Time of the Season by Sereia


Prompt: SessKag August Monthly Prompt

Triggers/Warnings: Implied gore, panic attacks



Kagome sat up with a lurch, a scream lodged in her throat.

It wasn't real. It couldn't be real.

And yet the image burned within her mind, stealing her breath, her body breaking out into a cold sweat.

She had to check.

Tearing off her covers, she rolled off her futon, almost tripping over Inuyasha as she raced from the room. His startled yelp followed her down the hallway as she made her way to the main chambers.

Blood roared in her veins, her eyes almost unseeing, the bitter taste of fear thick and pungent around her. At the back of her mind, she knew—hoped—she was overreacting. That it was just a dream and not something more.

It was silly. She was being silly. And yet she had to make sure.

Jaken squawked as she ran by, but her ears were still buzzing, blocking everything else out as she grabbed the shoji screen and yanked it open, almost ripping it in the process.

She wasn't supposed to be in this room. It was forbidden. She'd probably pay for it later but for now…

For now, she needed confirmation of life.

Her hair whipped around her head as she quickly located his bed. Not bothering to be quiet, she crossed the room, scrambling over cushions and body parts before grabbing the top of the covers and wrenching them off him.

Startled youki erupted around them.

"Miko, what—"

His voice sounded far away, drowned out by the constant drone in her ears. Her hands trembled as she pulled back the collar of his yukata, bathing his skin in moonlight. Upon finding his chest to be unmarred, vital organs still intact, she finally stilled her movements.

She sat frozen in his lap, her knuckles as pale as his hair and still gripping his clothes. Her chest heaved as she tried to control her breathing, heart beating wilding against her ribs. She could feel his eyes on her, the question in his gaze, but she couldn't tear her own away from his chest.

The images were still burning within her mind's eye. Crimson blood everywhere, his heart—

"What the fuck is going on? What did you do?" Inuyasha's outrage echoed from the doorway, Tessaiga on full display.

Sesshoumaru's chest rumbled, his aura instantly icing over as he gave his brother a level stare. "I have done nothing."

"Don't lie, ya bastard, I could smell her fear from our room!"

"Even after opening my home to you, you are still quick to lay blame."

Inuyasha had the decency to blush, lowering his sword before tucking it back into its sheath. "Keh! Explain why she's so upset then."

He looked down at the small woman on his lap. Her face was ghostly pale, her normally vibrant blue eyes dull and unfocused as one hand released his collar, her palm settling on his chest. The feel of his heartbeat seemed to calm her somewhat, though the taste of her terror was still fresh on his tongue.

"I…do not know." He glared at Inuyasha, cutting him off as the hanyou's mouth opened to blast him again. "But I will find out."

His brother's jaw snapped shut but he didn't move, unease and worry swirling in his golden eyes. He wanted to check on the woman, but instinct kept him from entering the room. Perhaps he had actually learned something in the few months he had been living at the Western Stronghold.

"Return to your pack, Inuyasha. Quell their concerns and know that no harm will come to the miko during my interrogation."

Inuyasha pursed his lips but nodded, casting one more look at the female before heading back down the darkened hallway. The room finally quieted, only to be interrupted by his vassal a few moments later.

"My lord! I am here to remove the vile human that has dared to trespass—"


"Y-Yes, my lord?"

"Inform the kitchens that tea is required for both myself and Inuyasha's pack."


"That will be all."

The little youkai opened his mouth again, but he thought better of it, his bulbous eyes darting between his master and the human in his lap before bowing.

"As you wish, Lord Sesshoumaru." He kept his head down as he closed the door, his feet shuffling as he did as he was told.

Sesshoumaru hoped it would keep him busy long enough for him to discern what was ailing the miko.

Her trembling seemed to have stopped, her heart beating steadily compared to the erratic rhythm from before. He had never felt such potent despair and panic from her before. The emotions tainted her normally pleasant scent, the fresh smell of jasmine souring and rotting from within.


