To Melt a Frozen Heart by Kitsuneryu Youkai-sama

Kikiyou and Kagome

Kikyou points the arrow at me and lets it fly. The damned thing pierces my stomach and a searing pain shoots through my body. I feel my canines lengthen and my nails grow and sharpen. What is happening? The pain dies and I feel the wound in my stomach, only there is no wound. I feel my head. Oh gods... My hair... My hair is tummbling past my knees to mid calf. I reach for my purse and take out my mirror. Two black stripes on each cheek, emphisizing my pale complection. A crimson cresent moon on my forhead...

"What the hell did you do to me, Kikiyou?"

"I made you an Inu youkai. You will live a long, misrable life, knowing the man that you loved, chose a dead woman over a living, breathing, not to mention beautiful, miko-youkai. He loved me first and he will love me forever. I will bring him to hell with me. In three days time. Say you goodbyes, Miko-youkai. Then you will be cast out and rejected. I hate you, Kagome. Keep that in mind."

And she is picked up by her soul stealing youkai and leaves me in that clearing, grieving the loss of my humanity. I stalk back to the village, knowing my friends would sense a youkai and come out of Keade-sama's hut, ready to kill. Sure enough, when I reach the village, Sango and Miroku are in battle stances and Inuyasha has Tetsiaga drawn, and I strangly sense, and smell adrenalin pulsing through every vein.

"Sango... Miroku... Inuyasha..." I sob.

"Do we know you?" Sango, my best friend ever, asks.

"It is me, Kagome! Kikiyou did this to me! I...I.."

"You aren't Kagome! Kagome is human!" Inuyasha says...

"I can prove that I... I am Kagome! Umm, Inuyasha?"


"Sit boy!!!"

Inuyasha goes crashing down to the ground. "BITCH! Wait... You ARE Kagome... What happened?"

"Kikiyou turned me into an Inu youkai! She is dragging you to hell in three days. She waited until we defeated Naraku, and so I have no way of stopping her!"

Sango wraps her arms around me, tears streaking down her face. "Hush, Kag-chan... It is ok..."

"Kagome, I have a duty. And it is to go with Kikiyou... So I will give you this. I guess your compassion for humans will let you use it..."

Inuyasha hands me Tetsiaga, looking down.

"I will go back to my time and tell my Okka-san that I will stay in here, forever. I might see her again in five hundred years." I laugh bitterly... "I loved you, Inuyasha." and I turn and run to the well.

500 years later

"You-I...what?" Gee. I think that is the most intenllagent sentence ever. "Go to hell, asshole." Damn my mouth has a mind of it's own.

Why the hell can I never just shut the hell up? God, I am in a life threatining situation and I insult the guy who has his claws to my throat. And he cracks a grin.

"Now I know why that hanyou put up with you."

"Go hump some ones leg you over grown mut. If you want to kill me, then kill me. But if you do I swear I will haunt you until you send yourself to a loony bin."

Again he laughs. Wow has he changed over five hundred years. The great Sesshomaru-sama, Lord of the Western lands, The one that was always emotionless, is laughing. "It would have been better if you had died along with my brother..."

"Hey, Ass, I didn't exactly want to become immortal to time. It was Kikiyou!"

"Give me the Tetsiaga, and I won't kill you."

"I gave my word to your half brother, and I plan to keep it."

"You know, if you weren't only a mere human, I would make you my mate."

"HELLO! Anybody home?" I knock on his head. "I AM NOT HUMAN... I AM YOUKAI! NOW GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!"

He raises an eyebrow. "I sense no youkai blood in your veins, why is this?"

I lift my head, looking down on him. "I am also a miko, my powers help me conceal my youkai side very well. And why do you want the Tetsiaga anyway? You have no use for it."

"It's a thing with youkai pride. My brother is dead, and he gave a valubale sword to his wench--"

"I WASN"T HIS DAMN WENCH!" I scream in his ear, even though it hurts me to.

He goes on. "Instead of the rightful owner... And do you remember the kit that you mothered?"

"Yes, but what does Shippou have to do with this?"

Sesshomaru smirks. "He lives with me, wench, and if you give me the Tetsaiga, I will let you and the kit..."

"No... I am the Tetsaiga's gaurdian, and if I give it to you, my duty as gaurdian would be a failure. And I can't let down Inuyasha... Even though he betrayed me."

"Fine huma-- miko. Give me you and the Tetsaiga, and I will let you have the Kit."

