Inuyasha Gone under a Love Spell by Kuronohime

Chapter 1

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There he was. The prince of her adolescent dreams and fantasies. Napping on the limb of the ancient tree he was. Inuyasha.

Kagome sighed and flung her backpack over her shoulder. Another week had gone by in the Sengoku era and she was heading back home to the future. Infernal stack of homework awaited her return. She passed Inuyasha on her way to the well which worked as the magical gateway between the two different worlds. Between her world and his world.

Kagome wasn’t exactly sure of how much time had gone by since they had first met. More than a year surely. Over the course of time, they had become friends and the trusted ones of each other. She had saved his life as many times as he had saved hers. Slowly but surely Kagome had also grown to love him, not only as a friend and fighting companion, but as a man. She had thrown herself at danger out of love for him. Many times her feelings had clouded her judgement and she had made some poor decisions on the battlefield in order to save Inuyasha.

What hurt her most was that Inuyasha had not done the same for her. Hadn’t permitted his feelings to cloud his judgement. He seemed to show displease whenever Kagome allowed her feelings to get in the way of their mission or duties. She knew that he cared for her deeply, but refused to let anyone see it. He kept holding himself back and often tried to hide his feelings behind hostility and snarky comments. He could not allow himself the freedom to love. Kagome believed that it was all because of his past experiences with love. Everything he had ever cared for turned against him, poisoned and wounded his heart. Everything he had loved had been taken away from him.

Kagome turned around to take a last glimpse at the tree and the man in his fire rat garments before she would be too far away to see him.

She was resolute on making him once again be able to feel the love he denied himself of. How? That was still in the works.



Kagome had just returned home and tackled the pile, or a mountain, however one wishes to phrase it, of school assignments. She had only a moment ago finished with her English paper when she got a phone call.

Oh hey, Kagome! You actually picked up for a change!” Eri’s cheerful voice greeted her.

Kagome made a guilty grimace and bowed her head in apologetic gesture even though Eri wouldn’t naturally see it, “Ah, sorry, sorry! I know it’s been a while. But I do want to thank you for dropping by at my place to bring me the homework!” Kagome sighed, “I honestly don’t think I could have survived junior high without you.”

There was a forgiving laugh on the other end of the phone and Kagome’s features relaxed, “So what did you call me for?”

You know that there’s a spring event on the Nakata square, right? Since Ayumi is sick and Yuka doesn’t feel up to it, I thought that it was high time you made amends for all the time we’ve lost and came with me. What say you?”

Kagome was munching down on her pen and peering at the clock on the wall of her room. It was midday and she probably would have the time to finish the rest of her tasks in the evening. Probably. It sounded good enough.

“Okay, you talked me into it. I do have my math assignments to be done, but… I think I’ll save that treat for later.”

She swore she could hear Eri grinning over the phone and the two girls agreed to meet in an hour at the Nakata station. Kagome closed the phone and stretched out her achy muscles. She was in a need of distraction. Mathematics schmathematics.




An hour and twenty later, Eri and Kagome were circling around the market, their bags stuffed with all sorts of trinkets and toys. Kagome was seriously a bit concerned over Eri’s obsession with Helly Kitty franchise. It was not healthy for an (almost) adult woman to be collecting stickers with cartoon cats on them. At least, not to the extent where Eri went with her addiction. They also stopped by to eat some takoyaki and later proceeded to catch gold fishes.

Kagome’s stomach was hurting from laughing and all the sweets she had stuffed herself with. The day had been great, just what she had needed. To get her mind off things. And people. Okay, one certain person.

They were just about to call it the day when Eri happened to spot a fortune-teller’s tent. Kagome didn’t really buy into that stuff, but she had extra 500 yen to spend, so why the heck not take her chances with the cards. Or the stars or the glass orb or whatnot.

Kagome slipped inside the tent while Eri waited outside. To her surprise, there were no gadgets, thingamajigs or rabbit feet dangling from the ceiling. As a matter of fact, there was nothing except for two chairs in the middle of the tent. On the other chair there sat a young woman in normal clothing. She had worn-out pale blue jeans and an oversized turquoise long sleeved shirt that had some sort of floral print on it. The woman looked like she was in her 20’s and she had ordinary brown eyes and long black hair.

She signed with her hand for Kagome to sit down. Kagome looked around before she seated herself. Whoever was behind this business idea had obviously no idea of how to sell a performance. She had at least expected an old hag in black robes or a candlelit table with stuffed crows on display.

The woman in front of her gave a shy nod of her head as a greeting.

Kagome gave a small nod in return and tried to find the most comfortable position to sit in, “So, how does this work? Do I give you my palm or are you going to cast some bones and read from them or…?”

The fortune-teller blushed and quickly shook her head. “U-umm. No. That’s not how I’ve been taught to do it. B-but I can see that you are a woman who herself possesses a p-power, a gift.”

Kagome frowned. Was she pulling stuff from her… air or was she actually able to sense that she was a priestess. Or at least had been. Whatever the case, the stuttering really didn’t add any credibility to her fortune-teller routine.

