiki sparked against his scalp, her fingers tightening in his hair as she shook her head. "P-Please… D-Don't stop…"

She thought she felt him smile against her skin, but didn't have the time to process it, her legs almost going out from under her as his tongue swept into her core. She cried out as electricity shot through her, bucking against his mouth as his tongue went deeper.

Heat pooled in her stomach, her nerves still tingling from their earlier antics in the spring. Toes curling, she hunched over, the coil tightening as he continued to thrust his tongue into her before sucking gently on the bundle of nerves at the top of her opening.

She gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to slow the fire in her veins, but Sesshoumaru was relentless, teasing her clit with his teeth as he pushed one finger inside her. Her inner walls clamped down on the intrusion and his groan vibrated through her, sending her over the edge she'd been trying to hold herself back from.

Her knees buckled and she collapsed against him, her body sliding down his before she hit the ground. Her moan turned into a yelp when he shoved her onto her back, burying his face between her thighs again. Her hands struggled for purchase as her hips arced off the cave floor, a second orgasm following close behind the first.

He pushed her legs apart, his rough tongue gliding over both thighs before swirling around her clit again, catching every drop she had to offer. Hands trembling, she reached for him, pulling him close and claiming his lips, her body still spasming in the aftermath.

The shift in position had him pressing against her in all the right places, his erection prodding her still swollen flesh as the kiss turned desperate. Every moment she'd had to hold back from even looking at him in the last year crashed down on her and her heart clenched in her chest, tears overflowing.

Sesshoumaru pulled back enough to nuzzle her jaw, his tongue flicking out to catch each tear as it slid down her cheeks.

"Why do you cry, dear one?"

The endearment just made it worse, and she wrapped her arms around him, trying to stifle her sobs in the crook of his neck. He dragged his claws through her hair then sat up, pulling her into his lap as his other arm encircled her waist, trying to calm her quivering form.

"Miko… Kagome."

She could hear the concern in his voice, and she choked on a sob, hiccupping as she struggled to speak. Wiping the remaining tears from her face, she looked up at him, her breath still ragged as emotions swirled around them.

"I love you."

Worry melted into affection, his gaze softening before he laid a kiss on her forehead.

"I am aware. Is that what all that fuss was about?"

Any other time she'd have punched him, a few choice words on the tip of her tongue. But she held them back, focusing instead on the feel of his fingers drawing comforting circles on her back.

She shouldn't be surprised that he knew—he'd always been the most perceptive of the group—though all bets were off if Rin was involved. The little girl was constantly asking the right—or wrong, depending on who she was talking to—questions and Kagome still hadn't figured out if she did it on purpose or it was due to her innocent nature.

She revelled in the feel of his lips against her skin, closing her eyes for a moment as she inhaled the scent that was uniquely him. Every bit of him overwhelmed her and she wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

If only her emotions would cooperate for a few minutes.

"No… Well, sort of…" Her eyes opened to find him staring at her with an amused look in his golden gaze. He shouldn't be able to look that good. Especially when he was naked. Her hands fell to his chest, her eyes following the movement of her fingers on his skin.

"You mentioned earlier that three days could feel like a lifetime given the right circumstances. We've been waiting for this for so long, at least I have, and now it's happening, and I keep worrying that I'm suddenly going to wake up and we're still going to be searching for shards or fighting Naraku and sometimes it becomes too much and—"

Her chin was being tilted up, his lips capturing hers to cut off her ramblings and she nearly sighed in relief. Her body arched slightly as he coaxed her tongue out to join his, her eyes fluttering shut once more.

How was it he could rile her up and calm her down at the same time? She pushed against him, trying to communicate all her happiness and fear through actions alone, hoping he understood. She felt his hands at her temple, claws combing through her hair before he was tilting her head back more, his fangs nipping along her jaw before settling at her ear.

"It has been 'too much' for a long time, Kagome. Longer than you know." His voice was barely audible, whispers floating over her skin. "It has taken every ounce of my strength to quell the instincts that sought to claim you." He pushed her hair out of the way, leaving her shoulder bare and exposed, his fangs pricking her skin only to be soothed by the swirl of his tongue.

That delicious heat was back, and Kagome tried to focus on what he was saying but found herself distracted by what his tongue was doing. Where had he learned to do that?

Her breasts felt heavy, her nipples hardening into tight peaks as she moaned softly. He continued to suck on her shoulder, her pulse beating erratically under the onslaught of his mouth. Her hands were grasping at his back, blunt nails digging into his flesh as her head lulled to one side.

