Nocturne by Momo Rei

Sapphire in Moonlight

Author's Notes: I had a dream, and I had to get it out. I hope it goes well since it is my first time doing non-canon pairings. I'm very excited about it.


WARNING: The Mature warning is valid for this first chapter. I'm trying my best to be the right level of explicit, so if you are easily offended, this story may not be for you.

Nocturne - Chapter OneSapphire in Moonlight

Rated - M (for VERY suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, and coarse language)

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The call was strong, the drive to go. Her feet moved of their own volition, and her mind was too hazy to consider why. Thoughts not her own raced through her mind, pushing and urging her to keep moving forward even when the brush and thorns laced over her exposed skin, causing tiny droplets of blood to pool and drip down her arms. Vague hints of pain lanced through her foggy mind, but the urge to keep moving pushed her along the path.

It was dark, and there was no moon to light the way. Only a sliver of the pale disc marked its place in the sky, and even that had become obscured by clouds. There was something else guiding her through the woods, something deeper and more primal. It ate at her thoughts, filling her mind with carnal desire, and compelling her to keep moving.

Somewhere, deep down in her mind, she wondered where she was going and why she was being pushed far away from her futon in the dead of night. No one had seen or heard her leave, so no one stopped or came after her. She moved unhindered once she reached a path of trodden grass. The track was not well-worn, but animals had used this trail to move silently through the forest so she could traverse through it with ease.

Kagome had walked miles in her mindless state. She ended up at the mouth of a darkened cave. Creepers had grown up the sides and mouth of the cave, making it appear as though it had grown out of the hillside. The mossy sides of the ragged cave opening gave the illusion of a green maw gaping in the night, waiting to eat her up. Under normal circumstances, no sane person would enter the dark and eerie black hole.

The compulsion to move forward into the darkness overtook her, propelling her into the fathomless black. Her world was now enveloped in darkness, but there was no fear. The force that had moved her to this location dissipating and now urging her to stay.



The voices whispered in her head with conviction. Somewhere, even deeper in her consciousness, she clung to herself and called out to be heard. But nothing answered beside the call of voices that pressed her to remain.

She turned to face the entrance of the cave but was only met by darkness. The creepers vines had blackened out the forest beyond, and only the sounds of night crept in. The sounds of crickets permeated the space around her, and silence threatened to overwhelm her from behind, further inside the cave.

How long she stood there, planted in place waiting, she did not know, nor did she have the capacity to care. Standing there in a simple nightgown, her body felt the chill of the night, evidenced by the raised flesh of her arms. Still, the voices told her to wait.

The night seemed endless, but perhaps only a moment had passed. As she stood there vaguely aware of herself, she could feel rather than hear a presence near the cave entrance. Despite the darkness, she could see a black figure hovering just beyond the vines that separated her from the night.

A hand pushed through and parted the vines, and a tall male figure entered. The aura that she felt was powerful and nearly overwhelmed her as it stepped closer. Like a predator, the man circled her in slow, steady strides. She felt a shudder erupt, and the voices inside changed. The urgency of their whispers now pushed her to kneel. One foot at a time, she went to her knees, and her head hung low.

From behind, she could feel the heat of the man's body envelop her. The temperature quickly invigorated her, reviving her cold-leached limbs. Had her mind not been so numb, she may have felt nervous or embarrassed by her circumstances; kneeling in a cave wearing barely anything in the middle of the night. In spite of her compulsion, her pulse quickened, and her breathing hitched.

There was a soft, light touch on her right shoulder that sent another shiver through her body. The brush was velvet and brief but followed by the hot breath of the man as he lowered himself behind her. A hand reached out and traced the outline of her neck and down her shoulder. Kagome felt herself leaning into the touch, nearly nuzzling the hand with her cheek. He grabbed both of her shoulders, at first resting gently with some form of restraint, but the grip went from gentle to firm. She could feel the barest of pricks from the sharp nails that encircled her shoulders.

'Claws?' the fuzzy thought formed in her head.

