Daapatemysoul (Chapter 1) - Sun 30 Jan 2022

Omg, this was awesome!! I know it's a one shot, but if I say pretty please and point out that in the last month alone, I've had 4 panic attacks, 4 dentists appointments (including a root canal and 2 crowns), 9 pulmonary rehab visits, Covid, two spinal injections, and a postponed surgery due to Covid (new date is in 6 days), is there any way you'd take pity on me and add to it? Pretty please with cherries on top? 

(to be totally fair, and far less silly, you can say no and I won't take it personally. I understand real life exists. But even if it takes months, I would love to see this extended if it's at all something you're interested in.)   

Buttercream (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Jan 2022

I like reading about a caring and thoughtful Sesshomaru.  Good Job

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