"Every time an incarnation tried to steal your power, every time that insolent wolf boasted about you being his woman, every time the lecherous monk dared to gaze at you while you bathed, my claws itched for blood. I have begged for this moment—ached for it. Do not sully it by dwelling on the past. I am here and you will not be leaving this cave unmarked."

Her breath hitched in her throat, every word sending heat shooting to her core. She ground her hips against him helplessly, trying to alleviate the pressure in the pit of her stomach.

"You are mine."

She suddenly remembered how to breathe again and clawed at him desperately. "S-Sesshoumaru—please—!"

"Tell me what you want, miko."

"You. All of you." Her legs were wrapped around his waist, and she clung to him, mewling in protest at the grip he had on her hair. She felt him smirk against her skin before he tugged harder, forcing her back to arc and bringing her breasts to eye-level. He nuzzled the side of one before capturing a pert nipple in his mouth, causing her to cry out and buck against him.

He sucked harder, finally releasing her hair as he dragged his fangs against her sensitive flesh. She grabbed for something to steady herself, her hands landing in silver tresses and yanking hard, unsure if she wanted to pull him closer or push him away.

A trail of kisses led to her other breast, giving it the same treatment as he shifted their weight, keeping her legs locked around him as he lay her down on the mound of furs. The full length of his erection slid against her core, coating it in her arousal and eliciting a harmonized moan from both of them.

She arced again, her entire back lifting off the furs, and the bulbous head slipped inside her, the slickness between her thighs making it easy. Her muscles clenched, seeking more before she suddenly stilled, swallowing thickly before meeting his gaze.


Sesshoumaru gave her an incredulous look. "You are having second thoughts now?"

Blue eyes widened and she shook her head. "No, no! I just thought… Don't you… Shouldn't I be—ummm—on my hands and knees?" Even in the dim lighting, Kagome knew her face had turned as red as a tomato. She opened her mouth to try and take it back but stilled at the feral look on Sesshoumaru's face.

The stripes on his cheeks turned jagged as crimson bled into his eyes, fangs elongating before he buried his face in her hair.

"Your selflessness knows no bounds, miko. One might even call you sweet."

Kagome swore steam was coming out of her ears and she writhed under him. "Y-You're a dog demon! Isn't that what's supposed to happen?"

And then he was kissing her again, tugging at her lips before entwining their tongues together. It was sinful how quick a learner he was. When he pulled back, the edges of his eyes were still red, and Kagome's pride swelled at the unadulterated lust staring down at her.

"We have time now, Kagome. It is your first time, do humans not require eye contact?"

Her mouth dropped open before she punched him in the chest. "You are not allowed to say things like that!"

A slender eyebrow rose at her outburst, the unspoken question hung in the air between them.

"How did you get away with being called the Killing Perfection and the reputation of being an unfeeling bastard while still coming up with things like that?"

"I am not limited to the perceptions of others."

She bit her lip, then draped an arm over her face. "How many times are you going to make me fall in love with you?"

A low chuckle reverberated through his chest, the soft sound echoing around them. "As many times as it takes for the thought to become cemented in your mind."

"You're terrible."

"So I have been told."

She sucked in a deep breath, tears pricking the edges of her eyes as emotion squeezed her heart again. A clawed hand pried her arm away from her face, touching his lips to hers before he grabbed one of her legs, pulling it higher over his hip.

His erection twitched against her, and she moaned softly, reaching up to tease the hair at the back of his neck.

"I love you."

"You are welcome to repeat that as many times as you feel necessary." Bracing himself on one hand, he leaned over her, silver hair hanging around them like a curtain as he slowly pushed into her, her inner walls clamping down around each searing inch.

A hissed escaped her mouth at the sensation of being stretched to her limits. She squirmed underneath him, trying to adjust her hips to alleviate some of the discomfort.

"Sesshou—" His name turned into a gasp as his fingers fluttered over her clit, teasing the sensitive bud as he pulled back and slid into her again.

"Relax, Kagome."

A blush spilled onto her cheeks as she arced again. "I'm trying. It's not like I've done this before."

That feral expression was back, and she felt her nipples harden as he stared down at her, his youki curling around her and teasing her skin. Lips pulled back to reveal gleaming fangs as he leaned over her and Kagome found her nerve, reaching up to cup his face.

"You're the only one I want, Sesshoumaru. The only one I want touching me like this. Ever."

The crimson in his eyes spread further, his pupils turning a brilliant shade of teal as a low growl rumbled through his chest. He reached under her and gripped her ass, yanking her against him as he plunged the rest of the way into her core. She didn't have time to adjust before he was thrusting into her again, crying out as she was filled over and over.

