Full Circle by zodiak023

Chapter 1

“Mom, I’m going to be late!” a 15-year-old, black haired young girl, shouted,

“Where are you going?” a young woman, who looked remarkably like the 15-year-old, asked.

“We are checking out the old asylum tonight.” the 15-year-old throwing on her warm coat,

“Baby, please be careful? Spirits are not supposed to be messed with, I cannot lose you.” the young woman using her ‘mom’ voice.

“Mom, I know already, I gotta go.” the 15-year-old whined,

“Mizuki, please, listen to me. Be careful.” the blue-eyed young woman staring her down.

“I won’t be by myself mom. I promise I will be careful.” Mizuki hugging her mother, her mother hugged her as if she would never see her again.

“Okay, bye mom.” Mizuki leaving the house, the cautious mother watched her meet up with her friends from the door. Her phone rang,

“Kagome, you want to come to dinner tonight?” the elder woman asked,

“Hm, not tonight mom.” Kagome sighed,

“Honey, please, I haven’t seen you in a month.” her mother whined.

“Fine mom. I’m on my way.” Kagome hanging up, she braced herself against one of the brace beams in her house, she knew her mother had another man set up for her to meet tonight, but she couldn’t do it anymore.

Her heart and trust was left back in the feudal era. Her mother on the other hand worried for her daughter, she only wanted the best for Kagome and her daughter.

Her mother wanted Kagome to move passed her time in the feudal era, so her mother had found several guys when Kagome first returned home, but Kagome didn’t want anyone, and she managed to get into college.

She even managed to find a guy that she got along with fairly well, but she didn’t love him and they got married. The guy had loved her well, and one night they were celebrating about her husband getting the CEO job at one of the top stock trading businesses in Tokyo, and they had too much to drink and had unprotected sex and nine months later had Mizuki.

The age of six Mizuki lost her father in a huge terrorist attack, he had been on a plane that was hijacked. He had been a part of the group of people who decided to fight back against the terrorist that took over the plane. Kagome was trying to put on a brave face, but it was as if her childhood was replaying over again.

Sota, her brother was just a baby, she five years old, their father died in a car accident, she was in the car with him, but walked away with scrapes and bruises, her protection, the Shikon No Tama jewel. It all came crumbling down because of that damn bauble, its why she hid her true self.

The jewel had caused her aging to stop, like she was an Inu demon. Its why she didn’t want to do the whole dating scene. She did it once and married the guy and he treated her very well but she never showed him her secret.

No human would understand, no human, other than her brother, mother, and grandfather, would truly believe that demons were real. And no one would understand what she lost in the feudal era, not even her mother, her mother didn’t even know that her own daughter stopped aging.

“Kagome?” a man trying to get her attention,

“Huh? Oh, I guess I just spaced out huh? I’m sorry. Look, I’m sure you’re a great guy but I can’t, not again.” Kagome explained, her mother, who was now all grey headed stared at her,

“Mom, I can’t, I just I came back broken. I have Mizuki, she is all I need.” Kagome explained, her eyes watering, the guy thought she was broken from losing her husband but that was just full circle coming back around. Her mother knew her daughter was talking about the last time she came back through the well.

“It was nice to meet you but I have to take this.” Kagome’s cell ringing, she walked to the door and answered her phone, while changing shoes and heading out on the porch.

“Honey, oh, Kenta, what?!? Okay, I’m on my way now.” Kagome glancing over at the shed that housed the well, she really needed to destroy that shed and the well.

She could even have her memories erased but that would be dangerous if she forgot and dropped the illusion or spell that kept her slow aging a secret. She ran down the stairs and to her car and sped to her home and grabbed sutras and her bow, her daughter didn’t need to be chasing ghosts, Kagome had enough of ghosts to last a lifetime.


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