I sigh. God damn it...My life is meaningless... "But... I... Fine."

"Pack what you need, and Tetsaiga. Dress nicely, alright, Miko?"

"MY. NAME. IS. KAGOME. Ka. Go. Me."

"Dress nicely, Kagome. Is that better?"

"Yeah, next we can work on that god damned attatuide of yours."

He lets go of my throat and I give him a good kick in the shin. I narrowly dodge his hand. "Watchit Lord Fluffy. You kill me and you won't ever get Tetsaiga."

He growles low in his throat. He obvoiusly doesn't like his nickname. I smirk at him and enter my apartment. He, being an ass, follows. I stuff what little belongings I have in my bag, save for my best outfit. It is a skin tight black body suit and a form fitting black trench. I love my trench. I go to my rarely used closet and feel around on the floor until I feel a lump in the carpet. I stick my claws into the lump and lift.

It is a narrow, not to mentoin shallow indentation in the floors that I had covered up. Inside is that damn sword of Inuyasha's.

"Hello Tetsaiga. Long time no see. C'mon, I have a new home for you."

"Are you talking to Tetsaiga?"

"Yes. I believe that it is alive. It can choose it's master, and transform when it wishes. Believe me, I have spent over five hundred misrable years with it. And it is so moody I wouldn't be suprised if it is a female."

Sesshomaru smiles. "I see your point. But transforming as it wishes?"

"Once, I was traveling and hadn't used it in a while. It probably got mad or something cause it transformed and destoyed it's seath."

"I see. Change and come down to my car."

"Alrighty Captain Fluffy."

He stiffens at this, but continues out.


The girl, Kagome, has dubbed me Lord Fluffy. Or Captian Fluffy, whatever. She must remember my tail. I walk down to my car, a black convertable. When I came to this middle class apartment building I expected to leave with Tetsiaga and a dead body. I never thought I would not be willing to kill the beautiful girl from my past. So I compramised. Wow.

The kit had come to me for help. After his mother figure dissapeared, leaving a bloody trail of youkai copses behind her, he had been alone. Rin and the kit were like siblings until they grew up, then the two fell in love. The kit and I used a magic stone to turn Rin youkai. They now are mates.

Yet I, Lord Sesshomaru, has yet to find a mate and bare pups of my own. I suck.

The miko jogs from the apartment, wearing skin tight clothes. Black skin tight clothes. Black skin tight clothes that show off all of her soft curves, human like curves.

"Lets go." she snaps. "Get in, mik... Kagome." She hops in and takes out a black C.D. and pops it into the C.D player. (Duh) A low beat fills the car.

"Who is this?" I ask. "I don't think I have ever heard these people before."

"A.F.I... It stands for A Fire Inside. The lead singer is Davey Havok. He is so sexy."

I raise an eyebrow. "Ooo Kayyy..." I say slowly.

"Hn." She smiles brightly, a smile I remember her giving my hanyou brother before one of our battles, for the sword that she is giving to me, at a price. Her. "Ya know, Ice Prince, you have sure changed alot, I mean... The emotionless Youkai Lod of The Western Lands, has turned... Well, nice. Who are you living with these days?"

"Shippou, his mate Rin, Jakk--"


I smile. "There are many ways to change a human into a youkai."

"I know one of them." She states bitterly. " Dark miko magic. Quite painful. Hell, it burns the fuck out of you."

"Well, are you not glad that you are youkai?"

"Would you be glad if the man-- I mean... Hanyou that you loved picked a dead corpse, your incarnate, over you? And you had to live with that hanging over your head?"

I look down. Damnit, Inuyasha. "He went to hell with someone that didn't love him for who he was."

Now I know how he died. "I am very sorry for your loss, Kagome, but why not let go of the past? Find a mate, bare cubs, love again. If he picked another then you must have not loved him, and vice versa. Any inu youkai in his right mind would chase after you if you would make yourself known as looking."

"Fine, Sesshomaru, will you become my mate?" She asks in a sarcastic voice that says 'Give me freedom from this lecture or give me death.'

I smirk. "Ok, Kagome." I lean over and graze my fang across her shoulder. And she screams. On top of her lungs.

"PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then lets out a string of curses. "Touch me like that again, and I swear..."

"You are very up tight, take a joke." I tell her.

She growles. This is going to be fun...

Living with a woman with homicidal tendencies.

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