Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Sat 02 Mar 2019

I hope there will be a sequel to this. It was so good!

Loveyaa (Chapter 4) - Fri 18 Jan 2019

It was cute. I really enjoyed it. I wonder how the story would be from Sesshouaru's perspective as well. The format worked for the story and you did a great job writing her embaressment. I can't wait to see what stories you come up next :)

Chanel (Chapter 4) - Tue 15 Jan 2019

Wonderful story

VS (Chapter 4) - Wed 02 Jan 2019


I never thought doing the grocery could be that funny! My two absolutely favourite parts of that story where the beginning of their interaction (casual conversation and absurd questions) and the soap scene! :)

Never met a person as clumsy as Kagome! But she met Sesshoumaru like maybe I should try that tactic out! ;)

A really nice and funny story!


Thank you for sharing!

Nicole (Chapter 4) - Wed 02 Jan 2019

That was enjoyable. While reading the first couple of chapters Kagome reminded me of a lot of the kids I teach - I feel the constant need to tell themthat no one is looking at them, paying attention to whatever embarrassing thing happened, or will remember it in 45 seconds. Though, in this case, there was definitely [i]someone[/i] paying attention and remembering!

Congrats on finishingthe story, and happy New Year!

Neelixonee (Chapter 4) - Tue 01 Jan 2019

Super cute!  I love the pace. It was like a delightful little dance!

FayeMegan (Chapter 4) - Tue 01 Jan 2019

Very cute read!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Tue 01 Jan 2019

A very sweet and nice romantic ending to the beginning into a new year.

Loved it!  I loved the interaction between S/ one and only favored pairing.

Excellent writing of a lovely story.  Feel free to write a follow up story.  HaHaHa...LOL  :)

Happy New Year and thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous (Chapter 3) - Mon 31 Dec 2018

I love this story! It’s super cute and I’m really laughing at all the awkward parts!

kaoruhana (Chapter 1) - Mon 31 Dec 2018

I love this!  This is exactly the kind of story that I love to read!  I'm so excited to see what else you have in store!  

KH ^_^

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