Reviews for Rise by Sereia

Seluna Maru (Chapter 1) - Thu 21 Jul 2022

Wait how long ago was this written? Geez where's the continuation there's so many one offs on your page it's harder to find than I thought. Can you put the name in the author's notes at least? Since when do Dokuga writers write like this? I don't mean the writing style since that's friggin perfect and amazing!! I mean marking so many incomplete stories as complete and marking them as MA then continuing later. Just mark it as incomplete it messes with the filter! You get nothing from mislabeling but the people who came looking for a complete story are the ones who suffer. 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 1) - Thu 21 Jul 2022

Why mark it complete then continue elsewhere? I wish you guys would give us the warning before we read. This way it wouldn't seem like you were tricking us. Like honestly you have no reason to because we would still read it. It's that good.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Wed 20 Jul 2022

Bad ass Kagome at her finest!!!

Looking forward to the sequel...excellent writing...yeah!!!


Sora-chan (Chapter 1) - Wed 20 Jul 2022

*hesitantly lowers pitchfork*
I mean....can you blame us? Of course I think you'd leave it here! I was very prepared to finish this story badly in my head a la Shippo's colouring book story lmao. 

This was a fun lead up, excited for the next update. thank you for posting

Elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Wed 20 Jul 2022


Esta excelente y si, lo confieso, estaba a punto de maldecir y demás... Gracias 

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