Reviews for Etsy by Haven

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 3) - Mon 05 Sep 2022


I want to see the Stud muffin wearing a Slayer uniform UwU


Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

Only Sesshomaru wouldn't be happy and excited to have a fluffy stuffed animal from himself

Chiaztolite (Chapter 3) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

Absolutely hilarious!!! I love how Kagome trolls Sessh! And thank you for answering my question. TBH, he would've looked delish in the slayer uniform... 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

And who gave Sota the idea to do a manga about a demon that can transform into a giant white dog anyways. Ha,ha,ha!!!

Don't you just love online shopping. All those lovely brown boxes. LOL

Cheers :)

Chiaztolite (Chapter 2) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

OMG... I wonder whose costume Kag got for Sessh! Are we going to find out in the next chapter or will it be a different story?? But Kag really loves to rile him up in this one!! LOL 

Chiaztolite (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Sep 2022

Haha! I can totally see Sessh' mortified face, although I really can't blame Kag for wanting to order a mini Sessh in demon form plushie! I want one too! ????????????

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