He drove into her ruthlessly and she clung to him, trembling as heat coursed through her veins. She moaned his name, her brain short-circuiting, unable to form another coherent thought. What had started out as a pressure bordering on pain was now an intense fire, consuming her from the inside out.

"S-Sesshoumaru… I can't—It's too much—"

"You will survive, dear one." The words were guttural, whispered into her ear as he dragged his fangs across the junction of her neck. She whimpered, dragging her nails down his shoulders as she reached a fever pitch.

All she could feel was him. All she wanted to feel was him. His growls were in her ear, his claws on her skin, his youki caressing her senses as she careened towards the edge. Every nerve was burning, the coil inside her pulled taut. She felt him adjust her hips once more, pulling the entire lower half of her body off the floor before plunging in at the new angle.

The coil snapped.

Kagome bucked hard, all her limbs seizing as her mouth opened in a silent scream, reiki crackling along her skin. Sesshoumaru roared, the sound making the walls shake before his fangs sank into her shoulder. Reiki and youki merged, weaving together like a braid as her blood spilled over his taste buds. She thought she felt him swell inside her, his length stretching her even further before he exploded within her, coating her walls with his seed.

She keened as lights formed in her eyes, blinding her. Gripping his arms, she focused on the feel of him, his skin slick under her fingers. They both panted, their chests heaving, and she felt his fangs slowly retract from her shoulder, his tongue swirling over the abused flesh.

Not wanting to let go just yet, she nuzzled his neck, kissing and sucking at the same place he'd just marked her. His tongue moved over her shoulder, then up to her ear, tugging softly at the lobe before pulling back just enough to brush his nose against hers.

"Are you alright?"

She almost laughed. He'd just given her the most explosive orgasm of her life and he was still worried about her wellbeing. She repeated the motion of brushing their noses together, then kissed him, a smile tugging at her lips.

"I'm always alright when I'm with you." She felt him twitch inside her and blanched, her eyes darting down to where they were still connected.

"I will give you time to rest." There was amusement in his tone, and she wanted to smack him. If she could move. Groaning, she finally lay back on the furs, wincing as her muscles protested. Her shoulder throbbed in time with the area between her legs and she cursed the blush that spilled onto her cheeks.

Sesshoumaru chuckled then nuzzled her again, lapping up the remaining blood before slowly pulling out of her. She gasped at the sensation, biting her lip as the proof of their coupling leaked down her thighs.

"Would you like to return to the spring?" He lay down beside her, propping his chin up on one hand, his eyes gleaming in the reflection of the lantern's glow.

"That sounds wonderful but give me a few minutes until my legs work again."

He preened at her words, then got to his feet, easily pulling her into his arms. Sighing, she settled against his chest, pure contentment washing over her.

He padded into the back cavern and straight back into the heated pool, the water instantly easing the stiffness in her muscles. Sitting down on one of the raised edges, he positioned her in his lap, her back against his chest with his arms wrapped around her stomach. His mouth went to her shoulder again and she giggled.

"Are you going to do that forever?"

"If you permit me to do so."

She leaned her head back, exposing more of her neck as she looked up at him. "Why?"

"Is it not customary to be close to one's mate?"

It was, and she knew it, but she'd wanted him to say it. To call her that. She reached up and traced the stripes on his cheeks with the backs of her fingers.

"You have more stripes than I thought."

A raised eyebrow was his only response.

She continued to stroke the markings. "These ones are obvious, same with your wrists. So I assumed you had some on your legs. Same with your shoulders and thighs, I suppose. The ones on your back were a surprise. And your hips." Her other hand moved to said stripes, trailing her fingers along his skin under the water.

"I didn't realize how far in they went."

He shivered and she revelled in it. Were they more sensitive than the rest of him? She wanted to find out. Wanted to explore every inch of him.

Even with the high temperature of the spring, she felt goosebumps ripple along her skin, hardening her nipples and tightening the coil again. His eyes darkened.

"If you keep doing that, I cannot be held responsible for my actions."

"Doing what?" she asked, her eyes wide with innocence. His pupils dilated as his arousal poked her in the back.


She reached behind her, gripping him firmly as her other arm snaked around his neck. The position forced her back to arc and she watched his eyes travel down to her now exposed breasts.

"I'm fine," she breathed, flicking her tongue out against the column of his throat. "Show me again how much you've been waiting for this. For me."

His eyes bled crimson and he did as she asked.



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