“I-I don’t think that it is a soothsayer you really need. I can see that your path has clearly been made k-known to you and you have no intention of straying from that course. Umm… It is the matters of the heart that trouble you, I sense?”

More or less all people had love problems, so it was a safe bet on most customers. Kagome was almost sure that the fortune-teller just said whatever things popped into her head. But she decided to go along. “Yes. There is someone I care for but…”

The fortune-teller cut her in the middle and continued, “… he is unable to reciprocate to those feelings of y-yours.”

Kagome tightened her lips and nodded slowly.

“Hmm. I-I think I know what you need.”

The fortune-teller opened her arms and looked like she was trying to embrace the surrounding air. She advised Kagome to close her eyes.

“N-now, think of the man you love. Concentrate on your feelings for him. Surround your mind with thoughts of him.”

Kagome sighed and did as she was told. She thought of her prince in the red fire rat garments. Perching on his tree, crossing his arms while being annoyed, giving Shippo a hard time… Picking his nose and laughing hard at Kagome who stumbled on a rock and fell on her backside…

Kagome began having the very familiar throb in her temple which she had christened the Inuyasha-headache. She was just getting fired up when the soft voice announced, “T-thank you for coming. The man y-you love, will come into realization of his feelings for you the next time y-you meet. I hope…”

And with those words, she was back outside. Kagome’s mouth just hung open in disbelief - that was it? Eri was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. Kagome hadn’t quite realized when she had stepped out of the tent, but she really didn’t feel she had gotten any run for her money. Was something actually going to happen overnight after that? She doubted it.

Kagome simply huffed and the two girls headed back to the train station. Before they separated, Kagome had compensated two pounds worth of Helly Kitty keychains from Eri.

Back home, Kagome was having some major issues with algebra. If x4 was divided by z-3 then what? The question was why? Why did God hate humanity so much that he had allowed the birth of the guy who invented algebra? Damn those Persians.

Kagome slumped against the table, surrendering. She would never make it to any university. Why hadn’t she asked the hack to enchant her into the finest university in Tokyo?

Her mind began wondering. What if the spell would have actually worked? What would really happen if Inuyasha would come out and confess tomorrow? Her face welt hot when she thought about it. Would he get down on one knee and then what? Fat puppy-dog-eared grandchildren?

The clock on her wall gave her no slack. It was already past eleven and she felt exhausted. Tomorrow would come soon.




And it did. She had promised Inuyasha to return for Sunday since she had no school on that day. She’d be back home by the same evening to attend school on Monday.

As she crossed the magical port of the two time eras and entered the ancient Japan, she was amusing herself with thoughts of Inuyasha singing her a serenade or reciting her love poems. She climbed out of the well and headed towards Kaede’s village. What if he came to her house and stood outside her window with a boombox. She snorted at the image in her mind.

When she reached the town, she went straight to Kaede’s hut. Miroku was outside doing some exercises with his shaft. And no, it wasn’t a euphemism. Kagome greeted him and walked pass him. She entered the dimly lit hut to find Prince Slumber taking a nap on the floor. Even though Inuyasha supposedly hated cats, he shared more than two things in common with Buyo. Having a great passion for loafing around being one of them.

Kagome softly called Inuyasha’s name. Nothing. She called out his name a little louder. Still nothing. She coughed audibly. Nada. Then she threw her bag on the floor.

A very loud thump woke Inuyasha and he sprung to his feet. Two groggy eyes registered a young human female who had her arms crossed and foot tapping the floor.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Kagome forced a smile on her face.

Had it worked?

“Whadya wake me for? Dammit, wooo-oooman.” Inuyasha yawned in the middle of his sentence.

Kagome’s hands slumped to her sides and she shook her head at herself, “Could you please fetch firewood so I can make some breakfast for us?”

Inuyasha was rubbing his eyes and muttering something Kagome chose to ignore on his way out of the hut. When Inuyasha was gone, Kagome went over to her backpack and dug up ramen ingredients. The stuff was starting to come out of her ears, but what would a woman not eat for the man she loved. She was occupied by cutting up some fresh vegetables when she heard noise from the doorway. Kagome didn’t bother to turn around but just said to Inuyasha, “You were awful fast. Hungry, are we? Could you fill the kettle with some water while you’re at it? It’s on you left.”

A low voice whispered huskily to her, “Lady Kagome… I…”

Kagome turned around to see someone else at the door. The man stood in front of the light, his body blocking the beams of the sun so that Kagome could only make out the contours of his shadowed features against the daylight. He had shed his shirt off and his pale skin was glistening with sweat. He seemed exhausted. She could hear how laboured his breath was.

“Oh, sorry, Miroku! I thought you were Inuyasha. Did you need something?”

Miroku took few steps closer to Kagome, his eyes fixated on her body, “You look so very lovely today, Lady Kagome” He said with an abnormally deep voice.