The clawed hand gripping her right shoulder moved slowly down her arm and then back up. The breath on her neck moved closer until she could feel the wet warmth of his tongue and lips connect to her skin. She moaned against the contact and felt herself melt. His hand drifted down to caress the fullness of her breasts, and her head snapped back, and she felt her jaw go slack. Delicious longing contracted through her middle and settled between her legs. Suddenly the warmth pulled away in retreat. Kagome nearly sighed in dismissal. How could someone reject her so quickly, a small part of her wondered.

The voice echoed in her mind, 'Kneel,' 'Stay,' 'Submit.'

'Submit,' she thought on the funny word.

It meant to yield to a superior authority of another person, she recalled in the depths of her consciousness. So she was supposed to comply with this guy's will? She would have laughed at any another time, but not now. Now she felt that she would die if she did not feel the warm caress of his skin upon hers, or his lips touching the tender, exposed curve of her neck.

She could hear the rustle of clothing and a loud clang as metal hit the rocky floor and resonated through the silence of the cave, echoing beyond into the darkness. The sound made her flinch in spite of herself. Her mind was still fuzzy, but her desire was clear and overwhelming.

Kagome remained kneeling, and the man walked around her. Though the voices had instructed her to 'submit,' she raised her head to look at the man. It was still too dark to see, but she could make out the barest of outlines. She had already seen that he was tall, and that was confirmed as he towered over her. For the briefest of moments, his eyes glowed golden in the darkness, and her breath caught in her throat. Those eyes... she knew those eyes.

He lowered himself down in front of her, their eyes locked on one another. Could he see her in the darkness with those glowing eyes? He must have been able to see her; he reached out with his hand and cupped her face. He pulled her close, and she could feel the warmth of his skin. She could feel his face so close to her own, and she longed for that gap between their lips to be filled.

There was restraint within him. She could sense that much. It was like there was something inside, waiting to pounce and devour her. And she wanted to be devoured. She longed for it. Could he tell? Could he sense her desire?

He reached behind her and used a razor-sharp claw to trace a precise line down her back. She should have been afraid. He could have killed her quickly, she knew. Hazily, she realized that the fabric of her nightgown fell apart in the back, leaving her exposed. Kagome let the spaghetti straps fall from her shoulders, and the garment pooled at her knees.

Satisfied with his work, his eyes worked down her figure, coming to rest on her undergarments. Placing his hands on her hips, he gripped them firmly and looped his thumbs within the fabric of her lacey negligee that rested there, sampling the feel of the different item. He removed his thumbs and gripped her hips again. In a deft motion, he flipped her around so that her back was facing him again. The movement was so abrupt that she put her hands out to stop from hitting the ground; leaving her on all fours. When she tried to push herself up, she was stopped by pressure on the back of her neck. He wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled, causing her head to pull up slightly and her spine to arch down. She could feel him, pressed up against her, and it caused her to ache.

A moan erupted from her lips, and the sound seemed to incite something in him. His mouth claimed her neck, and his tongue stroked there in slow, languishing movements. She groaned under his touch, unable to keep quiet when his canines nipped her skin. She was panting softly at this point, unable to keep her breath even.

His hair must have been long; it cloaked their bodies in a silvery sheen while he bent over. She could see it from the corner of her eyes even though his hand was still tangled in her hair and holding her in place. She longed to run her fingers through his hair, but her hands were planted firmly on the ground.

Kagome gasped when he pulled away from her neck. He still gripped her neck possessively, holding her down; not that she had a current desire to be anywhere else. The voices she had heard earlier were gone, replaced with her desperate pleas for more.

She ached in sweet, delicious pleasure. The need to touch him was too high, but she was happy to have him touch her and touch her he did. His free hand roamed down her rear and cupped the curve of her backside, squeezing. Too slow, she thought. She wanted to say it aloud and urge him to continue, to touch her, to kiss her, to give her what she desired; release. Yet he was hesitant, and she could sense it.

o - o - o - o - o

A delighted cackle resonated through the small, neglected room. Dirt and moss encrusted the walls, and much of the decaying decor and household items lazily strewn about. A hearth, located in the middle of the room, took up much of the space afforded to the tiny domicile, and atop the hearth was the only thing inside that looked reasonably well cared for: a black cauldron. Mysterious contents bubbled from within the pot that held what seemed to be a bone ladle.

