Love Will Find A Way by Lady_Sesshoumaru


As she gazed upon the cold tombstone, a single tear escaped her blue eyes. "Kagome, let's go. I don't want you to continue to be like this. There was nothing that you or any of us could have done to stop this. It was his time to go...," Sango wrapped her arms around her childhood friend. Kagome rested her head against Sango's shoulder and said while walking away from the grave, "I know, Sango. It's just so hard to believe that he's really gone. I wish that I could have seen him one last time..." A man with long silver hair and golden colored eyes slowly approached the two friends.

"Hi....Kagome. I'm sorry about your loss. I know that you loved my brother deeply..." He slowly wrapped his arm around Kagome and allowed her to cry into his shoulder. As she cried, she thought to herself, `Why did this happen? Why did you have to leave me here?' She slowly let go of the silver-haired man and walked to her car. Kagome wanted to get away form here as soon as possible. After starting up the car, she drove home with him on her mind the entire time. By the time she returned home, her body was shaking terribly as tears flowed down her face.

Kagome ran to the front door, unlocked it, and rushed in. The tears would not stop flowing down her pale face. She put in her favorite movie `The Phantom of the Opera'. She had always watched this movie with him. He would act like he was the Phantom, and she would be his Christine. Kagome held onto her favorite pillow as she watched the movie. After about 10 minutes, she fell into a dreamless sleep. After her long nap came to an end, she woke up just as the ending song came on.

Child of the wilderness

Born into emptiness

Learn to be lonely

Learn to find your way in darkness

'I do have to learn to be lonely. The one I love is gone from my life, and now I am all alone...,' Kagome thought to herself. He had to give his life to save hers, and now she was alone in the world, lost within the flow of time. Kagome sighed as she joined in singing.

Who will be there for you?

Comfort and care for you?

Learn to be lonely

Learn to be your one companion

"I am my one companion," she whispered. Kagome knew that if she did not quit thinking of him, she would surely go mad. She looked down at the ground and whispered to herself, "I wish that you were here with me my love..."

Never dreamed that out in the world

There were arms to hold you

You've always known

Your heart was on its own

So laugh in your loneliness

Child of the wilderness

Learn to be lonely

Learn how to love life that is lived alone

Kagome picked up a picture of herself with the one she loved holding her close. "You'll always be in my heart," she whispered as a tear slowly made its way down her cheek.

Learn to be lonely

Life can be lived

Life can be loved


As the song came to an end, Kagome removed the DVD from the player and put it back in its case. A noise came from the kitchen, and Kagome raced in there to see what happened. Buyo, her cat, was on the floor covered from paw to paw in paper towels. Kagome put her hands on her hips and said, "Buyo, do you always have to make such a mess for me to pick up?" The plump cat just looked up at her then unwound itself from the paper towels and left.

Just minutes later, Kagome finished cleaning the kitchen and began to head upstairs to her room. She slowly made her way to the bathroom so that she could get a quick shower. As she bathed, Kagome couldn't help but think of the man that she loved yet again. Yes, she loved him even now. He died to save her life, but now she wished that she could join him in the afterlife. Blue eyes, which had closed on their own, now flew open. "How can I say such a thing when he gave his life so that mine could continue?," she asked herself.

Quickly she turned off the shower, got out, and dried and clothed her small frame. `Tonight is going to be a long night,' she thought to herself as she went back to her room. Upon entering her room, she did not notice the misty figure near the bed until she was about to lie down. When she did look at the misty person, her heart skipped a beat, her breath caught in her throat, and her eyes filled with tears. Only one name managed to roll itself off her tongue.


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