Kagome smiled nervously and kept gripping her knife, “Umm, thank you, Miroku, I guess. Uh, is Sango outside?”

Miroku came even closer and shook his head, “No, they are all out. It is just you and I, Lady Kagome.”

Kagome was about to say something when Miroku beat her to it, “Lady Kagome, for a while now, I have found myself in the need of telling you something. I just never have found the opportunity to express myself at the right moment. “

Miroku kneeled in front of her and Kagome backed away.

My dearest Kagome. I… I am in love with you!” Miroku yelled desperately and tried to lunge at her.

“EEEEEEEEEEEH????” Kagome screamed and dropped the knife in her haste and shock. She had barely evaded Miroku’s glomp and tried to crawl away from him. Miroku turned around and took a hold on Kagome’s leg.

“Please, my goddess, do not refuse me.”

Kagome kicked Miroku in the face and was able to free her leg, “What on earth are you talking about?! Come into your senses, Miroku! Stop joking around!”

Miroku rubbed his aching chin and looked at Kagome. His eyes filled with love and admiration. “But this is not a jest, my love. I have fallen for your graces.”

This time Kagome wasn’t able to duck from his hug-attack and Miroku pushed them both on the floor. Kagome tried to shove him off, but the man was relentless. His strong arms refused to loosen their hold on her. Miroku kept her pressed against the floor with his own body. His hips pushed against hers.

Kagome was swinging her hands at him. Hitting his face with open palm slaps. His cheeks were covered with red handprints, but he didn’t either seem to care or had grown immune to them. The monk swiftly and effortlessly caught her hands in his own and held them in place above her head.

“Please, my love, no more games of this sort. Your resistance has only increased my desire for you. If you insist on teasing me like this, I might not be able to control myself. ”

His skilfully trained hand ventured down her body creating such sensation Kagome would deny having felt if anyone ever dared to ask. He nudged his head against the crook of her neck and placed delicate kisses along the skin until he reached the shell of her ear. Then his hoarse voice whispered unimaginable confessions to her ear. So shocked was she that she simply forgot to fight back. In the moment of her lapsing attention, Miroku quickly manoeuvred his hand under her skirt. Kagome grunted and tried to squash her thighs together, but couldn’t do much since Miroku’s hips were between them.

She tried to scream for help, but Sleeping Handsome was probably taking a siesta somewhere. Cold sweat glued hair to her forehead and cheeks when she felt his shaft, yes, a euphemism, rubbing against her lower regions.

She had to resort to her last option.

Kagome turned her face to Miroku’s and soft, moist lips were forced down on his. She opened her mouth and sneaked her tongue past his lips and twirled it against his tongue. Miroku moaned into her mouth and released her hands. Kagome brought her hands down onto his back and clawed her nails against his skin. Long, red marks followed the trails of her fingernails and stood out on his ivory skin.

Miroku hissed in pleasure and roughly thrusted his pelvis forward. Kagome let out an unintentional whimper and wrapped her legs around his. They were entwined with each other, their mouths locked in an intimate touch. She could taste him in her mouth.

On the sly, by using her hips, Kagome pushed Miroku on his back so that they switched positions. Kagome sat on his lap, stroking his body with her own. The monk’s hands were on her chest, massaging her bosom through her blouse. Kagome tried to ignore the small burning in her abdomen and focus on the task at hand.

She stumbled up, her tresses in a mess, lips swollen and heart beating. She looked at Miroku who gazed at her in awe. The monk’s face was all flushed and his body trembled. Kagome felt sorry for him, but only for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Miroku”

And then she kicked him in the groin.



Kagome ran out of the hut. After the blow she had given him, Miroku would not be coming after her. At least not for a good half an hour. As she jogged towards the well, she tried to sort out her messy hair and ruffled clothes. She passed Inuyasha who was carrying an armful of twigs and branches. Kagome didn’t even bother to give him a look as she hurried pass him. She had a bone to pick with a certain fortune-teller. If she could get a hold of that witch.

Inuyasha turned around to watch as Kagome continued to haste back to the well.

What ‘bout food!” He yelled at her back.

Kagome didn’t answer and just kept going.

When she reached the well, she took a moment to catch her breath. She wiped sweat off her flushed face and stared into the pits, leaning her hands against the edging of the well.

What if she couldn’t find the fortune-teller? Would the spell still disappear with time? It obviously hadn’t affected Inuyasha, but why Miroku? She was quite sure that she hadn’t thought of the lecherous monk when the fortune-teller had asked her to think of the man she loved. Was Miroku simply affected by the spell because he was hypersexual and generally prone of going after any woman he met?

Kagome sighed and swung her legs over the edge of the well. Then for a moment she just sat on the ledge, deep in her thoughts. But thinking about her situation wouldn’t do much. She’d have to find the witch first. She was just about to leap into the swirls of time that awaited below when a hand caught her shoulder. She felt a jolt of electricity run through her spine and turned around to face a pair of darkened golden eyes.

“What have you done, human?”


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