An old, haggard woman picked up the bone ladle and stirred the pot, still sniggering as she peered within. The woman was a witch - an onibaba. Her long white hair was wild and unkempt. Her kimono dirty, tattered, and exposed much of the crone's bony body. With an absent hand, the onibaba picked at a loose fray of her robes. "Kekekekeh," she continued laughing and stirring her large pot.

"HA!" she guffawed.

"Teach em, we will," she said to the cauldron.

"WHAT?" she hollered to no one, pausing from her random stirring.

Her gaze looked beyond the decaying walls of her hut.

"No, no, no," she said with a shake of her head and returned to stirring.

A snake slithered amongst the debris of her home. Light from the fire under the cauldron reflected off the reddish scales. It coiled slowly around the foot of the pot before it continued to slide towards the onibaba. It scented the air with its forked tongue and found the crone's foot. It ever so slowly made its way up her lower limbs until it came to rest, draped over her neck. The crone patted at the snake absently, to which the snake responded by striking her exposed breast.

"Gah. Mamu…" she grabbed the snake with a hand, bringing it's diamond-shaped head to her eyes.

One milky eye focused on the snake, whose maw was still open and exposing two deadly fangs.

"Do ye want to go into the pot? Naughty beastie," she asked.

With the beast still firmly in hand, she took it's head and pressed the exposed fangs onto the side of the cauldron. Twin milky streams beaded down the inside of the pot and into the bubbling contents. Without a thought, she flung the snake over her shoulder and gazed back down into her cauldron.

"Look!" she exclaimed, pointing into the pot. "I've got ye now mutt."

She began cackling again and jumping from foot to foot in glee. "Kekekekeh. He'll pay, won't he Mamu?" she asked the wall.

o - o - o - o - o

From the moment he'd entered the mouth of the cave, he knew he'd claim this woman. She had knelt suppliant before him. Good, she had the sense to keep her head down. Otherwise, it would have been a direct challenge to his position. He'd lived long enough to know that there was magic clouding his judgment. He also knew that it was better to ride it out rather than fight against it.

This old type of magic that coursed through his veins was a summoning spell. It was meant to summon two people to a particular spot and fill them with desire, and it had worked very well. He wondered who had cast the spell. Who was stupid enough to work magic against him? Perhaps they had a vendetta against the girl; their aim for him to kill her in his carnal form. He filed the thought away until his mind was clear of the intoxicating scent before him, and he had complete control of his faculties.

Sesshomaru took even breathes. The woman in front of him was human, and if he unleashed the full force of his desire, he would surely kill her. What shred of control he had over his primal nature had been put to being as gentle as possible.

So far, he'd been successful in his endeavors, but the woman was pushing him to his limits. She dared to look him in the eyes. He had to fight the urge to claim her then and there; shredding her clothing with his claws and entering her within one breath. No; instead, he looked at her, seeing everything. Every curve of her body, every shallow breath she took as she panted before him. Even the pulse from her veins was evident to him.

He knelt in front of her, their eyes locked, and reached out his hand to her. He saw into her dark, lapis colored eyes and witnessed her desire for him. It took everything in him not to claim those lush rose-bud lips as his own.

The urge to taste her was nearly overwhelming, but he knew that if he'd sampled her, he would not be able to stop. Instead, he glanced down, remembering that there was still a light barrier between them. It needed to be gone this instant, he declared and reached behind to relieve her of the garment, if that could even pass as one. The sheer fabric left nothing to his inner thoughts, and it made his hardness nearly unbearable.

Taking his hands down the curves of her waist, he came to rest upon a curious undergarment. It was made from a strange fabric in an unusual pattern. Regardless of what their purpose was, they needed to be removed. Soon enough, he thought, but not now. He was done waiting. He flipped her over on all fours. The movement surprised her, and she had tried to right herself, but she had to be taught respect. He wrapped her hair through his fingers and pulled tightly. Seeing her in this position, so indecent and ready, caused his member to throb.

