Drabble-Bomb by Sereia

Chapter 1

“This is gonna sound weird, but I really like your shoelaces.”

Kagome looked down at the small brunette inspecting her shoes, giggling softly at the intense expression on her face. 

“Thanks! I thought they could use a little bit of colour,” she replied, turning her foot side to side to give her a better view. 

The girl cocked her head then called out without looking away from her shoes, “Papa! Can I get shoelaces like these?”

“Rin, what have I said about speaking to strangers?” The little girl blushed, muttering an apology under her breath. 

Kagome pursed her lips, already disliking the uptight man walking towards them, then squatted down and held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Kagome. There, now we’re not strangers and you can talk to me all you want.”


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