She didn't respond, her eyes wide, pupils dilated as she continued to stare at his chest. He slowly placed a hand over hers, holding it against his skin as his voice softened to a whisper, trying to get her attention without alarming her even more.


Her eyes slowly came back into focus, and she sucked in a ragged breath, her tongue darting out to moisten dry lips. She blinked a few times before looking up at him with a startled expression, as if suddenly realizing where she was.


A slender eyebrow raised, trying not to chuckle at the stunned look on her face. She looked around, then at their laps and promptly turned a delightful shade of pink.

"Oh my—I'm sorry—I didn't realize—"

"Calm yourself. You have not overstepped."

"Overstepped?! I'm sitting in your lap! In the middle of the night!"

"After trying to undress me."

The pink in her cheeks turned crimson and she groaned, covering her face with her free hand. "That isn't what I was trying to do…"

"Then please, enlighten me as to what caused you to barge into my room and interrupt my sleep."

Her expression became haunted, and her eyes slid to his chest again. Her breathing turned ragged as blood drained from her face and he squeezed her hand to refocus her.

"Miko, I am alright."

"But you weren't! There was darkness and then b-blood everywhere—everything was broken and you—your heart was… There was a hole—I couldn't stop it! I t-tried but—" Her teeth started to chatter, the tremors making her entire body shake.

"Your concern is endearing but unnecessary."

Her eyes were wild as she looked up at him, her voice pitched on the verge of hysteria. "You don't know that! I've had dreams like this before! Small things, things that have come true. I don't want—I couldn't—you can't—" Her blunt nails dug into his skin as her breathing came out in shallow pants, her control slipping as reiki jumped between her fingers like lightning.

Sesshoumaru finally let go of her hand, wrapping both arms around her and pulling her close. She struggled for a moment, her movements manic before she finally slumped against him, her chest heaving as harsh sobs wracked her small frame.

Clawed hands combed through tangled locks, the tips curling around his fingers. "It was a nightmare, nothing more."

Her body continued to shake as her arms slowly wrapped around his neck. "It felt so real."

"You have always had a vivid imagination."

"That's not funny."

"Yet we both know it to be true." He forced himself not to grin as she flicked his ear.

"You're a jerk."

"I am aware."

She pulled back, her hands settling in her lap after wiping away the remaining tears. One of his hands lingered at the small of her back, tracing comforting circles through the material of her sleepwear.

"I'm sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night."

"It is nothing. Though I think my brother may suspect something now."

Her eyes widened before her head whipped around, looking for her friend. "What? Why?"

"I assume you were too consumed by the images of your dream when you first woke to conceal your aura. He followed you here, accusing me of distressing you in some way."

She bit her lip, worrying it between her teeth as she tried to remember what happened.

"I have told you before that he will not care."

"I know, but it's still…" She looked down, suddenly finding her hands fascinating. "New."

He slipped a finger under her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. "Not new enough to stop you from being overly concerned about my welfare due to a dream."

The muscles along her jaw clenched as the storm within her eyes turned vulnerable and wary. He hated that look, he wanted the blaze of power and confidence that surrounded her during the daylight hours. Brushing the pad of his thumb along her bottom lip, he freed it from the confines of her teeth, then pulled her closer, claiming her mouth in a gentle and reassuring kiss.

He felt her shiver before relaxing against him, her scent finally returning to luscious blooms of sweetened jasmine. Humming softly, he pulled back, touching his forehead to hers.

"You are welcome to remain here for the rest of the night."

"The others will wonder where I am."

"The fact that the hanyou has not returned brandishing Tessaiga is telling."

A soft giggle escaped her lips. "It is late."


"And I'm very tired."


"No one would blame me for staying."


"If only to make sure the dream doesn't come true."

"Indeed." He lay back down on the futon, pulling her with him before tucking her into his side. She breathed a sigh of relief as she nestled into the crook of his shoulder, her hand absently hovering over his heart. He allowed it, knowing the image of his death would plague her until she was certain it would not come to fruition.

He held her tightly, long after her breathing evened out as the first rays of sunlight crept across his balcony, their tea forgotten outside his door.


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