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Jessie (Chapter 34) - Wed 17 Aug 2022

Yes I love it ???? omg totally would love to see Kagome use a rifle that would be amazing can't wait to read more I absolutely love this story

Jessie (Chapter 32) - Wed 17 Aug 2022

Omg yes!!!!! I'm so excited for Sesshomaru this is absolutely amazing I truly love this story ????????????

Jessie (Chapter 30) - Tue 16 Aug 2022

This story is one of new favorites ????????????

Jessie (Chapter 18) - Fri 12 Aug 2022

What a beautifully written chapter I absolutely love it 

Young Kagome (Chapter 34) - Thu 11 Aug 2022

Gunslinger Kagome lol

Jessie (Chapter 14) - Thu 11 Aug 2022

I absolutely love that you gave Sesshomaru a back story into his past it really brings him Character 

Young Kagome (Chapter 32) - Thu 11 Aug 2022

Wow this might have been my fav chapter yet! I LOVE when people realize what they can do, their capabilities. It's only up for him from now on hopefully lol! I'm so happy & excited for himmmm!!! 

Jessie (Chapter 10) - Thu 11 Aug 2022

Damn!! Lol disappointed ???? they weren't actually having relations lol very great read

KShadeslady (Chapter 34) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

That was quite a work out for her. I think she could be a Marine now. You go Kagome! Now where did the Princess get a rifle from? Such a great cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next update. Hope you are all feeling better. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 33) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

This was an amazing chapter. And you posted it with you and your family ill. Hoping you are all on the mend. Thank you for being an amazing person and getting this out to your fans. Cheers! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 34) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

Oh how I loved this chapter eveything to expect of Kagome's training and more....  What surprised me was the end...  I wondered if Sesshomaru's mother wanted to teach Kagome to be a marksman....  With how she presented the weapon I first thought of a blow dart.  But a riffle is so much more powerful in its own right.  Thank you for another amazing chapter....  

Nicole (Chapter 34) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

omgggg my favorite story updated!  Another wonderful update!

Sora-chan (Chapter 33) - Wed 27 Jul 2022

I am absolutely hooked to this story. The drama the angst the action. I'm very interested to know what weapon Kags chooses. I'd thought that since Sess gained his second tail in Elysium that that would mean his youki would expand FURTHER when they went back to the living world, but I guess that would be too much off an all powerful grand reveal. But now I wonder......does this mean it still might be possible, with the hypoxic training??

I started reading this story because of a chapter from your "Scenes from Marriage' compilation and I wanted to know how we got to there. I'm happy to be finding out. This is a great story, you write beautifully.

The possibilites are endless. Thank you for sharing this with us! I hope you and your family get well soon!

Em (Chapter 33) - Tue 05 Jul 2022

In absolute love with this story. Beautifully woven, and not rushed.  Fantastic job


Anonymous (Chapter 33) - Thu 30 Jun 2022

Hahah "oh wait he's done thay as well, that cheeky bastard" hahah that cranked me up, another great chapter!

PinkSakura (Chapter 33) - Tue 28 Jun 2022


Hope you all get well soon! I had temporarily stopped reading this story, not because I didn't like it, I do love it, but because things were going so down the drain for all of them, and I was starting to despair for them, but finally a ray of hope (or more than one). Thank you very much!

SmilingFool (Chapter 33) - Mon 27 Jun 2022

Oh this was wonderful....  I loved it.

I feel sorry for Prince Hakury? in a way that no one would approve of him being gay.  Yet he may be nice to his subordinates and he is definately cruel to others Especially Sesshomaru.  Wonder what the king of the southern isles thinks about Sesshomaru now?


Can't believe Kagome wanted to keep the cave at a perminate home.  Getaways are fine and I agree with Sesshomaru they do need an estate.  I hope the training the both of them are going to do helps them become stronger than the males of the southern isles.  I think Inu Yasha could use some training as well...  I love all the characters you've created for this story my favorite is Chikatani such a fun loving inu and very loyal.  I can't wait to read more...  This story rocks my world.  Thank you so much for the new chapter....  Until next time.  Peace.

Honeyque28 (Chapter 33) - Mon 27 Jun 2022

Beautifully done chapter and really glad you and your family are well and safe.

KShadeslady (Chapter 32) - Wed 22 Jun 2022

That was such an amazing chapter. It spanned so many questions and depths of feelings for all of them (and us). I'm so glad that the subjugation spell on Seeshomaru has been broken and his beast has been unleashed. I'm looking forward to reading this story to the very end. 

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 32) - Thu 26 May 2022

Yay I'm so happy for sesshomaru! Thank goodness it's a huge accomplishment and I think it'll help him mentally get passed it all as well. As always I can't wait for more!

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