'Not yet,' he scolded his inner beast.

A guttural voice echoed through his mind, 'mine. Take. now.'

With his eyes, he could see the pulse beat from the curve of her neck. He held her head firm and claimed that area, lavishing it with his tongue.

'Enough!' the voice boomed, causing him to pull away.

He growled low in his throat at a decibel too low for her to hear. Whether his yoki permitted him or not, he was going to be gentle with this human woman. His hand roamed downwards and savoring every inch. He could feel her pant beneath his touch, and a smirk blossomed on his face.

He could sense that she wanted more, and he was happy to oblige, in his own time. He released his hold of her hair, trusting her to stay put, and gripped her hips instead. He pushed the fabric of her undergarments aside and slipped his fingers into the sensitive folds of her wet entrance. Her head tilted back further, and her shoulders arched up at the contact. Her muscles contracted and squeezed his digits tightly. He began to push them in and pull out slowly, all the while, she began to mewl under his touch. After but a few strokes, he could bear it no more.

The beast within was demanding payment, and the girl splayed out before him was taunting with the push of her hips to meet the thrust of his fingers. A subtle sheen of sweat misted her skin and likely his own. He removed his fingers, and she yet again gasped at the loss of contact.

'What a greedy mortal woman,' he thought.

He tore the fabric away with a deft flick of his claws, laying bare her supple entrance. No more time, it had to be now. He positioned himself behind her, barely nudging the warmth that begged him to come in. He pushed into her with one fluid motion, and she cried out in delight. He pulled back, and this time pushed in a little slower, savoring the feel of her clenching around him. Her hips pushed back to meet him as he thrust into her again and again.

o - o - o - o - o

He was so deep she could hardly stand it. The force of his thrusts were so pleasurable yet held distinct moments of discomfort. She found that pain was welcome as he hit the spot within her that caused her to want more, eliciting a breathless cry from her.

Her arms felt weak, and without anything to hold her up, she crumpled beneath her weight in a sagging motion, her hips yanked upright to continue lunging into her. This new position opened her up to accept even more of him. Her body accepted his length with the volition of its own, and she let out a breathless cry.

She heard him growl, in pleasure or warning, she wasn't sure. She didn't care. Pressure was building in her core, threatening to explode.

He leaned over her, now able to put more weight upon her back. He wrapped a hand around her middle to hold her in place, and the other hand on the ground beside her to bear some of his weight as he continued to pummel into her. She could feel him growing thicker and harder and knew that he was near to climax. Thankfully, she, too, was near the end.

She was unsure of how much more she could take of this wild, unbridled passion. Kagome could feel his hot breath near her ear as he panted along with her.

"Mine," the word spilled from his lips with feral intensity.

Once the word was uttered, her orgasm tore through, causing her to cry out and his own spilled out into her, but a second later, his body shuddering on top of her in ecstasy.

Kagome laid there for a moment, panting, trying to register in her hazy mind if what had taken place was a fantasy or reality. She was sore and cold now that he had moved away from her. She wanted to get up and move around, but she was only able to roll over. A sudden urge to sleep slammed into her like a brick wall, and her lids became heavy. Warmth enveloped her; it was that soft warmth that cradled her body. She curled into it, letting sleep and exhaustion take over.

The warmth from the morning sun broke through in narrow rays between the creeper vines covering the mouth of the cave. Kagome rolled over, and consciousness hit her like a truck, her eyes snapping open. She sat up and looked around, trying to get a bearing on her surroundings. The faint rays of the sun did not breach too far into the cave but allowed enough light to make out some of the surroundings.

How did she get here? She wondered, but part of her knew the answer. It was taking a while for the events of last night to catch up to her brain. She felt sore and cold. What had she done? Looking down, she noticed that she was nude but a very fine-looking hankimono that draped over her lap. She fingered the material, and a realization hit her nearly as hard as consciousness had.

"Sesshomaru?!" she exclaimed in a whisper.

She was afraid to say it too loud, lest others overhear. Even though none could be near enough to her to have done so, she grabbed the hankimono up and pulled it over her bare body. She had to get back to the village before her husband noticed that she was missing.


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