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Annie (Chapter 6) - Wed 07 Sep 2022

Omg dying of laughter that he had to have this convo with thousand year old magnolia tree that probably couldn't run away!! I love this ff! Hilariously sexy! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 6) - Tue 06 Sep 2022

I NEED more of this story! The lemons are adorably awkward but also steamy as heck and the entire concept is just one that I love!

Lauren (Chapter 6) - Thu 01 Sep 2022

Poor Bokusen? LMFAO He's the reluctant uncle in this situation. Poor thing can't even run away from Sesshomaru. 

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 6) - Mon 29 Aug 2022

This is pretty good, Sesshomaru didn't put himself in a dilemma by refusing to mate a human. And it's certainly interesting those details about their parents' relationship, a different approach to what has usually been written about them.


And Bokuseno, You can never forget this conversation, sorry. And yet, I don't doubt that Seshomaru's mother came to find out about this matter and give her own input about this matter, hahaha.


PD. Yes, it was awesome that slap!

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Sun 28 Aug 2022

Poor Bokusen?. This is not a talk that a tree should be having. Inuyasha trounced and courtship initiated very nicely indeed. 

Kathy (Chapter 6) - Sat 27 Aug 2022

That was so sweet!!

Chiyo (Chapter 5) - Fri 26 Aug 2022

So beautifully written and so absolutely hot at the same time! I can't wait to read more!!!

Annie (Chapter 3) - Fri 26 Aug 2022

Omg... I am so thirsty right now. That BD energy is just phew. This is perhaps the hottest description I've ever read.

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Thu 25 Aug 2022

Now comes the pursuit of his target. That should be delightfully wicked. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Thu 25 Aug 2022

Phew! That was steamy!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Thu 25 Aug 2022

LMBO!! I do love this inanely fun story ??????

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 5) - Mon 22 Aug 2022

Oh por Dios... 

Cuando la situación es ardiente y no gracias al calor de las aguas termales!

Definitivamente uno requiere un remojo en agua fría después de leer este capítulo. Cómo es posible que a pesar de que él lo ve desde un punto de vista clínico y objetivo, él suene tan sexy?  Y todavía él le pregunta a ella sobre qué otras cosas pueden hacer juntos? Pues mira, ustedes juntos pueden trabajar, estudiar, pelear o mejor aún, hacer un  montón de bebés!!

Y francamente pude relacionarme con la reacción de Bokuseno, pobre árbol, a su edad ya no está para las revelaciones de Sesshomaru, jajaja.


Oh, well. But why until now? Is because Kagome is older that he has this situation? 

witty (Chapter 5) - Wed 17 Aug 2022

There are several interesting things you two can do together, Sesshomaru :P

1. Being each other's 'first' is so cute!! Well, not "cute" but you know what I mean :D

2. I'm pleased by how easily sesshomaru seems to accept Kagome as his "fated" even though she's human. I think Kagome will be the one that needs convincing this time around.

Kathy (Chapter 5) - Wed 17 Aug 2022

Reading this chapter left me all red. I love it

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 4) - Sat 06 Aug 2022

Ooooooook O///////////O

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 3) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

It is curious, despite having that clinical tone this situation does not stop being sexy and hot.


Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 2) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

It's funny how he managed to make a cheesy love statement in something akin to an accusation against the other person

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 1) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

So, she has pretty eyes, nee Sesshomaru?

Mhmm, basically she is his Viagra?

Anonymous (Chapter 4) - Sun 31 Jul 2022

So much fun for both of them. I'm loving the comedic edge to this. 

Anonymous (Chapter 2) - Sun 31 Jul 2022

Umm..okkaayyy...So funny. 

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