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Lauren (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Now to build up the courage to try it while she's awake. 

Lauren (Chapter 36) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

She didn't talk to anyone?! What is she doing? Your friends are a wealth of knowledge and you're playing things by ear??? Well, at least Kaede let her know no one believes the lies she's telling herself. That's something. 

Lauren (Chapter 35) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Wai~ They're so cute. This time apart will probably lead to Kagome being ful of jitters, but it'll be a good time for her to speak with Kaede and Sango a bit, and get ready. With any luck, they'll provide a little advice.

REDWOLF (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Awww did it have to be a dream!

Lauren (Chapter 34) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Maybe Kagome isn't the only one out of the loop. Silly boy still thinks of Kagome as that 15 year old he met over a decade ago. He needs to let this go and grow up.

Lauren (Chapter 33) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Keade did say he'd give her clothes. Kagome worries too much about the wrong things. I wonder what uncle this is, though. Not the evil one with two terrible sons and an inability to teach a lesson?

Lauren (Chapter 32) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

I love how everyone know what's going on, or has an inkling, except for Kagome. This should be interesting 

ShikonNoTamaMiko (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

I love them ????????????????. 

Anonymous (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Thank you for the several chapters. How sweet a dream when u don't know it's real

Mynameishuman (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Was it, indeed, a dream~

*cackles like kaede*

KShadeslady (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Hmmm...but was that really a dream? Or is Seesh standing there with a very bemused look on his face? This is a wonderful story. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 36) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Well, I guess Kagome can be a bit dense also. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 33) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

How sweet was that. A nice put down to Inuyasha and a gentle shove from Kaede. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 32) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Bold! A prelude to courtship. Nicely done. 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 37) - Sun 25 Sep 2022

Wow, a nice dream indeed. 

But, what if she woke up and found that it wasn't a dream and he's right there with her, in the flesh? :o


Nice chapter...cheers. :)

REDWOLF (Chapter 36) - Sat 24 Sep 2022

This is so lovely and dreamy! I always want more. Kagome needs to open her heart and believe in herself! I love reading this!

Mynameishuman (Chapter 34) - Thu 22 Sep 2022

Okay!! Everyone else knows so when does Kagome get to find out?! I'm so excited!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 34) - Thu 22 Sep 2022

Leave it to Sango to spill the beans for inu Yasha to understand.

Young Kagome (Chapter 34) - Thu 22 Sep 2022

I KNOW he's not jealous! It would be more interesting if he was, but I don't think this is that type of story. So what's his deal!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 33) - Wed 21 Sep 2022

About time. lol


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