Corrupted Plans by Lilfrozenfire


"The sun has just risen and those two are fighting already. Do they ever take a break?" Miroku asked incuriously.

"Probably not. Speaking of breaking...Miroku?"

"Yes, Sango?"

"If you do not remove your hand from my butt, I will break every single bone in your lecherous body TWICE. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes, S-S-Sango," stuttered Miroku.

"Then why is your hand...STILL THERE?" screeched Sango, hitting Miroku on his head with her fist. "I suppose I really shouldn't have hit him so hard, but... he deserved it."

"I agree, Sango," remarked Shippou, looking down on the unconscious monk. "How he is a monk, I have no idea. If he is not groping women or asking them to bear his son, he's making up stories of possessed villages in order to stay there. *sigh* What a waste."



"Then stop following me, you mutt. *pause* GO AWAY. *another pause* SIT!!!!!!"

"Ow! BITCH!"

"They must be getting closer. The yelling seems to be getting louder," remarked a now conscious Miroku, rubbing the bump on the back of his head.

"Yes. I wonder what Inuyasha did this time. Kagome only acts like that when she is really, really mad at him. I bet he was looking for her and found her bathing. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost, but not quite. I wonder how far that last 'sit' landed him. It was probably really far. I hope it got him six feet under. I'm not sure what that means, but I heard Kagome say it when she hopes someone is dead," Shippou said, grinning predatory.

"Shippou! That's not a very nice thing to say," admonished Sango. 'Even though it would be nice at times.'

Just then, Kagome came out of the forest looking really mad with tear tracks cutting through some dirt tracks revealing skin red from anger on her cheeks.

"Kagome. What's wrong?" Sango asks as she runs over to try to comfort her best friend.

"Lady Kagome. Are you alright?"


"Kagome. What did that jerk do to you? If he hurt you in any way, I'll claw out his eyes and make him eat them," Shippou growled menacingly, eyes flashing and teeth bared. 'Inuyasha hurt MY step-mama. He will regret it if he did.'

"I'm fine, you guys. Really. I'm just... a little tired. I will probably be better tomorrow," Kagome assured them with a really big, really fake, cheerful smile plastered on her tear stained face.

At that moment, Inuyasha came out of the forest, full of grass and dirt stains, closely followed by Kikyo and her soul stealers.

"What is your problem, wench?" asked Inuyasha with loud growl.


"Yes, Kagome?"

"I forgot my bath things here when I went to the hot springs. Would you like to come take a bath with me?" she asked, her fake smile not wavering an inch.

"Sure. Kirara, you stay here with Shippou and make sure that Miroku and Inuyasha don't follow us. I'm more worried about Miroku than Inuyasha, considering that Kikyo's here, but keep an eye on all of them, okay?"


"Okay. I'll stay here, but hurry back soon," Shippou said. He then climbed onto Kagome's shoulder and whispered, "She makes my fur stand on end."

"Thank you, Shippou and Kirara. Miroku, start making breakfast for everyone and we should be back by the time it is done," Kagome said. "I think that's it. Let's go, Sango."

"Yes. I cannot wait to get out of here," muttered Sango, bending over to retrieve her and Kagome's bath things. "That corpse is really creepy."


"Okay. Now what's really wrong?" Sango inquired while stepping into the curtain of steam surrounding the hot springs.


"Don't lie. You can tell me, unless you don't trust me."

"Fine. This morning, when I was walking to the hot springs, Kikyo tried to take my soul, again. Inuyasha came and she acted all innocent. Inuyasha believed her and called me a 'damn liar'. When I got to the hot springs, I realized I forgot my bathing stuff, so I started to head back to camp to get them and see if you were awake and wanted to come too. On my way back, I saw Inuyasha and Kikyo kissing. Kikyo saw me and put a spell on me so that Inuyasha wouldn't sense me at all. Then he told her that I was nothing but a lame reincarnation of her and that he would always love and protect her and do anything for her. She told him that tonight, while we are all sleeping, to kill me so that she can have the rest of her soul back. Then she went to go collect some souls and he took off with her. The spell on me broke and I started to walk back. That's when Inuyasha caught up to me and pretended nothing happened," Kagome continued in a shaky voice, "He thought I must have been having a mood swing because I was crying. The rest you guys probably heard."

"I can't believe him. When we get back, I'm going to use as target practice and let Kirara gnaw on his bones. Then, I'm going to kill the soul stealing demons and let Kikyo die from soul deprivation."

"I have a better idea."

"What is it?"


As the two friends devised a plan, they didn't realize an unwanted visitor was eavesdropping.

A mile away, Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, heard the plan two of the traveling companions of Inuyasha's were making with great interest. He quickly devised a plan from their plan to get the Tetsusuiga.

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